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Summary: Autumn has finally come and the students of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry have come to face the trials and tribulations of prejudice and firsts.

A/N: I know that the names/middle names dont match those of Rowlings choice, but I like the names that I've chosen. I chose all middle names except Harry's.


Parings: Draco and Hermione, Blaise and Ginny



Chapter One: Harmonious Liaisons

The air was crisp on the first of September. A light breeze made its way all around England and ended up rustling the variety of color in the leaves. It had seemed summer had passed quite solemnly and on came the birth of autumn. Parents lectured their children before the train arrived and made sure everything needed to be said. With a sad adieu, they once again let their children leave them for another school year to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Aboard the Hogwart's express claimed two boys and a girl no older than the age of seventeen. The three found a compartment and nestled in while talking cordially among one another. The first boy had unruly raven hair with brilliant emerald eyes, the second had flaming red hair with dark blue colored eyes, and the girl had crimped auburn hair with amber eyes. Their friendship hadn't become until their first Halloween in Hogwarts, when a troll had came. Now the trio had become quite inseparable and civilly grew into the years.

Harry James Potter had become one of the most famous teenagers in his time. Just because a wound, that couldn't be reconciled, was engraved on his forehead, he was treated differently. His friends had suffered the trials and tribulations that were thrown at him and supported the young man in every way necessary.

Ronald Nathaniel Weasley was always known as Harry Potter's friend or another Weasley child. All had changed when he made Quidditch captain and fought along side Harry in the midi-war. A mark was left on his chest after taking a curse for Harry during the battle, but left him with no internal injuries.

Hermione Selene Granger was the last of the golden trio. The ambitious, witty, and clever witch never seemed to surprise anyone with her charm and grace. Her morals were kept in hand and she was one of the most successful women known in the wizarding world in her age. She also fought in the midi-war alongside with her two best male companions.

Thus comes to the final year of school and teachings of charms, spells, enchantments, etc. Nothing more could be taught but the basics and advanced courses that are only given to those who are determined to go in the deeper meaning of witchcraft and wizardry. It was preserved among the students whom wanted to make more of themselves and others. Theses courses applied to those of intellect and those whom want to major in Auror training, Healer, Medi-Witches, and such.

Though it was just the beginning of a new school year and nothing else more would be said. Hermione was placed as Head Girl and was soon picked up from her compartment by Ginny, a new prefect, and escorted her to the compartment along with Ronald to the prefect's compartment. Hermione sat patiently and stared out the window of the motioning train. Autumn had taken its toll upon the landscape, giving it that warm, brittle ambience.

The door slid open soundlessly and in walked in a teenage boy wearing those of Slytherin robes. He was just south of six feet and was graced with jet-black, kept hair. His eyes were those of sapphire with a touch humor as he stared at the girl in front of him. "Fancy seeing you here," he stated coolly while sitting across from the amber-eyed woman.

Hermione's head snapped towards the voice and sighed, "Oh yes Zabini, such a surprise. You know very well that I am Head Girl. It was informed in the letter you were given for your Head Boy position I presume?"

"No need to get antsy Granger," Blaise chuckled while leaning back against the soft cushions, "The season has yet to begin, don't spoilt it now."

"Look, I have no time to deal with your attempted, half-witted insults right now-"

"Wait a minute there Granger, my insults are full-witted!"

"Oh excuse me Zabini, I meant your half-witted brain-"

"Easy there Miss Granger," a voice eased in. "We need to discuss this situation we have set up."

Professor Mcgonagall stalked into the room with her deep emerald robes and pointed black hat. Over the years her long gray hairs had show signs of aging and the wrinkles gave away the façade she usually held. The old woman was to her last year in Hogwarts. She took a sharp intake of breath and began reciting what would be done to the Head Boy and Girl as she had so many times before.

"Hermione Selene Granger, I herby give you all rights to deduct points, hand detentions, and permit access to all rooms in the castle of Hogwarts. You are given the duty to give a watchful eye upon your peers and are not to abuse these privileges. If you are by any change abusing your rights, they will immediately be taken and you'll be seriously punished. Do you agree to these terms and conditions?" Professor Mcgonagall asked with a warm smile.

"Yes professor," Hermione responded while beaming at her mentor.

The elder woman then turned to Blaise and repeated what she had told to Hermione. "Rigel Blaise Zabini, I herby give you all rights to deduct points, hand detentions, and permit access to all rooms in the castle of Hogwarts. You are given the duty to give a watchful eye upon your peers and are not to abuse these privileges. If you are by any change abusing your rights, they will immediately be taken and you'll be seriously punished. Do you agree to these terms and conditions?"

"Yes professor," Blaise said with a slight blush.

"Good, now both of you patrol the train and behave. As being the Head Boy and Girl I want you to promote inter-house unity. This year will end up quite differently as you will know soon enough. Farewell." And with that she was gone.

Hermione stared at Blaise and grinned brightly, "Your name real name is Rigel? Brilliant!"

"Don't you dare go aroundcalling me that," Blaise muttered with a touch of pink gracing his face. "I've been trying to cover that little problem up for years."

"Alright," the witch replied with a slight shrug, "But I think we really need to make a type of treaty."

"What do you have in mind Granger?"

"Well first of all, call me Hermione and I'll call you Blaise, or Rigel, whatever you would like," she teased with a wicked smile. "And we act civil towards each other."

Blaise gave a goofy smile and nodded, "Agreed Hermione, or may it be Selene?"

"Go ahead, I'm not the one ashamed of my name."

The train came to an abrupt halt and out poured the students of Hogwarts. Hermione and Blaise guided the nervous first year students to the professor and gamekeeper Hagrid, and the other students were escorted to the horseless carriages. A flash of blond pushed through the crowds to the black haired Slytherin. Hermione scoffed and glared at the conniving boy and climbed in to the carriage.

"Blaise," he stated unperturbedly while ruffling his platinum locks that cascaded down his face. "Head Boy? Congratulations, at least a Slytherin made it and not Potter or Weasley."

"Thank you Dray," Blaise said while thanking his friend, "Though kindness doesn't beseem you."

Draco rolled his silver orbs and raised an eyebrow, "Stuck with Granger? Deepest condolences."

"She isn't that bad," the black haired Slytherin replied, "If you open that thick head of yours, you'll find out that people, other than Slytherin's, aren't so bad."

"You've gone completely nutters," Draco mumbled while walking off. "See you in the castle Big Head Boy."

"You too Draconis," Blaise mocked tauntingly.

"Don't call me that!" he hissed while riding off into his own carriage.

Blaise and Hermione's conversations were quite interesting in the least. It was still a bit light out and they could spot the Whomping Willow slowly releasing of its leaves and become bare. The grounds had become bleak and quite austere, as the autumn had entered the landscape.

"I can't see how you're civil with that prat," Hermione mumbled while huffing lightly.

"Oh give it a rest!" Blaise said exasperatingly, "you don't know Draco like I do. You didn't grow up with him and his hardships, and you'll never know what I know."

"All I know is that he called me a mudblood when we were twelve! Do you honestly think that I can care about the bunch of tosh he speaks of?" she said angrily while shaking with fury.

"That was in second year!" the Slytherin explained thoroughly, "We've matured, where is the inter-house unity Hermione?"

Hermione gaze at Blaise and rolled her eyes in mock. "He called me a mudblood an hour ago," she bluntly said.

"Oh," was all he could say. "But-"

"And the inter-house unity is fine between everyone, except some of the Slytherin's," she retorted wistfully while turning her head. "Just forget it, I have nothing to say to that pureblooded insufferable git!"

"Wasn't always like that," Blaise said quaintly and smoothed back his hair, "Draco wasn't always against half-bred and muggleborn's you know. It was just his father and mother, but even it wasn't their fault. Happened around this time too."

"Care to explain your ridiculous life time theory?"

"Not really," he replied while leaning back against the seat, "It isn't my place to tell you."


But Hermione was cut off as the carriage suddenly lurched forward, sending the two teenagers towards the other seats. Blaise got up and held his hand out for Hermione as he stepped out of the carriage. "Well princess your castle awaits, literally."

The two began to gather the students and eagerly pointed out where they needed to be going. The prefects followed the Head's and scurried along the tables. Inside the great hall was something no student has seen before. It was a brand new change of setting…autumn that is. It seems that has been the theme for everything. Scattered reds, yellows, oranges, and the faintest mid-colors showed. Plum pumpkins and cornucopias was the choice of décor around, and it all gave the hall a welcoming feeling.

As everyone was in trance with such naturalness and beauty, Hermione was thinking of what Blaise said during the carriage ride.

'Draco Malfoy not against such blood?' she thought while actually considering the remarks made. 'That is ludicrous, how can he not.'

"Welcome to another year of Hogwarts," Dumbledore's raspy voice boomed into the hall of rambunctious students. "Years have passed and we have yet to stay strong. This year will be proven to be one of the most changed and active ones we have yet. Now for a couple of announcements: The forbidden forest is now deemed for safe entry to those whom are in six year and above."

"Second, the quidditch teams of the four houses will be no more," he said gravely, but was interrupted by groans and gasps of annoyance.

"I knew Dumbledore was a fool, but I didn't know he lost ALL his marbles," Draco whispered vehemently.

"If I may continue, even though the teams have been cancelled, doesn't mean the game is cancelled. Instead of four different teams, we are holding try-outs for one team together. With that we will challenge the teams from Drumstrang and Beauxbaton's and hold a wizarding cup tournament."

The mood lightened up and cheers rung out from all around. "Well that was a surprise," Blaise shot back at Draco.

"Last, I would like to present our Head Boy and Head Girl for this year. They have worked hard and I'm sure you'll show them both respect," the headmaster said with a serene voice. "Would Hermione Granger and Blaise Zabini step up here?"

The two stood up and bowed lightly to their peers and elders. They stood tall in front of the students before them and smiled with a sense of pride. "You may sit down. Now on with the feast!"

"Well that's just brilliant," Ron growled while throwing his hands in the air. "I was captain for ONE year and Dumbledore goes and decides to support house unity!"

"I actually think it's quite nice," Hermione lied while eating her potatoes. "I mean, we're suppose to help the diversity."

"Yeah Ron, besides, you already know you and I will be picked," Harry reassured with a quick nod.

Ron rolled his eyes and was chewing on a biscuit. "State the obvious Harry. I'm talking about Malfoy and the Slytherin's. You know he'll be on the team."

"A lot of try-out's mate, next week, good luck," Harry stated simply while digging into his food.

The hotheaded teenager grumbled grudgingly about the disappointment they would all undergo. Hermione was actually growing on the idea and finished her food nonchalantly. She got up abruptly with a short farewell and went into the direction the library. Though change overwhelmed her, she still had to stick to her usual and respectable manner. Just because her hair toned down from multi-frizz to sleek curls, didn't mean she would flaunt around like Pansy Parkinson use to in her early days. Though over the years, Pansy had become an ally to Dumbledore and Hermione ever since the midi-war.

"Hello Miss Granger," Madam Pince greeted quietly, "What would you like to read today. I presume you would likeHogwarts a History?"

"Not today Madam Pince, thank you," Hermione gently said and gave a note to her, "I would like to go in the restricted section of the library. I have permission from Professor Dumbledore for the rest of the year."

"Of course dear," the elder librarian said while nodding curtly. "The password is 'Unified' but make sure not to peep it to anyone else."

"I wont, thank you."

Hermione strolled off into the depths of the library and stopped at the binding chains."Unified."

The chains opened and the bright witch walked in merrily. The section wasn't dark as it had been before, but quite illuminated. It seemed to be more like a common room with a built in library, instead of the dreary and gloomy section it once was. "Now to explore the strong hold of unity."

Her hands skimmed through the books that collected dust over the years. She sneezed lightly and shook her head. "Unical, unicorn…a-ha! Unity of Hogwarts Four." Hermione pulled out the book gingerly and began to walk out of the portrait, thanking Madam Pince once again.

It would be a while before she had to meet Dumbledore, so she came to the Head Boy and Head Girl's room whispering the password. "Harmony." The portrait of the Hogwart's crests opened and bid Hermione access to her common room. The room was assorted with all house colors, including a starry night décor, midnight blue ceiling, emerald colored fire, and a scarlet sun. It was Dumbledore's way of unanimity.

Hermione hadn't any time to explore her new living quarters and advanced to her room. She gazed at her nice sized bed with ruby lining, and Godric Gryffindor's sword encrusted above her bed. It seemed like decent sized room, to Hermione's liking. She sat the book on her bed and ambled towards the window. She opened the glassy barrier open and let the scent of the newly born autumn breeze in.

A soft sigh escaped her lips as she thought about her past experiences at Hogwarts. Everything seemed like the beginning of the end whenever she came here. It was so wonderful, because her precedent years in Hogwarts lead her to two wonderful friends, whom were like her brothers. She couldn't even imagine fancying one of them. The idea was absolutely preposterous. Though she pushed off the autumn air and went back to her bed, opening the book of her selection.

She then continued reading the second chapter of Unity of Hogwarts Four:

"Historical Information: Many centuries ago lived four companions on a journey to make the wizarding world easier for young children. The four made a huge contribution to magic throughout the ages. The founders of Hogwarts were Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin, and Rowena Ravenclaw. The four were known as the ancient ancestors of the gods and goddesses from around the world (Refer to Mythical Magic)

Gryffindor: Those whom are among the brave and loyal are sorted into the league of Gryffindor. Godric was known for his nobility during wars with the dark arts. Gryffindor comes from the word Gryffindorious (The species of lion whom are on top of the animal kingdom).

Hufflepuff: Those whom are of the kind and accepting are put into the ranks of Hufflepuff. Helga believed that everyone was equal in magic and in spirit. Hufflepuff comes from the word Hufflepish (In the same family of the badger, which were fancied by the world.)

Slytherin: Those whom are conniving and scandalous are arranged in the position of Slytherin. Salazar preached of the lining of blood and supported only pureblood's in his ostentatious house. Slytherin comes from the word Slytherine (Believed to be more dominate then that of an anaconda. Respected among all reptile linage.)

Ravenclaw: Those whom are blessed with wisdom and wit are assembled into Ravenclaw. Rowena was one who had only acceptance of cleverness and intellect. Ravenclaw comes from the word Ravenclaoir (A mix between that of a Raven and Owl. The mythical creature was highly selected and of extreme rarity for its capability.)

Hermione sighed at the information and shook her head. It wasn't what she was looking for at all. These were things she had known since her third year after researching on a project for History of Magic. She flipped through the pages and skipped to the sixth chapter.

"Shattered Unanimity: Though Godric, Helga, Salazar, and Rowena were good friends, their diversity separated them. The common quarrel's of pureblood, muggleborn; intellect, valor; had just gotten to each individual, and thus four houses were born. Three out of the four founders stayed in harmony, though one didn't. Salazar Slytherin broke the magical four and fled off to places unknown without leaving his secret. (i.e. Chamber of Secrets. Ch. Four). Soon the friends bond faltered into oblivion and were separated by their differences, therefore creating mass chaos. Ancient Magic claims that before such riot began, the four made a type of enchantment fed off by not only the creators unity, but the students…"

"An enchantment?" Hermione dwindled while starring at the ceiling, "I wonder what it did. Its hard to believe there was such a time when Slytherin's and Gryffindor's got along."

"Yes, imagine that," the voice of Blaise drawled while standing at her doorway. Hermione beckoned him to enter and watched as he sat on a nearby couch. "What are you doing?"

"Reading," she stated bluntly while putting the book away. "Or was in that matter."

"Ah stupid me," Blaise mockingly said while hitting his head.

Hermione waved her hand and stifled a sigh. "Its absurd. Imagine a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff fancying each other."

Blaise raised an eyebrow and shook his head, "I raise your bet to a Slytherin and Gryffindor, not only fancying one another, but dating."

"Touché," Hermione chuckled as she stood up, "Come on, Dumbledore is expecting us soon enough."

The boy just nodded and followed Hermione out the door down the halls. Everything was as it had been before, the open windows with a comforting breeze, the dim lit halls, and owls hooting cheerfully, it seemed so perfect.

Neither Hermione nor Blaise had spoken to each other as they made their way to Dumbledore's corridors. The only verbal action was to steer students to their dorms and break up the snog session's the obsessive teenagers had. Soon the statue of Dumbledore's came and Hermione stepped up.

"Sugar scales," Hermione said while making a motion with her hands. The statue began to spin until a staircase revealed itself to the two. The witch happily walked up the stairs with her companion following close by. A light knock sounded the door and in they walked.

"Ah Miss Granger, Mr. Zabini, so good to see you again," Dumbledore croaked with a twinkle of satisfaction. "Please sit down. Now I'm here to explain the deeper meaning of your tasks being Head Boy and Girl. First, I will give you a one-week's notice of the next meeting for the Prefects, and you must spread the word and post it on the house doors. Second, our Welcome Back ball is going to be held at the end of this month, but I have added something to unify our school and the students. In order to attend the ball, all students of fourth year and above, must go with someone from their opposite house. For example, I would like Gryffindor and Slytherin students attending with each other and the same with Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Third, there shall be a change in the uniforms, as many students want to be more of color."

Blaise and Hermione gawked at Dumbledore as if he was eating the boogie-flavored bean from Bertie Bots every flavor beans. "Sir, I don't think any Gryffindor or Slytherin students will be present at the ball with these requirements."

"Mr. Zabini, I understand, but these rules must be enforced, quoted from Salazar Slytherin himself if I must say. Now, a Prefects meeting will be this Friday and you should notify them of the dance preparations and quidditch try-outs. Any questions?"

"Will the Heads be given special privileges on the dance?" Hermione asked hopefully.

Dumbledore chuckled and shook his head, "I'm afraid not Miss Granger, the rule applies to all, even Heads and Prefects. Though I have one request from you two, you share at least one dance together."

A deep frown graced the complexion of the two teenagers as they stared at each other. With a final sigh they nodded and excused themselves out the door. Once out of earshot, Blaise threw his hands in the air and yelled. "I can't believe Dumbledore has even thought of this preposterous idea!"

"At least you'll go," Hermione muttered gently.

Blaise stared at the witch and raised an eyebrow, "What's eating you?"

"Well you're lucky being a Slytherin in the dance case, I mean, you're a pureblood and won't be teased by any Gryffindor's because that isn't our style. I on the other hand am a muggleborn Gryffindor who has to attend the dance by going with a Slytherin. Tell me all about it when you get back."

Blaise stared at Hermione with the slightest sympathy. He then shone a grin and held out his hand. "Miss Granger may I escort you to the ball this month?"

It was now Hermione's turn to give the questioning look of suspicion. She glanced at him for any trace of mock, but there wasn't any to be found. "Why-"

"Well I mean, I am a Slytherin and you are a Gryffindor, so why not?"

"Alright Blaise, I accept. Thank you."

"What are friends for?"

"So now were friends?"

"Maybe if you're lucky."

The weeks soon passed and the impossible had been possible. A Slytherin and Gryffindor had made a truce and became friends gradually over time. The ball situation wasn't the only change. The uniforms had changed from their blunt colors to matching the house colors. For example, Gryffindor girls would wear red skirts and white blouses along with the tradition tie, and boys would wear red slacks and a white shirt with a tie. After explaining such situations to the Prefects, whom in utter dismay groaned about the dance preparations, the Head Boy and Girl were now found at the quidditch pitch witnessing the try-outs for the unified team. "Next up for the position of Seeker we have Harry Potter."

Harry stepped out of the tents with his new Dragon Fire 2007 and greeted the viewers. He mounted his broom and waited for the snitch to be released. The golden orb flew out of its case and in a mere five seconds, it was in Harry's clutches. They had released the snitch a few more times before calling the boy back down. "Very good Harry, the results will be posted tomorrow. Next we have our final position and two people in this category. Ronald Weasley for Keeper."

Ron marched towards the stadium with his broom and flew to the three rings. There waited Zechariah Smith with a broad grin. "Lets see you block these Weasley."

The teenage redhead turned a bright shade of tomato and only glared. "Oh shut up you wanker!"

The boy only growled and sent a quaffle towards Ron's head. Ron tried to get the quaffle, but it grazed his hairs and went into the center hoop. "Brilliant Weasley. I now see why you were Gryffindor's captain, gracefully losing!"

The next two quaffle's were out of Ron's hands and were made into the hoops. Ron held his head down in defeat and flew down towards the tent. "Err, Draco Malfoy for Keeper."

The Slytherin's brought out a huge cheer and the heart's of the girl's melted. The arrogant teenager sent a cocky smirk and mounted his own broom while flying to the three hoops. There awaited Maori Sashimi with a quaffle. She beckoned her head towards Draco and began throwing the circular object. As it flew towards Draco, he flipped his broom and blocked the quaffle with the tail of his broom. Yells and jeers made their way towards Draco's ears and nodded.

Maori conjured up another quaffle and threw it with such agility. Too busy flashing smirks, Draco didn't see that one coming, which sent it running through the hoop. He merely glared at Maori, whom gave him a grin. Draco was ready now though, and awaited the next quaffle. The girl pitched the quaffle, to the deserted hoop and smiled as it was hurtled towards it. All seemed good until Draco found the quaffle. To her utter dismay he caught it with his gloved hands.

Both nodded and flew back down towards the stadium to be greeted by Blaise. "Excellent Draco, results will be posted tomorrow."

Draco shook his friends hand and kept one walk. He turned his head slowly to meet amber colored eyes watching him. She looked at him coyly then gradually blinked and shifted her gaze elsewhere. A glance of confusion displayed upon his face, but he shrugged it off, no harm done.

"Oi, Dray, wizarding world to Draco," shouted Blaise while punching his friend in the arm.

The blond haired teenager simply glared at Blaise. "What do you want?"

"What were you looking at?" asked Blaise while looking at his direction.

"Nothing of importance."

"You were looking at Hermione weren't you?" chuckled the regressive Slytherin, "Damn Draco, didn't know you swung that way, especially a Gryffindor?"

"Oh go snog a Hufflepuff Zabini," Draco scoffed while waving his hand in the air and walking away.

"Already did Draco!" Blaise replied with a light smile.

Ginerva Camille Weasley walked down the halls with her usual smile of elation. She waved to her surrounding peers jauntily as they mimicked the delightful deed. Her hair had gone from bright red to a deep crimson-orange color, while here eyes became a chestnut color with dangling curls. Two, small braids crowned her head and she gracefully walked with her friends.

"Hey Ginny!" said the voice of Colin Creevy.

She turned around and smiled at the boy, "Hello Colin, how're you?"

"Just great," he replied while moving a stray strand of blond from his eyes, "Actually got done with the quidditch practice pictures. How come you're not trying out?"

Ginny merely shrugged and sighed, "It's a bit obvious. I'm not that good, and I bet I would even get chosen."

"Hey, don't discredit yourself love," Colin joked while winking at Ginny. Out of her Hogwarts life, Colin Creevy was probably her best friend from all the sixth-years. He had always been there for here when she was down, and made her smile, but they were nothing more, which was fine with her. Colin was going out with Alura Della-Rocco from Ravenclaw, another one of her friends. "See you later Ginny."

"All right, bye Collie," the redhead waved as she turned to meet Hermione at the entrance of the Head's portrait. "Hermione!"

Auburn locks of hair flipped around her head as Hermione turned. "Ginny, it seems like an eternity hasn't it?"

"Of course."

"So what have you been up to?"

"Oh nothing," Ginny replied with a slight sigh, "What about you? Anyone special in your life?"

A blush graced Hermione's face as she shook her head, "You must be going nutters." Both girls giggled briskly then evoked in a short conversation. "Why don't you come to my room? You haven't seen it, have you?"

Ginny agreed and followed Hermione inside as the portrait swung open. As she strode inside, her brown eyes fell upon those of cobalt. Her breath caught in her throat as she stared at his kept, jet-black hair, and his whole inner sanctum. At that moment, she had fallen awe-struck. He finally looked up in surprise at the two girls and began to rise. "Oh I'll be leaving now, so you two can muse over each other's life's," Blaise said with slight humor.

"Oh do shut up Blaise," Hermione said while shaking her head, "Don't let us disturb you, we'll be off to my room."

"Without introducing me to your friend here? I'm truly hurt, and I thought we were friends," he said with a fake look of despair.

"Honestly, you sound straighter than a circle," she mumbled. "Blaise, this is Ginny Weasley, Ginny, this is Blaise Zabini."

Ginny was surprised as the Slytherin held out his hand and bowed slightly. She accepted his rough yet gentle grip and gave a cute smile. "Nice to meet you."

"Likewise," he answered with a curling smirk of approval. "Wait…Weasley…Your brothers?"

"Which one?" she asked while laughing. "Percy, Fred, George, although they're gone, all I have is Ron."

"Yes him, sorry to say, but his quidditch skills don't beseem him, didn't make the team."

Hermione gasped and smacked Blaise slightly. "We're not supposed to say anything!"

"No Hermione, its alright. I already knew he wasn't going to make it. So, Malfoy made keeper?" Ginny asked casually.

"Of course," the Slytherin snickered boastfully, "and I made a chaser."

"Harry made it?"

"Yes, the boy with the eternal curse made it," Blaise mumbled miserably.

"He made captain and seeker," Hermione beamed with a slight glow on her face.

Ginny gave another smile and nodded, "Yes but I don't think Malfoy will take it too kindly."

"You're telling me," said Blaise. "Well I'll be off, but before I forget." He turned to Hermione. "Do you have your dress robes for the ball? If not, Dumbledore said the students could go to Hogsmeade this weekend." After he walked up out of the common room, Ginny snapped her head to Hermione's direction and raised an eyebrow.

"You're going with him?" she asked slowly.

"Um, yes, Dumbledore said we had to share a dance, and well, Blaise asked me because the whole muggleborn thing would bring controversy among some others."

"Very thoughtful of him, he is quite attractive."

Hermione blushed slightly and shook her head, "Who're you going with?"

"Xavier Carvin," Ginny stated simply with a shrug, "he asked me yesterday, alright I suppose, not indecent."

"Hogsmeade this weekend then?"


Draconis Lucian Malfoy sat on his broom in the dark moonlight sky. A light breeze welcomed him briskly as he kneeled his body down gently. He began to slowly walk back the castle and to his chambers. Today was a day of utter mayhem and total disregard. Today was the day when dreams were shattered and the heavens trembled upon the Malfoy family. Today was the day when angels actually feared to tread.

It was the day when his father and mother first joined Voldemort's reign of terror.

It wasn't their fault though, and Draco knew it. He saw looks in his father and mother's eyes when they followed every waking command they were given. He watched as they slowly murdered for the tyrant, how that filthy creature destroyed the Malfoy name and family.

Years ago, when Draco was a mere child, neighboring death eaters, whom were their friends at that time, took his parents to meet Voldemort. The evil ruler asked for them to join, but they declined from what Draco saw, as he snuck away. Then at that moment, a flash of light blinded his eyes, and the words he heard were clear. They used the Imperius Curse on his parents. From that day on, they followed in the ranks of Voldemort without will.

But then came Harry James Potter. Wonder Boy, the Boy who neither lived nor wouldn't die, the one who saved his family. Last year, Harry found out the secret of the Malfoy family and what really happened behind closed doors. With that, and some talk with the ministry, the Malfoy's were dropped of charges after being banished of the spell that had concealed them into oblivion of hatred.

Though the Malfoy's were dropped from their crimes, Harry kept the secret from anyone and everyone, and that was the only thing Draco was grateful for: Harry Potter was somewhat noble. After then, the Malfoy's went into hiding with their secret keeper. They were safe at first, until the final war broke out, taking the lives of innocent people. The golden trio killed Voldemort as usual, but the strange part was, they were Animagus when they destroyed him.

It was quite brilliant; as he'd seen the way they fought, though he wouldn't admit it. So as the year went on, the Malfoy family redeemed their name, and was no longer as feared as it once was. Once so ruthless, but now, just a state of neutrality blessed the Malfoy household. Even if his parents were now out of the dark lords hair, they still disregard the fact they had a son. So to Draco, it would be another day of darkness at his home.

But now he'd return to Hogwarts, a true home. Hogwarts was full of ethnic diversity, and socializing of different blood types, but there was one person in particular he picked on. Those rights were reserved to Hermione Granger, the one that made everything so right. The muggle girl always had to be a perfectionist and it personally made him go mad. How the way she'd always shoot up her hand, though none of the teachers would pick her among the bunch. The way she was always kind to people whom didn't know an answer to a question, such as Longbottom.

Draco wanted to hate her as he did before, but he had no reason to anymore. Blood didn't matter, if he shed his and her blood and compare, it'd be proven they were the same. Same. It was funny how that word actually entered his head for once in his life. He was superior to those who are not of pureblood, bloody hell; he wasn't even pureblood in some cases.

He wasn't full of purity and hearty innocence; he was tainted. Since a child he wasn't pure for he witnessed death. Draco knew it like the back of his hand. Sure, he was full wizard, but he wasn't chaste. So for once, he'd actually be civil to his surroundings, and sneered at those who are haughty and conceited as he had once been as a mere child.

"You ok Draco?" Blaise asked while walking into the prefect's room.


"Look, I know this must be an odd time and all, but you know, it's not wrong to just let go of all revulsion on people in general. Society has changed Draco, it'd be the best if you could understand."

"I'm really not in the mood for your preaching," Draco said impassively.

"That's my job though Dray," Blaise stated firmly, "I reserve all rights to do that because I am your best friend and the only sane one."

"Whatever, appreciate it though, so anything new?"

"You made keeper."

"Of course, what about Potter?"

"Seeker and captain."



"When's the first game?"

"Two months from now."

The two mingled about such events and came to various tactics. They decided to push aside their differences for quidditch about Harry being Seeker and agreed on strategic moves. Then came the most unusual conversation: the dance.

"Gryffindor and Slytherin's going to a dance together is unbelievable," the silver-eyed teenager said blandly. "So, have anyone in mind?"

"No need to, already got somebody," his friend said with a quick yawn.

"And who might that unfortunate girl be?"


If it hadn't been for Draco sitting down, he might have fallen in shock and jump out of the window to see if he was dreaming of not.

"Excuse me?" he snickered lightly, "YOU asked GRANGER?"

"One, she isn't that bad, two, we're Head Boy and Girl and we have to dance anyways, three, we're now friends," Blaise said with a look of fact.

Draco examined his friends face and shook his head, "Friends? Look who's gone soft now?"

"I'm not the one who was staring her down," Blaise chimed sardonically.

"I wasn't staring her down you prat!" Draco barked scathingly. "Its Granger! Why would I stare at her?"

"Well we all grew up quite a bit over the years Draco. Plus, I think I once recalled you muttering something in fourth year at the Yule Ball," Blaise contemptuously ridiculed, "Didn't that sentence include 'wicked' and 'alluring' or flat out 'bloody hot'?"

A green, velvet pillow hit Blaise directly in the face.

That weekend, Ginny, Hermione, Harry, and Ron made their way towards Hogsmeade and what it had to offer. They did their usual routine of going into Zonko's, visiting the Weasley twins, and Honeydukes. Harry and Ron went off to the Quidditch shop for the new season while Ron mumbled something about not making the team, and the girls shimmied their way to Madame Malkin's Robes. As other girls from Hogwarts, each one was trying to find the perfect one for them.

Ginny and Hermione made their way to the fabric and looked at the fine silk, velvet, and wool dress robes of assorted colors. Some of the material felt nice, with vibrant colors, but others were plain scratchy and mis-matching colors. Ginny traced her hand over an emerald colored fabric and smiled lightly while tapping her wand against it. The silk cloth turned into a decent sized robe, which Ginny took with her.

"I think I like this one, pick one out and lets try them."

Hermione stared atan azurecolored material with black lining. She had seen this type of robe in Japan when she visited and had an outfit that matched perfectly. With a swish of her wand, she took the now materialized robe and trotted off to the rooms with Ginny. Both agreed on their choice of clothing and spent their galleons away.

Soon they met up with some other girls from different houses and decided to go to the Three Broomsticks. As they walked in, they saw Harry and Ron talking to some girls from Slytherin. They seemed to have nodded and smiled in agreement. Hermione and Ginny walked up to the boys and smiled at the two girls.

"Hello," Hermione said while holding out her hand.

"Bonjour," the two girls replied with a light French accent.

Harry beamed and made a gesture. "Hermione, Ginny, this is Chantal and her sister Cecil from Slytherin. They are new this year to Hogwarts, students from Beauxbaton, but they're seventh year."

"Nice to meet you," Ginny said with a slight bow.

The four girls smiled at each other and found out Harry and Ron was taking them to the ball. The two soon left leaving Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Harry to talk about what they were doing for the dance. The girls finally gave up and told whom they were going with.

"Blaise Zabini? As in Malfoy's best friend Zabini?" Ron nearly shouted while spitting out his butterbeer.

"Oh give it a rest Ronald, he isn't bad at all," Ginny said with a slight grin. "Quite nice actually."

"You met him? Are Harry and me the only sensible ones?"

"Harry and I, and of course not!" Hermione corrected with a slight yawn. "We should be heading off back to Hogwarts."

"But you're going with Malfoy's best friend Hermione!" Ron complained with a sulk. "Harry help me out here."

"Its not really our choice Ron, I mean, we do have to go with Slytherin's and if Hermione and Ginny say he isn't that bad, then I guess he isn't," Harry said simply with a shrug.

"Ah yes, good old' Potter being the voice of reason," drawled the voice from Draco himself. "Truly heart warming."

"Malfoy," Harry said with a quick nod.

"Hello Hermione, Ginny, Potter, Weasley," Blaise said respectively, "don't worry Weasley, we're here to talk to Potter about quidditch."

Ron turned a deep shade of crimson at the mention of quidditch. He muttered something deeply then took a big swig of his butterbeer. Harry's eyes met Blaise's and nodded, "What do you want?"

"Well I think its safe to say that you're captain and seeker for our quidditch team Potter," Blaise said blandly, "so Draco and I have already devised some strategic moves that'll take us to the top of our game. Dumbledore informed me that our first game would be held on Halloween, so our first meeting should be held this evening. Room of Requirements if that's alright."

"Sounds good, I've come up with my own maneuver's also, I'll gather the people I can get," Harry replied decently. "Malfoy, Zabini."

"Potter," both monotonically said.

"I'm glad you were so civil," Hermione said with a gesture of approval, "Makes me one happy girl."

"Delighted its to your liking Mya," Harry teased with the nickname he once heard her mother say.

The four laughed and decided that it was once again time to leave back to Hogwarts. That evening the quidditch team indeed met up and discussed maneuvers that would surely lead them to victory. The team consisted of Harry Potter as seeker, Draco Malfoy as keeper, Blaise Zabini, Hotaka, and Hotaru Orimoto as the chasers, with Eric Dublin and Hannah Abbott as the beaters.

"We're going to win," Hotaru from Ravenclaw said cheerfully. "Got our strongest and wittiest players, what else do we need?"

"Yes, but we need to keep sharp tact," Harry responded wisely. "Can't just get too full of ourselves."

"For once Potter, you're right," Draco said with a slight look of agreement. "I will not loose to some other pathetic school."

"Don't forget Draco, Viktor Krum was on Drumstrang's team, they recruit awesome players," Blaise warned idly.

"Well look at Krum now," the blond muffled incoherently, "A bum kicked off the quidditch league for life."

"And just because the death eaters Crucio'd him till he went insane for their own sick pleasure," Eric spat while loosening his red and gold tie.

The students agreed with one another and went their own separate ways. Eric walked with Harry to the common room while ranting about his determination to win. He said his final farewells then went to his own group of Gryffindor's. Harry sighed and leaned back into the velvet sofa for his own comfort; stress wouldn't be his only enemy this year.

"Tough day Harry?" Seamus asked with his deep Irish accent.

"What gave you that idea?" he asked with a slight confused yet contempt looks.

"Well you look the part mate," Dean stated obviously.

"That and you're gripping the pillow you have a little too tightly," replied Seamus.

"Guess I am."

"What's got your mood all glum?"

"One word: Everything."

"What a way to sum it all up."

"Tell me about it."

Blaise gathered his items and parchments before taking off to his common room. He turned to Draco and invited him to join, which was accepted. The two Slytherin teenagers stalked off as if they were royalty and their surroundings were their subjects. People may call that conceitedness, but those whom live it call it power, and my how was power a virtue.

The careless boy muttered the password and crossed the threshold to his living quarters with his good friend. Both mildly laughed but then stopped to see that the girls had already beat them to it to the common room. Hermione and Ginny raised their head's and silenced their conversation. "Hello Blaise," the two girls chimed while going back to their activities.

"Hello girls," Blaise said while sitting down on the couch next to Ginny.

Draco snorted and sat on the lone chair and turned his head upward. "What, no salutation's to me?"

The girls simply looked at Draco, shrugged, and then went back writing up a storm. Blaise looked at Ginny's paper and raised an eyebrow, "What's got you all in a ruckus?"

"Helping Hermione."

"With what?"

"Something you were supposed to help her on."

"And that was-"

Hermione interfered the small conversation while throwing in her own words. "A certain thing about planning out the ball that is soon to come…does that ring a bell?"

"Oops…erm…It's all Draco's fault!"

Draco glared at Blaise and scoffed, "Just because your incompetence and lack of organization beseems you, doesn't mean that you can blame your pathetic excuses on me, Head Boy."

"Shove off traitor!" Blaise muttered with a slight pout. "Can I help any?"

"No, in fact, we're done," Ginny, responded nonchalantly while winking over to Hermione. "Shall we go?"

"Yes, I think Ronald and Harry are waiting for us at dinner," Hermione said while gathering her things and leaving.

"I need to help with something," Blaise earnestly said while shoving his hands in his pockets, "I am Head Boy after all."

Ginny whispered something in Hermione's ear, which made them both grin wickedly. "You really want to do something?"

"Yes, I honestly have to- I mean do."

"Alright," Hermione shouted while walking out of the portrait with Ginny. "You can tell Professor Snape and Mcgonagall that they have to escort each other to the ball."

A hushed silence filled the room leaving Draco and Blaise to dwell on what just happened. Then a cruel chuckle was followed by the silence.

"Why didn't you stop me from being polite Malfoy?" Blaise scowled. "You out of all people know how to be uncouth!"

Draco rolled his silver eyes once again and ambled his was towards the door, "As you said, I'm impolite, so why help someone in need?"

Blaise stood alone in the middle of the common room with a deep frown. "Good point."

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