Beneath the Surface


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Jimmy looked back on the events leading to this catastrophe. He was hurtling through the sky and plummeting down the sea. He didn't know what caused the abrupt explosion, but what hurt him more was the fact he put Cindy in danger as well. She would probably be cursing his name if she wasn't unconscious from the impact. And he had come so close; so close to revealing what he really felt. But the moment was lost and would probably be that way forever. Cindy would never forgive him, never.

-Yesterday, 1 hour, 55 minutes ago.

Jimmy took long, even breaths, fidgeting nervously as he walked up to his rival. Ever since the day Cindy had her near confession, his curiosity was ablaze with questions that he thought he might have the answers to. What he wanted though was a confirmation. So each day that passed, he began thinking of anything he could do to prove his compassion and trust to her. It had become an obsession, but finally, only one reasonable solution came to mind.

He would take her on a trip, just the two of them. It would be a romantic setting in the atmosphere, seeing dawn above the clouds instead of below them. There he could tell her how he felt. And who knows, maybe she felt the same way? This was unusually brave of him, but his mind was set and immobile. Nothing wrong could happen.

"Vortex!" Jimmy called out. Cindy turned a 180, with a partially annoyed look on her face.

"What is it you want, Nerdtron?" She asked harshly.

"Well, it's just that, um, with your mom and everything, uh, I was hoping if-"

"What about my mom?" Cindy said darkly. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be going. Why the heck did he mention her mom? Stupid, stupid, he thought.

"Well, I was hoping if you would like, err… enjoy, a pleasant ride with me tomorrow for, umm, old times sake?"

Cindy was surprised. Normally he would be in a scheme or testing experiments. Perhaps he was making a punch line for a cruel joke. Or possibly it was a trick. Suspicion crept into her words. "Say that again?" She asked.

Jimmy was hurt at the laced poison in her voice. Did she really doubt him so? "I was thinking that you maybe could accompany me for a ride tomorrow if you would like."

Cindy didn't hear any sarcasm, but nonetheless searched his face for any looks of deceive. He was dead serious. Satisfied but not completely convinced she asked softer "When, where, and why?"

Jimmy's face brightened considerably. "A ride in my rocket; I'm going to collect some samples from the moon at dawn and pack for a three day journey. I was hoping if you have nothing to do you would like to come along." He said quickly.

"At dawn?" Cindy asked. She thought over it slowly. "I think it would be okay." She said cautiously.

"Really?!" Jimmy said excitedly. "I mean, cough, alright then." She eyed him calculating and left with no further words. Jimmy could hardly believe his luck. Finally, he could tell her. Finally he could tell her how he felt. Then, it would be perfect.

And that's how it started. He asked her, she semi replied, and then they were thrown from the blue of the sky to the blue of the sea. It was her fault anyways, it was always her fault.

A/N: Short, but this is just the prologue. As for Cindy's confession this is placed after "The N men." I didn't delve too deeply in it in case I put any spoilers in here. Also, I already have the second chapter up so this makes some sense. I leave the flight to that part. This is just the beginning. Please review!