Trisher Nichole Married Who?


LiL Pippin Padfoot

Summery: Sequel to: I MARRIED WHO?, except with my best friend, the one I call Trisher Nichole, since her names Trisha, I just changed to Trisher, and Nichole is her middle name, thus Trisher Nichole. And this is her story, which she asked for, I just filled in the blanks.

Man, Am I dead when she reads this. Well, not me literally, I just had a thought; She could make me divorce Faramir! Oh well, I can just erase it later.

Oh yes, Trisher Nichole cannot read what she calls "Da Elvish"

Chapter 1

Rhyme Time

"Hello, I am your narrator, LiL Pippin Padfoot."

Clears throat, and opens giant dusty book.

"Gather round children, and listen to the tale of my friend, Trisher Nichole, mind you not Sue.

As she falls to Middle Earth and asks the famed question; 'I married WHO?'

Okay, I can't rhyme forever.

So, my friend Trisher Nichole wakes up. Which isn't highly unusual for her to do, unless of course you are dead, otherwise generally you wake up after you sleep. So thus, it was not highly unusual for Trisher Nichole to wake up.

But she did get a surprise, for when she woke up, she stood up. Realizing that she wasn't at her house, she began to jump on the bed.

Just then a maid walked in. Trisher Nichole assumed it was a maid, because of the nametag that read 'MAID', but Trisher Nichole was shocked to see that it was in Da Elvish!

At first Trisher Nichole thought that she had switched minds with her best friend, also known as LiL Pippin Padfoot. But she had no love for Orlando Bloom, Legolas, Faramir, Viggo Mortensen, or any of the people her friend was infatuated with.

Well, Trisher Nichole said a quick prayer that she had not married Faramir.

As she walked out, she ran into someone. That someone happened to be Boromir.

Trisher Nichole thought that Boromir was dead, so she began to poke him, which isn't a very unlike thing for Trisher Nichole to do.

"Umm, excuse me." Said Boromir

"Shuttup, your dead." Said Trisher Nichole, who I remind you, is not Trisher Sue.

"If I am dead, than how can I have married you?"

Trisher Nichole's mouth dropped to the floor.

In all of Middle Earth it was heard, when she said those famed Words like a Mary-Sue:



Don't blame me, LiL Pippin Padfoot, it's all Trisher Nichole's fault. She asked me to write a I Married Who, story for her, and she wanted some of it to rhyme.

Man, Faramir and I are soooooooooo dead for hooking those two up.