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When everyone woke up, Kagome was sure to watch everyone carefully to make sure Naraku didn't put anything else in the sleeping powder. She sighed happily when they all acted normal and started their day like usual.

Hiei had been a little angry when he found out she had touched his katana, but didn't punish her. Instead he kept a possessive eye on her. She had wondered what exactly brought on his strange behavior but didn't press it. Besides, that weird glint in his eye and his stiff posture made her shut her mouth unless she wanted to face his wrath.

As soon as Inuyasha woke up, he instantly caught the faint smell of Naraku around the area, which got him ranting and all riled up. He didn't shut up until Sango, Miroku, and Hiei all quieted him with their weapons.

'It's a good thing I washed Naraku's scent off me…' she thought with a sweat drop as she watched everyone beat the crap out of the cursing inu hanyou. Kagome would have washed Hiei too, but knew that he would never be close enough to Inuyasha for him to smell it. And since his sense of smell wasn't as strong as Inuyasha's, she also knew that he wouldn't be able to detect the fading scent.

Plus the idea of his muscular nude body in her arms with water dripping off of it seductively was too much for her to bear.

After everyone had eaten breakfast, they set out on following yet another rumor. All morning they had questioned people in a village that the rumor was said to come from, but ended up finding nothing.

Breathing in the fresh air, Kagome looked out at the beautiful scenery from a huge rock on the end of a narrow path on a mountain. The place reminded her of when Kouga had first kidnapped her by using a wall of wolves to block Inuyasha from saving her.

Down below were acres after acres of forests, which set a tone of peacefulness. 'Everything is so calm here,' Kagome thought to herself as she breathed in the fresh air. The cliff was so tall it almost looked like you could touch the sky when standing on the top.

Glancing behind her, she saw her friends eating the snacks she brought back from her time on a blanket. It was about mid afternoon and they had stopped for a break after walking for so long.

Kagome's gaze lingered on Sango and Inuyasha. It was a major shock to find out what she did the night before, and still couldn't get over the fact that they were mates. Looking at the secret couple now, one would never suspect them of being together. Sango was talking to Miroku and Inuyasha was off to the side focusing only on his potato chips and nothing else.

They looked and acted normal but she knew the truth. 'I can't help but wonder how long it's been going on.' She thought with a wistful sigh. Sitting down on the huge boulder, she turned her back against the group and started to drink out of her water bottle. Things were really starting to stress her out and she didn't know if she had the strength and will power to deal with it all.

Her major priority (along with everyone else's) was to find Naraku. She knew he wouldn't have showed her all that he did without wanting something in return. 'Grr, he's so sneaky. Just like a spider.' She thought with a low growl.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when something poked her in the middle of her spine, making her back straighten automatically. Turning around, she met Hiei's large crimson eyes. She blinked a few times when suddenly he dangled something in front of her face.

Opening her hands, he dropped the object, and she raised her them to her eyes to get a better look. Inside her hands was a beautiful dark blue butterfly with black spots and stripes that made intricate designs on its wings. She noticed that Hiei was careful enough to lightly pick the insect up with the pads of his fingers so he wouldn't take off the powder on it's wings that it needs for flying.

Smiling, she watched the butterfly as it started to walk on along her hands until it found a resting spot on her thumb. "It's beautiful Hiei," she said happily as she stood up to peck him lightly on the cheek.

He blushed lightly before continuing to watch her. Seeing her gentle expression of happiness on her face while looking at the butterfly reminded him of Yukina. Both were innocent and attracted the gentlest of creatures. Letting his emotions control his actions for once, he gently cupped her face and kissed her full on the lips. Feeling his soft lips on her own, Kagome couldn't help but instantly forget about the butterfly as it fluttered off her hand.

Enjoying the chaste kiss, she withdrew from him, and smiled when she saw the butterfly resting on his shirt. She couldn't help but notice that the butterfly and Hiei both complemented each other. Though the winged creatures usually stood for purity, the dark colors of its wings clashed against their original meaning and blended perfectly with the dark shades that made up Hiei.

Noticing that Kagome as staring, he followed her gaze until he saw the insect lazily flapping its wings every so often on his chest. With a light blow, the butterfly flew off and into the distance.

They both silently watched it until it was out of sight. Turning her head back, Kagome walked back to the rock and sat down.

Hiei looked at her with an emotionless face. Her movements had been a little less enthusiastic than usual, and she looked really down earlier in the morning. He couldn't help but notice the way she slyly took glances at Inuyasha every so often.

He felt a pang in his heart. Was it jealousy? His eyes focused on her soft face, as his thoughts continued to run ramped in his head. Hiei knew that Kagome's feelings for Inuyasha had changed, but he couldn't help but question her sometimes. 'Stupid feelings… they make me feel insecure.'

Anger suddenly filled his being as he had the urge to kill something. Preferably, something with silver hair and doggy ears. Just as he was about to leave to group and enjoy a nice fight, he noticed a lone tear run down her face. His head tilted a bit curiously as he wondered what had suddenly brought on the change of moods.

Walking over to her, he awkwardly put an arm around her shoulders as he moved to sit down next to her on the boulder. He usually would have been more concerned about the others watching, but knew they were probably to busy socializing with one another to notice them.

Not being use to caring about someone, Hiei didn't know what to do. When he felt Kagome cuddle more into his embrace, he gained a little confidence. "…What's wrong." He demanded more than asked. It wasn't the gentlest way of asking but hey, it was better than nothing.

She took a deep breath before replying. "I was just wondering, is it strength and looks that a youkai looks for in a mate?"

Hiei blinked a few times, taken back by the question. He looked at her curiously as he silently wondered who she was thinking about; them or Inuyasha. "It usually depends on the youkai, but usually one looks for a mate with strength and good characteristics that could be passed on to their offspring. Good looks could just be an added bonus. Isn't that what you ningen's look for when you "court" each other?"

Kagome nodded silently as she took in his words. Though she was with Hiei, literally in his arms, her thoughts kept straying back to Inuyasha. 'Is that why he rejected Kikyo and me? Because I'm not strong enough and Kikyo's dead?' She wondered dejectedly. 'But then again, Sango is very strong and can hold herself in battle. Plus, she's good with children.' She thought as she had a flashback of Sango talking affectionately about her brother, Kohaku.

Moaning in despair, she hid her face into Hiei's neck. Her own thoughts were betraying her and making her feel worse instead of better. But as they say, the truth hurts.

"Are… you feeling regrets about the courtship?" Hiei asked delicately. With her depressed mood and sudden questions about youkai's mating habits, there was only so much he could assume was wrong with her. And that was either A. She didn't want to be his mate anymore B. She still has feelings for Inuyasha or C. She doubted her own abilities to impress the opposite sex. With a tense arm around her, he hoped that if anything the answer would be C.

Kagome immediately withdrew her face from his neck and stared at Hiei with her mouth agape. 'Is that what he really thinks?' Tilting her head to the side, she gasped when she realized just what her body language was saying in response to her previous question.

"No no no! I was just wondering that's all! You know, curiosity." She just couldn't bear to lose another boyfriend in her life. Wrapping her arms around his small midsection, she hugged him affectionately. When she felt his arms hesitantly wrap around her own body, she realized just how unfamiliar Hiei was with these types of situations as well as herself.

Leaning his cheek on the crown of her head, Hiei mentally sighed contently. He was beyond relieved that he had misunderstood her. There was no way he was going to let her go after he had allowed himself to uncharacteristically and emotionally attach himself to her, if only a little bit.

Shifting her body around, she kept squirming until she had settled herself on his lap. Sighing happily, Kagome laid back against his firm chest and let the warm sun rays slowly lull her to sleep. She would think about everything later, besides, she needed sleep seeing as she received none last night. Yawning, she covered her mouth before letting her eyes drift close.

Hugging her to him, Hiei cradled her in his arms when he had heard her breathing slow down showing him that she was asleep. He absentmindedly played with the ends of her hair as he gazed out at the vast countryside. There was a lot to do once this mission was over, and if anything he wanted to finish it as soon as possible.

Not being able to watch over Yukina whenever he pleased did not sit well with him, and the fact that Kagome was always in danger while in this era didn't help calm his nerves either.

Another thought plagued him. He was still quite curious to know what exactly happened the previous night. Besides the fact that Kagome was omitting unusual behavior, the scent of Naraku that Inuyasha caught around the camp was enough to further tempt his suspicions.

If indeed the vile hanyou had come, why was Kagome the only one who fought him? Why were they all untouched (besides the red marks on his body), and why did he leave the shikon no tama in her hands?

One of the reasons he approached her a few minutes ago was to find the answers to all his questions. Looking down at the sleeping girl, he realized he would have to wait yet again for the answers.


When Kagome woke up from her little nap, she was surprised to see Inuyasha in a foul mood. Of course he was in a bad mood to begin with, but now it seemed worse. And if anything, she suspected the cause was Hiei.

Guessing by the way he would glare at the smaller youkai every now and then, she guessed Hiei was the one to carry her instead of the usual hanyou.

'Is that what was bothering him?' Sitting down in the steaming hot spring, she let out a tired sigh. The long day was over and they hadn't even found one shard.

Sango looked at her friend curiously. "Tired?"

Kagome nodded as she pulled a hair tie off of her wrist and bundled her hair on top of her head. "Yeah, all that walking and not a shard in our possession. I'm beginning to think what we're doing is impossible." Shaking her head sadly, she turned into her animal form and started cleaning her long nails.

"I didn't think you would be the one to say that. Besides, I thought Inuyasha had proved a lot of times that nothing's impossible." With a small smile, she started playing with one of her long strands of hair.

While carefully washing her ears, Kagome couldn't help but notice that Sango kept a piece of wet hair where Inuyasha's mark laid. Leaning back to look at the stars, she kept absentmindedly massaging her ears. 'Come to think of it, I've never really noticed that she hid that part of her neck every time we bathed.'

She frowned as her mood suddenly changed once again. 'Then again, I never looked there intentionally…' she thought dully. "Hey Sango-chan…"


"…You would tell me if you started taking an interest in someone right?"

Startled by the nonchalant question, Sango abruptly turned around and faced the other raven-haired girl. 'This is the 3rd time she's asked me a question like that.'

Throughout the whole day, Kagome had been dropping hints and asking her random questions that had to do with her interest in the opposite sex. 'It's too much of a coincidence for me not to notice.' She thought as she continued to watch her friend distractedly wash herself, obviously waiting for her answer.

"Well of course, but we all need to keep some stuff to ourselves to ensure our privacy, ne?"

Kagome winced slightly at the undertone. Guilt suddenly weighed down on her shoulders as she washed off the soapy bubbles on her arms. She was doing the same thing Sango and Inuyasha are doing, she is hiding a relationship. 'Only I'm not mated to Hiei… yet anyways.' She thought with a small blush.

Standing up, Sango wringed out her hair. "What about you Kagome? I noticed that Hiei has been paying more attention to you. I also noticed that you don't reject his discreet advances either." She said with a smile. At least she was getting over Inuyasha.

Kagome blushed at the accusation. "Heh, to tell you the truth… I am starting to like him. I mean I've always needed some sort of companionship from someone from my time and he understands me in some ways that others can't."

Not fitting in was one thing that they both had a common base on. Kagome didn't really know where her place was; was it in the past, or the present? While Hiei's heritage instantly had people belittling him and judging him the moment they learned about his background.

Her eyes softened as she thought about the picture of Hiei in her room back in the future. Hiei was one complicated youkai. On his face he showed no emotions, and the only time you could really see what he was thinking and feeling was by looking into his eyes. Even then, sometimes they would be closed off and looked cold and empty.

Though deep down, she knew that he just wanted someone to protect. She could tell when he told her about his sister one night after training. When he mentioned her, she was surprised to see his body relax and he almost looked happy. But before she could look into it some more, his face and body language became stiff and distant like usual.

Sango raised an eyebrow curiously. "Really? I would have never thought that you would go for anyone that has a demeanor similar to Inuyasha's older brother, Sesshomaru."

Kagome shrugged with a huge grin on her face. "You can't choose who you fall for." Unraveling her hair from her tie, she dunked her head underwater and proceeded to wash her hair.

Nodding, Sango took those words seriously as she distractedly climbed out of the hot spring and wrapped a towel around her body. 'You have no idea…'

--With the boys--

Inuyasha eyed the slumbering youkai in the tree. He had always had his suspicious of him from the start, and now he was even more on edge when he had taken the initiative to carry Kagome for the rest of the day.

Even though his romantic feelings for Kagome had faded, Inuyasha still felt it was his job to protect her from any harm. Just like it had been for the past year.

But then the spiky haired youkai came into the picture and was starting to steal her away from him. Kagome was the first person to stay by him, even when things got rough, and she always had her faith in him. There was no way in hell that he would let some loner like Hiei take her away from him while he still had his duty to protect her.

"Oi." He called out as he stood underneath the tree the very youkai that was plaguing his mind was sleeping in.

His ear twitched in annoyance when he didn't stir. "Oi! I'm talking you!"

Hiei opened one crimson eye and started at the inu hanyou below before closing it again. He wasn't worth his time.

Inuyasha's eye twitched before exploding with anger. "Why you-!" Taking out his tetsuaiga, he had the full intention of chopping the tree down so he could beat the chibi youkai to a bloody pulp.

As calm as ever, Miroku silently walked behind the fuming hanyou before hitting him in the base of the skull with his staff, rendering him unconscious.

"Che. What a fool." Hiei stated as he heard the loud thud of Inuyasha's body falling onto the ground.

Miroku just silently observed the strange enigma that was Hiei. Like everyone else in the group, he had his share of trying to open up the fire youkai with no luck. Learning about his dangerous and unpredictable temper, he decided to respect his space and left him alone.

But like Inuyasha, he had begun to notice the interest in Kagome growing rapidly in his dark crimson eyes. He wasn't sure if his intentions were pure or not, but he decided to find out. The whole inu tachi were like a strange family, and if anything, they all watched each other's back.

Clearing his throat, he walked closer to the tree, staff jingling loudly to gain Hiei's attention. Cracking both eyes open, he lazily watched as the monk continued to venture towards him.

"You know, Inuyasha is known for his short temper and sudden outbursts. If anything, you shouldn't set him off on purpose. It would give everyone head aches." He said with a chuckle.

Hiei 'hned' softly. The silvery-headed youkai was just like a certain detective back home. Both were loud, rude, and yet very noble in their own ways. He almost snorted at their similarities, it was almost like they were one the same. But then again, there were a lot of differences as well.

"He should learn to control his emotions if it causes everyone such trouble. It could also prove fatal in a serious battle."

Miroku nodded as he sat down cross-legged with his back against the tree Hiei was in. "Of course, but even with his foolish actions, he always manages to come out the winner. It's weird how things work out, but I guess Inuyasha is a living, breathing miracle." Who knows how many times Inuyasha had been pierced in the stomach because he was so reckless in a fight?

"But being that irresponsible could put others lives in danger." Hiei stated as he closed his eyes and willed his body to relax once more.

Laying his staff across his legs, he crossed his arms over his chest and sighed. "We all know that, but all of us have faith in him. No matter what the situation, he always manages to save Kagome in time from danger."

He noticed with satisfaction when Hiei's body shifted a little when he mentioned Kagome's name.

"Who was talking specifically about the onna? Her skills have improved greatly since the first time I met her, so she doesn't need much protecting."

Miroku hid a smile behind his gloved hand. "Yes yes, Kagome-sama has changed greatly. She has become stronger over the year in both strength and the heart. No matter what happens, she never lets despair consume her, even when she knows things are happening behind her back. But of course she's been through worse, and has always remained faithful to her friends. Just as we are to her."

Hiei silently listened to the monk talk. It was obvious that he knew of the exterminators and inu hanyou's relationship. He assumed the only one who didn't know was Kagome, and of course the little kit. But then again, his nose should have told him otherwise.

"Why are you telling me this?" He asked silently, wondering what his ulterior motive was.

Getting up, Miroku stretched as his mischievous lavender eye's twinkled. "Because if something bad were to happen to her, the person at fault would have the face the wrath of all five of us."

Sighing happily, the monk continued to walk past the tree and closer to where he felt steam coming from. "Now if you excuse me, I'll be going for a walk." Smiling, he began walking with ninja feet towards the hot spring.

In less then a second, he was against a tree, tied tightly with string.

"You will stay here." Hiei said from his spot in the tree, looking like he had never once moved from his place.

Miroku pouted and tried to get comfortable against the bark of the tree. "Of course, no one trusts the innocent follower of Buddha…"

Hiei rolled his eyes. He couldn't believe this scheming pervert was someone who had just threatened to beat him up if he treated Kagome badly.

A high-pitched scream and the sound of tree trunks falling had alerted both males. In a flash Hiei had jumped from the tree, cut Miroku's ropes, and sped off towards the hot springs where the commotion was coming from.

Grabbing his staff, Miroku hit Inuyasha on the head once more.

Groaning, he sat up and rubbed his head. "What the hell was that for!"

"No time to talk! The girls are in trouble!" Running ahead, he knew Inuyasha would follow.

Gripping his fallen sword, Inuyasha quickly transformed it. His ears twitched when he head the sound of twigs snapping behind him. Turning around with his sword poised, he relaxed when he realized it was only Kirara with Shippo on her back.

"What's going on? I heard a scream that sounded like Kagome." The kit asked, fearful for his friends.

Inuyasha just grunted. "I don't know, but I smell the stench of Naraku. Kirara, guard Shippo and be careful."

The large cat meowed before taking air so she could observe the fight from an aerial view.

Taking one last glance at Kirara, Inuyasha took off head speed towards the hot springs, chopping anything that got in his way.


Jumping over the hot water, he landed roughly on the other side of the bank. He growled as he held his large sword out in front of him. "Let them go, Naraku!"

The spider youkai had many tentacles out and had two of them wrapped around the bodies of Sango and Kagome. Miroku and Hiei were fighting against his striking tentacles while trying to avoid getting hit.

His amber eyes widened in surprise when he saw fuzzy ears and long nails on Kagome but pushed away his questions for later. Right now he had to focus on defeating Naraku.

"Move out of the way!" When he was sure the others had gotten his hint, Inuyasha made sure both girls were out of his range when he unleashed his attack. "Kaze no kizu!" he screamed as his knife shaped energy was released and hit Naraku square in the chest.

He growled when he heard the longhaired youkai laugh before pulling himself together. "Kuso!" He growled when he realized his attack was useless.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome cried. As she struggled to get out of Naraku's vice like grip. "The shards are in chest!" Clawing at the thing that held her captive, she stopped when she realized Naraku's neck wasn't glowing very brightly. 'Wait a second… where are the rest of the shards!'

She gasped when she found the tentacles around her body sliced in half, but relaxed when she saw Hiei's familiar face. Blushing crimson, she realized she was nude in his arms.

When Naraku had attacked out of nowhere, she didn't have enough time to cover her body and was grossed out when she felt his tentacles touch her bare skin. But luckily, Sango was already changed and had her weapons close by.

"Go get your weapon. It's time to test out what you learned." He said before rubbing her cheek affectionately with his thumb. In a flash he disappeared and continued to dismember Naraku's many appendages.

Rushing to her stuff near the bushes, she quickly pulled on her clothes before grabbing her bow and arrow. Nocking it, she quickly aimed for his chest where the shards glowed brightly. She frowned when a tentacle easily knocked it away as if it were nothing.

"New plan," she said as started running full speed towards the large octopus wannabe. Tentacles came flying towards her at every angle, and with her new acquired speed she easily dodged them or disintegrated them with her arrows. 'I'll have to thank Hiei for the training later' she reminded herself as she jumped into the air.

Arrow pointed and ready, she let it loose as it cut through the air with a great force. This time, she had added more energy into it and hoped it would do some damage.

And indeed it did, half his body was purified and it slowly began to re-grow. With a sudden rush, everyone started attacking while he was still recuperating.

Sango was using her hiraikotsu, Miroku was using ofuda's and his staff, Inuyasha was unleashing his kaze no kizu's, and Hiei was using an attack she had never seen him use. His sword was covered in black flames and it seemed very effective as he managed to slice and dice with more success then before.

It started to look like they had gained the upper hand until Naraku revealed another clone. The whole group was shocked and confused. Were they all puppets?

The fight became even more intense as more and more tentacles appeared. Using her hiraikotsu and katana when needed, Sango had cut through many tentacles. A sudden shout caught her attention, and as soon as she turned her head, a tentacle was wrapped tightly around her body making her drop her weapons.

She winced as she felt the air get squeeze out of her and tried in vain to get free. Hearing a roar, she was relieved to see her old time friend Kirara help her out. Using her claws and giant teeth, the huge cat had managed to cut her friend free until she caught off guard and hit with some wind blades by Kagura.

"I'll help you Kirara! Fox fire!" Shippo cried as he patted the fallen fire cat.

Kagura easily put out the fire with her fan. "Now to take care for the annoyance." Holding her fan up, she made a swift motion with her arm and sent Shippo flying into a tree trunk. She smirked with satisfaction when she saw blood trickle down from his head.

"Shippo!" Kagome cried from her place in the battle. She gasped and on reflex put up her bow for a shield to block an oncoming tentacle.

Grinding his teeth, Inuyasha continued to furiously fight his way through many of Naraku's attacks. He growled loudly when he noticed Kagura and Kanna appear by his side. "Great, he brought friends." This was starting to be the ultimate fight ever fought by the inu tachi, and a true challenge in its self.

Looking to his side, he saw the whole group fighting. Hiei was working fast against Kagura and had managed to get a fatal blow on her back. All it would take was another hit and she would be out.

Miroku was off to the side fighting Kanna and her mirror, using his ofuda's to stop the mirror from slowly sucking his soul. In one desperate attempt, he sucked the attachment up by using his kazanaa. Unfortunately for him, he had sucked up some of the poisonous insects as well.

Kagome and Sango, along with Inuyasha, were fighting Naraku directly, trying to get through the ever-growing tentacles. Using his sword, he managed to slice his way through so he could get closer to the two.

His eyes widened when the second attachment suddenly changed forms and became a large giant spider. Sticky web came out of his mouth and had managed to catch Sango and Kagome.

Like the time they fought the moth youkai, both girls were trapped in a cocoon of webbing and would loose oxygen if they stayed inside.

Inuyasha panicked as he tried his kaze no kizu and saw it being sucked in by the webbing, clearly unaffected. Miroku had managed to get to his side as he watched Naraku slowly pull the girls in. Flicking blood off his katana Hiei appeared by Inuyasha as his battle aura glowed furiously.

Inside the cocoon, both girls struggled to get free. Opening the armor on her shoulder plate, Sango put on her poison gas mask and jammed some poison into the webbing with the hilt of her katana. She shook her head dejectedly as the webbing melted, then quickly patched it self up. It seemed like escaping was futile.

In the other cocoon, Kagome was swiping the sides with her sharp claws. Growling, she gathered her energy into her hands and shot it through the side. She smiled when she saw the outside but as soon as she reached for it, it re-grew. As much as she hated to admit it, she didn't have enough energy to disintegrate the whole thing, so she had to put her fate in the guy's hands.

"Stop playing dirty tricks and let them go you bastard!" Inuyasha growled as he got his kaze no kizu ready. Even if the attack didn't work, the others could still use the distraction to their advantage.

He looked to his side and saw Miroku panting hard as sweat started to build on his forehead. Having sacrificed himself in a fight before, Inuyasha knew the monk was too stubborn to die over some measly poison. And though he was half youkai, he knew that ningen bodies had a way to build an immune to poisons they have already been exposed to before.

Looking to his other side, he saw Hiei barely unscathed. There were only a few cuts here and there from Kagura, but no major damage. His face was neutral looking but his eyes burned furiously. He smirked when he realized that this guy would take better care of Kagome more than he ever could.

Facing the huge spider once more, he sized him up. Kagome had said earlier that there were shards in the first detachments body. The only chance he would have of winning this battle would be to get those shards.

Running straight for the spider, he easily dodged the huge legs and kicked off the body and headed straight for the first detachment. Aiming straight for the chest, he laughed victoriously as the body fell in half with a single strike.

Before the body could pull itself together, Inuyasha quickly grabbed the shards and put them in his kimono. "Looks like you lost something, Naraku."

Naraku then laughed. "You think you have defeated me?" the giant spider taunted as all 8 blood red eyes focused on Inuyasha. "You don't even have half the shards that I possess, and besides that I have your two friends in my possession."

Suddenly tentacles came out of the huge spider body and grabbed the remains of his first detachment. They all watched in shock as he reattached it back to himself, and start to change his form again.

This time, he had the body of a spider but from the waist up, his human form was placed on the body where the head would be. Grabbing the two cocoons, he smiled to reveal large teeth that oozed poison. "I'm feeling generous today, so I'll give you a choice. One of these two girls will live, and it's your choice to choose. So who will it be, Inuyasha? Your mate? Or your shard detector?"

Inuyasha glared as his grip on his sword tightened. What a predicament they were in!

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