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What results when sodium hydroxide
and hydrochloric acid are mixed?

NaOH and HCl -->H2O and NaCl

water and a salt.

it's amazing, isn't it, how, when two chemicals
with opposite properties mix,
they simply rearrange themselves
to form 2 different, and new identities.



Chapter 1. Generic


Generic. Common. Known by all.

And yet, he wasn't common at all. Many dub him 'genius'. His feelings weren't normal, as far as human sensibilities were concerned. Perhaps many suspected, but no one could really compare.


Anyone can recognize a generic thing.

To love another boy when you were a boy was definitely not generic. And yet he comforted himself, for, even with all the masks he puts on, insecurities manage to seep in, 'This may not be normal, but it feels good.'

But wait – wasn't love generic? Who cares if it was given to a person of the same gender? Love is love.

Fuji maintained his calm, smiling mask, as he faced their team's current pillar. He deliberately slowed his words, as if wanting to drive every syllable home, "Tezuka, I really like you… You… know what I mean, right?" Here, he opened his eyes.

His voice echoed softly around the empty locker room. Slowly, the remnants of sunlight travelled with his proclamation, chased away by the messenger of night. Eventually, the crickets, one-by-one, started their symphony. Tezuka was as still as a staue, arms folded across his chest, silently noting the uncertainty that flickered between the two sky orbs of his companion.

Dropping his arms at his sides, the captain turned around and adjusted his glasses. He spoke, "I already have someone else".

Another long pause and awkward moment started. The taller guy must have gotten used to the silence quickly, because it looked like he jumped a bit when the tennis prodigy replied, "Aa…"

It was strange that the voice sounded like it was smiling, so the tennis captain, although remained standing where he was, glanced back and caught sight of a definite grin on an almost-eternally-smiling face. It looked genuine, effortless. The voice was definitely teasing when it proclaimed, "I knew it, I just wanted to hear it from you."

Refusing to be deterred, Tezuka merely looked back at the wall in front of him and didn't as much as flinch when he replied, "I did think it was strange of you confessing to me when…"

The facade was still on, "So you've noticed?"

"Often times, you're too obvious. Especially when the people you care about are concerned."

"Maybe you're right. But in this case, it's only you, and perhaps Inui as well, who have noticed."

As if they agreed on it, the two moved, picked up their racquet bags and headed out of the now dark room. After Tezuka closed the door, they started walking quietly. Surprisingly, the one who broke it was the captain, "Fuji."

"Yes, Tezuka?"

"30 laps tomorrow."

"Hai hai."

Slowly, they reached the farthest tennis court from the locker room, and spotted an impatient-looking silhouette. And if Tezuka smiled more often, he would have, right now. When they reached about two meters away from the person, his monotonous voice rang out, "I'll be going on ahead."

"See you tomorrow then." And a smile, still.



As expected, upon reaching the intolerant form, a whine reached Fuji's ears, "Mou, Fuji! What have you been doing! I'm so hungry, nya Maybe I should have gone with Oishi!"

A little twitch, which was left unnoticed by the hyperactive redhead, but was remedied by more blabbering, "—Or Momo and Ochibi-chan! although they always insist I pay... But that's not the point! What were you and Tezuka doing? alone in the locker room, so intimate!"

"Are you jealous, Eiji?" That came out wistfully rather than the intended provoking tone. Thankfully, the other one's nattering swallowed his words. However, somehow sensing that something was wrong, the cat-like member stopped and inquired, "Nya, is everything alright, Fujiko-chan? You look out of it."

If it were anyone else calling him that, he'd plot their painful death in no time. But coming from his bestfriend, it sounded like a term of endearment to Fuji, "You always tell me that I look out of it."

A finger, and that childish look of his, and the prodigy wanted to pounce. The lips that pouted out… "Hmm… Yeah, but you look more 'out of it' right now."

"It's nothing. Come on, I'll treat you to dinner to make up for making you wait long."

"Nope, that's not enough! I want ice cream too!"


A cry of triumph from Eiji, and the two began strolling. The night was quiet, save for the voice of his bestfriend. The streets were dimly lit, illuminated further by the moon and stars. There could have been a lot more better things, but for now, this was enough for Fuji.




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