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Puffy Red Eyes

Chapter 13: The End...or The Beginning?

Hey, Gin! Get yer bum down here and help us with this stuff. It's all yours anyway!" Fred Weasley grumbled from the doorway of Draco and Ginny's new flat.

Ginny broke away from Draco's lips, grinning guiltily as he expressed his disappointment.

It was three years after Ginny had graduated from Hogwarts. After Draco had graduated, a year before she did, he'd been destitute; disowned by his mother. His father had been finally caught, the year after Draco had left Hogwarts, by Remus Lupin, the former Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts in Ginny's second (Draco's third) year.

The Dementors had made short work of him, and Lucius Malfoy was no more. Draco had abandoned his old friends, and with some coaxing from Ginny, had applied for a job at Fred and George's joke shop, Gemini's Gags in London.

To his great surprise, he had immediately liked the twins, despite their previous animosity. That was probably because he was very much in love with their sister, giving them something in common, and boosting his tolerance for Weasleys.

Ron had taken it much better than Ginny had hoped, giving them his grudging blessings. Not that he could do much else; while his choice in companion (he and Seamus were living together in London) was liked better than Draco, it was still greeted with some reserve by his parents. Arthur and Molly Weasley were skeptical at first but gradually softened to their youngest children's soul mates.

Bill and Charlie grimaced, but said nothing, while Percy nearly wet himself. But the twins were overjoyed to find that Ginny was dating someone nearly as wicked as they were. After a few meetings, they'd hired him as assistant shopkeeper.

During Ginny's last year at Hogwarts, she'd been very much alone. Jenna had left, and started her own Witch's boutique, Fluffles, in London, just down the street from Fred and George's shop. Three guesses who the inspiration was for that name, and the fact that all the clothes sported a cat insignia didn't leave much room for doubt. Ginny'd missed Draco dreadfully, spending all her holidays with him.

The twins had graciously allowed Draco to rent out part of their flat, and actually became attached to the 'insufferable git'. Draco was surprised to find that he was truly creative, and his ideas were added to the inventory of gags in the shop.

Ginny had graduated from Hogwarts, and Fred and George immediately hired her, taking into consideration her impressive Potions skill. She and Draco had lived together in the twins' place for the past three years.

And then Draco had proposed. The wedding had taken place at Hogwarts, a special allowance made by Dumbledore (strongly goaded on by Snape). The twin's wedding gift was unbelievable. They'd bought the couple a small apartment across the street from theirs', knowing the contractor.

Ginny stared up at her husband. "Gods, I love you." She breathed, reaching up to kiss him again. He smiled into the kiss, wrapping his arms around her.

"Merlin's beard, you two! Why d'you think we got you this place?" George whined from the doorway.

Draco tore away from Ginny gently, still hugging her to him. He grinned. 'Out of the kindness of your heart?" He suggested.

"Bullshit!" Fred said from behind the chair he was bringing into the flat. "We just did it so we didn't have to see you two snogging every five seconds." He set the chair on the floor. "Honestly, have you no idea of privacy?" He muttered, grinning.

Draco's hand moved down to Ginny's backside. She gasped and swatted his hand away. "Obviously not." She grinned, kissing Draco intensely.

Fred made a show of covering his eyes. "Aaaaarrgghhh!" He cried. "I'm scarred for life! I'm gonna need serious therapy because of you two."

Ginny grinned and stepped away from Draco reluctantly to help the twins finish unloading.

Later that night, Ginny looked up at Draco, lying in bed next to her. He ran her fingers over his chest, playing with the soft pale hair sprinkled across it. He caught her hand and pulled it to his mouth.

She sat up and lowered herself onto his chest, where he wrapped his arms around her shoulders, stroking her back and hair alternately. "I love you Gin." He whispered.

She bit her lip and looked up at him. "Hey, Draco?" She asked softly.

He noticed her discomfort and sat up slightly. "What?" He asked, concerned.

She smiled down at him, her hair falling in a red curtain, the sheets pulled up over her bare chest. She stared down at him with such love in her sparkling brown eyes that he grinned contentedly.

"You could undo anyone with that smile." He teased.

She looked back down at him. "You know what you said, the other day, playing with Emene?" She asked, trying not to giggle at the remembered sight of Bill's daughter ordering Draco to give her a piggy-back ride.

Draco laughed. "Yeah. I said I wanted one." He said uncomprehendingly, transfixed by her eyes.

Ginny smiled warmly. "Think you can wait another seven months?" She asked, implicatively, a content smile growing on her face as she placed his hand on her stomach.

Draco sat up, grinning ridiculously. "You mean…?! I'm going to be a father?!" He asked, excited. Ginny nodded, cheeks flushed and he grabbed her in a crushing embrace, whooping loudly as he let her go.

Suddenly,he sat back on his pillow, looking troubled.

Ginny sunk down next to him, stroking his brow. "What's the matter?" She asked, touching his face lovingly.

Draco stared up into her chocolately eyes. "What if I'm not a good father, what if I turn out like-" Ginny's lips cut him off.

As she pulled away, she stared at him sternly. "Draco, you are nothing like him. You'll be a terrific father." She smiled at him reassuringly. "You're a good person. You have to be; I love you." She smiled and kissed him again, so sweetly it was maddening.

Draco felt his fears dissolve as she kissed him.

She stared into his eyes. "I do so very much love you." She said, softly.

"I'll never be able to get enough of you." He said, sulkily. She laughed. "Draco, you're only twenty –one! We have our whole lives ahead of us." She grinned and kissed his neck and shoulder. "And I don't plan on ever letting you go."

He smiled. She sat up and looked over at one of the boxes waiting to be unpacked. On top was the Lover's Looker, still holding the picture of Draco he'd given her before leaving Hogwarts. She smiled at him. "I don't even need the Looker anymore. I'll always be with you." She buried her head in the pillow next to his.

He turned on his side to face her. "Forever?" He asked, putting a hand on her slightly curvy belly and staring into the face of the woman he loved.

She placed her hand over his and glanced up at him, feeling the same. "And longer." She said, covering her mouth with his.

The next morning, Fred and George opened the shop. Twenty minutes later, Draco and Ginny strolled in, looking pleased.

Draco was the twin's business partner, as well as brother-in-law. Ginny was in charge of assemblage and ingredients. Before they went off to their separate jobs, they approached the twins, both grinning inanely.

Fred turned to George, who shrugged. Ginny stepped forward, her cheeks red, eyes glinting. "Fred? George? You ready for another niece or nephew?" She asked, placing a hand on her stomach.

Their eyes widened at the same time. They looked over at Draco, then back to Ginny, whose smile was so content and happy, it was contagious. The twins both ran to hug their little sister, bumping into each other. Fred pumped Draco's hand and George clapped him soundly on the back. "Well done, mate!" He said, before linking arms with Fred, spinning and dancing around the shop singing "Ginny's pregnant! Ginny's pregnant!" Ginny blushed and doubled over laughing as she finally noticed Jenna standing in the doorway of the shop, her jaw dropped.

She immediately rushed over to her friend. "Congratulations, Gin!" She said, wrapping her arms around the red-head in a firm hug. After several minutes of hugging, handshakes, and a few more chorus's of "Ginny's pregnant" Ginny and Draco excused themselves to go off to the back room.

Fred rolled his eyes as Draco embraced Ginny and kissed her. "You think they'd at least pretend they were working." He complained, tossing George a Galleon resentfully.

George smiled. "Told you he'd wait until they were married." He smirked, placing the gold coin in his pocket. "Glad to know she didn't marry him because he knocked her up. Bloody prat seems to have better principles than she does."

Jenna nodded. "Who would have thought Malfoy was that respectable?" She asked.

Fred and George shared a glance and stared at where the man in question was snogging their little sister. "Must've lost all respectability after they got married." George concluded, moving behind the counter as a young wizard entered the shop.

Fred shuddered and pulled out a tray of Canary Creams. "Remind me to give it a try some time." He said wickedly, arranging them in a pleasing pattern.

Jenna arched an eyebrow and pulled her gaze away from where Ginny and Draco stood, enclosed in each other's arms. "What, get married?" She asked, staring at Fred in amazement. "You?!"

Fred shrugged and looked over at where Ginny and Draco were coming back in the room, looking at each other with a revolting amount of love and affection.

"Worked for them." He said, offering the boy a Canary Cream.

Jenna nodded. "That it did." She assented and absentmindedly took a bite out of a Canary Cream, to George's delight. Draco stifled a snigger and Ginny bit her lip.

"You guys really love each other." She stated, and amongst much laughter, turned into a large yellow canary.

Draco and Ginny looked at each other, laughing hysterically. Chocolate eyes sought mercury ones. "Yeah…we do." Ginny said softly, ignoring her brothers poking the huge bird and leaning up to kiss Draco…again, both knowing there would be many more to follow; like Ginny had said, she didn't ever plan on giving him up.