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Summary: What is really brewing between Gil Grissom and Catherine Willows? Is is love? Is it friendship? Could there be more to Catherine and Grissom's relationship than what is seen on the surface?

Author's Notes: This is my first CSI fic and so please be nice. I just recently got hooked on the series and...well, I can't help but feel some underlying tension between the Night Shift's supervisor and his right-hand person and closet confidant. Please read & review. I'd like to hear some feedbacks from you. I so very much love to explore the possibilities of a GC pairing. smiles

I. It All Began When...

Grissom had to do his usual team evaluation. He hated doing it. He hated the paperwork that came with his job, but he had no choice. He knew his team hated being evaluated as well, but they knew it was policy. He figured the quicker they got on with it, the quicker they'd be finished.

Catherine was the last person he had to evaluate in his team. He sat her down in his office, asked her a few questions. It was going great, until they she laid all her cards on the table. She admitted to accepting money from Sam Braun. That sent Grissom off the wall. He understood where she was coming from; a father helping his daughter and granddaughter out to survive. But that didn't stop him from coming down hard on her.

Grissom knew when Catherine left his office that day that some things would never be the same between them again. He thought their lives were an open book to each other. They knew each other's ups and downs; none of the other members of the team knew Grissom's quirks and mood swings better than Catherine, and vice-versa for him when it concerned his most senior team member.

At the end of that day's shift, when they finally pieced together the killer behind the double manslaughter at an ex-porn producer & porn star's house in a ritzy neighbourhood, Grissom saw Catherine heading out. He asked her where she was going. She said she had to attend to some unfinished business and he left it at that.

Instead of her leaving right away, she asked, "Are we good?"

Grissom looked at her for the longest time, his gaze holding hers for a while before replying, "We'll be fine."

Catherine didn't like this feeling. She didn't like it at all. She hated keeping things from Grissom, especially when it had something to do with work. But after the way he saw him react during her evaluation at her confession, Catherine didn't want to risk irking Grissom even more.

She loved and respected the man. Had been for years. If it hadn't been for him, she'd be nowhere right now. She owed him so much, and as far as she knew she was the only one who can speak her mind out to him candidly without fearing a reprieve from one of the most respected men in forensic science.

Catherine's pace slowed as she neared the exit. She asked Gil if they were okay, and his reply was they'd get over it. But what if they'd never get over it? What if that little white lie, if one would call it that, would always loom over their heads? No. Catherine couldn't risk that. She'd never risk over 15 years of friendship between the two of them.

She'd show him. She'd show Gil Grissom that he could trust her again. She'd be an open book to him.

With that thought in mind, the slender blond left the crime lab office with a huge smile plastered on her face.


A/N: Hope you all liked it so far. I am just testing the water here so far since it's my first CSI fic, which I already mentioned at the top A/N. I am working on the second chapter, and hopefully I'll know by then where I'm gonna take this relationship of theirs. LoL