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To Only Love You More

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Story takes place during the time of Gundam Seed, although since I'm not familiar with the new series only been reading up on the current episodes as they come up. So if I'm not 100 percent true, I apologize and will try to correct as I go along.


"The rings please," Roland was handed the rings onto the bible which he held. "Athrun take this ring and place it on Cagalli's hand, and say the words you have longed to say." Roland removed the rope around their hands so they both had both hands free.

The cameras had zoomed in closer and moved in closer to make sure they took in this moment. It was something that would only happen once and it would wonderful to hear what has been going on. Athrun took the ring and placed it on her finger and held it there with his fingers.

"I was once engaged to someone I grew up with, probably even before I was born. I would have never imagined a wedding more wonderful than this with the girl who I barely knew. Then one day on some beach I met this most fiery girl in my life, she had so much spirit that it made the ice and bitterness I had built around myself just fade away in one night. You, my dear sweet Cagalli, have been my light. The day we parted at the island I would constantly ask myself when I would be able to see you again, I wanted to disobey in the first time in my life because of you," Athrun paused as Cagalli just continued to shed tears. "Cagalli, we've both lost many people close to us and learn to grow in a world that was not always our own. We had to hide our feelings for so long and felt relieved when I was finally able to tell you. I love you Cagalli, and may this ring be a symbol of all that was, is, and is to come for us. I will always love you till my dying day, and nothing in this world can change that."

One could hear all the sniffling that the women were making in the congregation and if they could see around the world and up in PLANT they could see tears running down everyone's faces. The women had been so touched that were telling their husbands why they couldn't have been as romantic as Athrun was being for Cagalli.

Roland turned towards Cagalli as Athrun's wedding band was sitting upon his bible. Cagalli handed her bouquet of flowers to Murrue who watched a shaking Cagalli placed on his finger, "Now Cagalli it is your turn to speak the words you have longed to say to Athrun."

"First of all, Athrun Zala you're an idiot," Cagalli sniffled out a laugh. "You've made my turn several different ways since I've met you. You made me confused and yet at the same time so clear on my thoughts. You have been the unmoving pillar in my life as I had tried to follow in the steps of my father. It's been a long journey and yet, here we are. I can't believe for a time I had forgotten what we were and had. It's been one of those things you just wish you had all the answers for, and one question I can never answer, is why you chose me? I see how Lacus was and is, and wondered what made you turn from something so elegant to me. That's when I learned I loved you so much, that I would hurt if you were with her. I wanted nothing more than to have you by my side as a strong hold of hope, love, and loyalty. When no one could hear my tears you were always there to dry them. May this ring symbolize the love I hold for you, that my mind, body, and soul are all yours to hold. That my heart will not waver from you, so better not go flying off into space anytime soon."

Laughter could be heard from everyone. Kira and Lacus just shared smiled between to the two. They enjoyed watching the image that was before them. As the minister steered the attention back on to him.

"Now, the vows have been exchanged, the rings placed, and now there is only one thing left to do. Athrun Zala you may kiss the bride," Athrun placed the veil over her head to see a tearful and yet smiling Cagalli. He placed a strong and passionate kiss for the entire world to see, that he loved this woman and no one else. The rings on Cagalli's finger was shining brightly in the lights around them. There was no dry in the church as the couple shared their kiss.

"I present to you all, Athrun Zala and his wife, Cagalli Yula Athha Zala!" There were applause heard everywhere and echoed all around the world to space. Cagalli just hugged Athrun as he did the same, "Now it's time to walk out of here as husband and wife, Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne Yamato and the Zala's."

The two wedded couples walked out of the church, however only one of them were now married twice. The second time around was a little more emotional but it was a finally out in the open. Athrun Zala, a coordinator, married Cagalli Yula Athha who is more or less a natural, they broke the rules and yet no one cared. Athrun did something out of the ordinary he picked up his wife carrying her bridal style out of the church.

Cameras were flashing as Kira and Lacus came out of the church and made their way over to the limo. The cameras were a roar when Athrun and Cagalli came out, Athrun of course carrying his wife in his arms; they wanted nothing more to place their faces all over to show how romantic everything was. Athrun carried her down the church till they reached the limo set aside for them and it was off to the party. A rather huge party that seemed that would not end.

Chapter Twenty-One

"DADDY!" Athrun grumbled as he was being pounced on by his four year old son, and slowly opened his eyes as he continued to jump on him. He had his mother's hair and his eyes but he looked every bit like him.

"What is it Patrick," Athrun asked as he sat up with his hair all disarray. He and Cagalli had a little private moment, like they always do once the boys were tucked in. However they always made sure they put on their clothes before the children see them.

"Uzmi put mud in my hair again," Patrick pouted as Athrun rolled his eyes. He grumbled as he made his way out of his bed and towards the playground he had built for his twin sons.

"Where's your mother?" Athrun asked as he walked down the mansion in his pajamas. All the maids would laugh at the sight, Athrun would always seem to walk around with his hair a mess and his pajamas are wrinkled, but then again Cagalli would walk around worse. However it was hard to imagine the leader of ZAFT walking around in his pajamas and looking like a total mess.

"Mommy went to go see Uncle Kira and Auntie Lacus," Patrick told him as Athrun groaned at the sight of his other son all covered in mud. He was playing with Nicole Elthman and her younger brother Nicol and Tolle Yamato but only making messes.

"All your parents are going to kill if they see you like this," Athrun called for their nannies who all went and quickly went to wash them off.

"See daddy I told you," Patrick said proudly and Athrun ruffled his hair.

"Means you need to wash this mud out of your hair," Athrun chuckled as his son pouted and ran up the stairs when his nanny called for him. Athrun sighed as he sat at the counter of the kitchen and was served breakfast. "Thank you."

"You shouldn't worry so much mister Zala, they are still young." A maid told him and he just smiled.

"Try telling that to their mother, Cagalli will have a field day with me for sleeping in like this." Athrun said as he drank his coffee.

"Mister Jule is the only one not married among us, and he should be happy, I heard he found some nice girl of his own." Athrun sighed. "It was shame it didn't work out between them, but then again Mia found someone for herself as well. And both of them are not married yet, and neither are some of our friends."

"Well sometimes starting a family early is not wrong, just depends on the people who are ready to be parents," Murna told him. "I think Cagalli was quite a difficult child when she was younger, never wanting to wear dresses and yet she walked proudly in them."

Athrun laughed, "She's still like that even now. Only when she wishes to shock the whole nation will she dress up in a dress."

"I have to admit sir; you have two fine young boys. I know the princess she wishes for a daughter though," Athrun almost choked on his coffee.

"She wants more?" Athrun had a look of dread on his face. He still remembered what happened when Cagalli was delivering the twins, and it was painful on his part. He didn't even get to touch his wife for three weeks before she forgave him for getting her pregnant.

"Cagalli wants a daughter," Murna told him simply. "I don't know if she told that already."

"No, she hasn't," Athrun sighed. "I have nothing against it, I think Cagalli was the only one out of the three women pregnant to act civil until it was time for delivering the baby. Miriallia went through so many mood swings poor Dearka went insane. Kira, poor Kira, I don't know how he survive Lacus's mood swings."

Murna laughed, "Cagalli only had cravings that no one would believe, but then again when you are carrying twin boys."

"Speaking on cravings, Cagalli has been having a lot of those lately," Athrun said simply as he looked over at Murna. "Do you think she is pregnant again?"

"I don't know sir; if she was I couldn't say for sure. I haven't seen her much since she has been preparing for the Universal Committee Meeting coming up next month." Murna told him honestly.

"Having another child wouldn't be so bad, but so soon?" Athrun said as he sunk into his chair.

"Some are blessed with many and some with few. You must remember though, Miss Lacus it would be difficult for her to get pregnant again due to her being a coordinator and all. Miss Miriallia already said she had her two, and the princess…well she'll probably stop when she gets a daughter." Murna said with a smirk. "Oh by the way sir, Happy birthday."

Athrun looked up at the calendar and noticed it was indeed his birthday. No wonder his wife let him sleep in so late, he sighed. He knew that Cagalli was up to something she always was, every year she did something but this year he wondered. She was preparing for the meeting would she have time to prepare for one? Athrun shrugged, "Thanks Murna."

"We better get you ready for today sir, since you are the head babysitter for all those children and little Nicol is still fairly young, only a year old." Murna said with glee as she went up the stairs. Athrun buried his face into his hands.

"How did I get myself into these things?" Athrun asked as he took one deep breath in and out. He made his way upstairs to clean himself up before his wife and company arrived. "Sometimes I wonder how Cagalli can convince me to do anything, but then again when your wife threatens you in any way it is just yes ma'am.

Athrun quickly changed as he took the children to the park, Mir and Dearka had to go on business in Orb and left the children to him. He sighed and yet laughed. His daughter ended up being just like him and his son had the traits of his mother. It was strange at young ages you can tell how the children would be.

Athrun watched as his sons played with their cousin and friends. Tolle was very much like his mother but had his father's appearance in hair and eyes. He was gentle and kind like his mother and fierce as his mother could become. Athrun smiled as he looked over at his sons who played in grass, Patrick was like his mother in everyway in personality and Uzmi was like him.

Athrun lounged back in the park bench and watched the children play. He wondered if they would grow up without war, him and Kira were separated due to a war and didn't have the change to really grow up together in the right way. Things did however ended up working in the end for them. They had families and were raising their children together.

He would have never imagined a more picture perfect life that he had with Cagalli. He then noticed his eyes were covered and his day just went black.

"Guess who!" Athrun knew who it was, "Hey Darling."

Cagalli laughed as she walked around and landed in his lap as Kira and Lacus came around with a birthday cake for him. "Happy birthday!"

Miriallia and Dearka let loose a few poppers as the children rushed up to wish their father or uncle Athrun a happy birthday. They all sang in cheer as more of their friends arrived to share in the celebration.

"So you were gone this morning to do what?" Athrun asked as Cagalli turned him to face a small area where there was a large amount of people waving back at them. Athrun smiled, "so rented out the park for me?"

"I am the princess of Orb," Cagalli said simply as she kissed him quickly as their children just groaned in disgust.

"Mommy and daddy are yuckie," Patrick stomped off to play with Shinn and some of the other crew members of Minerva that were there. Yzak had shown up with his new fiancée and Mia with her own. The children quickly ran over to the group as Athrun was told to blow out his candles.

Kira and Lacus quickly took the rather large cake back to the crowd of hungry people. Dearka and Miriallia told him their good wishes for him as they too joined in serving the food. Athrun and Cagalli sat on the bench for a little longer.

"So my dear wife, care to tell me why the whole committee is here?" Athrun asked with a smirk on his face.

"Well actually there is no real meeting this time around, they all wanted to celebrate the great Commander Zala's birthday." Cagalli said simply, "And wanted to wish him congratulations on his third child."

"You are pregnant again, Murna warned me," Athrun said he hugged his wife closer to his body. "How far along are you?"

"If you can't tell then you are blind," Cagalli told him as he finally realized she was wearing his t-shirt, which meant that she was at least four or five months along. "It's a baby girl this time Athrun."

"oh really now, so are you happy that you are having a daughter this time," Athrun said as he caressed his wife's cheek.

"Yes, but I don't want to find out later I am having twins again." Cagalli said with a menacingly look. "I know you are great in bed Zala, but it does not mean I want to have two at one time."

Athrun laughed, "Thanks for the compliment."

"Did you ever think we could be this happy?" Cagalli asked as they both turned to look over at the group of people.

"No, but I am glad we did end up this happy," Athrun told her. "I have a beautiful wife, two wonderful sons and a daughter on the way. What more could I ask for in life?"

"Let us pray that our children will never have to see the sight of war," Cagalli said as he looked over at their children.

"Yes and if they do made they handle with grace," Athrun said simply as the two stood up and went to enjoy the festivities of his birthday. The couple would have to agree that they had never been happier since their wedding had occurred. Although it was a planned wedding for the two to them but it was a great surprise. It would soon they would be celebrating their anniversary, their first ceremony anniversary and then later their second ceremony anniversary with Kira and Lacus.

"A wonderful party," Mia said simply as she approached the couple. "I am really enjoying this and your children are so delightful."

"Thank you, Mia." Athrun said to her and Cagalli hugged her as Mia went back to her business.

"Yzak," Athrun said simply as he reacted to a punch that was thrown at his shoulder. He smiled as he friend gave him a warm hug. "Thanks for coming, and how is your relationship going?"

"I might sending you two some wedding invitations," Yzak said simply as he handed the two a card. Cagalli beamed with joy, "It's kind of strange, Dearka married a civilian, you married a civilian, and I am the only one marrying a fellow ZAFT member."

"Very funny," Athrun said simply as he shook his friend's hand. "We'll make sure we can make it to your ceremony."

"You have a great birthday Athrun," Yzak said sincerely as he returned to his fiancée that was having a blast talking with Dearka and Miriallia about how Yzak was and can still be.

"You, Yzak is the last of the us to get married from the first war," Athrun told her and Cagalli nodded.

"Yes, but he'll be the last of us to have children. Murrue and Andy even beat him to that." Cagalli said simply. "I think right after the war the two of them had a son."

"I think so, I mean they have been quiet since the birth of their child," Athrun was cut off as Andy pushed him with his cane. Even though Andy no longer needed it to support he liked having it around. Murrue was holding their three year old son in her arms.

"I see you two finally came out of hiding," Cagalli said simply as the two nodded. "Well at least about your son."

"Yes, we didn't want everyone to know right away, don't get me wrong he's been having fun with us at home but it's time for him to get out and play." Murrue said simply. "Ryan you awake yet?"

"Leave him be," Andy said simply. "He's been chasing after the other kids, he wore himself out."

"Well, we are glad to see you," Athrun said as he shook Andy's hand. "I hope we will see more of you from now on."

"We'll try, but Cagalli does see us at work, so she can't complain." Murrue winked and Cagalli just giggled. "You two enjoy, and congratulations on your next child."

"Thank you," Cagalli said simply as the two made their way around to mingle with the crowd. They were all shocked to see the couple's son and started making fun of the two. "I was just glad to find out she was married finally. Not only that she has a family of her own, and who would have thought it would be with Andy."

"A lot of people ask how I ended up with you, and I tell them it was all luck," Athrun said simply as the two continued to speak with the crowds that had shown up. As the party continued to linger on and they all shouted for a speech from Athrun.

Athrun finally gave into the demand, "Ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for coming! I'm really glad that my wife once again managed to surprise me once again. It's been a wonderful year and I am really thankful for what we have here today. Four years of lasting peace and may it continue, and hopefully my wife's next trip to the hospital will not cost me my fingers."

Everyone laughed and Cagalli punched him playfully. Athrun hugged his wife in his arms and smiled and kissed her on the cheek. The crowd clapped and continued on their way eating their dinner. It was a wonderful dinner made by the staff of the Zala family, can't really say Athha since she was now married.

"So what do you say we leave the boys with their uncle Yzak since he's in town and we can go have our own little play time," Cagalli whispered seductively into her husband's ear.

"Are you sure Yzak won't mind?" Athrun asked he looked over at his wife.

"Why not, he could use the practice since he'll be walking down that road someday." Cagalli said simply and the two quickly departed.

Life is always a long road that takes time to discover as their children would all soon learn. Peace is not something handed down to you by your parents or the previous generation, it must be fought for but not always with guns or physical manner. But by the actions of how we wish to live in peace and in words we speak to one another. Looking past the first glance of appearance of whether they are a different race or natural or coordinator.

The Zala children would all grow up to similar to their parents. Patrick followed in his father's footsteps and became part of ZAFT as Uzumi grew to be a politican for PLANT. Their youngest would follow in her mother's footsteps and take charge of Orb, lovely Melody Athha Zala. All three trying to uphold their parents beliefs and put aside their sibling rivalry.

By their side was Tolle Yamato, the only child of Kira and Lacus, would test pilot mobile suits for the gundams nature. He however chose to live a quiet life for the most part with his parents and at the orphanage as the old ones would grow up later younger ones would enter.

Nicole and Nicol would visit the man they were the namesake of and visited their parents often. Nicol ended up taking up the piano in the memory of his father's friend and did all the world known concerts just like the former Nicol would have liked. Nicole grew up to be an actress and singer, she wanted to be like her godmother Lacus but she did photography on the side and was a ZAFT soldier. The two had a lot on their plate but they chose to be who they were thanks to their parents and the past before them.

Ryan Waltfeld grew up to be another Tiger but not of the desert but of Orb. He joined Orb military and made sure such groups like Blue Cosmos or the ones from PLANT would not become outrageous in a neutral country. He was a sharp shooter and great at handling all types of mobile suits. He never bragged about it only to his father.

Other children from the first generation would grow and change, and those from the second war did similar actions. They stood up for what they believed in and carried on their family names. Shinn finally was able to put the past behind him and marry, his children grew up in a world where peace was true and need to run from it.

Each of the ones that survived the war would tell stories to their children of their heroic family member and the horrors of it as well. They were all warning for them not to make the same mistakes. So far it has been good, military was still around to make sure nothing went out of hand and to make sure those before them and their dreams would live on for always.


(sniff, sniff). The story has come to an end! I hope that you have enjoyed this story as much as I have been writing it. I will look forward to the next time I write a story. I hope that I can be as wonderful as this one has been. I've enjoyed all the reviews from everyone and thank you for staying close with it. I hope that you all have a great new years and by then I hope to have a new story waiting for you to read!

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