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Chapter one: Boxed In a Closet

Beast Boy sat in his room, drops of sweat dripping from his chin, the smell of sweat was all over his room, from his underarms and feet, but he didn't care, his entire attention was devoted to the 19 inch screen in front of him, five cups of Cola were on his desk and he pushed them away, dropping them on the floor, revealing a half eaten slice of pizza, he grabbed it with one hand and started eating, without removing his eyes from the screen. A bit of pizza fell on his shirt, a black T-shirt with the word "ZERG 4 EVER" written in orange letter on it, under the writing was a drawing of some creature with large claws.

Cyborg was in the same situation as Beast Boy, sitting in his room, which was dark; the only light in the room came from the computer screen. Cyborg wiped some sweat off his forehead and cleaned it on his shirt, a black T-shirt like Beast Boy's only his had the words "TERRAN ALL DA WAY" written in blue letters and to the sides, two odd looking fighter jets flying.

"I'm gonna get you ya little grass stain, or my name isn't Cyborg" he muttered to himself and clicked the mouse

"Transmit orders" came a voice from his speakers. He clicked again "Affirmative sir" replied his speakers

"What the heck is he doing?" Asked Beast Boy loudly. On his screen was a large round flying object hovering on the ground "Why is he sending his science vessel all alone like that?" he yelled at the wall "Oh well, it's his loss" he muttered to himself and hit the 1 2 and 3 buttons, each time clicking his mouse on the helpless science vessel, 36 flying beasts called Mutalisks growled in response and started flying towards the hapless flying machine

"BOOYAH! I gotcha now ya soybean loving sucker!" yelled Cyborg. He hit the 1 2 and 3 buttons like Beast Boy did and was welcomed by a smooth voice saying "Wraith awaiting launch orders" , with each push of a button he, like the shape shifter, ordered the fighters, which resembled the ones on his T-shirt to attack Beast Boy's flying beasts. The two groups met and started attacking each other, Cyborg pressed the C button and suddenly, his fighters vanished and continued slaughtering Beast Boy's troops, he then hit the "RETURN" key and started typing. When he was done, a beeping was heard and Beast Boy read what was written on his screen

CYB0RG: U can't kill wat U can't C BB…LOL

"I just hope my distraction worked" muttered Cyborg as he monitored a small vessel called a DROPSHIP carrying its deadly payload towards Beast Boy's base. The DROPSHIP reached its destination and unloaded two soldiers. When Cyborg noticed that, he pressed the 0 button "Finally" muttered the on-screen character, Cyborg clicked on an icon which looked like a yellow mushroom cloud and clicked again, in the middle of the green skinned boy's base "Never know what hit 'em" responded the two troops and pointed their guns towards the location. A few moments later, sirens ripped through Beast Boy's speakers and a twisted, distorted voice said

"Nuclear launch detected"

"Oh man! No!" screamed Beast Boy, he searched his base for a red dot and nine seconds later, he found it "Gotcha!" he said joyfully when he noticed the two missiles coming down from the sky "OH MAN!" he shouted, witnessing his former stronghold being reduced to a bleeding pile of rubble "YOU HAVE BEEN DEFEATED" said a sign in the middle of his screen. He turned his computer off with anger and left the room, just to see Cyborg's face across the hall

"Now…where was I" pondered Cyborg "Oh yeah! I gotcha! I gotcha! Who gotcha? I did! That's right, I did! And now for your challenge"

"Lay it on me dude, there's absolutely nothing you'll say that I haven't already-"

"I dare you to spy at Raven for the next week!" Screamed the bionic man, Beast Boy's jaw dropped "Starting NOW!" he grinned

"No way dude! There's no way I'll-"

"You agreed to the bet, I told you I was a better StarCraft player than you, but did you listen? NOOOOOO…. Now face the consequences!"





"But Raven will…"


"She'll kill me man"



"No, now get going!"

"Fine!" He muttered "But if you'll find me nailed to some wall on a garage sale, it's on your account!"

"Get going!"

The changeling sighed and walked towards Raven's room. He slowly opened the door and entered.

"Whoa…Raven's seriously worked the dark voodoo that she do so well on this room" he said to himself while walking around her room.

"Now for some snooping around" came a thought to his mind and he turned towards her bed, he tossed the blanket off the purple bed and came across a pile of books and magazines, mostly beauty magazines and mystery books. He flipped some pages and found a dressing quiz

"How often do you wear black undergarments…" he hummed to himself "OFTENLY?!" He screamed with surprise "Our Raven? Black? No way, she cheated, wait a sec, it is Raven we're talking about, kinda figures out right? Who am I talking to anyway?" he thought to himself when he heard the door sliding open "Gotta hide!" he whispered and took a dive into Raven's closet, closing the doors behind him

"Let me rest for a couple of hours Star, we'll go jogging again tonight" said Raven. She took off her jogging shoes and jumped on the bed

"First, music then shower, then sleep and to top it all, an evening jog with Star" she said to herself with a somewhat happy tone. Raven rolled off her bed and reached for her stereo's remote, she hit the play button and got up, dancing to the music

She's always calculated, she's always in control

No emotions, no expressions

This girl has got to go…

About in the middle of the song, Raven paused the music and started wandering across her room "I could swear I heard something" she thought. Inside the closet, Beast Boy bit one of Raven's cloaks, to stop himself from laughing

Raven pulled her shoulders and played a different song

One man came, across the sea, he brought us pain and misery

He killed our tribes, he killed our dears, he took our game, for his own needs

We fought him hard, we fought him well, out of the flames, we gave him HELL!

But when he came, to rush the queen oh where will be our misery

Running through dust squeals and baron wastes, galloping hard on the plains

Chasing the wind skins back to their holes, beating them at their own game

Murder for freedom, for stabs in the back, women and children and cowards ATTACK!

"This is the music she listens to? No wonder she's so grouchy " Thought Beast Boy to himself. Raven played some more songs and suddenly stopped the stereo. She brought her nose to her left armpit and took a big whiff

"Whew!" she screamed while flapping her right arm against her nose "Shower Raven, NOW!" she commanded herself and started undressing. Beast Boy's eyes widened as he saw Raven removing her tight black body suit "well what do you know…she didn't lie at that quiz" he mentally chuckled when he saw the black undergarment covering Raven's bottom, she stepped into the shower and shut the door

"Leave, friend Beast Boy, leave before it is too late" said a voice to his right. He turned his head and saw Starfire, a very small version of her, dressed in white, standing on his right shoulder.

"STAR?! What are you doing here?!" screamed the changeling, putting his hands to his mouth, the sound of the water stream stopped and Raven's head appeared through a crack in the door

"Who's there?!" she demanded, no response "I know someone's in here!" her head entered the shower again and the sound of the water against the floor of the bathroom could have been heard again

"C'mon BB, you know what you want to do, morph and go watch her, you know you want to" said a voice to his left. He turned his head and saw a miniature Slade standing on his left shoulder, glowing red.

"Well that figures" he thought "Star is the ultimate good and Slade, well, he's the bad guy"He could hear Raven wondering inside the shower

"Towel, towel…oh, where did I put that darn thing?" the door knob started turning and steam flushed the room, coming from the shower and Raven stepped out

"Close you eyes BB, she's Raven, your friend, not some sleazy girl in a magazine, not that you look in any of them, you just read the articles. You must be strong…must be firm…must be…be…be…be…BOOBS!"

Raven opened to closet doors and bolted towards the closet, constantly mumbling "Cold…cold…cold…" She opened the closet doors and reached in "Here you go…" she said to herself. At the "Ceiling" of the closet, a green fly drew a sigh of relief, Raven dried herself and changed into her P.J's "Now for an hour of sleep and then a jog"

She covered herself with the blanket and closed her eyes. Beast Boy listened to her breathing, which became quieter and quieter with every minute passing. He stuck his head out of the closet door and saw her sleeping soundly. He crept out of the closet door and started walking towards the black door

"No…don't go away…" whispered Raven, Beast Boy froze stiff and turned, eyes as wide as coffee mugs, towards the sleeping dark girl

"Pink strawberry ice cream? I'd love some…" she said with a smile, turned around and continued sleeping

"That was close" he said and quickly left the room, closing the door silently behind him.

"Cyborg! Cy!" he screamed as he raced across the hallway

"What is it BB?" asked the mechanical man

"I SAW-!" he screamed when he noticed Robin and Starfire staring at him. He pulled Cyborg to the corner and whispered

"Do you swear you'll keep quiet after I'll tell you this? 'Cause if you don't, I'll hurt you dude, I'll hurt you bad" He grabbed Cyborg by the neck and came closer to him. Although Cyborg wasn't really choking, he nodded.

"Dude, I saw Raven NAKED!" said the changeling in a half whisper-half shout

"SHUT, UP!" Yelled the teen android in stun. Robin and Starfire turned towards him and in response, he drew a half-smile and waved towards them in a "Everything's-okay" kind of way.

"Dude, let's go talk about it in YOUR room okay?" suggested the green teen (A/N: hey that rhymes!)

"Okay B, but you'll tell me everything, including all the spicy details, clear?" Demanded Cyborg

"Crystal clear sir!" replied Beast Boy with a fake salute "Let's move out!"

"Come back mister Ice Cream man" mumbled Raven in her sleep "Mmm…I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream"

"Raven? Raven wake up, it is I, Starfire, you are late for our jog, please do not force me to use strength in order to wake you up"

"Star…Starfire? What are you doing here?" asked Raven with confusion "Oh" she said while rubbing her head "It was just a dream, yeah Star, just let me get dressed and let's go"

The half demon walked towards her closet, opened the doors and pulled out blue training pants and a black shirt with "Come closer…and die" in blood red letters. She turned towards Starfire, who was still sitting on her bed, staring at her, Raven cleared her throat and pointed at the wall

"Do you mind?" she asked the Tamaranian

"Not at all, I love the black color of the wall" Said Starfire with a smile

"What I meant was…turn around!" shot the Goth

"Oh, sorry" said Starfire and turned, she was now facing the black wall

"OK, I'm ready Star, let's go and…uh…get it over with" remarked the half demon in a bored tone "Hey what the…" she grabbed the back of her shirt "It's all wet! And look at those teeth marks! Someone's gonna pay for this!" she mumbled as she and Starfire left the tower and started running circles around the tower's island

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