Authors: slayer rock chick AND spikesslayer29590

Disclaimer: we do not own any of the Buffy universe that belongs to Joss Whedon

Summary: Buffy and Spike go to their first appointment together.

Chapter Ten: Learning

The next few days involved most of the group researching the prophecy with Buffy, Spike and their unborn child, except Andrew who was more of a problem than a help with his 'eww', 'what's that' and 'how would you kill that' every time he turned a page.

So far they had established that the prophecy was written with different parts in different languages and they had translated part about a slayer and a vampire conceiving and changing something the rest they were still working on.

Spike went out patrolling every night to cover both Buffy and his usual sweep while Buffy relaxed and studied something different to the rest of the gang, books on Pregnancy birth and motherhood.

Buffy pushed her knees tightly together as she read about the birthing process totally oblivious to the television Dawn and Andrew were watching. 'Yikes' she thought reading the detailed description about a woman bring a child into the world then she opened the colour fold out picture and her jaw dropped.

"HOLY..." She said her back straitening but she was cut off by the front door opening.

"'Ello all" Spike says and Buffy quickly closed the book and snapped back to reality.

"Dawn Summers, Why aren't you in bed?" She said to her younger sister who was teaching Andrew how to braid hair while they watched infomercials.

"You didn't tell me" She said picking up the remote.

"Well you have school tomorrow so I am telling you now." Buffy informed her standing up and putting her hands on her hips.

"Okay, okay." She said getting up and smoothing down her blue pajamas.

"Yes young Dawn it is time for your bed, we can't have the youth of tomorrow tired for school can we, my young padawan you must stay in school. Hurry now it's past your bedtime" Andrew said gesturing to the stairs.

Dawn gave him an outraged look "You graduated high school last year!"

"But I am still graduated, I am an adult"

"Andrew you can go to bed as well" said Buffy locking eyes with Spike who smirked.

"Yes Ma'am" Andrew rushed towards the basement obediently.

Buffy smiled at Spike who took a step forward and embraced her tightly burying his face in her hair.

"I missed you" He whispered to which she smiled and replied

"How long were you gone?"

"Three hours which, is three hours too long" He took a deep breath and took in her usual vanilla scent "When is your next doctor appointment luv?"

"Tomorrow after sunset so you don't go extra crispy" She said smiling as he leaned down to kiss her. She let out an 'oomph' as he scooped her up and took her up the stairs to their bedroom.

'Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap'

Buffy growled mentally, she knew Spike was nervous but if he tapped that foot one more time….

'Tap, tap, tap'

That does it, Buffy got up and firmly sat on his lap and Spike mistook it for a sign of affection and wrapped his arms around her, she signed and lived into his embrace.

She looked around the doctors office as they waited for their turn, it was well set out and a neutral creamy colour with a warm forest green trim. It was a long room and at one end there was the reception desk with a kind woman about the age of fifty working there. At the other end there were some plants, a table with magazines and some books on pregnancy and a water cooler. There were also comfortable, soft armchairs that were larger than average to accommodate for the women further along in their pregnancy who were patients.

Spike, in an effort to impress the doctor for god knows why had worn the only white T-shirt he owned instead of his usual black and left the duster at home, though he still wore his black jeans and combat boots. Buffy admitted to him that he looked hot no matter what he wore and that caused them to leave late for the appointment.

Buffy herself had worn a peasant skirt se owned that used to be a bit big but now was a perfect fit. She reminded herself to start shopping for maternity clothes but she thought it would be a while now until the bump was this size though it was still barely noticeable.

"Summers," The receptionist called with a smile as the patient that had just been treated made her way out. Buffy got off Spike lap and he clasped her hand as they made their way to the examination room. The examination room was a white room with chairs benches and equipment, the doctor was already there waiting for them and ushered them in with a smile.

The woman was in her late thirties with strawberry blonde hair, a lab coat and kind hazel eyes. She was slightly taller Buffy wore glasses with a thin red frame. She seemed to have nothing unusual about her. Buffy wondered how Tara had found out about her as good doctors that knew and embraced demons and the unnatural with an air of indifference. Though, Buffy realized in a short time she had met two, though Dr. Craft was an ER doctor and not qualified for the day to day care of a pregnant woman and her baby.

"Hello Miss Summers, my name is Dr. Sauder but you can call me Susan" she smiled

"Hi Susan, I'm Buffy and this is my boyfriend S.. William" She remembered at the last minute that she and Spike had decided to called him by his other name, Spike was like a vampire celebrity and very powerful being of the Aurelis line and over a hundred years old so it would increase interest in the baby if any high ranking vamps found out.

"Swillian?" she asked tilting her head

"It's William" Buffy covering up her mistake "Me and my stupid slang no one can understand me."

"And about the sex of the baby" Spike said "we want to be surprised"

Susan smiled "It's too early too tell anyway"

Dr. Sander and Spike shook hands and they sat down Dr. Sauder pulled out questions she wanted to ask them.

"So this is your first appointment, Correct?"

"Yes" They answered simultaneously

"And do you know that date of conception?" Dr. Sauder asked.

Buffy started to think about it but Spike automatically grinned evilly and said

"Five weeks this Tuesday" without a moment hesitation and squeezed Buffy's hand.



"Vamp years, human years or both together?" Spike asked

"Year of your turn to vampire will do" she said kindly


She continued to ask simple questions that she needed to know for medical reasons and health history and such.

"Okay now," she said "we will begin the preliminary examination"

She checked a few things and Spike watched on nervously as Susan felt Buffy's stomach, asked how she was etcetera.

"Buffy, here are some vitamins for you to take" she said handing them to her "You should book a short appointment next week so I can observe what I have come to suspect."

Spike shot up from his chair

"Is there something wrong?" he pleaded with her god no, please no

Buffy's hand immediately went to her abdomen and she took a sharp intake of breath

"No, no Relax," She said nudging Spike back into his chair and patting Buffy's shoulder to reassure her. "But although you conceived five weeks ago you are physically ten weeks along. I think it may have something to do with your……

special circumstances."