Unbeloved Beauty

Chapter I

You've heard the story of Sleeping Beauty, right? A beloved girl who's destined to sleep for one hundred dull years? How her beauty was so charming that when a Prince happened across the decaying castle, he had to kiss her?

Well, let me be the first to tell you, that story is almost all full of crap, and is too short to give Sleeping Beauty justice anyways. I mean, come on, why couldn't she just have been pretty on her own, have a non- magical voice that could be lovely. The Grimm brothers messed up the entire story!

I would know it, too, since I am Sleeping Beauty!

That story always starts off on how Sleeping Beauty's parents were barren. Now, maybe they weren't punching out twelve kids every two years, but I grew up with four half-siblings (most of whomwere a pain in the butt).

The Grimm brothers said how I was a gift to my parents. That my wonderful parents named me after the dawn. How quaint. It would sound just lovely...if it were true! No, they named me Aurelia for my mother's ex mother-in-law.

My mother, Isabella Du Voir, was one of the county's most beloved queens. She had been a faerie princess in her own country, and had stayed Queen of Dyrria, despite her husband's (the true king) death. Some people might say she was so beloved because she was Cinderella, but truly, it was her never-ending kind personality.

Isabella remarried six years later, to a mysterious man who came out of the desert. His name was Jason, and he was one of the half-ogre barbarians who wandered the desert, killing and plundering at their own pleasure.

No one was sure why she would marry such a man, but she did, and the people loved her anyways. But what if she bore a child to this hated man? Would that child be loved when her father was so hated?

The truth is, no, I know that she wasn't because I am that child.

At my christening, a faerie cursed me into death at my sixteenth birthday, because she was jealous of my mother. If you have an inkling, the faerie was my mother's sister.

An enslaved faerie was called to fix up the curse, becausemy mother feared me, even as a baby, too much to try and save my life. She feared me probably because of how much I looked like my nomadish ancestors, and the mark I bore on my neck, right below my neck.

The darkened design on my neck was of a circle with a five pointed star in it. It was small, but she knew of what it symbolized. I do not, though.

So I became the unloved Sleeping Beauty, with a curse and a nomad mark on my neck

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