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Jade awoke to her mother screaming about, something. Jade just rolled over and ignored it, the sun shone bright on her purple bedspread, to bright. Her sea green hair fell lightly over her pillow. She didn't want to go to school, then again when did she ever? Except to see her friends, and it was a new school year, but that was no reason to go. Her mother's screams died away, and Jade smiled to herself. Looks like she finally ga but her thoughts were interrupted by the ice cold water being poured over her head. Jade shot up ready to pounce on her mother, she cursed the whole time she got ready for school.

She pulled up to her the parking lot, putting her lipstick on and checking herself in the mirror, perfect. She opened up the door of her car and got swarmed by people. Jade was the in person, queen of the school. Her two closest friends were in lead of the crowd.

"Hey," said Gona, Gona was the sweetest girl in school. She was nice to everyone and always gave people second chances, she also like to eat you wouldn't be able to tell, she was thin. Not, disgustingly thin though, just the right kind of thin. She had brown eyes and was a happy person, no matter what the circumstances. She lived at Hillstock Home for girls, which was a house for girls whom were homeless.

"Hey, girl," said Tammy, Tammy had blond hairy that was wavy; She always wore a headband in it. Tammy was the one who was mean, kind of. Well, she wasn't mean necessarily she just told people what she thought of them, the 'idiots that try to join the group need to be told to back off' was what she said often. She also lived at Hillstock, although only Jade knew it about these two girls, no one else did, it was a complete secret.

"Hey," said Jade, Jade was the 'leader' as some would say, Gona was the "sweetheart", and Tammy was the "school witch". They began to make their way through the crowd.

They walked down the hall and passed by some lockers, there was Rea, the one who hated Jade, Tammy, and even Gona. She hated them since kindergarten when she said something mean to Jade so Tammy poured milk on her head. Ever since then they've been enemies. She glared at them as they walked in unison down the hall. She then came up to Jade.

"It's a new year, a lot of things are changing, pretty soon you won't even be queen of the school," she said

"And who is going to take it? You?" asked Tammy in disgust, "No, all that going to be taken is a couple of bones in the bad nose job when I punch you, which will be in 5 seconds if you don't get you and your fake designer nails away from us". Rea looked at her and Tammy began counting, when she got to three Rea finally walked away.

They talked about it on their way to their lockers.

"She's going down," said Tammy, "Mark my words, she will go down"

"Well, she's right," said Gona, they all stared at her in disbelief of what she just said but then she added, "Oh no! Not about Jade loosing her crown but about it's a new year, and a lot of things have changed, maybe she's changed" They both stared at her as if she couldn't get any dumber.

"Wake up, Gona!" said Jade, "she'll always be an evil bi-" but she got interrupted by the stare Gona had, she was gapping. They knew this look, they rarely saw it but they new it, it mean she fell head over heals for someone, and she couldn't believe it. Jade and Tammy looked forward and saw what she was gaping at. There, at an opened locker was a guy. He looked about 17 or 18 and had golden hair that looked messy. He was about 5'5 and was tan. He also looked strong. He was looking down at a piece of paper.

"Oh my," said Jade, "He's hot, Gona"

"Yeah," said Tammy, "let's go introduce ourselves" her and Jade pulled Gona but they both stopped when they saw Eric talking to him, pointing at the paper. Eric was Tammy's big brother, he was a year older then them all. He had dark blue hair that was real short.

"Eric?" Tammy gaped, Eric and the guy turned.

"And this is Tammy, my little sister," said Eric embarrassed.

"Oh, hello," said the guy; he had a deep voice and an Irish accent.

"Hi," said Tammy and glared at Eric through gritted through teeth she added, "Eric, I need to talk to you"

"No I'm bu-" but he couldn't finish, Tammy grabbed him by his shirt collar and pulled him away.

When they got out of earshot she yelled at him, "What are you doing talking to him?"

"I'm his guide, excuse me," he said

"He's in your classes?" asked Tammy and he nodded. "That means he's in Jades classes," she said, Jade was in classes with seniors because of her high intelligence, all of the girls were juniors, though were all juniors though.

"Hello, I'm Jade," said Jade and held her hand out to the guy after Tammy pulled Eric away.

"I'm Will," he said and shook her hand.

"This is Gona," said Jade, Gona just stood there so Jade elbowed her in the side.

"Yeah, hi I'm Gona," she said, smiling.

"Yeah," he said and smiled, "I'm Will". The bell rang and they departed.

Jade walked into her first class and saw Will talking to Eric. Jade went over and sat next to them.

"Hey you guys," she said

"Hey, Jade," said Eric

"Hello," said Will and smiled

"Will this is," said Eric

"Jade," he finished, "we've met"

"Oh," he said. Their class dragged on with Ms. Dawn and then the bell rang again.

Jade went to her second class alone, Eric and Will had another class. She walked in and saw a guy there that made her pull a Gona. Her mouth dropped open and she froze. There, taking to Mr. Francisco was a guy with black hair that was short and spiked.