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If this chapter sucks, I completely admit it's my fault. I had too much fun with my summer vacation, sorry 'bout that. Sorry if it's too short.

In the last chapter, Inuyasha has experienced a one-on-one fight against Youko Kurama, Makai's greatest thief, and is almost left as a tree. Fortunately, Kagome saved him, and is recovering fast. Miroku and Sango search for Kurama and the stolen Shikon shard. Meanwhile, Yusuke finally meets with Naraku, what will happen?

Chapter 9:

"Yusuke, we finally meet..." Naraku grinned.

'Woah, check out that evil ki, even his eyes emit evil,' thought Yusuke, 'All the evil guys I've fought weren't this evil, maybe Suzaku and Rando come close, but by the looks of it, Naraku's really good at it,' Yusuke's gut instinct told him.

Naraku just waited for his reply.

'This guy might be completely evil, but he's nothing compared to Raizen,' Yusuke thought quickly, "Give me the Shikon shard!"

"Hm, did you really think that would work?"

"No, I thought it wouldn't."

"Tell me, where is the youkai who completely defeated you and the Inuyasha-ikkou?"

'What does he want with Raizen?' "What do you want with him?"

"I just want to meet with him, that's all."

"Sorry, dude, but he's not here anymore."

"Not here?" Naraku repeated.

"You heard me, so what do you really want with him!" Yusuke demanded.

"Didn't I already tell you? and it's curious, very curious, it seems that the Inuyasha-ikkou are always having new visitors..."

"Visitors? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Nothing, just pondering about something."

"?" Yusuke raised an eyebrow.

Where are the others? Hakudoushi spoke in Kagura's mind.

'He came by himself, I don't know where the Inuyasha-ikkou are.'

Naraku, it looks like the Inuyasha-ikkou are not coming, Hakudoushi spoke in Naraku's mind.

'I know, but continue wuth the rest of the plan,' Naraku answered. "You will tell me where's that youkai."

"And what will you do if I don't?" Yusuke taunted.

"I will find him myself, but first, I must obtain you're powerful ki."

"And how do you do that?" Yusuke raised his eyebrow, he then suddenly turned around and caught Hakudoushi's spear with his middle and index fingers. "Let the adults talk this over, okay brat?" Yusuke mocked his attacker.

Hakudoushi then twisted his spear free and jumped out of the way. Yusuke thn felt a tingle on his back when Kagura sent her wind attacks.

"Is this you're plan?" Yusuke was getting cocky.

"It is." He heard Naraku's voice behind him. Suddenly, the smoke starts to clear, and Yusuk felt his body getting sucked into something.

"What the!" Yusuke struggled to keep ground. 'This is like Miroku's power,' he thought.

"Your powers will increase mine tremendously," Naraku said.

'Dammit, I'm losing ground,' Yusuke desperately tried to find a way to get out. "REIGUN!

Naraku put up his shield. Unfortunately, the reigun managed to break through it, this stopped Naraku from absorbing Yusuke, and destroyed his body. 'He managed tp break my shield, and with a ki blast,' thought Naraku.

"Oh yeah! How's THAT for absorbing me!" Yusuke smirked. He noticed seconds later that something was wrong. 'If he's dead then why the other two are smiling?' he saw the faces of Hakudoushi and Kagura, and they don't look surprised. 'Oh, shit! don't tell me this guy also regenerates!'

Yusuke then saw Naraku's body becoming whole, 'it's like watching species.'

"I will say this," Naraku spoke, "I cannot die."

"You're worse than Toguro Ani."

"Who?" Naraku raised an eyebrow.

"Just some youkai who regenerates like you, but you seem to heal faster," Yusuke answered.

Naraku still stared at him with his cold eyes.

"But don't worry about that, he's still suffering eternally, thanks to a friend."

"Your friend must be cold-hearted to torture someone for eternity."

"He can be when you piss him off," Yusuke rubbed his nose, "So tell me why you have Miroku's power, the blackhole thing."

"I gave it to him."

"You gave it to him! Why?"

"More specifically, I cursed his family to have that power, and soon, he will be consumed by it," Naraku smiled evilly.

Yusuke felt his eye twitch.

"There are a lot of things your companions haven't told you, are you sure you can trust them?"

"If they don't want to tell me their life story, they don't have to. Besides, I only met them yesterday."

-A Few Miles Away-

"So where do we start?" Miroku asked Sango.

"Don't worry, I'm sure Kirara can follow the scent of the thief, he may be able to hide his ki, but not his scent," Sango replied.

"That's right, so let's go."

"Right, let's go, Kirara!" the fire cat demon then proceeded to fly toward wherever Kurama is.

"By the way, what about Yusuke? Do you think he met up with Naraku?" Miroku asked again.

"Probably, why are you asking?"

"It just occurred to me as to why Kagura would appear and suddenly run away," Miroku speculated.

"What are you speculating?"

"I'm trying to find out why." Still speculating, they kept following the scent of the thief.

Meanwhile, a few miles back, Inuyasha has recovered quickly. "Are you all right, Inuyasha?" Kagome asked.

"Yeah, come on, let's follow that filthy kitsune," Inuyasha grunted.

"Inuyasha! Watch your mouth!" Kagome shouted.

"What the hell is wrong now!"

Kagome looked at Shippo, who looked kinda sad.

"I didn't mean him, you know that."

"Yeah, I know, but that kitsune who stole the only Shikon shard left is also the only kitsune Shippo has met, and he he just got slapped for it."

"That's why I'm gonna get back at him." This surprised both Shippo and Kagome. "I'm gonna get back the Shikon shard and kick his ass for Shippo," Inuyasa then grabbed Kagome and placed her on his back, picked up Shippo and placed hm on top of Kagome, and went off to find the kitsune.

'Inuyasha, thanks,' Shippo thought.

'I knew you can be a lot kinder than you can be, Inuyasha,' Kagome thought too. "Alright, go over there, I sense the Shikon shard!" Kagome pointed.

Inuyasha ran as far as he can to the thief who has the Shikon shard.

-Back to Yusuke and Naraku-

For a while, both of them didn't move, they just stared at each other. Naraku, why aren't we doing anything? Hakudoushi spoke in Naraku's mind.

'Because he's being careful, he's probably thinking I've got something else planned for him,' Naraku thought back.

Hakudoushi grunted to himself, he then looked at Yusuke.

While the opposition kept silent, so did Yusuke, 'Dammit, this sucks, I don't know what other tricks this guy has, I almost got sucked in his blackhole, don't want something like that to happen again,' after a second he thought again, 'But I can't just stand here, so here goes.'

"Aren't you going to do anything?" Naraku asked suddenly.

"Of course, standing around is boring."

"Is this what you want?" Naraku showed him the Shikon no Tama, showing a dark ominous color on it.

Yusuke stood silent for a while, 'So that's it, huh? This'll be a cinch.'

"What? You don't want it?" Naraku looked at Yusuke, when he felt some movement. "Naraku!" Hakudoushi shouted. Turning around, Naraku didn't even see Yusuke move from his spot to right behind him. Even though looking a little surprised, Naraku still smiled inside.

Not realizng what he's getting into, again. Yusuke grabbed the Shikon no Tama, what happened next, he never suspected. "AAAAAAARRGGHHHHH!" He felt pain going through his body, not exactly pain, but something's happening to him, something to his head.

"W-what's h-h-happening?" Yusuke said out loud.

"Simple, the evil in you is revealing itself," Naraku grinned. A huge red light started to surround Yusuke.

'Amazing, he's powers reaching something I could not even imagine,' Hakudoushi thought.

'No way, if Naraku absorbs him, he'll be invincible,' Kagura looked at them.

While the light show is going on, everything and everyone around them is feeling Yusuke's growing power.

"Kurama, what IS that?" Yomi asked his leader.

"That must be the Shikon no Tama increasing a youkai's power," Kurama speculated, "Let's go." While they followed the ki, a few kilometers away, friends meet again.

"What is that enormous ki, Inuyasha?" Kagome asked. 'I also feel the Shikon no Tama, but why would Naraku let me sense it?'

"It's Yusuke's," Inuyasha replied, 'What the hell is going on!' he felt sweat trickling down his face.

"I-it's very strong," Shippo is shaking.

"Let's go there, now!" Inuyasha's getting more frustrated and confused.

"Inuyasha, what's wrong?" Kagome asked.

"I think Yusuke's fucking it up," Inuyasha quickly picked up Kagome and Shippo, but before heading toward the new direction, Sango and Miroku and appeared above them.

"Kagome! Did you feel that ki? What's happening?" Sango asked.

"It's Yusuke's! Naraku's doing something to him!"

"What did you say!" Miroku asked.

"Let's go now!" Inuyasha went off, followed by Kirara.

"AAAARRHHH!" Yusuke still screamed in pain, while Naraku just looked in amazement.

Suddenly, tattoos started to form around Yusuke's body, his hair becoming longer, and white. His muscles getting harder and more shaped, fangs growing.

"Ah, I see, you're somehow able to hide your true self by controlling the youkai blood in your body, thus making you seem human," Naraku observed closely, "That is a very good trick when I absorb you at full strength."

"Fu-fuck you!" Yusuke shouted. The blue clear skies started to get dark.

"Still trying to fight your true self? Just give into your blood," Naraku still watched in enjoyment.

"SHUT UUUPP!" Yusuke clutched on his head, trying to fight. But after a few seconds, he stopped.

"Tell me, are you still sane?" Naraku taunted.

Standing still, Yusuke's new form has all of them standing in awe, while everything else is silent, even the wind. Suddenly, a smile crept on Yusuke's face, before Naraku knew it, his body had been sliced to pieces.

"What just happened?" Hakudoushi wondered out loud.

"Easy, I just chopped your pussy leader into cow shit," Yusuke spoke, his voice not the same, but more demonic. He then used his speed, now faster than ever, to jump right behind Hakudoushi. "Felt anything?" Yusuke asked.

"Wh-What did you do?" Hakudoushi turned around but found that his head has been sliced right off without him feeling it, then his body just kept falling into pieces, "I didn't even see..." he finally crumbled.

"Heheheh," Yusuke laughed this time.

'W-what power,' Kagura backed up coz she doesn't want to be cut to pieces, she then hid behind a tree.

Yusuke still kept laughing, when he sensed someone coming. Turning around, he met face to face with, Inuyasha...