Chapter 11: (I don't have a title!)

Shigure sat alone in the living room. Tohru was at work and Kyo and Yuki were still at Hatori's. Not that he minded. The silence allowed him to think. Actually, he was supposed to be working on his newest manuscript, but he didn't feel like it. His editor could wait... A small smile graced his face as he pictured what would happen. Just as soon as it had appeared, the smile disappeared, replaced by a slight frown. Kyo and Yuki had been gone a long time... He wasn't even sure if they were okay. But Hatori had said they were fine... He was tempted to go in with them in order to bring them out. But Hatori said no, and he knew what was best. But Shigure couldn't help but wonder if they would ever awaken. Tohru was getting more and more depressed, convinced that it was her fault. Haru was getting more agitated day by day, and it showed. He went Black more and more often... The other members of the zodiac were beside themselves. Aaya in particular... Shigure felt so sorry for the snake. Convincing Ayame that it was NOT his fault had been difficult enough, and now he was falling into a state of depression due to his inability to do anything to help. Shigure sighed, resigning himself to a long wait.

"You were raped." Yuki flinched, and Kyo felt instantly bad. But it had to be voiced sometime or other. Without thinking, Kyo spoke again. "How many times?" Yuki looked down, ashamed, and somewhat surprised that Kyo wasn't... well, wasn't being mean, for lack of a better term. When he finally answered, his voice was very quiet. "A lot..." This response was the perfect opening for the question Kyo had been dying to ask. "Does he still... do that to you?" After a moment, Yuki nodded almost imperceptibly. Silently, Kyo moved around so that he was facing Yuki. He reached his hand out and lifted Yuki's head to face him. Looking into his eyes, Kyo was surprised to see a flurry of emotion: happiness, fear, sorrow, and finally... resignation. This surprised him a bit. What would Yuki have to be resigned about? Yuki pulled his face out of Kyo's hands and turned away.

Without any warning, Yuki stood. Not looking back, he ran off. Kyo sat in stunned silence for a few moments, then stood and chased after Yuki. "Yuki!" Said boy didn't even glance back. Kyo was getting frustrated. Why wasn't Yuki stopping? Why was he running in the first place! He smirked. Yuki had to stop running eventually. And when that time came, Kyo would catch up to him. Part of his training had been endurance; he could run longer than Yuki anyday. Kyo paced his running so that he wouldn't catch up to Yuki but could still keep him in his sights.

Yuki ran blindly. He had no idea where he was going, and furthermore, it didn't really matter to him. All that mattered was that he get as far from Kyo as possible. He knew! His darkest secret had been revealed to his worst enemy! He could hear Kyo running behind him, but could tell that he was still a good distance away. Knowing full well that Kyo couldn't see his face, Yuki let the tears fall without restraint. It didn't really matter anymore. Even if Kyo saw him, it wouldn't make any difference. He had made his plans, and nothing was going to stop him, not even his short-tempered cousin.

Okay, so maybe this wasn't working out the way he had planned. Yuki had been running for an awfully long time. Kyo's eyes widened slightly as he remembered Yuki's breathing problems. He rushed forward, deciding against letting the kuso nezumi wear himself out. Yuki felt more than heard Kyo getting closer, and sped up slightly. But the baka neko was a lot faster than Yuki had ever given his credit for. In an instant, Kyo was once again on top of Yuki, pinning him to the ground. Yuki, face down on the ground, struggled futilely against Kyo. Kyo growled softly, flipping Yuki over so that he was facing him and catching his wrists so he couldn't escape again. "What's wrong?" The words were out of his mouth before he could think to hold them back. Yuki looked startled for a moment, then mumbled, "Nothing..." Kyo really didn't like it when Yuki was so evasive. "Yuki..." he began. A moment passed before he continued. "I'm sorry..." "Huh?" was Yuki's rather intelligent reply. "I'm sorry," Kyo repeated, slightly louder this time. Yuki finally managed to speak in sentences. "For what?" Sort of... "For all that you had to endure." Although simple, Kyo's answer meant more to the both of them than any number of words ever could. Yuki didn't know what to say, so he replied with a simple, quiet "thanks" that Kyo almost didn't hear.

Yuki was somewhat surprised that Kyo was being so... nice... He must be planning something. Kyo was just acting nice to get Yuki to let down his guard. He already beat me once, why does he want to do it again? Does he enjoyseeing me suffer! Of course he does... Yuki's thoughts refused to leave his alone, and he grabbed desperately at his head, trying to force them out. Kyo frowned slightly and asked him what was wrong. It was then that he noticed Yuki was crying. And ingoring him completely... "Yuki!" With a start, Yuki's eyes flew open, focusing on Kyo. He backed away. "Why?" Such a simple question, and yet Kyo had no idea what he was talking about. He expressed his confusion by asking, "Why what?" "Why did you call Hatori that night?" Realization dawned on Kyo's face. "I had to." "No, you didn't!" Yuki yelled, suddenly angry. "You should have just let me die!" Kyo was a bit taken aback - okay, a lot - and it showed on his face. Yuki continued. "Yeah, you heard right! I wanted to die! You took even that option away from me!" When Kyo finally spoke, his voice didn't sound quite right, even to him. "No, you're wrong. I didn't think you were yourself. And," he hesitated, "I didn't want you to die." There. He'd said it.


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