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'Shrek 2': the messed up scenes!

The ball fight scene

Big Bad Wolf (or BBW, if you like) jumped in front of Shrek, "I'll huff and I'll puff…"

"Just get on with it!" Fairy Godmother said.



The ball scene

"You're that man today more than you ever were, warts all." And Queen Lillian kissed the frog and he turned back to the king.

"Cut! You're not supposed to kiss him!"

"But he's my husband!"


The ball scene 2

"I must…not cry…you cannot make me cry!" Puss said but he and Donkey cried like there was no tomorrow anyway.

"Cut!" The frustrated Director yelled.

"Sorry! It's just so emotional!" Donkey cried.

"You know Spanish are emotional…" Puss stated.


The end

(aka the party)

"OK! I'll call you and…" Gingy realized he's on while talking to the airy Tinkerbell, "What, where, eh?!"

"Cut! Gingy! Tink! No flirting during shoots!" The Director stated again.

Both went to their place on the piano.


The end (aka after the party)

"Let's call one Shrek and this Fiona and this one Donkey Jr.…" Donkey was talking to his wife, Dragon, and bother were surrounded by their "little mutant babies".

"Cut! You can name them after the shoot!"

Donkey didn't listen and started singing, "I'm a dad! I'm a dad!"

The Director smacked his forehead, "Oh, boy…"


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