Prince or Pirate?

By: Cap'n Lex Turner

Rating: PG-13

Summery: AU (Based in England not Port Royal but Governor Swann and co. did leave just without Will.)For over 10 years Captain Jack Sparrow has run from who and what he was. Now faced with a tragedy and returning back to his home will he become who he was born to be or stay who he became?

Chapter 1- A Nightmare and Reality

Captain Jack Sparrow stood at the helm of his ship, The Black Pearl, watching the sun come up. Two years ago he had reclaimed his ship after finally finding a way to kill his ex-first mate Barbossa.

"Cap'n!" he heard his new first mate and lover, Anamaria, yell down to him from the crow's nest.

"Aye?" he yelled back up to her.

"There be a ship comin' up behind us." She told him climbing down from the crow's nest.

Jack turned the helm over to her and took out his spy glass. He looked back to find the ship and when he did he got the shock of his life.

"Bring ou' the oars! Get this ship goin'! NOW!" Jack yelled to his crew as he took the helm back from Anamaria.

"Jack?" Ana asked him wondering what was going on. Normally he'd stay, fight, and see what loot he could get from the ship.

"Get ta work Ana." He told her not taking his eyes off of his compass. She nodded and went to help get the ship going faster.

After a few hours they had finally out run the ship and Jack had let the crew rest. But while the crew and Ana were sleeping soundly, Jack wasn't.

"Look what you've done!" The older man shouted at him.

"I'm sorry Father I didn't mean to." The boy no older than 14 years old said sobbing.

"All I did was ask you to look after your mother and your sister while I was gone. Now your mother's dead and you almost got your little sister killed!"

"I'm sorry!"

"Sorry will not bring your mother back!" The older man continued shouting and this time he hit the young boy.

"I'm so sorry Father please!" the boy begged his father.

"You are no longer my son! Get out of my sight!"

Jack woke up in a cold sweat. He slowly got out of Anamaria's arms, got dressed and went on deck. That was the first time he'd had that dream since he had become the captain of the Black Pearl. He grabbed a bottle of rum and took a long drink. Seeing the ship earlier that day, he figured, is what caused the nightmares to return. Looking around to see if anyone was around and when he didn't see anyone he did something that was unusual for Captain Jack Sparrow to do. He cried.

"Well, well, well this is definitely a strange site to see." He heard a voice say behind him. He quickly dried his tears and turned to see who it was.

"What d'ye wan'?" he almost growled. "Show yerself."

"That's a wonderful greeting for your baby sister." The owner of the voice said and stepped out of the darkness.

"How'd ye get on 'ere?" Jack asked as he quickly recovered from the shock of seeing his sister again.

"Oh come on Johnny. You know there was no way I could track you for almost a year and not find a way on to your ship." She said using his childhood nickname.

"Wha' d'ye wan' an' don' call me Johnny. It's Jack now Gwendolyn." He hissed thankful that his crew wasn't awake.

At that that Gwen got serious. "Our father needs you to come home."

"Last I heard he no longer wanted me as 'is son so why woul' I go back just because he wants me there." He said.

"Because he's dying. In a few months if not less England will no longer have a king. You need to come home so when he dies you can take the thrown."

"Well I don' care. I am not the heir to the thrown anymore an' I don' want it." Jack told her and grabbed the bottle of rum again. He was going to need it after talking with her. "Now ge' off o' me ship."

"You are still his son and the heir. You are still Prince Jackson Walker." Gwen said and jumped over the railing.

Jack pinched the bridge of his nose to stop the headache that was starting to form. He took a drink from the bottle and walked back into his cabin, stripped, and got back in bed with Anamaria.