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Chapter One: Prepared


Draco stood by the window in one of the towers of his home, clad only in his black school robe. His hands were shaking as they held the ends together to cover his body. His hair had been washed, and now hung around his face since there was no gel to hold it slicked back as he usually wore it.

The room he was in was dark and cold, lit up only by a thousand candles that provided him with no warmth whatsoever. On the cold stone floor, there was a circle drawn in gold. Strange symbols surrounded the circle, and Draco didn't know what they meant.

The wooden door that lead in and out of the tower creaked open, and Draco tensed at the sound. He didn't move from his spot or turn his gaze to the newcomer. He already knew that it was his father.

Lucius Malfoy watched his son by the window. He was so proud of his heir. Placing the box he held as he had entered the room on the floor, he opened it. The sliver-haired Malfoy then stood up and took out his wand. "Draco, come here," he said, as he drew one last symbol on the floor by the circle.

Draco silently walked over to his father, his bare feet making no sound against the cold stone floor. He stopped in front of his father, his head bowed. He felt his father's gaze upon him, but did not lift his eyes from the floor.

Lucius studied his seventeen-year-old son. Draco was pale and slim but not skinny. His hair had grown a few inches so now it brushed his shoulders slightly when it was let down. Draco's eyes were the same as his own: stone gray. Sighing, he straightened his back. "Remove the robe, Draco. Let me see the body we shall be preparing for the Lord."

Draco shivered at those words. He still couldn't believe that his own father was going to give his only son to that ugly bastard. He had almost thrown up when his father had announced that The Lord wanted him, and that he should be prepared so that he could give The Lord a child. Draco couldn't believe how calm his mother had been when Lucius had said that. She hadn't said anything about it.

Draco sighed and let the robe fall to the floor. He held back a blush that threatened to show itself when his father nodded in approval.

"You are truly a beautiful boy, Draco. The Lord will be pleased." He said, and ran his fingertips along Draco's side. He bent down and picked up a small jar, then opened the lid and looked at his son. "Stand in the middle of the circle and raise you arms." he said, and waited until Draco was in position.

When the blond boy raised his hands, he waved his wand, and silk-like ropes tangled around his wrists and held him in an X position.

Draco turned his head away from his father as the older man moved over to him. 'Why me, father? What have I done to deserve this?' he asked himself as Lucius stopped before him.

Lucius dipped a finger into the dark liquid and moved the hand to Draco's face. He moved the coated finger over Draco's left eye, then ran his finger over the eyelid and made a small curve over his cheekbone. "Your sight is his," Lucius said.

The finger dipped into the black liquid again. Now the finger ran over the boy's lips. "Your breath is his," Then he drew a small symbol on Draco's forehead. "Your mind is his," Lucius lowered his hand to Draco's chest. A symbol was drawn over his heart. "Your life is his," Lucius then moved to Draco's manhood and drew a symbol there. He felt Draco shiver but ignored him. "Your pleasure is his," Lastly, he moved to his belly and drew a larger symbol there. "And finally, your future heir is his." Lucius finished and backed off. He studied his handiwork before muttering an incantation to activate the spell.

Draco felt a tingling sensation where his father had drawn the symbols, before he suddenly dropped to the floor. He looked up to his father, who was now kneeling beside him. He didn't flinch when his father grabbed his chin to look into his eyes.

"Remember now, Draco. Until next summer you will not let anyone have you, understand? You belong to The Dark Lord, and no one else."

Draco nodded and his father released him. "Good, now dress and shower before dinner. The symbols have fulfilled their purpose."

Draco sat on the floor after his father left. He looked down at his body and felt disgusted with himself. He could see The Dark Lord's hands on his skin, and his foul breath in his face… "I've got to escape this fate… but how?"


Harry sighed as he stepped onto the train. This year would probably be harder than the last, and it didn't help that the man he had a crush on grew sexier with each year that passed. Harry had dreamt of the blond Slytherin the whole summer, and sometimes called out his name in his sleep.

It was getting really hard for Harry to keep from throwing himself all over the Slytherin when he saw him.

"Hey, Harry! Over here!" Ron called, as The Boy-Who-Lived entered the cabin.

Harry spotted his red-haired friend and waved. "Hi, Ron! How are you?" he asked as he got into the cabin and closed the door behind him. He sat down beside Ron and spotted Hermione on the boy's other side. "Hi, Herm! How was you summer?"

Hermione sighed. "Well, I got all of my homework done" she smiled.

Harry blinked. "Homework? During the summer? I don't recall getting any."

Ron threw his hands in the air. "You know her, Harry. She has done the homework that hasn't been handed out yet. I'm telling you, she is studying too hard for her own good!" he said as he looked at Hermione. "You should cool it with the studying." he said to her.

Hermione wrinkled her nose. "I'm taking so many classes that I can't 'cool it.' You two should really start to study more." she said and picked up a paper. "We have more Potions this year, so you better not slack off or Snape will have your wands!"

Harry was about to reply when the door opened. He turned his head and his jaw dropped.

In the doorway stood Draco Malfoy. He was dressed in his black and green school robes, and under his arm he held a book. His hair had been cut but wasn't slicked back like it usually was. His pale skin stood out against the dark fabric, and his eyes looked directly into Harry's.

Harry didn't breathe. His heart pounded madly in his chest, and his finger twitched from wanting to touch that blond hair, pale skin…

"What are you doing here, Malfoy?" asked Ron, his voice dripping with hatred.

Harry wanted to turn around and tell him off but decided against it. He looked back at Draco and saw that the boy didn't make a move to throw an insult.

The blond Slytherin looked at the trio and sighed. "If you really want to know, Weasley, there are no more seats on this train since there are so many new students. I won't bother you if you don't bother me." he said and moved to the seat closest to the window. He sat down and opened his book.

Ron muttered something but did nothing.

Hermione looked at the cover of the book that Draco was reading. "Advanced Potions C? I haven't gotten that book…" she said and frowned. "Where did you get that?" she asked the blond. Sure, she didn't like Draco, but she could tolerate him if he didn't say mean stuff to her.

Draco looked up from his reading. "Snape gave it to me. He wants me to be prepared for next year's Potions."

Hermione gasped. "He gives you books that we will receive next year!"


Harry was surprised how calm the Slytherin was. Usually he would call them names, and try to find a way to embarrass them, but now… He just didn't recognize the blond. 'I like this Draco better then the old one, but there's something that just isn't right here… but what?' he wondered.

Ron frowned and leaned over to Harry. "He's acting strange, that Malfoy, just look at him! He's having a conversation with Mione and hasn't called her a Mudblood once!"

Harry lifted an eyebrow. "Scared that Malfoy will snatch you girlfriend, Ron?"

Ron blushed. "She isn't my girlfriend!" he said, and sat back down in his seat.

Harry's gaze never left Draco for the whole trip back to Hogwarts.


When they arrived at Hogwarts, they got their bags and got ready to get into the wagons that would carry them the rest of the way, when Pansy showed up and threw her arms around Draco's neck. "There you are, Drakie-baby! Where were you? I didn't see you on the train!"

Draco pushed her away from him and looked at her. "First off, don't call me that. Second, I had to share a cabin with those three." he said as he jerked a thumb in the trio's direction.

Pansy frowned. "You sat with the golden trio? Poor baby!" she exclaimed. She took Draco's arm and pulled him forwards towards one of the wagons.

Harry watched the blond go, and couldn't help but feel a little jealous. He really wished that he could be like Pansy, touching Draco and not having to worry about being smacked silly. He sighed and looked at his friends. "Shall we?"


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