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Mazoku Evil Tribe (the demon tribe Yusuke's demon blood belongs to)

Ok, the storyline of YYH is after episode 111, I decided to change the ending of it. While the storyline of Inuyasha is after episode 167, which is the last episode of it. Also, in this fic, Yusuke has been gone for two years and decided to come back one year early.

Please bear with my story, this is my very first fic, and I haven't seen all of the Inuyasha episodes, also, I forgot some of the storyline of YYH. So please! for some of those out there who hate simple mistakes, be patient on this one. Also, please review the story for me if you think there's some errors, I'll do my best to add them to my fic. My replies to any reviews will be at the top of each following chapter, except this one of course. Oh yeah, this fic has the usual pairings, but I might add some of my own. Anyway, here's my very first fanfic. Please, R&R.

Defy Your Fate

Chapter 1:

It's a bright sunny day, people going about their own business, walking, or driving to work. And a certain boy with his hair gelled back, wearing jeans, a white shirt, sneakers, and a red jacket, walking among the crowd. "Man, it's great to be back!" said Yusuke,"I wonder how's everybody?"

While thinking how the others are doing, Yusuke wasn't able to sense two shadowy figures jumping from rooftop to rooftop, following him. "There he is sir, what should we do now?" asked one of the two. "We wait, Enma Daioh gave us orders to follow him, and with his orders, get rid of Yusuke." the leader of the two said. "But how, sir? Even if we ARE Enma Daioh's defense force, we have no chance against a class S demon, a Mazoku even!" "That's why we follow him and wait for Enma Daioh's orders, he said he has a plan." replied the commanding leader. (A/N:sorry, I don't know any of their names.)

Higurashi Shrine

At the bone-eater's well, a bright light shone out of it. Then out came a familiar hanyou w/ dog ears, a red kimono, long silver hair, and golden eyes. He came out of the old hut, and looked around, making sure nobody sees him. He then sniffed the air to find who he's looking for, "Kagome's nearby." said the hanyou.

Meanwhile, Kagome just got out of her school, 'Finally! It's the weekend, I thought this week would never end!" As she arrived home, she saw a red blur jumping around outside her house. "Inuyasha! Over here!" Kagome called out.

Inuyasha then came over to where Kagome is, "Kagome! About time you came!"

"What do you mean?" asked Kagome.

"It's been more than a week, and you made me wait ten more minutes!?" yelled Inuyasha.

"Well I had school, Inuyasha!" yelled back Kagome.

"Keh. I don't know what's the deal with your school anyway."

"It's important to me... " said Kagome, with sadness in her eyes. Inuyasha could't help but feel guilty, "...Kagome..." he said. "...anyway, wait here, I'll go prepare my bag."said Kagome, as she went up to her room, leaving Inuyasha to wait. 'If I don't pass my grades, I may have to repeat my freshman year...' thought Kagome. After 5 minutes, Kagome came out of the house with her huge bag prepared for the trip, "Okay, let's go," she said. "Kagome, are you okay?" asked Inuyasha. "I am," replied Kagome. "Are you sure?" "I said I am!!!" yelled Kagome. "What's your problem! I'm trying to be kind here!" yelled back Inuyasha. "Yeah, well you're not doing a good job with it," snorted Kagome.

While they were arguing, Yusuke was enjoying himself. 'Keiko's gonna be surprized I arrived a year early,' Suddenly, he felt an all too familiar aura. "A youkai's nearby, and it's near." He followed it to a shrine. Right then, he sees a girl wearing a school uniform with a really short skirt. She's with a youkai that has long silver hair and, dog ears?

All of a sudden, both of them spotted him. The demon grabbed the girl and ran off. "Damn, where is he taking her?" wondered Yusuke as he followed them. Just as Yusuke was about to catch the youkai, they both went inside an old hut. "Heh, got'em!" exclaimed Yusuke. But when he went inside the old hut, the youkai and the girl are nowhere to be found. "Huh? Where'd they go?" wondered Yusuke. He went down the stairs and saw a bright light emitting a strange glow. 'What's that light? must be a portal or something,' and without thinking of the consequences, Yusuke jumped into the strange well and disappeared...

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