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Summary: When Selene coups with the power of being a Vampyre, she feels the world fall into ruins after years of living and salvation.


Sapphire eyes


Acidic sapphire eyes lift heavily to meet,

This gaze of pure hatred that burns,

Redemption fills a cradled soul,

Cherish the lifetime we hold.

Staring into eyes that are deeper than the soul,

Childish cries burning to defeat,

Intently look at the ruins of what once was heaven,

Angels fearing to tread, dragging their feet,

Who's going to save you now?

When sheer oblivion upholds,

Painting the sky a tinge of blood,

Meeting tainted eyes that are so cold.

Strutting around the roads with power,

Pathetically staring at those who beg,

Death will soon be their end,

No more torture for them to live.

Black is her world in enslavement,

Once a prisoner, but now one of them,

Takes lives and gives them through the years,

A death dealer to the end…