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Couples: Ginny and...someone (Devious Grin), Fred&Angelina, Hermione&Ron, and Harry and...someone! (Yet again a devious grin)

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Chapter One: Who Wants To Be Ordinary?

So I'm a little out of center

I'm a little out of tune

Some say I'm paranormal

So I just bend their spoon

Who wants to be ordinary

In a crazy mixed up world?

I don't care what they're saying

As long as I'm your girl

Hey, you were on my side,

When they, they just rolled their eyes

You get me

When nobody understands,

You come and hold my hand, Oh
You get me

You look inside my wild mind
Never knowing what you'll find

And still you want me all the time,

Yeah you do

Oh, you get me (You get me)

So what if I see a little sunshine

In the pouring rain

Some people think I'm crazy

But you say it's okay

You've seen my secret garden

Where all of my flowers grow

In my imagination

Anything goes

I, I am all you want

They, they just read me wrong

You get me

When nobody understands

You come and hold my hand

You get me

You look inside my wild mind

Never knowing what you'll find

And still I want you all the time

Yeah I do

'Cause you get me


Okay, so this may be a little...weird to say like this and all, but I am utterly and completely in love with Ronald Weasley. Yeah, the bloke with the furious red hair. I know exactly how long I've loved him, down to the seconds. First year, first minute I stepped into the train and saw Ron, although I didn't realize it at first. You see, I have this kind of weird way of expressing my feelings to people: either I do it by being stubborn and...well, being a bossy know-it-all, or by showing extreme loathing and dislike.

I never really told anyone I loved Ron until Fred saw me staring at him one Christmas. Then I had to come clean, let it all out. He agreed that if he knew it would change everything- I wasn't sure if I was ready for that. But, anyway, back to me loving Ronald and how no one could guess even if they tried.

I kind of argued Ron every second of my life. Literally. Over the stupidist things, too. Maybe twice in our lives did we have a fight over a SERIOUS matter, but we had daily quibbles that drove Harry absolutely mad. I don't blame him though. It was starting to get to me, too. That's why in 6th year I just stopped talking.

Yeah, that's right- I literally stopped talking other then in classes. And guess what: when I started talking, Ron and I got in a fight. Kind of defeated the purpouse of not talking, right?

I guess to this day I still kind of love Ron.. I mean, who wouldn't? You would, if you met him, I bet. He's intelligent, he just doesn't know how to show it. He's funny, shy, and, well, all-out adorable. (I can't believe I'm actually saying this. What's wrong with me? What if someone finds this?) Anyway.

It's been a few years since Hogwart's, and honestly, I haven't thought much about Ron. Until, that is, I got an owl from him. He said he'd like to have a bit of a "trio" reunion at the Burrow, it would just be dinner and such, and that if we were coming to please write back and tell him. I, obviously, wrote back within milliseconds. It was then I decided my crush for Ron would have to be out in the open.

....If only things were that easy. As I said before, I'm not good with my feelings. D'oh. Which is the reason for my current insanified state. I'm shell-shocked. What to wear?, what to say?, what to do?, what should I say?, should I mention it to Fred?, should I see if he can help?, what am I wearing again?, okay let's go over what I say one more time, wait...am I sure I want to wear this skirt? Yes, my mind is this cluttered with all these thoughts, I wish I had a pensieve. A lockable one, too; I wouldn't exactly want to have my thoughts out and open for that dog Rita Skeeter to see and write a coloumn about how I'm cheating on Harry or something.

So, I'm going to the Burrow in exactly four days. That's not enough time to write a speech, buy a new wardrobe, and visit a psychiatrist...

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