This is a set of shorts and one shots I decided to group together. Just little near-plotless snips that have little or no place in canon.

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters portrayed with in.

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Barret watched his opponent like a hawk. He carefully counted in his head, and had to stop a devious grin. The fool would land right on it. He watched as his opponent moved, hesitated, and sighed in resignation, his silver foot coming down square in the middle of the space-

"Illinois Avenue wit' three houses, Spike." Barret claimed triumphantly. "Tha's seven hund'rit you owe me."

Cloud sighed and began counting out paper money as Tifa patted him on the back and Yuffie reached for the dice. Barret grinned, holding out one hand for his rent. He always did love Monopoly.