Rating My Professor: Signing Up

By: Serpentilewitch

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College was supposed to be exciting, and new, and better than high school. It was under this deceptive assumption that she'd managed to graduate an unheard of TWO years earlier than normal, taking summer classes and studying all the life out of herself. This was not, however exciting and better…new, yes, but that didn't quiet make up.

Erutis sighed in frustration as she sat before her computer, scrolling through the seemingly endless list of professors available for her university. was a convenient little site that would definitely help her in deciding which professors to take. Being an art major was hard. And she hadn't even started, yet! Her entire summer was spent looking up financial aid scholarships and other stuff, checking out the dorms, asking around about how the campus was, and signing up for classes. Now she had to sign up for professors.

There were quite a few professors with peppers next to their names. A pepper indicated a smoking hot teacher…and Erutis was going to snag all the peppers that she could. I mean, it would be bad enough having dumb classes she HAD to take as requirements…might as well have something nice to look at while the lecturing went on, right? "Ooh, here's one!" she muttered as she came across one. "Let's see…Eclipse? What kinda name is that for a psychology professor? Oh, well, it rolls off the tongue nicely."

Erutis scrolled through his ratings, noting that EVERYONE had given him a pepper and that among them were also a few guys. She wrinkled her nose at that. It wasn't that she had a problem with gay people, it was just that she failed to understand them and their preferences. Shrugging, Erutis continued. "'Hard teacher, but you will walk away having learned a few things from him' …hard, huh? Who wrote this rating…Raenef? And what kinda name is that?!" Erutis failed, of course, to note that her name wasn't ordinary, either, but alas, that was her way.

"Erm, okay, definitely taking him, I guess…now…what's left? Right, I need people for the art department, now. Okie dokie, then…ooh, a pepper!" Suddenly Erutis burst out laughing. "Krayon?! How appropriate, my art teacher's name's Krayon!" Erutis dissolved into a fit of giggles that were half a result of an overworked sixteen year old. Managing to get herself under control, she decided to sign up for him without glancing at his ratings. A pepper and a joke all in one was enough for now. She didn't have a moment to lose, as move-in day for her college was in a week.

"Alrighty, now, I got that taken care of and what's left? Hmm…mm, oh, that's all! Would ya look at that, I'm done!"

"ERUTIS!" someone yelled from below stairs. "Have you packed yet?!" Her aunt's footsteps were heard climbing the stairs and Erutis groaned loudly. When would that witch of a woman leave her alone?

"I was getting ready to!" she hollered.

"Well-" the door to Erutis's room opened and her aunt helped herself to the interior. "You'd better hurry up. I remember how it was at college…it seems like so long ago now! There was this hunk I knew…oh, but anyhow, you'll want to pack up in a hurry because time really does fly. There'll have been all this stuff you'll forget at home, you know."

Erutis gritted her teeth, "I know, most of my packing's done as it is. Could you leave my room, now?!"

Her somewhat slutty aunt left the room in a huff, "I would have thought you'd atleast like a little girls night together thing, you know."

"Meruhesae, you're not a "girl", okay? You're what, 50?"

Meruhesae's eyes flashed, "I'm not even really thirty yet! You little ingrate! I can't wait until you make your own way in the world, then you'll realize me for my generosity!" With that, her aunt left the room.

Erutis let out a sigh, "Don't worry auntie dearest," she muttered. "I'll be glad to be out in the world by myself, too."

A few hours later, Erutis stood before the fourth and final suitcase, hands on hips, looking around the room to see if she'd forgotten anything. "Nope…looks like everything's here." Her emerald eyes fell on the picture frame that she always kept face down on her night table. Her parents were standing there, arms around each other, smiling at the camera. She had her mother's red hair and her father's green eyes. Her mother's build, too, but she'd been told her fiery temper and persona were a mirror of her father. She'd never know, though, since her parents had given her to her aunt before she was a year old.

As the story had been relayed to her, Meruhesae hadn't had any children and had held Erutis's parents to their promise that when they had a girl, they'd give her to Meruhesae to raise. Erutis had believed, that, really, but over the years, she'd decided that the story was just a cover. Either her parents really HAD given her to her aunt because of they didn't want her, or Meruhesae wasn't even really her aunt. Just some woman who'd gone to an adoption agency one night and saw a little baby quietly asleep with a price tag next to her that read, "Free. Please take." She sighed again. Maybe it wasn't that way. But too many times, it felt too much like that.

The picture frame was dropped face down on top of the pile of neatly folded clothes and the top was clicked shut. Well, it looked like this girl was all ready for the big bad world. Erutis glanced at the poster hung on her wall of the City of Chicago and felt a small smile cross her lips as she flung herself onto her bed. Bring it on, she thought.


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