Summary: What if the Hogwarts Letter was not the only letter Harry received. Join Harry as he is trained by at Karana, a magical school based in Japan.

Harry Potter was not a normal boy. No, according to his relatives, he was a freak. Freaks don't live in rooms, he had been told. Freaks live in cupboards under stairs. So because Harry was a freak, he lived under the stairs, with the spiders.

It was a particularly annoying morning for Harry. Yesterday was Dudley's birthday, and he had been dragged along to the zoo because Mrs. Figg could not mind him. Well long story short, Harry's freakishness made the glass in the reptile house disappear, causing a snake to escape, and Dudley to be trapped in said snakes enclosure. Today would be annoying, because Dudley would want revenge. Dudley, being the descendant of a giraffe and a walrus, was, needless to say, not the fastest, most agile runner – in fact a dead slug moves faster. So, Harry prepared to spend the day avoiding the whale, also known as Dudley – or Duddiekins.

Bleary eyed, Harry stepped into the kitchen.

"Boy, bacon. Now." Three words, spoken by Walrus Vernon. Harry knew what was meant though... something along the lines of "Hey, Freak. I am hungry, Dudley is hungry and Petunia (the giraffe) is peckish. Cook 3 pig's worth of bacon, quickly, and don't burn it or we will eat you. Add 2 dozen eggs and 3 loaves of toast for good measure." - of course some of it could have been lost in the translation, however the words lost are not suitable for human hearing anyway.

After placing the perfectly cooked breakfast (enough for 300 people, instead of the 3 who would eat it), Harry made himself a bowl of cereal - using UHT Long life stuff ("Freaks cannot appreciate the taste of full cream, fresh milk").

"Duddiekins, could you grab the mail for me?" Petunia coo'ed.

"Make the freak do it."

"Freak. Mail." - again with the short sentences, which once translated contain various expletives and threats.

Harry rose from his chair – leaving half a bowl of cereal on the table and fetched the mail, quickly going through it and organising which letter was from who.

"Giraffe, Giraffe, Walrus, Whale, Potter? Oh well... Potter again..., Walrus, Walrus, Walrus, Giraffe..." Quickly pocketing his two letters (so as to avoid the Dursleys notice), he placed the piles in front of their respective owners, and sat down to his now empty bowl.

"Oh Pet... Marge is ill..."

"Dad. Dad... Here's my letter from Smeltings!"

"Congratulations Dudley my boy... Just like your old man.."

Harry had to look away to keep from laughing. Excusing himself, Harry picked up all of the empty plates (platters in the case of Vernon and Dudley) and washed them. When his job was done, he went back into his cupboard and took out the two letters.

Mister Harry Potter

Cupboard Under The Stairs

4 Privet Drive

Little Whinging



Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore – Order of Merlin (1st class), Supreme Mugwump, Head of the Wizengammot, Grand Sorcerer.

To Mister Harry Potter.

We are pleased to announce that you have been accepted to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Term Starts on September 1st. We await your owl no later than July 31st.


Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress.

Along with the letter was a book list, which Harry put to one side momentarily, dazed... 'Wizardry? Magic?'

Next he looked at the second envelope.

H. J. Potter.

No address. He opened the envelope, and began reading.

Mister Harry Potter.

Although we do not normally contact students this way, we feel that it would be unwise for us to initiate contact in any other way.

No doubt you have received a letter from Hogwarts. Unlike many other students in the British Isles, we are offering you an alternate choice.

Karana Magical School of the Warrior, based in Japan wishes to extend to you an invitation to study with us, and our 'sister schools' in America, Australia and Denmark.

Before you make a decision, I wish to inform you of our background.

Karana school is based in Wakkanai Japan. We solely teach war magic. Due to the need for a rounded education, we have teamed up with 3 other schools. The one in America, teaches a general Magical curriculum as well as integration with NMA'sNon Magicaly Adept. The Australian school teaches arts long forgotten. Denmark teaches what most wizards call the 'Dark Arts'. 50 years ago, the schools all merged, and although we all have separate campuses, all students are now members of Karana.

Please find a basic breakdown of the lifestyle differences between the two 'schools', Hogwarts and 'Karana (and sisters)'.

Hogwarts curriculum is all taught by lecture, then practical. Days are from 9 until 4, 5 days a week for 9 months of the year (roughly). Karana days start at 4am, for 2 hours, then break for breakfast, resuming at 8, continuing until 6, where there is an hour break, finishing at 9pm, 6 days a week, 12 months a year. Information is often imparted through mental transfer – although students are expected to do further research on information gained. Students spend 1 day at each school a week, then spend the remaining 2 days split between two campuses. Due to the differences in time zones we employ a system of time magic, which is why the seventh day is free. On the seventh day, your body will need to expel the tainted time magic within you, then our wards will apply the spells as you go to sleep that night. The process is relatively painless, although it will 'knock you out' for an hour or two for the first week. Karana is much harder, faster and more difficult, but we feel it is also the better school.

Due to our unique teaching style of memory implant, you will find that the general Hogwarts curriculum, taught in our American school will be completed in little over 2 years.

Now comes the choice. Should you choose to come to Karana, please place your hand on the parchment and say "I, Harry Potter, accept my place at Karana." Should you wish to decline placement, tear this paper up – all memory of this letter will be removed from your head.

If you accept, you will be picked up in 3 days.


Yoshia Kama

Headmaster, Karana.

Harry began weighing up his options. A school which would teach more, spanned four countries and went all year, but appeared strict, or a school which would probably send him home for summer breaks to his lovely relatives, yet appeared to be a lot easier... After 3 seconds of thinking, three guesses which school he chose (nb: The first two don't count!). Placing his hand on the parchment, he repeated the acceptance phrase.

3 days later, after telling his relatives that he was leaving, thank you for nothing, and enjoy the remainder of your pitiful existence, there was a knock on the door. Outside stood a tall dark Japanese man, with hair tied back in a pony tail. He wore a black business suit, and held in one hand a briefcase.

"Mister Potter?"

"Yes, sir?"

"I am Takan Kamon. I have come to take you to Karana, after we get your supplies."

"How will I pay for them sir? I cannot afford it."

"Your parents, Mister Potter, were quite wealthy. I have spoken with Albus Dumbledore who held the key to your accounts, he has grudgingly handed us the key. Come. When our palms touch, I will use a magic you will learn in your third year to transport us."

Takan held out a single hand, palm up. Harry placed his hand within Takan's. As their hands touched, they vanished in a puff of smoke. Moments later they re-appeared in a small alley in the middle of London.

"Mister Potter, I am about to take you into the Wizarding hub of Britain. Britain is, as far as the rest of the world is concerned, bound too tightly by old traditions. They have not advanced. This is why you will not be purchasing anything from here. Instead we will go to one of the international centers for magic. First however we need to withdraw money from your vault."

Harry was led into a small pub, out the back and into a small yard filled with boxes and rubbish bins. Takan placed his palm over a brick and the wall folded back to reveal an alley.

"Mister Potter, Welcome to Diagon Alley. Follow."

The odd duo walked quickly towards an old white marble building.

"Do not read the plaque on the entrance Mister Potter. Goblins, who run the bank, placed a spell within the words. Speaking them, even within your head will lead to you being bound by the words there on."

The dark man (ANTo anyone who thinks I am referring to skin colour; stop being racially sensitive, I am talking about demeanor) led Harry up to a desk at the end of the row of tellers. The nasty looking Goblin looked over the desk at them with a sneer.


"Mister Potter wishes to make a withdrawal. In fact, on behalf of the Karana School, we want his vaults converted and placed in the K Line of vaults."

"Ah. Mister Potter. The Potter vaults are a very old series of vaults... they are also under restriction."

"What restriction."

"A Mister Albus Dumbledore has locked all but the Trust fund vault."

"And what claim does Mister Dumbledore hold over Mister Potter?"

"He is his headmaster of course. As well as a trusted member of the community and the person who placed him under his current care."

"Mister Potter is obviously not going to Hogwarts, and Mister Dumbledore holds no legal sway over Mister Potter, so I ask you to please release all vaults post haste and transfer the money to a new K Vault."

"Very well."

"Thank you."

"Griphook. Take Mister Potter to vault 687. Then I want the Potter Fortunes moved to a K Vault. Number K32 should be free."

"Follow me please."

The small goblin led the two into a small cart. The cart sped rapidly through a maze of tunnels, pulling up minutes later in front of a large iron door.

"Key please."

Takan handed the small goblin a key which was placed into the door.

"Stand back."

The door slowly opened revealing piles of gold, silver and bronze. Takan handed Harry a black pouch with a gold draw string.

"I suggest you place at least 400 of the gold coins in there." Takan said, not looking into the vault.

Harry placed in about 400 of the gold coins, barely making a dent in the large pile of coins.

"How much is in here sir?" he asked the goblin.

"Roughly 2 million galleons, the gold ones, Mister Potter."

"How much is one of these galleons worth sir?" Harry asked the goblin.

"The current exchange rate is about 15 pounds to the galleon."

Harry nodded dumbly, quickly calculating how much would be in his vault.

"Interest rates have been kind to you Mister Potter. Normally your entire schooling would have been paid for through the contents of this vault, including your primary schooling. However, without you withdrawing, and since the defeat of Voldemort has yielded high interest rates, the money has piled up. I would estimate that the money you have taken out will have replenished in about 3 months." Griphook elaborated.

"Thank you sir."

With that, Harry placed another 600 in the magical money pouch.

When Harry stepped out of the vault, the door closed, and the key was handed to Harry.

"Griphook, what would you estimate the rest of the Potter fortune at?" Takan asked the goblin.

"Well sir, probably around the 2 billion galleon mark."

"Griphook, do not transfer the trust fund into K32 then."

"Very well sir. That makes my life a bit easier."

When they reached the foyer of the bank, Takan turned to Harry.

"How much did you take out?"

"About 1,000 sir."

"Good. 1,000 will get you good quality items. On 400 we would have had to cut corners. Take my hand again."

Once again, as their palms touched the two disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Seconds later they re-appeared. Harry looked around. They were standing in the middle of a small city. There were no cars, no buses and no trams, however Harry did notice that each corner building had a recess about a metre square by 3 meters high with a pentagram on the base.

"Mister Potter, welcome to Maestrom. Maestrom was built about 350 years ago when Britain started stagnating. The rest of the world pulled their heads together and began to build a new market place. Since they could not agree on where the next magic hub would be, they decided to use a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, within no countries borders. The wards on this place prevent any fighting within it's bounds, and prevents anyone who is not magical from seeing it. Unlike Britain, where they still use 16th century techniques, we have embraced NMA's technology and also developed our objects further. Through our development, our training has sped up – things like memory transfer on the scale we use for teaching are impossible for the British, due to the lack of development. Whilst we develop, we also look to the past, ensuring we keep our old arts. Even though something may be easier, we do not loose the harder ways of doing it, as the knowledge is often still valid. Do you follow me?"

"Sort of, sir."

"Good. In Britain, you would notice the magical world is completely hidden. Wizards live in their own community, in fact it is very rare that a wizard will live with NMA's. Hogwarts for instance is miles away from the nearest NMA. In other countries however, you will find most magic users will live amongst the NMA's, with our institutions hidden in plain sight, appearing to be so normal that no one looks twice at them. In this respect, we have far less cases of discovery – a British wizard walking down the street is gawked at because they have no idea about NMA's – or as they call them, muggles."

As they were talking the two ended up in front of a bank. Takan walked Harry up to the counter. A young lady looked up at them.

"Can I help you sir?" she asked Takan

"Yes, we need a conversion."


"Wizard to SMD."

"How much?"

Harry passed the lady his coin pouch. The lady emptied it onto her bench and began muttering.

"Bloody wizards, why can't they be like the rest of the bloody world and magical communities and use bloody standard decimal based currency... let's see... 1031 galleons, 12.257g to the galleon... current rates 10g makes 120 standard magical dollars..." the girls spoke louder this time. "Here we are $151,643.60. Did you want that in cash or into an account?"

"Mister Potter is having most of his fortune moved into K32. Knowing goblins they will keep it for days, so can you create an access card for a K account and place the money straight in there?"


The lady walked out the back and came out moments later.

"K32 access card for Mister Potter. Just needs his signature here." The lady handed Harry a piece of paper and a pen like item – the problem was there was no nib.

"Place it against your thumb, then press the button on the top. Allow a drop of blood to fall on the X."

As the drop touched the paper, a neat signature appeared next to the mark.

"Done. Here you go young sir." A plastic card was handed to Harry.

Takan led Harry back out into the street.

"Here is a list of supplies for the first year."

Supplies for Mister Harry Potter:



Generic Wand Set (3 wands)

Custom Made Wand x 2


Sword (Suggested 2 x Katana)

Dagger – Ceremonial

Dagger – Protective X 2


Generic Staff with Holder X 4

Custom Made Staff X 1


Battle Robe set X 4

Work Robes X 2

General NMA Apparel


Enhanced Dragon hide/Kevlar blend X 3


Recommended to be a 7/1 trunk


Complete Gem Set X 4

Brass Telescope

Wooden Flute




Standard Pewter Set X 2

Standard Glass Set X 1


General Set X 1

General Refill Set X 2

Rare Ingredients Set X 1


Spoon Set X 2

Knife Set X 2

Crystal Phial Set X 5


Please ask store owner for the Karana set.

"Shall we go get your wands and staffs?"

"Yes sir."

Takan led Harry to a large shop.

"Hey Tak. Got another newbie?" A young woman leaning on the counter with bright pink hair wearing leather pants and jacket called out to the dark man.

"Yes Rene. Mister Potter, this is Rene. Rene, Mister Harry Potter needs a Generic set, 4 generic staffs, 2 fitted wands and a fitted staff."

"Can he afford the better options?"

"Yes, he can."

"Okay, Gens first then. B Grade Generic set. 5 wands, high power rating. $1,000. 4 A Grade Generic staffs... Elemental?"

Takan nodded.

"Since this is a large order, 2k for them. Now fitties... Black hair, green eyes..." she clicked her fingers and a tape began measuring various places, whilst a protractor began measuring angles. When they finished measuring the angle of the arch of his eyebrow, and the length of each strand of hair, they flew back to the desk.

"Okay Haz. Let's see... hmmm... holy maybe... no... that does not fit well with the eyes... ossage... no wrong density... Got it... ebony. Now... core... phoenix would be okay... no... maybe... no... how about uni... no that won't work either... hmmm... thestral mane and something would be great... but what... hmmm... phoenix tears... needs something else... elven hair and... yes... dragon heart string... I know the perfect specimens."

The strange young woman ran out into the back room and various crashes could be heard as well as a few well placed expletives.

"Here we are..." Rene came back out, limping, with a long stick of ebony, and a few jars. She took out a black hair, making a few comments to herself about how she hated using invisible materials – which made Harry look at her strangely. Next she pulled out a pale blond hair and a red sinew. She placed the tip of all three into a small clamp and began plaiting rapidly. She took the finished plait and dipped it into a pearly white liquid. Then she took the ebony and wrapped the plait around it. When she finished, the remainder of the wood dropped to the floor, and the plait 'oozed' into it. When the plait had disappeared, the ebony began melting into a liquid, leaving behind a magnificently carved wand.

"Oh I like this wand... Here, give it a wave." Harry gave the black wand a quick flick. There was a bright flash of light, then nothing.

"One of my finest. I definitely would not not want to be on the receiving end of this baby. Now your next one, I think we will use... yeah why not. Ivory."

"Elephant tusk?"

"Yep. Ebony and Ivory... Great mix."

"Now the core... Unicorn tail... yes... add a bit of bubotuber puss... Basilisk fang as the center... and... hmmm... that would be interesting... dragon scale as a focus."

Once again she ran out the back. A few expletives later, she was limping out with another pile of items. She took the fang and wrapped it in a unicorn hair. Then she took the two and dipped them into a yellow liquid. She pushed it into the tusk, then placed the dragon scale on the tip of the tusk. Instead of shortening and melting away like the last one, it instead shrank into a pearly white wand.

"Now try that..."

A flick released a swarm of smoky birds, which Rene mentioned were phoenixes.

"I like them both. Now as for the staff... I know what I want to use. Give me a minute... I need to go hunting. Banshee hair. Dragon claws. Devils Snare. Dementors blood... yes that will work well."

She ran again out the back, more crashing, then limped in, dumped a hand full of items on the bench then ducked under the counter. After an "Ow. God I hate this plant!" and a couple more crashes, she stood up with a 6" cutting of a plant.

She lay the short piece of plant on the bench, took a silvery strand of hair and wound it around the plant. She then placed the claw just above it and then poured a dark black liquid over the entire creation. After she cast a spell the small piece of plant became dozens of shoots from the same base which rapped themselves up, intertwining with each other, until it grew to 4'9". The dragon claws had moved as the plant grew and formed a clasp at the top of the staff. When the metamorphosis was complete, the staff turned to stone. Rene handed the staff to Harry, then pulled out an emerald and held it above the clasp the dragon claws had made. The claws opened and she placed the emerald within it.

"Done... wow... my first truly live staff. Most people have them made out of plain old wood. This one will be powerful I'm sure. And it will grow with you."

The two males left the eccentric woman after transferring $7,000 to the till, the woman talking to herself about the power of the new staff the entire time.

Takan led Harry to a large shop filled with mannequins.

"Ah Mizure Takaan" a man with a French accent came up to the two of them, tape measure around his neck. "Vat can I do for you today?"

"Nothing. My young charge needs a new wardrobe. Complete. 4 battle, 2 work, complete NMA wardrobe, undergarments, formal wear. Everything. Money is no option."

"Very vell. Come, stand up here."

Harry stood atop a black cylinder. The tape uncoiled from around the tailors neck and began measuring.

"Zeeze new tapes Takaan... they give their answers in centermeters... it is criminal, no?"

"I suppose Jean Claude."

"It is! All of my faabrics, zey come in inches. 15 inches wide, 5 inches, 1 inch. Everything is in inches. Now my measurements are in centermeters. I tell you zey are trying to make my brain explode!"

"Jean Claude. Did you ever think to cast conversion charms over your pad?"

"I never even thought about it. Zankyou."

Minutes later, the tape had finished, and flown back around Jean Claude's neck.

"Vell, now we need to decide on fabrics. Zere is cotton. Lot's of people want cotton." the look on Jean Claude's face was one of disgust. "Zen zere is vool. Vilst still being cheap, it is not, how you say... nasty." Jean Claude looked like he would rather be sucking on a lemon than the thought of people using wool. "Zen of course zere is your satin. It is nice. Many choose satin. And zen zere is zilk. Zey are just your classes. Zilk is of course ze most expensive, but it is worth it... Qui?"

"Yes, he will go with silk."

"Ah goot. Now Mizure Potter. We have your cheap silkworm zilk. Zen we have you magical creature zilks. Cheapest magical zilk is zat of ze flobber worm. Ze most expensive is voven by ze fae out of ze very magic of ze vorld."

"He will go with fae silk. However since this is such a large order..."

"Ve vill of course throw in ze adjustment charms. He vill be able to grow sree feet in all sree dimentions."

"Good. Now battle robes, he will want resistance to all elements, blows, spells and hexes. Maximum strength." turning to Harry he spoke. "These will only protect form light things, like a light scratch. If someone jabbed a sword into you, it would not protect you. If someone threw a curse and it hit you full on, it would not protect, however if it just hit the side of you, you would feel nothing. The elemental protection will not stop a thrown fireball – they are magical fires, but you could walk through a wall of fire with minimal damage."

"Oh.. Okay" was all Harry could say.

"Now Jean Claude. Everything needs the usual repellent charms, anti tear and cooling. Can you give us an estimate, cost wise?"

"Battle robes.. 4 of zem... you are looking at 3 thousand. Work robes, looking at about 600. Ze NMA wardrobe, maybe 2 thousand. Ozer necessary items... add another thousand."

"So if we give you seven, how long will it take to make?"

"Give me an hour and there will be 1 battle robe, 2 work robes and half of the rest. I will send the rest to Karana."

"Very well. Any other details you need to work out?"

"Yes. Mizure Potter. We need colours."

"Ah... yes, Mister Potter. People trained at Karana each have their own colours. Do you have a preference?"

"Ummm... Is green, black and silver taken?"

"You need four colours."


"Let's see... no... we used to have one... died 3 years ago."

"Okay zen. Black base, green as the zecondary colour, purple trimming and zilver buckles. It sounds nice. Now ze work robes, I recommend black. Everything else, I vill make a variety."

"Thankyou sir."

"Good bye Jean Claude, I will see you soon."

Harry was led by Takan down a dark alley. At the back of the alley was a heavy metal door. He knocked 3 times. Seconds later, the door opened and a large hairy man stood there in a singlet and shorts.

"Takan. Long time no see. New fledgling?"

"Yes Bill. We need some... supplies."

"You told no one?"


"You know that the Global Department of Anti Dark Arcane Rituals has banned them."


"Very well. Your school always has managed to hide the Dark areas from view. I still wonder how you do it."

"Our schools in Japan and America do not do anything anything illegal."

"So you have another campus?"


"Dicky would love to get his hands on that knowledge."

"Dicky would love to get his hands on your stash."

"Okay, I won't tell. Come on before someone notices."

The three men stepped into a dimly lit room.

"So you want an Athame." 'Bill' said to Harry.

Harry looked over to Takan, who inclined his head.

"Um.. Yes sir."

"They're illegal you know?"

"Why sir?"

"Blood magic. Everyone frowns upon it. Most blood magic needs one. So does some light magic, but they figure 'loose a few good spells, remove a few 'evil' spells'." Bill spoke the words evil in a spooky voice. "Rubbish I reckon. Well let's see what we got."

The man walked over to a wall and pressed his hand against the wall. The wall dissolved, revealing a glass case.

"I remember when you used to keep these on display Bill."

"Yeah that was before the raids."

"Getting bad?"

"Yep. Weekly now. Why they only left a few hours ago. Happens to all the buildings here. 15 'En-For-Cers' come in, cast 'complex' scanning charm's a first year could evade then leave. Hell they don't even knock any more. They are looking for your school you know. Dicky is heading the task force."

"Yoshia Kama holds the wards. Yoshia is a master at hiding things."

"Ah yes, Headmaster Kama. Very skilled man. Powerful Athame too. I remember the last one he purchased. His blood cracked the one before it."

"Yes, Yoshia is skilled at blood magic. The only one better is probably his sister, Roanna, who teaches the subject."

"Well let's see what your ward needs."

"That would be good Bill."

Bill took out a black dagger and held out his left hand.

"Give me your arm boy."

Bill slid the black blade along the length of Harry's arm. In it's wake, instead of a cut, was a row of symbols.

"This boy is a Brit?"


"He has excellent potential – I would say bordering on Yoshia's current skill. If he undertakes any ritual strengthening, then maybe beyond."

He turned and walked over to the display cabinet. After rummaging through for a while, he muttered a few words under his breath, and the cabinet slid to one side. He pulled out a black box.

"I wonder... Takan.."


"Could you go to your school and fetch Yoshia for me? Or his sister."

"I will be back in a minute."

"Tell him to bring the Caer SaVath with him."


Bill and Harry stood in awkward silence, Bill placing the black box down on a table in the center of the room.

After a few minutes, Takan and another man appeared. The new man, whom Harry assumed was Yoshia, wore plain brown robes, stood about 6' tall, and projected an aura of power and kindness.

"Ah Bill my friend. And you must be Harry. Good to meet you."

"Hey Yosh."

"Hello Sir." the two replied.

"You think he is the one for them?"


"Okay. Harry, may I have your right arm please."

When Harry's arm was presented, Yoshia withdrew a clear crystal the size of a ping-pong ball from within his robes. He held out his other hand towards Bill, who gave him the black blade. He drew the blade once again along the arm of Harry. Instead of the symbols Harry expected, the clear crystal filled with red liquid. When it was full, he handed the blade back to Bill. He then placed the ball inside a small recess in the black box. The lid sprung open.

"Harry." Yoshia spoke softly. "Inside this box are 4 Athames and a challis. They are all yours. Until you are told other wise by myself or my sister, you are not to touch the one with the glass center." with that, he disappeared.

Harry looked into the box. The first blade was a straight dagger decorated with snakes made out of a silver material. The second was black and reeked evil. The third was like the first however along the center of the blade was a thin glass reservoir and the fourth looked like it was made of liquid starlight. In the center of the box was a platinum cup.

Seeing the unasked questions in Harry's eyes, Takan spoke up. "This kit was thought long forgotten... The first is a normal Athame. You will use this most of the time. The second is used only for the darkest rituals, some of which you will learn about in your second year. The Challis is often filled with blood spilled by an Athame as an offering from the ritual. The third blade is the most powerful, however it will remove blood from you to perform the magic, incorrect usage can result in death. The fourth is used only for some of the lightest rituals, usually involving Fae."

"Oh." It was obvious to all that he didn't.

"Boy, this one is free... considering it is technically not mine to sell. Now I believe you are also after a couple of regular blades?"

"Yes sir."

"Give him 2 12 inches, and maybe an 8 inch, boot holsters for the 12's and arm for the 8. Also give him a couple of Katana's" Takan spoke up.

"Regular or enchanted?"

"Regulars, I think. There is no need for enchantment at this stage."

Bill closed the Athame cabinet and made it vanish into the wall. Next he walked over to the back wall, which was lined with cupboards and pulled out a couple of boxes.

"Regular NMA issue blades and holsters. I don't have to fill in paperwork for them. 4 hundred for the lot."

Harry handed over payment and they left the school.

"Takan sir?"

"Yes Mister Potter?"

"Who is this Dicky guy you refer to?"

"Richard Barnes. Head of the local ... 'police' I suppose you could call him, as well as a member of the Maestrom Council. The police are called the Maestrom Enforcers, or just Enforcers. Dicky has made many rules which inhibit the types of magic that can be practiced – or more what items can be purchased around here – his authority does not technically extend passed the boarders of this city, however treaty's have been signed which give his enforcers the right to do anything. They kill, torture and maim, either for fun or personal gain. They are as corrupt as they come."


"Let's get you a trunk to put some of this in, then we will get your books, potion making supplies and anything else."

Takan led him over to one of the recesses on the corner of the street.

"To work these, just say your destination. We want to go to Trunks 'n' Stuff."

Harry stepped in, spoke his destination, and felt a sucking sensation pulling him upwards, then he felt as if he was spat out the other end, into another recess.

Seconds later Takan stepped out.

"Trunks 'n' Stuff is just over here. The squares take you to the nearest intersection to the store."

Harry followed him into the large store filled with cabinets, trunks, draws, briefcases and a bed...

"TAK! How you been? I have not seen you for a while! Oh sorry TAK, probably ruined your image in front of the newbie you've got."

"Yes, you have Stevie. For that I am not going to set you up tomorrow night."

"Sorry Tak. New model trunk is in."


"Yeah, a 12/5/1. Yep, 12 compartments, 5 are room sized compartments, 1 connection compartment to a bag. It works both ways. The linked Bag can access all compartments. Neat bit of work. There is also a down sized version too."

"Harry here is after the 7/1."

"What about an 8/1/1 instead?"

"The downsized model of the new trunk?"


"Mister Potter? Any input?"

"No sir."

"Very well. He will take the 8/1/1."

"Ummm.. let's see... I'll give it to you for 1k."

Harry handed his card over. Steve reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box, the size of a pair dice.

"The instructions are in the first compartment. Tak will show you how to expand it. Now Tak. What's this I hear about Natalia?"

"We broke up."

"I gathered that. Bummer. How about we go out and get drunk tomorrow?"

"Sounds good. Now we have to go and spend some more money."

"Ah... fair enough. Don't let him give you any piss kid, okay."

"Sorry about him Mister Potter. He is very... crude" Takan said as they exited. "The bookstore is just this way."

They turned down a wide street and came to a large store filled with books.

"This store is probably the largest book store in the world dedicated to a single subject matter. Magic. They are also a chain store, they have shops in all magical hubs around the world, with the sole exception of Britain. If they don't have the book, they will get it for you in 5 days."


"The booklist for Karana is about 100 books, about $10,000 worth, for 5 years. There is an expansion set however. I suggest you take them as well. You also want a mind implantion crystal, which allows you to 'memory dump' complete books."

They walked into the store lined with books. They walked to the front counter, up to a pimply youth.

"We need a full Karana set, expansion set and a MIC."

"I'll need to check with my manager about the MIC, the Enforcers and Richard Barnes are arresting people for selling them. The books however will be $15,000. Do you have a trunk with a room? Will can put them in there, organised and in bookshelves for an extra grand."

Takan looked to Harry, who nodded yes.

"Very well."

Harry handed his shrunken trunk to the clerk, who then went to fetch the manager. Minutes later a large man wearing a gray suit walked out with the clerk. The clerk handed Harry the trunk and went to serve another customer.

"Takan, long time no see. New student?"

"Yes Paul."

"Now, my clerk here says you want a MIC? Got just the..."

As he was speaking a man dressed in a blue uniform with ENFORCER written across the back walked in.

"I'm sorry, Tak, no can do." Paul discreetly slid a business card across to Takan.

"Come then Mister Potter."

The two left the shop and Takan handed the card to Harry.

Meet in 5 minutes, back door. Cash only.


"Why did he say no?"

"Did you not see the Enforcer?"


They walked over to a small back alley. A minute later Paul opened a steel door and beckoned the two inside.

"1500, no questions asked. Top of the line."

"Why so cheap?"

"Haven't you heard Takan? Enforcers are hiring a team of spell developers to write more complex scanning spells. I need to clear them out ASAP. This is just under cost."

"How many do you have to clear?"

"50 odd."

Takan opened his briefcase and pulled a business card out.

"Call Bill. He deals in ... under the counter... items. He will pay cost. Tell him I sent you and that the items will be hot property for Karana. Now, you said cash. Is a K Vault card okay?"

"K Vault... the Karana vaults are no questions, they don't even appear on statements, so yes. That will be fine."

Harry handed the card to Paul, who transferred the required funds, and Paul handed his card back with a wooden box.

"Takan or another teacher will teach you how to use it."

The next stop was a shop called "Crystals Crystals & potions" where they picked up all the rest of the supplies.

"Come, I will take you to Karana now. When we get there, you will be sorted into one of four squadrons. Blue Panther, Golden Eagle, Silver Serpent or Red Fox. These squadrons operate on a rotating roster, meaning that Silver Serpents will most likely never see a Blue Panther, except at tournament."

"Tournament sir?"

"Each year, a tournament is held. Every student in 3rd and 4th year competes. The winner, usually a fourth year, receives the title Black Phoenix. The Black Phoenix receives special training for a year. Since all parts of the tournament are watched by teachers, they learn where the weaknesses of their students are, much like exams."


Takan led Harry to a transportation square in the small rebate on the corner of Crystals, stepped in and said "Karana.". Harry did the same, and found himself in a trench. Peaking over the edge, he saw a tall wall, at least 60' high about a hundred meters from them, curls of razor wire littered the field.

A soldier wearing a round green hard hat and desert fatigues approached them.

"Takan, back so soon? Ah you have a newbie. Let me take you to the field commanders office then."

The two followed the man into a large tent where a man in formal military wear say.

"Takan. Another new guy?"

"Harry Potter. File A34e-S5."

"I have his file here... Very well. He has crossing permission. I will get a team to escort you through."

The commander left the tent and came back with 20 people armed to the hilt.

"Takan. Your crossing party. We have had quite a few people trying to get in recently – some Richard guy and his cronies."

"Thank you commander."

The twenty men surrounded the two and led them out of the trench, across the plain and up to the two gates, which were slowly opening.

As the gates opened, 6 men dressed in Enforcer units began running towards the party. The soldiers knelt and began firing balls of light towards the men, whilst quickly ushering the two through the gates. When they stepped through, everything faded to a plain stone room with a single door.

"That was Karana's security wards. Normally we would not have been lead to the commanders tent, just given a crossing party, but because you are new, we had to get clearance. It keeps anyone uninvited out. Dicky and his men have the ability to bypass standard access wards, so we placed the virtual battleground to give us defense against them."

When Takan had finished speaking, a boy dressed in black stepped in.

"Master Takan, Master Yoshia has asked me to bring you and the new student to his office."

"Very well. Come Mister Potter."

The boy turned and walked out of the door, turning left.

Takan started towards the door, making sure Harry followed.

The boy led them straight down the plain stone corridor. They turned left down a branching corridor and ended up standing in front of a black cube, spinning on it's corner.

The boy pulled out a wand from his robe and whispered a phrase that Harry did not quite catch. The cube changed so that it was rotating around like a carousel. Each of the four sides now showed a different view. It stopped spinning, showing an image of the corridor behind the cube. The boy spoke another phrase, and the cube rotated showing a marble corridor. He tapped the image with his wand, and the cube grew to the size of the corridor. The boy stepped through, making sure that Harry and Takan followed. When they were all through, he spoke another phrase, making the image shrink, and the cube return to spinning as it had when they had first seen it.

Silently the boy commenced walking, leading them down the marble corridor to a plain wooden door which was banded in iron. He knocked once.


The door swung open and Harry and Takan entered, the boy lingering in the doorway.

"Dismissed Shaun."

"Thank you Master Yoshia."

Harry looked around the room. It was fairly large, lined with book cases. In the center of the room was a twelve pointed star which reached out to a few meters from each side. There was no other furniture in the room.

"Purchased everything Harry?"

"Yes Yo..." Takan began to answer for the boy.

"I asked Harry Takan."

"Yes Master Yoshia sir."

"Don't sir me Harry... Makes me feel so old."

"Okay si... Master."

"Well, let's sort you into a squadron shall we?"

Yoshia pulled out a small wooden box with four small stones on the lid, blue, gold, silver and red, surrounding a large black stone. Each was shaped as a dome. There was a fifth stone, a clear diamond, placed at right angles to the second stone.

"Place your thumb on the clear stone and each finger on one of the coloured ones Harry. Then rest your palm on the black one."

Harry did so, and felt a warm tingling through his hand. On the back of his hand an image started to form. A black phoenix was encircled in black, around it, four animals, each a different colour appeared, straight black lines separated the different arrows.

"Well, that is interesting. Have not had one of them in nearly 50 years."

"What's interesting sir?"

"The four animals represent the schools under the Karana banner. The Japan school, usually called Karana Magical School of the Warrior, is the blue panther. The golden eagle is the American school, Salem's Institute of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The silver serpent belongs to the Dhakhan Educational Facility, Australia's school and the Danish Brahe Academy are Red Foxes. These are the home schools of all students."

Harry nodded.

"Each school specialises. Brahe specialises in Potions and Dark Arts. Karana, the ways of the warrior, fighting magic. Salem's will teach history, charms, transfiguration, core subjects that Hogwarts teaches basically with the exception of Potions. The Dhakhan Educational Facility teaches ritual magics and spell creation, Arithmancy and Runes. Are you still with me?"

Harry nodded again.

"The specialties of these schools, if taught conventionally, would take almost as much time as a full course at Hogwarts. We extended the hours and work times, use non conventional teaching methods and we complete your training in five years in all of the above. The squadron shows your greatest strengths. A Blue Panther typically would excel at fighting magics for example. The tattoo on your hand shows specialty in all four schools – meaning you will excel at all areas we cover, as well as the fifth area. The Black Phoenix is the fifth school at Karana. Each year only one student is taught at Shar Llounen, the home of the Black Phoenix, and only in the basics. This year however, it seems a second student, you, will be joining the classes. For five years you will learn with them, on the seventh day, which is normally rest. Shar Llounen specialises in the mental arts and other races magics."

"Sir..." Takan spoke up "Wont the time magic then fail on Mister Potter?"

"Good point Takan. There is a ritual. The main problem is he will be removed from time itself."

"You are talking about Draeval Kult'ressin Time Ruler?" Takan asked incredulously "It has been lost for millenia!"

"No, not lost, erased. The Drow know it. It is their's after all."

"You wish to send him to the Drow to be be-spelled?"

"No. I will do the ritual with Harry. Harry, stand in the center of the room."

Harry walked into the middle of the office.

Yoshia walked to the north point of the star and placed a small mound of earth. He walked to the south point and created a magical flame which hovered there. Next at the west point he created a cup filled with water. In the east, he stuck a sword into the ground. He stood at the northern point and began to chant.

"Ulin lu' draeval p'los drewst dal uk l' ze'zhuanth draeval. Plynn dal ukta ap'zan rah quin ser ukt talwien pholor 'bgualyiz revis. Draeval zhah natha kulggen d' vel'bolen uk z'klaen k'lararl, kult'ressin d' draeval, doera uk a vaen"

Translation: Future and past remove from he the ancient time. Take from him fates hand yet keep his feet upon correct road. Time is a barrier of which he must pass, ruler of time, become he at last

A soft blue nimbus appeared around Harry. The sword in the ground, symbol of the future, glowed brightly, as did the water in the cup, symbol of the past.

When the ritual was completed, Yoshia stood swaying slightly.

"I would not like to have to do that for every new pupil. Now, the way this works. There are two basic commands, forward and back. Alust and Rath respectively. Then, a number. If you just say Alust 1, you will go forwards one second. To go forward more add one of the following, klew'noren or klew'kinen, which is for minutes and hours respectively. Alust 1 klew'kin will take you forwards an hour. Alust 2 klew'kinen will take you forwards two hours, etc."

"So if I say Rath 240 klew'ki.." Harry began speaking.

"Stop. Say rath wlalth" Yoshia interrupted

"Rath Wlalth" back spell Harry said confused.

"Had you finished, yes, you would have gone 10 days into the past. What I had you say reversed the partially said incantation. The thing about most Drow spells are that they do not need a focus like a wand. Nor do they need you to trace runes in the air like some magic. They do not need rituals and the like. You will learn about these forms of magic soon at Shar Llounen."


"No worries. Now, your schedule." Yoshia dug into his robe pockets and pulled out a scroll tied in blue ribbon. "Each day is separated into 7 basic periods, numbered 0 to 6.

Timetable for Mister Harry Potter: SPONSOR SQUADRON: Blue Panthers

Monday – (Karana GMT9)

P0 Physical Training

-- Breakfast

P1 Weapons (P1)

P2 Weapon foci (T1&P1)

P3 Endurance (Oval)

P4 Dexterity (Gym)

P5 Stealth/Disguise (T2)

-- Dinner

P6 Run/Practice Dummies (Oval&P3)

-- Study & MEM DUMP

Tuesday – (Dhakhan GMT10)

P0 Physical Training

-- Breakfast

P1 Ritual (T1&R2)

P2 Arithmancy (T3)

P3 Runes (T5)

P4 Ancient Magic (T2&R1)

P5 Spell Creation (T4&P1)

-- Dinner

P6 Used for any rituals and magic requiring time.

-- Study & MEM DUMP

Wednesday – (Salem's GMT-6)

P0 Physical Training

-- Breakfast

P1 Transfiguration (T1)

P2 History of Magic (T2)

P3 General Charms (T1)

P4 Herbology (G1)

P5 Care of Creatures (magical) (Grounds Hut)

-- Dinner

P6 Astronomy (A1)

-- Study & MEM DUMP

Thursday – (Brahe GMT1)

P0 Physical Training

-- Breakfast

P1 Potions (L1)

P2 Potions

P3 Defense Against Dark Arts (T1&P1)

P4 Dark Arts (T2&P2)

P5 Sacrificial Magic (T1&R1)

-- Dinner

P6 Dark Rituals (T1&R1)

-- Study & MEM DUMP

Friday – (Brahe and Dhakhan)

P0 Physical Training

-- Breakfast

P1 Dark Arts (T1&P1)

P2 Defense Against Dark Arts (T2&P3)

-- Cross over & free time

P4 Ritual Magic (T1&R2)

P5 Spell Creation/Runes (T4&P1&R2)

-- Dinner

-- Study & MEM DUMP

Saturday – (Salem's and Karana)

P0 Physical Training

-- Breakfast

P1 Weapons (P1)

P2 Weapons (P1)

-- Cross over & free time

P4 Transfiguration (T1)

P5 General Charms (T1)

-- Dinner

-- Study & MEM DUMP

Sunday – (Shar Llounen)

P0 Physical Training

-- Breakfast

P1 Mind Magic (Defense) (T1) 2

P2 Mind Magic (Offense) (T1) 2

P3 Drow Magic (T1&P1&R1) 1

P4 Elven Magic (T1&P1&R1)1

P5 Fae Magic (T1&P1&R1) 1

-- Dinner

P6 Other Magic (T1&P1&R1) 1

-- Study & MEM DUMP

Key: P# Practice Room, T# Theory Classroom, R# Ritual Space, L# Lab Room, A# Astronomy Tower. # indicates size of a specialty subject.

Harry looked at the timetable he was handed.

"You will note that Friday and Saturday are relatively light. All work and no play would kill our students. You do not have Sunday free like most students, so you may use your magic to give yourself an 8th day. The period times are on the back."

Harry flipped the page over.

P0 0400 – 0600

p1 0800 – 0955

p2 1000 – 1155

p3 1200 – 1355

p4 1400 – 1555

p5 1600 – 1755

p6 1900 – 2100

curfew: 2300

"I see you have noticed there is no time there for a third meal. During each class there will be light food available for consumption – sandwiches and the like. The food is not to interrupt classes however. Your classes will start in two days. Until then, each morning you will have basic fitness training for 3 hours, waking at 4 am. Then you will have a few memory dumps on traditions and the like, as well as information all students should know before commencement etc. Lunch, then you will have two more hours of physical training, an hour and a half of memory dumps, and then you will have language lessons, in Japanese and Danish. Questions?"

"Umm.. what exactly are these memory dumps?"

"This is not easy to explain, but I will try. When you are taught something, your brain 'carves' passages into your memory. What a memory dump does is it creates these passages. The classes are then quick revision, which gets your brain to find these passages, adding them to it's 'map'. I could memory dump you with the complete Japanese vocabulary and rules of the language, but you would not be able to speak fluent Japanese, or understand it unless I was to first teach you a few basics. Your brain would go to carve these new passages and find them already there. Then it would begin exploring them, mapping them, allowing you to draw on this knowledge. Then you need practical experience to enforce these passages. If you did know Japanese and never used it, the passages would cave in. So your map would contain it, but when it goes to access it, it would be just out of reach and you would have to clear the mess out before you could access it again. That is why we have classes. We can teach hundreds of times faster than traditional methods this way, but we cannot just dump the entire curriculum."

Harry nodded his head, indicating his understanding.

"Okay now, let's get you settled in. As your timetable said, you will be sleeping with the Blue Panthers at Karana, and all of your classes will be with them. Takan."

"Yes Master Yoshia?"

"Take young Harry to the dorm rooms. Harry, I will see you on Sunday, I am the primary teacher of Shar Llounen. As is my sister. Takan, when you are finished, come back here. Dismissed."

"Thank you Master Yoshia" Harry said quietly. Takan nodded to Harry, indicating that he should follow. He led Harry to the same black cube they had arrived through. He held out his hands, palm forward, and it changed as it had with the student, revealing the corridor they had come from.

The two stepped through, the cube returning in their wake. They strolled down a set of corridors, then up 3 flights of steps, which took them to a hallway lined with doors. Each door was solid wood, with a thick brass lock, iron banding, and brass numbers on the door. Most also had brass lettering below them. Takan led him through twists and turns until they were in front of a door numbered 56. He placed his hand inside his suit and pulled out a large brass key. He placed the key into the lock, twisted it quarter of a turn clockwise then turned to Harry.

"Place your palm on the door knob."

As his fingers closed over the knob, the door glowed golden for a second, then returned to normal. Takan turned the key a half turn clockwise.

"Say your name."

"Harry Potter."

Under the numbers his name appeared in brass. Takan completed the turn and the door opened.

"Welcome to your new room. I will leave you to settle in. To un-shrink your trunk, hold your hand above it and say Enlarge. I will see you tomorrow" With that Takan turned and left.

Harry took a moment to look around his room. It was not large, but it was better than his old cupboard. In one corner was a plain single bed. Next to the bed was a bedside table. In the opposite corner was a bookshelf, next to it was a desk and a filing cabinet. After getting settled in, explanding his trunk and placing a generous stack of loose leaf paper, pencils, pens, quills, inks in various desk draws, he climbed into his bed and settled down to sleep. The next morning he was awoken by a loud knock on the door.

He pulled on a set of shorts and a t-shirt and pulled open the door.

"Mister Potter?" a muscular man, no older than 25, wearing a black muscle shirt and shorts asked.

"Yes sir?"

"I am Trainer Paul Guerre. For the next 5 years we will get to know each other well. I am managing your fitness regime."

"Does every student here have their own trainer?"

"No. Each student is assigned to one of 20 trainers, which means that we have about 5 pupils each. The trainers oversee their charges, however it is up to the student to control their training. I will observe you at least once every ten days, and change your regime depending on your strengths and weaknesses."


"I will be spending the next two days entirely with you. Nine other trainers will be doing the same for the other 9 students in Blue Panther squadron. Each squadron has a different start date. Golden Eagle for example will not start their induction for another 6 days."


"Come and we will see what you can do."

Paul led Harry down the hallway and onto a large oval.

"I want you to run laps around this oval until you begin to feel tired. No stopping, slowing to a jog, walking or anything of the sort. Stretch before you leave. I will not show you how, I want to see your knowledge first."

And Harry did. After one lap ("400 meters done Mister Potter") Harry was thanking Dudley and his gang for their Harry hunting, he was not the least be tired yet. On the 10th lap, 20 minutes later, Paul called a stop.

"Good. You are not hopeless. Hold out your arm."

Harry, puzzled, held out his arm, where Paul promptly measured his pulse.

"90... you didn't even break out in a sweat did you?"

Harry shook his head – his runs with Dudley had gotten longer after Dudley had been given a moped (For those who don't know what a moped is, bike with a lawn trimmer motor, no license required), which allowed him to chase him all around Surrey at a fast pace, often his runs would be in excess of 10 km's. So it was nothing new.

"Well. Let's get on to weights then shall we. Warm down Mister Potter."

He was led to a large gymnasium, where he was instructed how to use various equipment. After half an hour of solid training, he was led to a large room with a wall made entirely of mirrors.

"Dance. It will aid you with dexterity. Your dexterity class will actually consist of a large amount of dance. It will also contain stretches and various other ... skills... your endurance training will be a lot of Aerobic exorcise. From what I have seen, we will be adding hurdles to your running course, running at least 10km's then a few k's on the bike. I have to sit down and actually write your routine."

An exhausted Harry Potter was lead into a small round room with a lone wooden stool in the center.

"I see Paul has exhausted you Mister Potter. I am Doctor Joan Phillips" a tall, thin middle aged lady with black shoulder length hair commented.

"yes... ma'am.."

"None of that Ma'am stuff Mister Potter. Doctor, Doc, Doctor Phillips or Joan only. Now we are here to do a physical."

"Okay then Doctor Phillips, please call me Harry."

"Okay Harry. Now sit down on this stool and remove your t-shirt."

When Harry was seated and relieved of his upper coverings she began to walk around him. She nodded once, pulled out a sheet of paper and began to dictate whilst continuing her circling.

"Seriously malnourished... Bruises upon the chest... Welts on the back... Stunted growth... Glamourie... Mister Potter, do you know why you have a 6 year glamourie upon you?"

"Glamourie Doctor?"

"Yes, Glamourie. A charm to disguise looks."

"No idea Doctor."

"Well, let's remove it shall we?"

She pulled out her wand and wove an intricate pattern.

"Abrogo Abeo" she spoke. Harry felt a brief tingle, then nothing.

"Well that was interesting. I suppose you would like to know what the charm was hiding?"

"Yes please Doctor."

"Okay, they are not that pronounced. Your hair is now down to your back, your features are more aristocratic, your eyes are still the same brilliant green, however they appear larger, making them appear more brilliant. Hmm. It may be easier to let you see."

"faccia una superficie riflettente" A large reflective surface appeared, which Harry gazed into. His once pure black hair was now streaked with a red hue. Everything else was as Joan had said. He was still recognisable as himself.

"It seems most of it is based on your hair. It appears to have been placed on you when you were about 5."

"My aunt cut my hair really short that year, leaving a tuft at the front of my head to hide the scar... I woke up the next morning and it was fine."

"That would be it then. The accidental magic you performed would have had some trickle down effect onto your face."


"Now, on with the examination. Hmmm... Mild case of a respiratory disease... No allergies... Well, we get some food into you, and if you drink a full replenishing potion, you will be in top health. PAUL!"

Paul stepped back into the room as Harry pulled on his shirt.

"Take him to the mess hall, feed him a rep potion and he needs to eat more. He's malnourished. I gather you have had time to sketch out his diet?"

"Yeah. See you later Joan. Come on Harry... Hey, nice hair by the way."

He was lead to a large room with 5 large tables with 5 chairs. Each table was full, apart from the one on the far left, which only held one other boy.

Paul led Harry to that table and sat him down. As he sat a plate filled with breakfast appeared.

"Hi. Names Zabini, Blaise Zabini."

"Potter, Harry."

"Pleased to meet you."

"Same. Are you a first year too?"

"Yeah, I think this is the first year table."


One by one other first years filed in. Two of the first years could not speak English, the other one was silent. Harry could tell that Blaise would be a friend, however the other 3 were an unknown quantity.

Minutes later all the students, bar the first years left the hall. 5 people walked into the room, each standing behind one pupil. Harry noted that Takan was behind him.

"Come Harry."

He stood and left, noting each student left with their tutor.

"As you may have guessed, each student is assigned a personal trainer and another staff member. In Hogwarts, my role would be equivalent of Head of House, however we take a much more personal approach, and we do not teach classes. There are twenty mentors, so like physical trainers, we each have about 5 students. Although you will not see me as often as you will Paul, I will be keeping a much keener eye on your progress. Every month we will meet for an hour. During this hour we will talk about classes and later on any elective classes you may want to choose. Electives are taken in third year, as you have received a base knowledge in all classes the two half days are dropped and filled with electives, each squadron has some specialty classes limited to them alone, however there are also general ones. With your abilities, you will be able to take more classes according to Yoshia, but we do not need to worry about that yet. Now I am going to teach you about the memory dumps."

Harry followed Takan to his room. Takan indicated Harry should open the door.

"Sit." Harry sat in the chair in front of his desk.

"The module we will start with is 'Core Module – Karana Information'. The way this works, sitting where you are, opposite you there is a rune, invisible to your eyes. The rune is magically tied into a large device called a pensive, which holds memories. When you speak the activation words, the rune connects to you and the pensive and transfers the memory into your head, as was explained earlier. To activate it, say 'videz la mémoire intitulée' followed by the title of the memory or module followed by 'dans ma tête', and viola. The memory must be accessed within 48 hours or it will disappear from your head. The best way to do this is to only use a module that will be used in the next two days. Your professors will give you a module list for classes. Using the crystal you purchased, you can do the same with books. Then you will need to skim through some of the basics in the book, and hours of study will be done in minutes."

After the lecture, Harry completed the first module. When he finished Takan talked about some basics of magic, and Harry felt information rush to his brain.

Takan pulled out a long list.

"Complete these. I will be back in a few hours. I gather you will remember the activation phrase, as it was in module one. When you need me which phrase the school will recognise as a call?"


"Correct. What language is it?"

"Um... French?"

"Correct. Why is it French?"

"Because the rune developed was by a French man?"

"Yes. Good. I believe that the core module will stay with you then. Complete that list."

Takan turned and left Harry to it. Hours later, after Harry had finished the list, Takan came back into the room.

"How far along are you Mister Potter?"


"Really? That list was supposed to last two days. Well, lets trigger some memories. Each of those modules had a tie in with another, which means that after a slight bit of information your brain will explore the complete set of modules."

"Oh ... Kay..."

"Maestrom was founded in 1658 by the council of 12..." Takan spoke for about 15 minutes on the basic history of the area.

Again there was a rushing feeling as the knowledge was assimilated into his head.

"What was the name of the head of the council Harry?"

"Marcello Delacareo."

"Good. If a baby is conceived on July 12th 1992 what happens?"

"If parents are NMA's, the child is magical, if the parents magical, the child is NMA."

"Good. Why?"

"The alignment of the stars, along with the flows of magic reverse the magical state of the child."

"Uh Huh. Other dates for 1992?"

"5th of January, 16th of August and the 12th of December."

"Correct. What is the correct way for your hair to be worn?"

"As I am the head of a family, during formal engagements it should be back length, tied with a single black ribbon."

"Almost correct. What about the fact you are under age?"


"A white streak through your hair from the front center."

"Oh..." Memories once again rushed in.

"Good. I believe all those modules are down pat. Now Paul will be here in an hour with your training schedule and a record card. File the record card and training schedule in the top cabinet which is linked to mine. I want to be able to look it over tonight. Tomorrow I will teach you about the gateway. I will see you after dinner, we will do some languages. Now go to lunch."

Minutes later Takan was standing in Yoshia's office.

"Sir. He has already completed the list of Dumps."

Yoshia frowned and pulled a manila folder out of his filing cabinet. He opened it, flicked through a few pages, and looked up.

"All of the core modules Takan?"

"And protocol Yoshia."

"Good." Yoshia made a few notes in the folder.

"Is there something I should know Yoshia?"

The headmaster of Karana sighed.

"He survived Avada Kedavra from the British dark lord Voldemort. It was rebounded from him and dis-embodied Voldemort."

"That was the dark lord the council was considering stepping in to stop, was it not?"

"He was. Do you remember the research I did into magical ties and the effects of an unwilling bond, resulting in death to the initiator?"

"Yes... You think..."

"Yes. You will need to watch him closely. If my paper was correct, he has the magical reserves of two people, and some of his skills. Also Voldemort was a Serpent Speaker, I am sure young Harry is too."

"The boy will be learning more schools of magic than any other... You want me to add Serpent magic to it as well?"

"You are the only one here who can speak Serpent Tongue Takan."

"And if he goes Dark? How will we stop him?"

"He survived Avada Kedavra, was unwillingly bound to evil; he cannot go dark. You wrote a paper on the curse, you know the three defenses."

"Pure soul, physical barriers and a shield of pure 'good' magic."

"Exactly. There is no way there was a wall of pure 'good' magic, and there was no physical barrier."

"That leaves pure soul. I will teach him. Won't a pure soul stop him from using the darker arts?"

"A pure soul is neither 'good' or 'evil' Takan. I thought you would know better. To be pure it must be balanced. Perfect harmony of good magic and bad magic."

Meanwhile Harry was enjoying a leisurely lunch talking with Blaise. It turned out that Blaise's parents lived in England gathering information for the 'Council'. Originally he was going to go to Hogwarts too, but his mentor had come over and extended the invitation. After the food was finished he rejoined Paul just outside of his room.

The next day was much of the same. After successfully learning Japanese, at least enough to be able to have a basic conversation, the night before, he talked briefly with the two non English speaking students. Takan had sat down with him during the time allocated for memory dumps and they had discussed subjects, looked over a few of the books and talked about what area's he thought he would enjoy. He heard a few stories of Takan's school days, and was taught how to go between campuses.

"Mister Potter, you will need to learn how to go between campuses. The way you were taught through memory dump will not work correctly for you. Forget the spells. The way you will do it is to step up to one of the portals, the black cubes, and imagine it being forced into the position for travel. Then spin it mentally and force it to expand. Then imagine threads of magic sewing it to the walls of the corridor, making sure not to miss the bottom, and step through. Then release the threads and allow it to collapse. You will then need to move yourself through time. Come and we will try it. There is a portal just around the corner of your room. I am sure Yoshia will teach you how to anchor one when you are at Shar Llounen."

Harry quickly learned how to tell which campus was which. White marble was to the teachers offices. Gray stone was Karana, black marble was Denmark, plaster was America and Australia had pathways which seemed to be floating in the middle of space which according to Takan, it was in a sense – he had said something about the person who built it felt rituals required one to be surrounded by nothingness.

At the end of the day, Takan promised to call in just before curfew to see how the day went.

Harry went to sleep, anxious to start learning.


This is the revised first chapter, I have decided to complete this fic. If you have any questions I will en devour to answer them.

--Responses to teaser Q's--

FROM AlleyKitty:

Harry really doesn't like his relatives?
Nope, would you? Did you like my pet/wild names ;-P
Harry's getting out of Dumbledore's control?
That is my aim. Dumbledore cannot control him when he has made the choice
Will Harry get some answers?
Harry will not properly learn of his heritage until they will cover "British History". The magical community has
seemingly alienated Britain, only a few countries maintaining contact (and that is only because JK Rowling shows Beubaxtons and Durmstrung in the triwizard tournament), so Moldy-Voldy is not seen as a major threat to the rest of the world, being focused solely on Brits.
How fast will Harry learn things?
At an average rate for the school, he will be a good student in all classes, with few difficulties. The learning is much faster than Hogwarts as all class time is spent polishing theory that already sits in their heads - in essence linking what they know with the practical motions. Does that make sense?

FROM Dolson

This is very good. I like the premise, like the attitude. The dialogue at times is stillted - you're trying too hard to make it sound realistic. Maybe some nonverbal reactions (shrugging, smiling, etc.) would punch it.
Thanks, I will take that into account
Otherwise I liked Takan and the rest of the characters so
far. More! You've shown some knowledge of other genres and throwing the drow in at the end made me curious. This story has a lot of potential.
Thanks, the Drow will appear later on....
Don't forget that Voldemort will have to enter in sometime,
as will Harry's destiny... unless you've created a new one? I like the multi-national twist as well.
I mentioned that the school was only 5 years which will
put him at 16 (equiv of 6th year) after graduation, where will suddenly be drawn into "War With Volde" when Dumbledore appears on his doorstep ;-P
One last the punctuation. It doesn't hurt the
story, but every once in a while it will make you stumble over a sentence or phrase. Keep up the good work and this story will ROCK.
If anyone wants to beta... EMAIL ME PLEASE!!!!!! I beg of you.

FROM Silvrfoxfire

Do we have the pleasure of having more students ripped away
from the miserable Dumbledufus and joing harry on this new journey? I think every one would benefit from this education rather than suffering Hogwarts. I don't know why but I have a gut feeling the other student going into the phoenixes is going to be Draco and without Hogwarts rivalry these two are going to be something to fear.

There will be one other student (who yet is undecided(Currently either Draco or Blaise I am thinking. There is no way Ron or Ginny could go, but Hermione is an option)) who will go to Karana, however they will instead be with Harry's host sqadron (as he is technicaly a member of all 4 the 5th). Said student will also win the tournament of course, becoming the Black Phoenix for 5th year. I do not want to give too much away.