A/N: Right, hi! This is the sequel to 'Making Someone Else's Friends', a Charmed slash story also on this site. This is especially for anyone who liked the first story but particularly

C.C. McKenna, it didn't get to death threats but it was pretty darn close. Okay, enjoy.

'Paige, honey,' Maddy squealed. 'Can you take your nephew?'

'Which one?' She looked over to the sofa where Maddy had both Chris and Wyatt on her knee.

'I don't care,' she answered. 'Pick one.'

Grinning slightly, Paige pulled four month Chris up into her arms where he promptly grabbed hold of her hair. 'How did we get roped into this?'

'As I remember, it was your bright idea. Who was it told everyone else to 'go and enjoy themselves' and we'd be fine?'

'Oh, don't be prickly,' Paige replied. 'You know, we could just call for Leo.'

'We can't do that,' Maddy protested. 'It's their first day out since Chris was born.'

'I know, I know, but I don't see why Phoebe had to go.'

'Yep, you do, and can you stop making me do this?'

'Do what?'

'Tell you over and over again what you already know.'

'I'm not.'

'Mm-hmm,' Maddy sounded unconvinced.

'And why did Chris have to go?'


'What?! I just thought Piper and Leo were trying to get away from the kids.'

'Paige,' Maddy sighed. 'Just shut up.'

With a little smile she complied, taking baby through to the kitchen. 'Do you want a bottle, huh?' He wailed a little. 'Take that as a no? How about some juice?'

Just as he was about to start wailing full-time a crash echoed from the living room. That would be her luck, wouldn't it? Some kind of attack.

She was in two minds over what to do with the baby, quickly she orbed him upstairs into his crib then ran into the living room. Maddy, Wyatt, half-naked hulky demon, her first instinct was naturally to get mad and stay mad.

The first thing that caught her eye was the steel knife in his hand, too close to her nephew for her liking so she orbed it into her own hand, throwing it back hitting the demon straight in the stomach. It flinched a little then dissolved into a group of birds that promptly flew out of the window.

Never good.

'Everyone okay?' Paige questioned quickly.

Maddy stood up with Wyatt. 'Yeah, I think. What the heck was that?'

'No idea. You know, I really didn't wanna do this.'

'Hmm, go on.'

Paige looked at the ceiling. 'Chris!'

He appeared in a swirl of orbs wearing a... sombrero. 'What?'

She raised an eyebrow at the head wear. 'You went to Mexico?'

'No,' he defended lightly. 'Phoebe found a them club in Italy.'

'Oka-ay, look, we were just attacked by a swarm of birds.'

'Did you leave the window open?'

'No, it was a demon.'

'A demon bird?'

'Chris,' Maddy interjected. 'Shut up and listen.'

Wow, she was getting good at saying that, Paige realised as she tried to drag herself back to the matter at hand. 'It was a demon then I sorta killed it but then these birds appeared and flew off.'

He bit his lip. 'I never heard of anything like that.'

'Yeah, well, you better go hear about it now,' she instructed. 'It'll attack again, they always do.'


'Oh? What do you mean 'oh'?'

'Mom's having such a good time, I don't wanna spoil it.'

'Okay, but this was a demon attack.'

'Paige, ssh,' Maddy interrupted. 'Any chance of sorting this out without telling them?'

'We might need them though,' Chris argued mildly.

'Then we can get them if we need them.'