Title: Whisper Softly Sweet, Dana

Author: FoxsDana

Rating: R (for violence, adult themes and sexual situations)

Category/Keywords: Mulder/Scully angst, drama/horror

Spoilers: Pilot, Fight The Future, anything pre-season 6

Dedication: To all X-Philes present and future. To my online friend Brittany whose role-play we started helped me come up with this idea. Thanks Brittany! To all my devoted readers who encourage me to keep writing this stuff and believe in my work! To all the twisted horror flicks I've seen which also helped me come up with this idea.

Summary: After an undercover operation goes terribly wrong, a serial killer nearly rapes and murders Scully. Mulder shows up in the nick of time and shoots him dead. But what he doesn't realize is that death is not the end and that evil can never truly be vanquished.

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Disclaimer: The characters of the X-Files are do not belong to me but are the property of Chris Carter, 20th Century Fox and 1013 Productions. Any similarities to the names or places of the fictional aspects of this story are purely coincidental.

Fox Mulder sat nervously in a van as he watched his partner get wired. He didn't like the feeling he was getting about this at all. It was almost like he was sending the lamb to the slaughter. Not that he was really responsible for this plan of action, he wasn't. He and Scully had not participated in that many undercover operations and now he knew why. It was one thing for them to go on one together but her going alone? He just didn't like that at all. He had been reassured by Skinner that Scully would be perfectly safe due to all the technical equipment they were using and the agents planted around the scene as well. But deep down he knew all it would take is one screw up and the entire operation could blow up in their face. And he just didn't want his partner to be a part of it. He and Scully had a close relationship and the last thing he would wish is any harm on her. He couldn't imagine his office or day without her. She challenged him and made him a better person each and every day.

"Ok, why don't we test that mike and see if it works, Agent Scully?" An FBI Agent replied as he made final adjustments to her device.

Scully cleared her throat. "Testing. Testing 1,2,3."

A thumbs up came from the control panel. "Ok, looks like we're good to go here. I'll just let you make the readjustments to your outfit."

Scully smiled before pulling her see through top back over her. Even with her bra showing while getting wired, she hadn't been nervous. There were some parts of being an FBI Agent that a female just had to accept and this was one of them. And besides, Mulder was there with her and he always made her feel safe. It wasn't like he had never seen her in her bra before. He had on the very first case they had ever worked on. And he had seen even more of her when he rescued her in the Arctic. She walked up to Mulder. "Mulder, what's wrong? I would have thought you would have been happy to see me dressed up like a hooker?" She asked giving him a teasing look. "Like one of your fantasies?"

"Scully, I may have possibly wanted to see you dressed in an outfit like this. But…not having to do what you are about to."

"What?" She placed her hands on the side of his face. "Mulder, you have nothing to worry about. You heard what Skinner said there are all kinds of equipment set up, I'm wired and there are also other agents out there too. I won't be alone."

"But he'll be out there too, Scully. We both know what terrible things this man is capable of. He's already proven that with his previous five victims. Those women died a horrible, slow-painful death, Scully. I just…I don't want you to be victim number six."

"I won't be."

"But this man…he's killed five times, Scully. FIVE times and we couldn't catch him then. He's outwitted us each time." He let out a sigh. "I just would feel better if I were going out there with you."

"You? Dressed as a hooker?" Scully asked raising her eyebrows. "No offense Mulder but that is one particular vision I do NOT want to see. And you would scare away the killer to boot."

Mulder gave her a half smile. "I was thinking more along the lines that I could have been your pimp. I can see it now. A striped outfit, a large hat with a feather in it, big jewelry and a cane. And you being my woman?"

"Is this another one of your fantasies?"

"Pimp daddy Mulder and his woman."

"Agent Scully?" Skinner replied walking up to her. "We're ready."

"Well, pimp daddy I have to go get in place. " She took her finger and placed it on his nose. "And you stop worrying ok? After this is all said and done, we can look back on this and laugh. And also feel the satisfaction of knowing we got this guy off the street."

"Ok." Mulder took a swallow. He had been mustering up the guts to take Scully out to dinner for months, hell years. It was true that he did have fantasies about her and wished they could be more than friends but he didn't want to do anything to jeopardize their friendship or partnership. But he decided to put his neck on the chopping block anyway. "Uh, Scully? I was wondering if…after we're done here that I might uh…maybe take you out to dinner?" He took in a breath waiting for what most assuredly would be rejection.

"Do you mean like a date?" She whispered back so no one else could hear.

"Uh, maybe. Sort of." Mulder shifted his feet nervously. "If you really don't want to though, I'd completely under…"

"I'd love to."

"You…you would?" He asked in an obviously surprised voice. "Great. Well…we'll…we'll talk about it when you get back."

"When I get back." She echoed. "I'd better get over there. Try not to worry ok, Pimp daddy?"

"Just be careful."

"I willl." Scully answered back with a smile before heading over to where Skinner was.

Skinner pulled out the all too familiar picture of the suspect they had been trying to catch for months. The man was in his late 20's or early 30's with dark hair and had piercing green eyes. He was almost the embodiment of evil itself staring back from the photo. "Ok, here is your suspect. We believe his name is Jeremy Reinsfeld. Or at least that's one of this many identities. He has also taken on various disguises according to witnesses including facial hair and glasses. He does have a distinguishable scar on his left cheek though which clearly marks him."

"I hope I don't have to be that close to him to make that distinction."

Skinner shook his head. "We have other agents planted around that area. They also know what they are looking for and keeping you in visionary sight will be a main priority. From the van here we will have a clear picture of you and the activity around you. And we will be able to pick up any kind of noise with the audio equipment hooked up to the wire you have. You will be quite protected, I assure you. Once you spot him, inform us and we will send the agents in to arrest him. But you have to be certain it's him otherwise you could blow this entire operation we have been planning for weeks. And if he does happen to come near you, we will pick it up on audio from you instantly. Any questions?"

Scully glanced down at the black mini skirt with long boots and her skimpy top. "Can I burn this when I'm done?"

Skinner gave her a slight smile. "Right there in the alley if you want. You ready?"

Scully nodded. "Let's do it." She started to head for the back door and stopped. "Oh and Sir, please do me a favor and assure Agent Mulder that I will be ok? He's quite worried."

"Consider it done." Skinner replied before opening the back door and helping Scully out of the van. He then made his way back over to Mulder who was watching a video monitor nervously showing Scully heading toward a street corner. "It's ok, Agent Mulder. She knows what she's doing. And she has a lot of back up out there. Remember she volunteered for this."

"Yeah, I know she did. I just wish I could have talked her out of it." Mulder muttered watching her walk up with the other prostitutes and striking a provocative standing pose. "Oh god please be careful."

Scully leaned against the wall of the crumbling building behind her while carefully surveying the area around her. "No sign." She whispered into her hidden mike.

"Sector 1 what's your report?" Skinner asked speaking into his headset.

"All clear from where I am." A voice crackled back.

"2 and 3?"

"Skies are clear." Another voice crackled back.

Skinner sighed as he stared at the video monitors. "Now we just wait."

"That's the part I hate." Mulder replied back as he kept his eyes glued on Scully's image.

An hour had passed and Scully had had to do her best to prevent from being a pick up along with the other prostitutes. Luckily she had managed to avoid that but she had to admit that she was starting to get a little bit nervous dodging men. How much longer could she keep it up before drawing suspicion?

Mulder let out a sigh from the van. "Sir, it's been an hour I don't think he's going to show."

"All of his victims were taken between the hours of midnight and one a.m. from this street corner on this date. He had five victims who fit that so why would this be any different?"

"I don't know Sir. Maybe he moved to a different street corner? Regardless I don't like Scully out there on that street corner by herself dodging men that drive by. No matter if she has protection around her or not."

"I guess, you're right. So much for setting this up." Skinner paused before speaking into his headset. "All right, people listen up. It appears that…"

Mulder glanced at one particular video screen and his eyes widened. "Sir, I think he just showed up."


Mulder pointed to the video screen. "It's hard to tell completely from here but it looks like he fits that description to a tee. Guess he decided not to wear a full disguise this time."

Skinner nodded. "Sector 2, I need you to…"

A large and disruptive noise could then be heard in the background. The roaring appeared to get louder as the seconds passed.

"What the hell?"

Motorcycles could then be seen popping out of nowhere with riders carrying bats and guns. They started firing and driving toward the street corner. Soon the entire area echoed with the sound of screams and gunfire.

"Shit!" Skinner yelled into this headpiece. "Agents! Contain them! Repeat contain!"

"What about the suspect?" Mulder replied looking back at Skinner. "He's still out there! We need to get word to Scully and warn her!"

Skinner nodded. "Agent Scully it's Skinner! The suspect is heading in your direction! Repeat he is heading in your direction!"

Mulder watched the video screen. "She's not moving! I don't think she heard you!"

"Agent Scully! The suspect is coming toward you!Do you copy?"

Scully could hear static on her end but no clear words. She then looked up and saw the large swarm of motorcycles coming toward her along with the crowd running from them. She quickly ducked into an alley just as the entire area became completely covered with people.

Skinner watched as all the video monitors were completely covered by the chaos just down from the van. There was so much chaos going on it was hard to distinguish anything in particular. "It's impossible to see anything right now."

"Where's the suspect?" Mulder asked looking at the monitors with him.

"I…I don't know. We lost him."

Mulder watched as the agents moved in with full force and finally managed to subdue the biker gang and crowd. "Well, I would say this operation didn't exactly go as planned! Of all the times for a gang to want to start some…" He then glanced over at the monitor where Scully had been just moments before. He could see now that it was empty. "Where's…where's Scully?"

Skinner spoke into his headpiece. "Agent Scully?"

Scully took in deep breaths as she witnessed the scene of chaos from the alley. She couldn't believe how terribly wrong everything had gone. Her audio set had been receiving nothing but static and so she had turned it off. So much for modern technology. It was then that she felt a hand clasped over her mouth followed by a sharp prick on the side of her neck. It didn't take much for her to realize that it was a knife.

"Sssssh." Came a whisper from behind her. "Don't scream now or I'll have to cut your pretty throat right here."

Scully turned her eyes slightly and instantly recognized Jeremy. It was her worst fear come true.

Jeremy leaned into her ear. "Let's say you and I take a little walk, shall we?" He then started to drag Scully down the alley with a knife to her throat.