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A strange encounter while visiting Egypt again, erotic dreams of a certain once King of Games plague her nights, but how will she cope with it when those dreams will soon become reality? And why has he changed? How will a certain ex-pharaoh, gain the heart of the woman he has denied before? Especially if she won't give her heart back to him? Well, the once pharaoh always gets what he wants, and thanks to those dreams that will soon crumble her defenses, he will get it.

Dreams Made Flesh

By: xKuroSeraphimx

Chapter 8


Atem, or rather, Bakura, smirked widely, revealing fangs that glinted in the moonlight. "You're quick to catch on." He stated amusingly.

"Considering how easily you give off your energy, it wasn't that hard to pinpoint who you are exactly." Mikagami Hikaru replied flatly before he shook his head. "Anyway, I'm rather interested, really, in why it is you are pursuing Anzu."

"Ah, yes, the little wench…" Bakura took a couple steps forward, crushing the grass and flowers under his thick-soled boots. "Well then, I suppose I shall tell you. I mean, what is it about this woman alone that causes the great Thief King to chase her in such a way?"

The moon was soon covered with a curtain of clouds, cutting off the moonlight in the atmosphere. At this, Bakura spoke, "After Zorc was defeated by that God of Light, it had me thinking… This God, was supposed to be summoned, only when the Pharaoh knew of his real name… Correct?"

Hikaru's brow formed a tight V on face, his right hand twitching unconsciously at some mysterious notion.

"So! What if that wench, that Anzu girl, hadn't given that useful little trinket to Atem, hmm? That cartouche that was used to engrave his sacred name… What makes that girl, really? A heroine in the shadows? Was it merely coincidence of her to do that act?" At this, Bakura had a wide, feral grin spread across his lips.

"Are you assuming that…?" Hikaru began quietly, something gnawing at the back of his mind.

The wind billowed coldly through the midnight air, ruffling around the grass and flowers and the two men's clothes. The smirk increased an inch or two. "Exactly. She who unknowingly foresees the events that unfold… A spirit forever trapped to remain in the mortal world through reincarnation until she is released…" Bakura murmured, his voice rising with a crazed, longing tone in it. "Does she not sound familiar, dear Hikaru? After all, your family are the guardians who are sworn to protect the line…"

"Do not remind me of my role, I know full well what it is," Hikaru snapped softly, his indigo eyes flashing with contempt beneath his milk white bangs. "So tell me, why are you using Atem's body?"

"I saw a glimpse of her in the Realm of the Dead…" Bakura said, continuing on as if he had not heard the other male. "A mere glimpse, really. Her light was so strong… so bright, that it could have burned me…"

Bakura's gaze flickered onto Hikaru, something mysterious gleaming in them. "But it did not. It just passed by me without so much of an acknowledgment. Yet…"

Hikaru's eyes narrowed. "Bakura…" he called quietly.

"She is tied to this world. Chained to forever wait for that one who will fully release her… But he has already moved on, hmm?" The thief asked with a mocking tone, baring ruthless fangs in a wide smirk. A mistake on my part, you see. I thought that by acquiring Atem's body, I would obtain the power that she would give off when she would be free…"

"That was your mistake," Hikaru stated, a slim hand gripping the hilt of his sword. "You assumed too quickly for an answer. Atem's body isn't enough. You need—"

"His spirit, yes," Bakura finished with a hiss. As if by magic, his expression lightened again, that mad smile stretching across his lips. "But that takes too much time, you know. I'm rather an impatient lad, after all. With this power, however," he held up a hand and a spark of dark power flashed from his palm, like a snake lashing out in fury. "I could just as easily drag her out when she is vulnerable…"

Hikaru took a step forward, a clear warning sign towards the thief should he think to try and trespass him. "You do realize what that would result in…" He stated dangerously.

"I care not for the wench's life. If I cannot obtain the power of the shadows, I should just go for its greater, purer counterpart, should I not?" Bakura laughed, a sound fitting the rasp of a blade against a whetstone. "However," he drawled. "You are such a cruel friend, Hikaru. You must know what will happen to the girl if she keeps this up. It always happens to the reincarnation—"

Suddenly, his sentence was cut off when he saw a flash of silver coming down on him in wide arc, and Bakura had to jump back before a blade was embedded upon the ground in where he previously stood. Hikaru stood up from his crouched position, shooting a deadly glare towards the thief who grinned at him from the shadows of the trees behind him. He wagged a condescending finger towards the white-haired swordsman, like a master mocking his dog for morbid amusement.

"Tsk, tsk. Such a short temper, Hikaru, under that supposed stoic and cold mask you hold. Worried for her? I'm sure you are… I mean, you wouldn't be a good Soul Guardian if you weren't would you?" Bakura burst out in laughter at some unknown, random joke he had gotten, grating Hikaru's nerves even more.

"Begone, thief. Your time here has already worn out. Do heed my warning before I proceed to rip you out of Atem's body and scour your soul now." Hikaru said in a too soft voice, venom dripping off of each word from his mouth.

However, this did not deter the amused expression on Bakura's face. "Oh, I'm shaking! Hah, in any case, this has been fun, dearest Hikaru. Do keep my darling Anzu safe, will you?" Without another word, he disappeared towards the shadows.

Hikaru continued to glare at the spot where the thief disappeared. His mind began to sort out the information that was just given to him, and he had to suppress the urge to just chop the tree nearest to him out of frustration. Bakura being back wasn't a good sign, and the fact that he held a body that reserved a good amount of Shadow Power in the Realm of the Dead…

Something clenched in his heart.

Snapping his attention to his house, Hikaru cursed before rushing within.


The door… The door… When will it open…?

She stood there, standing within a place full of swirling, misty and gray clouds that zoomed past her with a biting coldness. The woman frowned, wondering how in the world did she come upon this place. It had a lingering trace of sadness, regret…


It is not time.

The darkness is still around.

He… is not here.

The girl walked forward, a tugging within herself pulling her to some unknown. In all honesty, she was afraid and content at the same time. The mixed emotions were causing another frown to appear on her face.

A door appeared ahead of her.

Stopping only a few feet before the magically appeared door, the brunette raised a hand to twist the knob, but hesitated for some unknown reason.

You want to see him, yes?

This time it was a different voice speaking to her, a raspy, rough voice that sent shivers down her spine. She shook it off, trying to ignore the voices echoing around her and drowning out the growing fear fluttering within her chest.

You have but only to open the door…

Her fingers slowly gripped the golden handle, feeling the aged, tarnished gold rub uncomfortably against her skin. Something inside was coaxing to her, whispering for her to just turn the knob and see what the door held inside. Another part of her just wanted to have her stay away from the door, telling her it wasn't time and that she would only get hurt if she hurried.

Are you afraid?

She bit her lip. Why won't these voices leave her alone?

Of course you are. You should not even be here.

Open the door. Everything will be fine.

Are you ready to open Pandora's Box?

Are you ready to face your fears?


He watched her; indigo eyes painfully watching the young woman writhe in her futon as the dream passed through. Gracefully kneeling onto one knee, he placed a hand over her sweaty forehead and as soon as he made contact, a light formed underneath, and immediately, her face soon relaxed and the nightmare was gone.

If it even was a nightmare.

Hikaru sighed, removing his hand from her face to have it run through his hair. But his relief was short lived when he caught movement from the corner of his eye, and he instantly had his sword back at his hip.

"Whoa, bro, I don't mean any harm. I come in peace." Mikagami Tatsuya emerged from the shadows, holding his hands up in said gesture of peace. Despite the wide grin on his face, his dark eyes were alight with a cautious glint, obviously well aware of what was going on.

"Any closer and I could have attacked you," Hikaru said, more out of annoyance than a warning. "Don't make me repeat that mistake a few years ago when I nearly sliced you half."

"Yeah, yeah. Don't worry, I've been cautious. That scar you gave me is still there, you know." He chuckled shortly before turning his gaze onto the young woman in the futon. "So… What exactly happened…?"

"A probing, possibly." Hikaru answered, also turning to stare down at the girl. "I can think of many others who would try to do it, but…" he shook his head.

"Was it that man?" said a small voice as Mikagami Shiro retracted from the cover of the shadows too, his gold eyes gleaming brightly under the moonlight. He looked wide-awake, signifying that he had awoken earlier, or, never slept at all. "Or, the spirit inside that body?"

Hikaru shrugged. "It could be. Or…" he trailed off, his mind suddenly deep in thought.

His brother, Tatsuya, crossed his arms over his chest and leaned on leg, a frown etched on his brow as far as Shiro could tell from the little light that was on his face. "It could be him." He suggested quietly.

Shiro sighed and placed his hands behind his head. "Well, what are we going to do now? It's going to get harder from here in trying to protect Anzu-sama. We can't really fight against an enemy we don't even know, now can we?"

"Indeed," Hikaru nodded, standing up from his spot. "But we shouldn't worry about that now. We have another problem on our heads. Bakura is in control of Atem's body and we need to retrieve it fast. We cannot have her awaken so soon, or, be forcibly dragged out. It will just end up hurting her greatly."

"Hmm…" Tatsuya stared at his older brother as if he had never seen him before. "You sure care about this Anzu woman," he inclined his head towards her. "Is it only because—"

"I am her Soul Guardian, it is my duty to protect her essence." Hikaru cut in softly. However, he could not help the strange emotion within him to leak out of his next few words. "That… is all that I am and will be towards her. As long as I draw breath… nothing will happen."

"But it'll begin soon, anyway, brother," Shiro said, maneuvering out of his relaxed stance. "Like what has been told to us, this condition has happened to all manifestations. The spirit will try to awaken on its own if the key does not open it for her."

Chuckling softly to himself, Tatsuya combed a hair through his ivory hair. "What a hell of a job our ancestors put us up with, huh? In any case," he steeled Hikaru with a serious expression on his face before he asked,

"So, you know where it is, right brother?"

Hikaru turned to Tatsuya, wordlessly urging him on to finish what he truly meant to say. Letting out a ragged sigh that belied his age, he spoke,

"Yes… But right now is not the time. We must prepare for what is up ahead. Atem can wait, wherever the hell he is."


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