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Summary: AU. Usagi is mute. She has never been very good at making friends and enjoys being alone. But, one day her life is turned upside down when her mother forces her to make friends by forcing her out of the house. How will she deal?

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Silenced – Prologue

I know my mother loves me; she wouldn't do this if she didn't. But sometimes I don't think she understands me at all. She doesn't understand how hard it is to have people talk to you and frustration you feel because you know you can't answer them back in a way that they would understand. She doesn't understand how terrible it feels to have people say you are stuck up or dumb because you can't answer them when they ask you a question. She doesn't see my classmates' stares, nor does she here their comments about me when I walk down the halls. I have no one to talk to and I never will because no can see past my disability into who I truly am.

No I was better off alone. If it wasn't for the fact that I was Sailor Moon I don't think I would leave my bedroom at all. But now my mother was forcing me to. And Luna sides with her.


"Usagi I am sick of this, when will you make some friends?" my mother said one day when I came home directly after school as I always did.

"It's not that easy mom," I signed back to her.

" Oh please Usagi. Just because you cannot speak does not mean you cannot have any friends. Sweetheart if you would just give people a chance they will learn to look past all of that and see a beautiful girl that is loving, loyal, and smart. Give them a chance Usagi."

"Mom I can't. I just can't. No one understands me. They all make fun of me at school. They will do the same anywhere else I go. I just …can't." I signed. I was on the verge of tears now. Why couldn't my mother see how hard this was for me?

"Usagi I hate to do this I really do, but I cannot see you come home everyday and mope around the house. Tomorrow I don't want you to come home, Usagi, not until supper time."

I just stared at her. How could she do this how could she be so cruel! She was feeding me to the dogs. Didn't she know that? Didn't she understand that they would mock me? They would make me feel like dirt and she didn't even care. "What am I supposed to do mom?" I was crying now.

"Where do your classmate go after school?" my mother asked.

"The arcade," I signed back.

"Then that is where I want you to go. And, Usagi, if I learn that you really went the library, or some other remote place then you will be in trouble. Usagi where I are you going. " My mother yelled after me.

I couldn't take it anymore. I ran up to my bedroom and cried my eyes out into my pillow.

End Flashback

Ikuko's POV

I love my daughter. More than anything else on this planet I want her to be happy. Everyday I watch in silence as Usagi secludes herself more and more from the rest of the world. Each day she spends locked in her room reading, studying, or whatever she does us there, shatters my heart into a million pieces.

When one day Usagi brought home a little black cat and asked to keep it I agreed. I hoped, maybe this little creature would bring Usagi out of her shell and into the world.

But it didn't work. In fact, after the little cat came Usagi seemed more withdrawn than ever.

She wouldn't even look me in the eye anymore.

She spent more and more time in her room. She would skip meals; disappear in the middle of the night.

I was worried. What happened to the beautiful little angel I had taken to the beach as a child. The one who loved to smile. But most importantly where was the little girl that loved every moment of life. When had she changed into a frightened girl who was too afraid to find out what life was like.

I needed my angel back. I know Usagi will think I hate her for doing this. I know she will think I am being cruel, and that I do not understand. But I refuse to be silenced any longer.

One day she will understand.

One day she will see that this world is not the cruel place she has led herself to believe it is.

One day I will have my angel back.