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Chapter 7


Jade stopped laughing and sat there for a minute then she slowly got up and began walking backwards to the door, keeping an eye on him.

"What are you doing?" Zane asked

"It's okay," she said as if trying not to upset him, "I'm going to get you help, really, the people are nice, you'll like the white place" he felt his anger rising, he didn't have time for this, heck she didn't have time for this either.

"Woman, stop," he said standing up.

She looked shocked and insulted, "I have a name!" she said

"And I'll use it as soon as you let me finish," he said

"Even if I did believe you about the whole psychopathic thing, you said Planet Vageta was gone, how could I be heir to something that's destroyed?" she said

"Planet Vageta is back, someone wished it back with the dragonballs, I don't know who, but someone did," he said, "And if you don't except the throne, Planet Vageta could be doomed"

"How?" she asked still convinced he is truly crazy

"Because, if you don't except, very bad people get it," he said

"Bad people?" she asked unbelieving, "Sayins sound like the bad ones! They supposedly came to Earth to take it over" Zane was getting really sick of this.

"You don't believe me?" he asked

"Darn right I don't believe you," she said

"Fine, I'll prove it," he said, he looked at her and slowly floated up. She gasped and her eyes widened.

"There," he said, "You know you can do it too, it's a basic Sayin power, you have a lot of power, I saw it when you fought that annoying chick Rea, of course you'll need training, not a lot though, you'll probably be a fast learner" Jade swayed back and forth, and then fell backwards. Zane caught her just before she hit the ground, she was fainted.

Jade slowly opened her eyes and saw Zane sitting beside her, looking annoyed. He turned to her, "About time you woke up," he said Jade looked around, surely she was dreaming. But no, she was in his house and Zane wasn't sitting next to her he was floating! She sat up.

"So I'm a-a-," she stammered

"Sayin," he finished for her, "There are some others here, although I don't know whom, frankly, I don't care all I care about is getting you back to Planet Vageta"

"What?" she said, "Who said I was going there?"

"You have to, you're Princess Vageta," he said

"No," she said, "I'm Jade and I live here, with-"

"People who lied to you your whole life?" he asked, Jade didn't reply.

"That was what I thought," he said, "now, let's go".

They stood out in front of Jades house for a while. The wind blew in the chilly earliness of evening. They stood there out in front of her driveway, the sun was almost gone and the moon was rising, it cast a beautiful look over the house. Jade stood there looking for the last time that she would see it. A tear rolled silently down her cheek. Zane brushed it off her face. "Are you ready?" he asked. She knew, she had to put all her emotions behind, she had to look forward to the future, her new destiny. She nodded, still staring at the house. Sure, they fought, but they always loved her no matter what, but that didn't excuse what they did. She shook away the emotions of it and them and she took Zanes hand. Together, they floated upward. She took one last glance at the home she was leaving behind, the life she was leaving behind, she knew she shouldn't because it would remind her of everything she was leaving, but she did anyway.

They floated up until someone stopped them, their voice strong and forceful.

"Stop," they said, Zane and her stopped and turned around to the newcomer, there floating equally high, was Gona.

"Gona?" Jade gasped, Gona could fly that meant she was one of them, a Sayin. But this Gona was different then her old self she had a determined look, it was odd, Jade never saw this side of her.

"Don't go with him Jade," said Gona, "He's evil"

"What?" asked Jade

"He wants you to claim the throne and take over the universe," said Gona looking at him while not blinking, Jade looked at Zane

"I want to show her her birthright, that's all," he said

"I won't let you go," she said

"How are you going to stop us?" said Zane

"I can and will stop you, however, if you leave Jade here and never bother us again, I'll let you go," she said, Zane began to laugh.

"I'm afraid really, I am," he said in amusement, but Gonas face was still very stern, not a hint of amusement in her face.

"Jade," she said, "fly away from him, don't go"

Jade just stood there (well stood flying but you know what I mean) looking between the two of them, "You knew I had powers?" she asked Gona

"No," said Gona, "Will told me"

"Will?" asked Zane and Jade at once

"Yes I," said Will, he flew up next to Gona

Zane gave an amused smile, "I knew you had powers, not strong though"

"I might not be but she is," said Will pointing to Gona, Zane laughed a short laugh.

"Her?" he said unbelieving, "Miss Everyone-has-a-good-side? You really are stupid"

But Will ignored him he turned his attention to Jade, "get away from him Jade he's only trying to use you"

"Shut up!" Zane roared, "I would never use her!" Jade looked at him and he looked as if he had not said it, he obviously did not like showing his emotions. Perhaps he does like me, she thought, Stop! Right now's not the time to think about that! She let go of his hand and stood floating. He looked at her in shock.

"You're joining them?" he asked in disgust, she shook her head.

"I-I don't know who I'm joining," she said

"Come on Jade, he's evil," said Gona

"The throne is yours," he said, but then two more newcomers interrupted them. Eric and Tammy flew up and flew next to Gona and Will.

"Oh my god, not two more people, I'm getting so sick of this," Zane said, Jade, Gona and Will looked questioningly at the new duo.

"Jade, Gona and Will are right, he's using you," said Tammy

"I wish people would stop saying that," said Zane as he rolled his eyes

"Great everyone just has powers now," said Jade, "Let me guess: Will told you two y'all had powers, too"

"No," said Eric, "We, uh well always knew"

"What?" asked Jade in shock, "And you've never found the time TO TELL ME?"

"What about your parents?" Tammy shot back, "You never found the time to tell us about them"

"This is a slightly bigger thing don't you think?" asked Jade in the of-course-you-not-telling-me-about-you-having-powers-is-bigger-then-me-not-telling-you-about-my-parents-fighting voice

"You had to find out on your own," said Eric

"So you knew about mine to?" asked jade shocked, "I'm starting to think Zane isn't the evil one"

"Jade, I wanted to tell you, but I couldn't," said Tammy, "But I can tell you now: Eric and I are son and daughter of Launch and Tien, members of the z team"

"And I am son of Marron, android 18 and Krillins daughter, she was a member of the z team," said Will

"And I am daughter Goten-" began Gona

"Son of Gokus," finished Zane astonished

"Wait," said Jade trying to process all of this information, "The Goku, almighty powerful Goku?" Gona nodded

Then Zane talked as if he figured it all out, "Their bluffing, they want us to be scared"

"You're so arrogant," said Will, "I'd probably guess you were Vagetas child, not Jade"

"She is Gotens daughter," said Eric

"Liar!" yelled Zane, he sent a red blast hurtling towards Eric, it was so fast no one saw it coming; Eric fell the twenty feet or so to the ground.

"Why you!" yelled Tammy not finishing, she blasted him with her own blast, it was blue and Zane barely dodged it. His reflexes were amazing, not even a second after he dodged it did he send one in return to her, it hit her and she also fell to the ground. Jade gasped. Tammy being hit to the ground in blood, sent Gona off the edge. Gona started powering up (for anyone whose never seen an episode of DBZ, when someone powers up, they get an aura looking thing, there kai power rises and it's scary for their opponents, even more scary when the person becomes the legendary Super Sayin) she powered up until her hair was gold.

"Oh my," said Zane shocked, "she's a Super Sayin!" (A Super Sayin is a legendary Sayin, someone with great power, greater speed, and the greatest strength) Gona was a Super Sayin, her hair that was once black was now gold and behind her, a tail, resembling that of a monkeys, it was gold also. The tail swayed back and forth behind her, and she attacked. With movements so fast, Jade couldn't even see her, she saw glimpses every once in a while, but that was it. Finally, Gona stopped; she was holding Zane, whom had blood dripping from his mouth. But then he smiled and flew up.

"Is that all you got?" he asked slyly, then he began powering up, and he also, turned Super Sayin. His golden tail stayed straight up like a dogs when he hears something, in this case, with his golden hair and now turquoise eyes, he looked very mean. They both flew, Jade couldn't tell which one faster, at each other. She stayed there and then she looked at Will, he must have felt her eyes on him because he turned to her a second after. He had an accusing look; Jade knew he must have thought it was her that caused all this fighting to happen, and the death.

She remembered about her two friends on the ground and she flew down. Both were camouflaged by the puddle of blood that soaked around them and on them. Jade picked up a figure that turned out to be Tammy. She used her shirt to wipe off some of the blood that was covering her body. She had to hurry, there was a very faint pulse, but she was dieing very fast. How could this be? She just got blasted, there's blood everywhere, maybe it's the powers, she thought as she worked. Then, she heard a faint tap. She turned to see Will standing, with a stern look.

"Stop staring! Help me!" yelled Jade but he stood firmly in place

"You need to pick," he said and looked upward, "Gona's up there risking her life to give you time, don't take the time to waste" He must really care for her, she thought. Then, Gona hit the ground next to them. Jades anger shot through the roof, Gona was only down for a few seconds, but it seemed like an eternity. She looked at Gona down on the ground and she flew up, eyelevel with Zane. He looked stern for a second then his expression slowly changed to show a little bit softer side. But Jade kept her face hard. She spoke in a final tone, "this is it" he looked confused and then smirked

"Which do you chose? Your planet or theirs?" he asked, Jade had been asking herself this question since he first told about her new destiny, now it was time to answer it. She thought a bout it for a minute, Jade or Princess Vageta? Gona floated up next to her, staying still incase he was to attack but not attacking until necessary. She didn't answer and after a minute he added, "you don't have much time you know, you're really wasting my time and yours" Jade just kept staring at him

"This is an honor you know, it doesn't happen to everyone, you're the chosen one, tradition shows royalty is the most powerful Sayins," he said

"Wrong," said Gona, "Goku was not royalty"

"He died young because of his own stupidity," said Zane, Will had obviously heard enough, he attacked Zane.

"No!" yelled Gona she was sick of it, sick of so much fighting

"Stop!" yelled Jade she was fed up with it also but they didn't stop, Gona had to help Will, he didn't stand a chance. She fought Zane also. Jade was the only one doing nothing, she was sick of it. She flew up even higher then any of them. She had no idea what she was doing, how to do it, or even if it was the right thing to do, but one thing was for sure: It was the only thing she could do, there was no choice. A tear fell down her cheek as she put all her emotions into the one blast. The blast was green, beautiful, and deadly. The light blinded them all, and it took a moment for Jade to get her sight back. She looked at the damage it had done, Gona was still standing, Will was on the ground, and Zane was gone. Gone forever, the blast had totally disintegrated him, nothing was left. Jade flew down and collapsed to the ground, it had taken everything out of her to do it, but it was done, she smiled as she felt Gona pick her up and carry her, one of her true friends, the other she did not know if she was still alive or not. For now she just sat there and enjoyed her time to herself, slowly she slipped into a deep sleep.

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