At the end of her sixth year, Ginny had a choice. Well, she had a few. She could continue at Hogwarts like she'd always done with nothing changing or she could go spend the summer at Snape manor and have a new potions teacher in the fall. Or, she could continue the illicit relationship she had started with Snape and always be dancing at the edge of being caught. She couldn't live with the pressure of how things were now, though. Every time she kissed him, she was listening for footsteps or voices, praying no one would catch them. Dumbledore pretty much looked the other way in regards to just how much time Ginny spent in the dungeons but she knew there would be a point where he would have to take action and that was the more physical side of their relationship. If anyone were to find out that Ginny snogged the potions master on a regular basis, it would mean the end.

She knew she didn't want to go home to the burrow for an entire summer. She had outgrown her childhood home. If she decided to work at the ministry again, she would take a small flat in London. If she decided to stay with Severus, though, she would have the whole summer to decide if what she felt for him was real. If she didn't go, she might always regret it. She knew, though, she knew she could not take another year of waiting. It either had to work or it had to end. This limbo was eating her alive.

So when she set down her quill after finishing her last exam, she went to her room, packed her things and waited for Severus to lead her where he would. She didn't take part in the celebration of Ron, Harry, and Hermione's graduation. They were her friends but she never was truly part of that group. So while they celebrated and the Hogwarts express left punctually for platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station, Ginny was walking softly down to the dungeons where Severus was packing his things. She had her trunk behind her and he broke into a relieved smile when she came in. They climbed into the fire place and he said in a booming voice,

"Snape manor!" The green flames engulfed them and she felt his hand grab hers. She wasn't scared though, just excited and confident in the choice she had made.