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Author's Note: The stuff in italics is Mimi's thoughts, and the stuff in bold is RENT lyrics or lines. Enjoy

The Power Blows

What just happened? Holy shit! The power went out! Great! Fucking Benny! Probably is gonna come up here and say if I don't get back together with him he won't put the power back on.

Mimi Marquez sighed as she stumbled to the other side of her apartment. She looked for a candle and found one. Suddenly she felt a lot of heat and noise coming from up stairs.

"Light up a mean blaze!"

"With Posters!"

"And screen plays!"

The sound of two men laughing filled the air.

Those two again! Sometimes I wish I knew their names, I mean, there's the one with the glasses, he's the only one I ever see leaving the place, but there are always two voices whenever there's any talking.

She took a step foward and banged her toe on the counter.

CHRIST! Is the power ever going to come back on?

She looked in a drawer for a match, and while she was looking she heard a shout up the stairs,

"Change your mind you need to get out of the house!"

Then the glasses guy walked down the stairs.

Carrying a camera, like always. Wonder what his name is?

She lit the candle with the one match she had found. Then a steady breeze blew through her apartment and killed the flame.

Shit! Nothing to do but wait for the power I guess.

Suddenly hearing a few broken guitar chords from upstairs, Mimi got an idea.

Maybe I don't have to wait. Nothing wrong with saying "Hi" to a neighbor right? Who knows maybe he'll want to have a good time.

She picked her stash up off the counter, stuck it in her packet and headed in the dark up the stairs. Quickly she knocked on the door. It opened,

"What'd you forget?"

WOW! He's hot! Especially for someone who doesn't leave the house ever!

"Got a light…"

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