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'The truth spell?!' Prue burst out.

'Scared, Prue?' Paige asked.


Paige smiled triumphantly. 'And why's that?'

She cringed even as she answered; 'I don't want Piper finding out the truth.'

That made Piper alert. 'Why me?'

'I don't want you thinking less of me.'

'Prue, why would I?'

'Because I did it to hurt Paige,' she admitted.

Maddy stepped further into the room. 'You were just trying to split us up, right?'

'No,' Prue surprised her. 'I kind of wanted to see if it was as good as I remembered.'

'Mom, Dad,' Chris whispered. 'Let's get out of here.'

As they disappeared down the stairs with the boys in their arms, Maddy turned back to Prue. 'You weren't just doing it out of spite?'

'Well, no. Did you think I was that bad?'

'Yes,' Paige and Maddy answered in unison then exchanged a look.

'What did I ever do to you, Prue?' Paige questioned.

'Took my place.'

'Yeah, like I could.'

'You being here means that they don't care I'm not.'

'Like hell it does! Whether they think they're doing it or not, I'm always getting compared to the saintly Prue.'

'I was never saintly.'

'Why couldn't you tell them that?' Paige complained.

Prue smiled. 'I had a reputation to keep up.'

'You couldn't have taken it with you?'

Maddy raised an eyebrow. 'You two wouldn't be finding some common ground, would you?'

The truth spell was obviously difficult to beat as they both clamped their mouths shut. Just what was she going to do with them?

'I need to ask you something,' Paige took a deep breath.

'Who?' Maddy bit her lip.

'Well, both of you, I guess.'

'Go on,' Prue said.

'Prue, do you think we could be friends at all?'

'We're too alike to hate each other.'

'Who told you that?'

'I did,' Maddy confessed. 'What did you want to ask me?'

'Who do you want to be with, me or Prue?'

'You,' she said instantly.

Prue looked to Paige. 'That good enough?'

'Yeah, I think it might be.'

'I don't want to say goodbye,' Piper hugged her sister.

'Oh, come on. Goodbye's never final, you know that,' Prue answered.

'Yeah, not here,' Phoebe agreed. 'Hey, it's nice to know we can still talk.'

'I'm sorry about you and Jason.'

'It might be for the best,' Phoebe said then shrugged. 'Hmm, truth spell.'

'Well, I'm gonna stop tip-toeing around you,' Piper grinned. 'I thought you were devastated.'

'Not any more. Oh, damn that spell!'

Prue laughed. 'I better go before I say something I regret.'

'Prue?' Paige spoke up from her place in the corner.


'See ya.'

'Look after them for me.'

'No problem.'

'Alright then, I've gotta go.'

'Next time we need a babysitter we know who to call,' Piper put in quickly.

'Yeah, don't forget it.'

In a shimmer of lights she was gone, the group of six glanced at each other.

'That was some visit,' Leo commented.

'Your average ghostly visit,' Phoebe answered. 'Let's go get something to eat.'

'You hungry?' Piper questioned.


'Then why?'

'These two need space,' she glanced at Maddy over by the window.

They chorused agreement, quickly making their exits. Paige looked to Maddy; 'It's been one hell of a day.'

'You're not kidding.'

Paige glanced to the stereo Phoebe had once left up there. 'Wanna dance?'

'Why not?'

She flicked it on and pulled Maddy close to her, surprised when the song that came on sounded so perfect.

'Ev'ry time we say goodbye

I die a little,

Ev'ry time we say goodbye

I wonder why a little.

Why the gods above me,

Who must be in the know,

Think so little of me

They'd allow you to go.'

Paige brought Maddy's ear close to her mouth and whispered along with the music.

'When you're near

There's such an air of spring about it,

I can hear a lark somewhere

Begin to sing about it.

There's no love song finer,

But how strange the change

From major to minor,

Ev'ry time we say goodbye.'

As the music continued the pair danced close, Paige feeling content as Maddy's head rested on her shoulder.

Just as it was ending Maddy spoke hesitantly; 'Why don't you move in with me?'

Trying to keep her breathing even, she brought Maddy's eyes up to meet her own. 'Is that the solution?'

'I think it might be.'

Paige giggled lightly. 'You sure we could handle that?'


'Then, yes. Why not?' Paige brushed their lips together tenderly as the next song started up. 'Life's too short not to take chances.'

'I have a feeling,

It's a feeling I'm concealing,

I don't know why.

It's just a mental, incidental, sentimental alibi.

But I adore you,

So strong for you,

Why go on stalling,

I am falling,

Love's calling,

Why be shy?

Let's fall in love,

Why shouldn't we fall in love?

Our hearts are made for it,

Let's take a chance,

Why be afraid of it?

Let's close our eyes

And make our own paradise,

Little we know of it,

Still, we can try

To make a go of it.

We might have been meant for each other,

To be or not to be,

Let our hearts discover.

Let's fall in love,

Why shouldn't we fall in love?

Now is the time for it,

Now we are young,

Let's fall in love.'