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Chapter 1: Recollections

Kyo sat by the bedside, watching Yuki sleep. The tubes coming out of him reminded him of what had happened. It was his fault Yuki was like this... If he had only been there to help him... to stop him...

It had been only two weeks ago, on a night much like any other, when Kyo had found him. He had heard strange sounds - it sounded like someone was crying - coming from the kitchen. Being Kyo, he had gone to investigate. What he had found shocked him. Yuki was laying on the ground, blood pouring from his wound. His eyes were still open and they immediately flicked to Kyo. The cat rushed over and tried to get to the phone to call Hatori. Yuki stopped him by grabbing his leg. "No..." It was spoken softly, but Kyo still heard it. He knelt down by Yuki's side and, for the first time since Kazuma told him he understood him, Kyo cried. It wasn't until later that he noticed the knife clutched tightly in Yuki's hand.

As he stared at the motionless boy, he continued to recall the course of his actions. As soon as Yuki's grip on his leg had eased, he had rushed to the phone and dialed Hatori's number. A few minutes later, the doctor arrived. He took one look at Yuki and went deathly pale. He asked Kyo to bring Yuki out to his car. Kyo obeyed, too stricken to do anything else. He went with them to the main house, where Hatori set Yuki up in one of the spare bedrooms and began to treat him.

It had been two weeks, and Yuki hadn't so much as stirred. Kyo often found himself leaning closer to the nezumi to make sure he was still breathing. He was, but it wasn't very steady. Kyo noticed that Yuki was sweating, an improvement. He was about to leave the room to get Hatori, when he heard Yuki moan softly. Kyo immediately rushed over to his side and began speaking softly to him. "Yuki? Can you hear me? Wake up!" When he received no response, Kyo sighed. At least Yuki was doing somewhat better. While his mind was on other things, he unconsciously reached out and grasped one of Yuki's hands in both of his.

Kyo gave Yuki's hand a small squeeze. He tried to think. What had happened to cause Yuki to be that desperate? So desperate as to want to end his life himself? And then Kyo remembered. They had had a big fight earlier that day. Kyo had told Yuki that he hated him, and this time he had really meant it. But he now realized that he hadn't meant it. He could never hate Yuki, no matter how much he tried. He glanced down at the nezumi one more time before surrendering to sleep.