Reeve raked his fingers through his hair, working the dark strands into grime-encrusted spikes. He hadn't slept in three days aside from the occasional ten minute nap, and hadn't showered in about as long. Arranging a city-wide evacuation, along with accommodation for the refugees of said evacuation, was more tiring than he'd ever imagined. At the time, he was strolling through the town of Kalm, speaking with the people he'd arranged to run things, and helping where help was needed. Somewhere, he'd lost his tie.

Grimly amused, he wondered if his mother had finally stopped spinning in her grave. If she was still around, Maria Brannon probably would have proposed that the gods had arranged the entire fiasco, from Sephiroth's birth until an hour before, when Meteor had fallen, just so that her 'smart-assed, weak-wristed son' would learn the value of a hard day's work. At the thought of Meteor, Reeve turned towards Midgar, a red-green glow on the horizon. According to the Turks, currently circling in a helicopter above the city, nearly everything had been destroyed. And good riddance, Reeve thought.

He started to turn away from the view when a bright light caught his eye. He looked back, squinting. Was that the Turks? No, Reno was flying with the spotlight on, looking for any last-minute refugees out of Midgar. This was three small lights in a row, the middle one red and the outer two white. It looked almost like the running lights on an airship-

Suddenly, Reeve's phone rang at his waist. Startled, he fumbled the thing out. "Reeve." He answered.

"Cap'n Cid's settin' us down jus' outsida town." Came Cait Sith's cheerful voice. "Better get a few beds ready, aye?"

"Aye, Cait." Reeve replied, relieved. "I'll be waiting." He clicked the phone shut and looked towards the lights again. Of course, the Highwind, or what was left of it. At least Avalanche had survived the whole mess. He quickly headed off towards the western end of town, hoping that the beds he'd asked be saved were still open.

Twenty minutes and a short argument later, Reeve was waiting just outside of Kalm, a small group with him to turn a section of highway into an impromptu runway with a few high-powered flashlights. Cid apparently knew landing lights when he saw them and set the crippled ship down with only a slight bump. A moment later a hatch on the side of the ship opened and Avalanche climbed out.

Reeve tried to tell himself he wasn't nervous. It was the first time he had met any of them, aside from Cid, and he was unsure of his welcome, traitorous as he was. Swallowing, he approached the bedraggled group. All of his carefully planned greetings were gone from his mind, and he simply held out his hand towards Cloud. "Glad to see you all made it." He said.

Cloud glanced at him, one arm around Tifa, then took his hand. "You must be Reeve." He said, giving his hand a firm shake.

"At your service." Reeve replied. "All of you." He turned and pointed towards a large, well-lit building. "The Inn has a couple rooms saved for you, and while I can't promise to the quality of the food, I do know that it's still hot." Cloud frowned and opened his mouth, but Reeve held up a hand to forestall him. "Whatever it is, it can wait until the morning. You're all exhausted, so go, before someone sneaks into your beds." Cloud gave up his reservations with a shrug and they turned towards the Inn, Cait Sith in lead. Reeve sighed and turned back to his people, issuing out orders that the Highwind was not to be touched by anyone that wasn't an Avalanche member. Confident that the ship would be warded, he turned to go back to town.

"So, you're Reeve."

Reeve started and looked up. Barett Wallace stood in his path, arms crossed, his face stern and forbidding. "Yes-"

"You're the one that took Marlene hostage." Barett continued, his eyes stormy.

Reeve swallowed again. "Um, yes," He stuttered. "She's at the Inn no-"

He never got to finish his sentence. Barett's fist lashed out, lightning quick, and to Reeve it felt as if his entire face had exploded. He yelled in pain, dropping to the ground, and felt himself hauled right back up by metal fingers twined in his shirt. He blinked past the agony and tears in his eyes to see Barett's face an inch from his own. "That was for kidnapping my daughter." The miner growled. His hand came up, fingers splayed beside Reeve's face, and the former executive closed his eyes against whatever Wallace would do next.

Instead of another blow, he felt the tingling hum of a Restore spell. He blinked as Barett set him down. "And that was for gettin' her out of Midgar before that shit hit." He continued before turning on one heel and stalking after his companions.

Reeve stared after the Corellian for a moment, gingerly feeling his nose. Aside from the blood he could feel slicking his fingers, the whole thing might've been a hallucination. I just got my face broken and healed, he thought wildly. How's that for hard work, ma?

"Mr. Brannon!" Exclaimed one of his workers, running up. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Reeve said, waving the man off. "Really. Mr. Wallace and I just had some...unfinished business. Don't worry about it."

"If you're sure.."

"I'm sure." Reeve said reassuringly. "Make sure you report to me if anyone goes near that ship, got me?" Not even waiting for the man's affirmation, he headed back towards the town, felling surprisingly light-hearted for someone that hadn't slept in three days and had just gotten socked in the face. Something told him that at least one member of Avalanche had forgiven him for his betrayal.

o o o

I find it so damn fun to write both Barett and Reeve.

Edit: I suppose I should mention this here. Yes, I know Reeve's last name is now Tuesti, but I started writing the 'Glances' long before this was mentioned. The older Glances probably will not be changes, and in the newer ones, Reeve will still probably be Mr. Brannon, because I always forget that he actually has an official last name, and if I do remember, I can never remember how to spell it.