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Chapter One: Realization

Thirteen-year-old Timmy Turner sat down at his desk for Mr. Crocker's Social Studies class. He took out two erasers- one pink, the other green. To anyone else, they were erasers. But to him, they were his best friends- his Fairy Godparents.

Mr. Crocker walked into the classroom with an evil smile on his face. Mr. Crocker was positive that Timmy had Fairy Godparents, and would stop at nothing to prove it. That's why he moved up in grades with Timmy- he always made something bad happen to the Social Studies teacher of Timmy's grade. He wanted to keep an eye on him, looking for proof…

"Okay, children. Today I'm not going to give you a pop quiz," he said.

Cheers filled the classroom.

"I'm giving you a pop test!'

The cheering stopped, and was replaced by groans.

"This test will be 25 percent of your grade this marking period. SO FAIL IT!!!"

A typical day with Crocker. But something was different the next day. Crocker actually taught a lesson. He didn't give a pop quiz (or test), and he didn't say the word "fairies" at all. Something was up, and Timmy aimed to find out what it was.

"He's a fairy obsessed wacko. What's his issue?" he said when he got home.

"Maybe he's in short supply of milk!" Cosmo said. "What," he said in response to the puzzled expressions on Timmy and Wanda's faces. "When I run out of milk, I act weird too!"

"When don't you?" Wanda replied.

"You're a fairy! You can just poof it! Anyway, moving on. I wish I could hear what Crocker is thinking!" Timmy exclaimed.

Suddenly, a speaker appeared in front of them.

"Maybe I was wrong. Maybe this fairy finder thing with the words 'Fairy Godparents Exist' written on it was just a prank someone pulled. Why am I following Turner from grade to grade? He's just a regular kid. FAIRIES ARE NOT REAL!" Crocker's voice rang out.

"Okay. That. Was. Weird," Timmy said. "Crocker. Saying fairies aren't real. Is this a weird dream?"

"So, Sport," Wanda said, "now what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to Crocker's house and ask him a few questions. Something is twisted and wrong here."

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