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Chapter twenty: Differences


Draco sighed as he curled up into a ball in Harry's lap. Oh how he wished that he would go up in smoke and disappear for good. He hated it all. The fur, the long tail, short legs…

Harry looked down at his small fussy… lover… that rested in his lap. He lightly stroked the cream coloured fur slowly as he sighed. He felt so bad for his lover. Draco didn't deserve this kind of humiliation.

Had this thing happened a long time ago he would have laughed at the poor blond. Ron had always said that Draco was a ferret and he had agreed… but now he whished that he could go back in time and take it back. It wouldn't probably have helped Draco now but still.

He sighed as he scratched Draco's small head. "It will be alright, Draco. I promise you that we will find a way to reverse this. Even if it means that I have to battle that snake scum who did this to you" he said softly.

Draco turned his head up to let the black haired teen scratch him under the chin. He really hoped that he would be turned back soon. It was so hard to not be able to talk to Harry after being away from him for so long. He wanted to talk to him, hug him tightly… you just couldn't do that in a form of a rodent reject. And he wanted to go back and help his mother. He had no idea what had happened to her. 'I swear to God that if father has done anything to her… I'll kill him with my bare ha… paws!'

A soft knock on the door caught their attention. Harry cradled the ferret to his chest with one hand as he stood up and opened the door to his private room. After Draco had been returned to them, Dumbledore had fixed a privet room for the black haired teen. 'To avoid stress' as the old man had said.

He wasn't all that surprised to see Snape and Dumbledore behind the door. "Hello, Professor, Headmaster" he said.

"Will you move so we can get in?" Snape asked and pushed his way into the room.

The old headmaster sighed and shook his head as he entered the room. "Excuse him. He is a bit grumpy" he explained with a small smile. "He worked hard last night"

Harry nodded. "I understand, sir. We are all a bit stressed and angry I guess" he told the old man. He turned around and saw that Snape had taken a seat by the small study table. He walked over and took a seat himself, letting Draco down on the table. "Any luck, professor?"

The black haired man sighed and shook his head. "I can't figure it out. I'm not sure if it is a curse or a potion the dark lord used. I believe that it is a curse but there are things that doesn't add up… hrrmmm… it makes me so tired just to think of it" he said and let his shoulders drop.

Draco slowly made his way over to the potion master and sat up on his hind legs to place his front paws on the old mans head. How he whished that he could talk. He knew Snape as a man who never gave up on anything, a true fighter. Not many students saw this in Snape but Draco and a few other Slytherins had seen him in action. All other students knew him as a mean old bastard with a short fuse and cruel attention punishments. Some called him the point reaper for some reason…

Snape looked up when he felt the small tap on the top of his head. He sighed as he saw the small ferret. He reached up and lifted blond up. "I'm sorry, Draco. I'm just so frustrated and tired. I will not stop trying though. You are one of my top students after all" he said and placed the ferret in his lap. "When I get my hands on Malfoy I'll make sure he will never see the daylight again"

Harry shook his head. "I don't approve that you must resort to murder, Snape! That will not change the situation at hand! Besides it wasn't mr. Malfoy who did this, it was Voldemort!" he snapped. "I was furious when I heard about what he did to Draco when all of this started, but that is nothing compared to what has happened now"

Dumbledore nodded. "I agree with you, my boy. I really hope you keep your hands blood free for the moment, Severus. We need your potion skills more then ever now and we can't risk you getting killed or going to Askaban" he told the black haired professor. The old man looked at the old clock on the wall and stood up. "We better go now, professor Snape. We don't want to be late now do we?"

Snape sighed once and stood up, holding the ferret close to his chest. He started to walk forwards the door with the old headmaster.

The black haired teen blinked. "Um, professor Snape, you are holding…"

"I know what I'm holding, Potter"

"Where are you going anyway? And you can leave Draco…"

Dumbledore looked at the young teen. "I'm afraid that young Malfoy must come with us, Harry" he told the emerald eyed youth. "We will take good care of him, don't worry"

Harry walked up to them with questioning eyes. "Where are you going? And why does Draco have to go with you? I don't want him to be harmed more then he already…"

Snape cut him off. "It is going to perfectly fine, Potter. We are going to get something checked up on Draco. We will be back around dinner" he said and carefully moved Draco in his arms as the ferret started to wiggle around. He could tell that the blond wasn't all that comfortable with the idea of being apart from the black haired teen again.

Harry still didn't know what they were on about. "What are you going to have checked up that you can't so here and now?"

Dumbledore smiled a little. "We are heading for a special animal hospital for magical beings. Severus and I have our worries about the child Draco carry. I have no idea how this transformation can affect the child or how both of them will be affected in the future. We could go to an ordinary hospital for magicians but I fear they aren't of any help" he explained.

Harry nodded. "I guess it is out of the question that I can come along, hu?" he asked.

Snape nodded. "I know that Voldemort can sense you like you sense him and outside the walls of Hogwards we can't protect you or Draco. He can't sense Draco so if we take only him along, Voldemort will not know that we have left the school" he said and looked down at the blond ferret. "I know I should have talked with you about our decision before, but it is hard to have a conversation with a… a…." he trailed off.

Draco tilted his head. He knew what Snape meant. It was hard to talk to a animal that couldn't answer questions. He nuzzled into Snape's robe and sighed. He was also worried about the baby. He had felt it flutter a little since the transformation… but was it alright? What would happen if he had it as a ferret? Would the child be able to go back into a human? So many questions.

Dumbledore patted Harry's shoulder. "We'll be back at dinner as we said. We'll bring Draco to you when we come back. Is that ok with you, Harry?"

Harry sighed and nodded. "It will be alright. Just be careful. I have no idea what Voldemort's plan is. There must be a reason for him sending Draco back to me. I have a feeling it is not just to hurt me. There is something else behind that action" he said and looked up. "I worry that he might attack Draco again and that I may not be there when it happens… please… make it back all three of you" he plead.

Draco knew that Harry was right. Voldemort wouldn't give up on him that easily. 'Mother… he still has my mother in his rotten clutches… and my unborn sibling' he thought. 'I want to go back. Ferret or not, I must get my mother out from there. But not right now. I must first get used to this new body and know about my child'

Snape patted the ferret's head and nodded to Harry. "We'll come back in one piece. Promise"

Dumbledore nodded. "Shall we go, Severus?"


Narcissa hummed softly to herself as she looked out through the tiny window in her 'cell'. She was sick with worry for her children. She hadn't heard a word about Draco… and she feared about her unborn child. 'Lucius… what have you done? Why did you have to do this? Why….'

The heavy door slowly creaked open.


A soft whispered spell and Narcissa's world turned black.


"Severus Snape?"

The potion professor looked up from where he sat with the old headmaster in the noisy waiting room. He had been almost overwhelmed with all the noises and smells of all the different magical animals in the waiting room.

Even Draco had been forced to hide inside the professor's robes to get away from the smells. Being an animal himself he could hear and smell better then any human and it was almost unbearable to be in the room.

Snape and Dumbledore got up and followed the med witch into a small room. The black haired professor sighed in relief when the door closed.

The brown haired female smiled kindly at the two men. "Now, let's see here…" she mumbled and flipped through a few papers. "It is about a ferret if I'm not mistaken?"

The headmaster nodded. "Yes, that is right. But there is something you need to know" he said.

The med witch looked a little pale after hearing the true story behind the blond ferret. She looked down at the ferret on the table before her and tilted her head. "Well, gentlemen, this stays between only us. Now let's see what we can find out"

Draco gulped as he was grabbed by the female. He wanted to wiggle free as she started to press on his small body, specially his belly. 'The child! She is going to…. Oh my God! My bladder!' he thought as she pressed on the said bladder. If a ferret could blush or change colour he would have turned as red as a cherry.

The witch giggled as she saw the men's' stares. "That is quite normal. Nothing to worry about and nothing to be ashamed about" she told the now still ferret.

'Says you! It is not you who just let go in front of your teachers!'

The med witch pressed a little more before nodding. "Well, there is something in there. I'm going to cast a spell that will tell us what's in there… but it may be a little odd since the spell was made for female animals after all…" she told the two.

Draco looked up at Snape, hoping that the man would get him away from the hellhole he had ended up in. no such luck.

"I need you to hold him on his back, professor, so I can cast the spell"

Snape had to struggle a little to get the teen turned ferret on his back. The blond wasn't going down without a struggle.

"There. Hurry it up will you? I think he'll bite me soon"

"Alright, let's get on with it"


Harry poked his food with his fork. He wasn't all that hungry.

Hermione sighed. "Harry, please eat something. They are fine and will be back soon" she said. Harry wasn't doing him or Draco any good by not eating. "You'll get sick and weak if you don't eat now"

The black haired teen sighed. "I'm worried that's all"

Ron swallowed a meatball and looked at Harry. "Oi, árry. You want to beat you-know-who right?"

A nod.

"Then you must eat. You can't face him weak from hunger. That will result in you and Malfoy getting killed… no wait, you getting killed, and Malfoy ending up in his clutches" he said and stabbed another meatball.

Harry blinked at his red haired friend. "That is the first time I have heard you talk like that in ages…"

"But young Weasley is right. You better eat or you will never stand a chance against a man as strong as the dark lord"

Harry was about to turn around when someone bent over him to place something before him. Harry smiled when he saw what had been placed before him. "Draco!" he whispered, not wanting anyone to know their secret.

Draco made a purring sound at seeing Harry. Looking to his right, he spotted Ron and Hermione. To quick for Ron to act, he grabbed a meatball and scurried back to Harry to slip inside his robes with the meatball.

"HEY! That was mine!" Ron snapped. All he got was a few smacking sounds as the ferret munched on his stolen 'prey'.

Harry and Hermione laughed at the scene. The black haired teen stopped laughing when a hand landed on his shoulder.

Dumbledore leant over close to Harry's ear.

"We need to talk, Harry"


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