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'Shrek 2': the messed up scenes!

Scene Take 1

"…because he was the bravest," said Prince Charming, and put off his helmet and untied his hairnet, "and the most handsome…" he shook his head so that all could see how marvelous his hair was.

But he gave one shake too many and his hair…slipped off to the ground.

Charming put hands to his bald scalp, "My beautiful hair!" he cried in horror.

"Cut!" shouted the director, "Go tighten your wig, boy!" he said to the weeping man.

(A/N: in actual life, the actor who did Prince Charming is bald, heh heh)


Scene Take 2

"Donkey!" said an annoyed Shrek, who accidentally dropped his wife.

He got down assisting her.

"I know! I know! Alone! I'm goin', I'm goin'," but he opened the doort,"but what do you want me to tell those other guys?"

Shrek and Fiona looked at horror at the amount of fan people on there door step, all with camera and whatnot.

"Cut!" shouted again the director, who is known as Director, "will someone please remove those people!" he commanded.

The troll bodyguards were more then happy to oblige.


Scene Take 3

"..And I wanna go there and there and there and oh! There too!" said Donkey, looking all around what Far Far Away had to offer.

"You drank coffee this morning, haven't you?" Shrek dryly asked at looking at the donkey's excitement.

"Cut!" Director bellowed,"Dokey! Not sight-seeing only after the scene! Now read your lines properly!"



Scene Take 4

"He endures blistering winds and scorching desert!" shouted the Fairy Godmother, "he climbs to the highest bloody room of the tallest bloody tower," by now she was at full swing,"# $! #!"

"Cut!" shouted the director, "Miss Godmother, we're trying to do an all-family movie, not an R-rated one!"


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