Author: Crystal Nichole, otherwise known as ASilverSecret or RuindDrama Rating: G

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Summary: Ginny borrows Harry's invisibility cloak to retrieve a book and sees Draco fight a boggart.

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On to the story!

"Harry?" Ginny ambled up to the dark-haired boy she'd known since she was ten. He continued to focus on the chess pieces in front of him. "Harry, I really need a favor."

"Ginny, I haven't got time. Ron's almost beat me," he replied, touching a pawn, then shaking his head.

"But, Harry, I've left my Potions book in Snape's classroom. I have a big essay due tomorrow, and if I don't get it done, I'll be in detention for the next few Quidditch practices! I really need to go down and get it, but it's after curfew!" Ginny pouted a bit, playing up her spot as the baby of the group.

"Let me guess. You want to use my invisibility cloak?" Harry asked, sighing a little after he moved his pawn.

"Yes! Thank you, Harry!" She started to run up to his room to get it.

"Ginny! I didn't say you could!" He turned to the stairs where she now stood.

"But you will. And why should we argue about it, when you know you will? You should just give in now."

"Ginny . . . " Harry started. She knew he was going to start in about the responsibilities that came with the cloak and how important it was to him. She'd gotten this lecture about four times a week. He always gave in, though, after an hour or two of begging.

"I'll have it back within the hour, Harry," she promised, raising her wand. "Accio Invisibility Cloak!" It flew to her, as Harry sat astonished at the chess table.

"Hey, Harry. Checkmate," Ron took that moment to say.

"What?! That's impossible! Rematch!" The pawns instantaneously reset themselves as Harry forgot all about the little redhead taking off with his cloak.

Meanwhile, down in the dungeons, Draco was stirring his cauldron. He had been working in the Potions classroom for nigh on two hours at that point, and was starting to get very tired. He was very grateful to Professor Snape, though, for allowing him to use his classroom this late into the night for this specific potion. Not only would it count as extra credit, but Draco would be allowed to use the "Draught of Peace" for as long as it was good.

With exams less than a month away, Draco was feeling a little stressed, one could say. He was putting everyone and their mother in detention, and had even taken almost a hundred points off of Slytherin, his own house! Of course, he had taken much more off of the other houses. Also, his Quidditch skills had been suffering from the evident anxiety. Professor Snape had been the one to suggest the potion, but Draco had insisted on making it himself, to ensure the highest grade in the class.

He was working without a break, as late as it took to get this portion of the potion done. He was secretly thanking Merlin that he was allowed to work at night, instead of the day when he would be annoyed by the half-wits he was forced to deal with.

"Ah. The Draught of Peace will not be complete without a touch of leech juice," Draco read from the library book Professor Snape had allowed him to get from the Restricted Section of the library. He placed his book upon a sixth year Potions book someone had left behind and stood to maneuver his way to the ingredient closet.

Ginny stopped near the classroom door. She had heard someone in there. Snape always left Hogwarts' grounds for Hogsmeade as soon as classes were over and didn't return for hours at a time. It was incredibly early for him to be back, and incredibly late for him to have not left yet. She opened the door just enough to slip inside. Turning, she saw Draco Malfoy walking toward the ingredient closet.

She slightly gasped, not loud enough to be obvious, but loud enough for him to hear.

He looked around, not seeing anything out of the ordinary. "Oi, is anybody there?" he cried out. Ginny tensed up, refusing to even breath. When there was no answer, he shrugged, stating nonchalantly, "Stupid Peeves."

Ginny frantically looked around the room for her book, knowing she couldn't leave without it. She spotted it beside the bubbling cauldron and took the quietest steps she could to get to it.

"Bloody hell!" Draco yelled from the closet.

"Oh, Merlin! I'm caught!" Ginny thought to herself as she jumped. Fortunately, Draco was not watching, or listening, to anything else in the room.

Ginny looked over to where he stood, and saw what he was yelling over. A boggart was spinning in front of him. Her breathing slowed as she calmed. She started to continue to her book, but found herself overwhelmed with curiosity over what the Slytherin Prince himself was scared of. She turned back to him as he raised his wand and the boggart stopped spinning.

It was his father, arm exposed with the Dark Mark burned red in it.

"Riddikulus!" Draco's voice wavered and it began to spin again.

It was a large, pink ferret.

"R-Riddikulus!" he cried again, stammering this time.

It spun again, this time turning into two unrecognizable figures, kissing in the moonlight. Ginny tried to focus better on the figures, until she realized that the smaller of the two had blazing red hair, and the larger had a scar on his forehead. She gasped again.

"RIDDIKULUS!" Draco yelled, strong and loud. The figures disappeared into a puff of smoke, and he let out the breath he'd been holding. "Bloody Potter. Why do the heroes always get the girl us normal blokes want?"

Ginny was standing directly in front of his cauldron, mouth gaped open when she realized he was headed back up to his work station. She knew that he'd notice at this point if the book started moving without reason, so she waited until he had sat back down and picked his own book back up. She grabbed it, stuffing it under Harry's cloak, and stood still for a moment to see if he noticed.

"The leech juice will be ineffective if too much is added, and cause the potion to force the user to go at three times their own speed. Two drops should do," he read from the book.

She slowly started back to the door, thanking any and every entity she could that he hadn't yet found her out. She just wanted to get out of that room and try to understand what she'd just seen. As she moved away, she broke into a run.

Draco looked up when the door opened and closed. He looked at the desk and saw that the Potions book was now gone. He gasped, knowing the name inside the book was Ginny Weasley, the figure in his last fear, and that the only person in the school with an invisibility cloak was Potter. Whoever had gotten that book now knew about his thoughts of Ginny, and he happened to know that she 'borrowed' Potter's cloak quite often.

Ginny stood with her back against the door, breathing hard, and trying to force the situation to clear itself to her.

Draco's worst fear was her and Harry together? How could that be? Draco had never shown any interest in her before.

Her head was starting to hurt, and this new information changed so much. All she could do now was to get back to her dorm and finish her stupid Potions homework that got her into this whole mess, although what she really wanted was to take a nice hot bath and try to forget all about this.

Ginny made it back up to the common room, throwing Harry his cloak.

"Thanks, Harry. I don't think I'll be using your cloak anymore, though!" Ginny's face still showed quite a bit of shock.

"Why, Ginny? What happened?" Harry asked, looking up from the new game of chess.

"Let's just say you'll find out a lot when no one knows you're there." Ginny ran up the stairs to her own dorm.

"Wonder what she found out," Harry said.

"Oh, probably just saw Snape and Pince going at it in Snape's office," Hermione said, looking up from her book. "It's common knowledge among the prefects not to go in Snape's class after six."

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