Albus Dumbledore was nervous. He had invited Harry back to England. But this Harry was not under his thumb. The plan he had for the destruction of Voldemort needed a dependant Harry. Years of planning, meddling and manipulation down the drain.

Well... Maybe not. Albus knew Yoshia Kama, quite well. Yoshia was one of 5 wizards who came from around the world to help finish of Grindelwald. He had an apprentice too. Taken, Takan, something like that any way. Both were skilled fighters and wizards, they did what he had been trying to do for ages. They killed him. Then they vanished, leaving Dumbledore to bask in the glory, as it should be. If Harry worked like Yoshia's team did, then maybe it would all work out okay. He would just wait until Voldemort was dead, then bask in the glory whilst Harry sat in the corner. Yes... it could work out just fine.


Whilst Albus Dumbledore was pacing his office, Harry and Blaise were planning their entrance to Hogwarts. The knew it had to be impressive. They needed to make a statement – we are not here to be manipulated. The twins and Maria Turncole were sitting down helping them.

"Well Harry, you want to make a bang... I say you use shadow stallions." Chieko suggested.

"What about fathers latest venture Chi... Do you think he would let them?"

"No way Shino. Valkieren Shadows are too valuable."

"What if we were to purchase some?"

"Harry, do you know how much they cost?" Maria spoke up.

"Not really."

"Father said one hundred and fifty each at least. That is for a crud one."

"Million? That's fine."

Everyone looked at Harry in amazement.

"Actually, thousand Haz. For a fine one your looking at seven mil each."

"Could your father have a team of six ready for sale before August 25th?"

"I'll write tonight."

Harry wrote out a debit slip and passed it to Shino.

"You write that like it is nothing Harry."

Harry blushed.

"Before I forget, Celebratory drinks in my room tonight." Blaise stated.

The five of them went their separate ways, until the party that night, which was being held in Blaise's room. When the five students were gathered at the 'party' they began to swap gifts with each other.

To Blaise, Harry gave a set of enchanted katanas – one of the few weapons Blaise could beat Harry with. To the Miki twins he gave the deeds to a property, with funding to set up their own farm and to Maria Turncole, who's family was still fairly destitute, he gave 17 million dollars and a seat on the high council (as with any modern council, seats could be bought easily).

Blaise gave Harry a supply of illegal potions ingredients, the twins gave him a letter, and Maria a bracelet, enchanted with various protection charms.

The letter from the twins turned out to be from their father.

To Mister Potter.

My son and daughter inform me you are interested in the purchase of 6 Valkierian Shadows. Your debit slip for 42 million is enough to purchase 6 of my most prized animals. Chi and Shi would like to give you a carriage. As such, I am providing you with a black, 6 person carriage, with a footman for no extra charge.

Congratulations on your graduation from Karana, and good luck in the future. If you ever need livestock, our family has farmed for generations. Please do contact me.


Shira Miki.

'Yes' Harry thought to himself. Our entrance will be spectacular.


September first, Albus Dumbledore sat at the staff table awaiting the end of the feast. Looking over the crowd of assembled students he stands and dismisses all of the students, with the exception of the prefects.

"Come, we have two new students to greet."

After a couple of minutes, where all the teachers and prefects were gathered at the front door of the castle, a Hufflepuff prefect pointed to the sky, where all eyes were instantly drawn.

The clear night sky had suddenly clouded over in one spot. The clouds were red and stormy. Thunder and lightning clapped. Out of the sky galloped 6 pure black creatures, pulling a carriage. They appeared to be horses, however their manes were black fire, their eyes looked like doorways into hell.

The carriage came to a halt in front of the steps to Hogwarts. The door opened, and 6 figures disembarked.

At the front of the group stood two powerful looking teens. Both had black hair, tied back at the neck, both were wearing battle robes, one black, purple, green and silver, the other black, green, silver and gold.

Behind them stood a tall man wearing pure black robes, to his left stood a dark skinned woman, with white hair. To her left stood another woman, black hair with snow white skin. And to her left, a boy who looked no older than an 11 year old child. All of the figures were hidden in shadow. A bolt of lightning briefly illuminated them

Dumbledore stepped forwards.

"I hope your journey went well. I am Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Harry stepped forwards and bowed.

"Albus Dumbledore, I am Harry Potter, Member of the five squadrons, member of the Black Phoenix, graduate of Karana."

Next was Blaise. "I am Blaise Zabini, Member of the Blue Panthers, honorary Black Phoenix, graduate of Karana."

"I am Takan Kamon, Protector of the light, guardian of hope, member of the Black Phoenix, graduate of Karana."

"I am Ilztdorl, Mystic Warrior of the Sisterhood of the Forgotten ways. Member of the Drow Council, Member of the Royal family, next in succession for the throne of Sar'Caranon, beloved of Harry Potter."

"I am Corbael, the Legendary Guardian, Walker of the Arcane, Spell weaver, Member of the Royal family, next in succession for the throne of Faer'Caravelle, beloved of Harry Potter"

"I am Faeis, Walker of paths uncrossed, sprite of the air and sky, keeper of balance, member of the council of 9."

"Now that the intro..."

"Your staff have not introduced themselves. As you have many, at least the senior most four should introduce themselves." Harry butted in quickly.

"I am Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Head of Griffindor house, Mistress of transfiguration, member of the Transfiguration Association of England."

"I am Severus Snape, Third in command of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Second in command of wards, Head of Slytherin House, Master of Potions, Master of Defense, Dueling Master, head of Potions Control Board of Britain."

"Filius Flitwick. Charms Master, Dueling Master, Head of Ravenclaw."

"Pomona Sprout, Herbology Master, Head of Hufflepuff house, head of the Registered Growers Association."

Harry inclined his head at the staff members.

"You have a talented staff. I myself enjoy a good duel, masters Flitwick and Snape, perhaps one day soon we shall engage in friendly spar. If you wish to know our qualifications, I hold masters in charms, transfiguration and potions, Blaise is a charms master. Takan never bothered with the tests."

"Now, how about you come inside. I am sure our Care of Magical Creatures teacher Hagrid can take care of your mounts... intriguing creatures..."

"Valkierian Shadows. Whilst I do not doubt his skills, I doubt he knows proper care for these creatures."

"What's I gotta do 'Arry?"

"Master Hagrid?"

"Aye. I aint seen you since you was a baby Harry."

"Oh.. Well. First, create a torch for each animal. Place the torch within the mane. Once the torch is lit say the incantation 'dal chath ulu khaliizi, takata', the steed will turn to stone, place the torch in the mouth. Repeat for each animal. Then gather some live animals, something like a rabbit. Place one inside the flame, I suggest you wear Dragon Hide as you do it. The animal will go up in flames. When the flames turn red, the creature is fed."

"Do they return to normal after that?" a Gryffindor prefect with bushy brown hair asked.

"No. Valkierian Shadows stay as stone until the flame is returned to them, or until the full moon. If I had a large fire field, I could just release them there, but alas, I do not. And what is your name miss."

"Granger. Hermione Granger, 5th year prefect of Griffindor house."

The welcoming party, and six newest occupants of Hogwarts entered the building, no one noticing the fact that none of the new people used a wand to levitate their belongings.

When they were all standing within the entrance hall, the prefects were dismissed, as were the majority of the staff, the exceptions being Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall.

"Professor McGonagall will show Masters Takan and Faeis to their rooms, Mister Zabini, follow me and we will get you sorted. Professor Snape will show the remaining three their quarters."

Harry followed after Professor Snape, down towards the Dungeons.

"So Mister Potter. Finally decided to come to Hogwarts have you?" the dark professor snipped.

"Aye Master Snape. Your brother sends his wishes, by the way. He also sends this comment. 'You are stupid for agreeing with the bee, but I understand your motivation' I gather that you understand. He also left me some ingredients for you." Harry answered, unfazed in the least by the snarky potions professor.

To say that Severus Snape was surprised would be an understatement. Quickly gathering his thoughts, he turned to Harry.

"Well where are they?"

"In my trunk. Show me where I can put it and I will get them for you."

Minutes later, Harry, Severus, Ilztdorl and Corbael entered a rather small room. Harry placed his trunk on the ground and opened the roomy compartment.

When everyone was in the loby area, Harry opened the elevator and ushered the pureblooded wizard, drow and elf into the 'steel contraption'.

"A friend in the trunk industry figured out how to make a compartment 300 times larger. Now... potions lab... floor 15."

The elevator moved, startling all but Harry, until it came to the potions lab.

"You brew here Mister Potter?"

"I enjoy potions Master Snape. One cannot work in a cramped environment. Your supplies are over here."

Harry pointed to 10 large creates labeled SS.

"How am I to get these boxes to my quarters? One or two I could handle, but 10? I gather they cannot be shrunk."

"No. Now, since you are using imported materials, and your brother is at Karana, I take it you know of the advancements outside of the British isles, which means you would be open to some different magic."

Severus gave a sharp nod.

"Ilztdorl, will a Drow battle gate work here, without killing potions ingredients?"

"Aye Haz. It will need more energy though, go Drow."

To the surprise of the potion master, Harry Potter suddenly changed shape in front of his very eyes into, what could only be considered the male equivalent of Ilztdorl, then he began a low chant, which suddenly formed a large rectangle which opened to the Potion Master's private store cupboard. Severus promptly levitated the creates through the portal, then looked to Harry.

"You can either leave, or come sit down with us for a chat. I don't say this often Master Snape, but I like your company."

"I will stay."

Harry looked over to the Elf and Drow, who were quietly chatting.

"Iltz, Cor, did you want to come and talk with Master Snape, or are you happy to retire to our room?"

The two girls talked amongst themselves for a second.


"Floor 2. Now Mister Snape, did you want to adjourn to my library?"

Severus Snape was never one to turn down looking at another mans library, so minutes later they were both sitting in the overly large library. Talking about various potions theories, namely Wolfsbane, which Severus had invented 3 years ago.

"No, if you add the silver nitrate, it will kill the wolf."

"Not if you add the nettles at the end, they act as a buffer, see it says so in" Harry called for a large potions tome " this book... Here. Nettles absorb silver, surrounding it in an impenetrable wall, which does not get digested, useful for any potion to be given to a werewolf."

"True, but it also says in... do you have Potion Masters Journal, edition 16235?"

Harry handed the journal to Severus, who flicked through.

"Here... Nettles will react badly with a werewolf, as wolfs are carnivorous, and the addition of the indigestible plant matter will result in vomiting, and loss of essential dosage of potion."

"So add something which causes the potion to be instantly absorbed, yet stored in the muscles to be time released."

"Like Dragon Heartstrings?"

"Yes, although I would make a stock out of it... soak a heartstring in 20,000 gallons of water under a low flame, add some salts, then store... you should only need 1 ml per dose... and if this cure works... I can see no reason why they would disallow it's use."

Their talking continued long into the night, then the two went to Harry's lab to begin working on what they had discussed. A cure for lycanthropy. (Severus's biggest fear was werewolves, so the sooner he could cure them all, the better). During the breaks in their brewing, they discussed 'current events'. Apparently Voldemort had risen when Peter Petigrew stole some of Albus' blood, for a blood ritual.

"Really... Bone of the father, Flesh of the Servant and Blood of an Enemy? There are much better rituals... Well Voldemort is always one for the evil ritual isn't he."


Harry walked over to a filing cabinet (one which existed in each room of the complex and was linked to his cabinet in his room at Karana) and pulled out a manila folder.

After a quick scan he turned a calculating gaze on the dark potions master.

"You spy?"

"How did you..." the normally cool man spluttered.

Harry handed him the manila folder he held which was labeled "Severus Snape".

"You've done your research."

"Of course sir."

"How did you find out this... and this... not even my brother knew most of this!"

Harry winked at the potions master. "A Black Phoenix never tells sir, however I thought you may appreciate this." Harry walked over to his filing cabinet and pulled a sheet of paper out of another folder, duplicating it.

"Albus was arrested for shop lifting socks!" Severus chuckled.

"Aye sir."

"Potter, I like you. Now do you have anything interesting on the other three?"

"Depends on whether you can do something for me."


"I need an ear in the staff meetings. And the order meetings, I know for a fact that Albus is manipulative and will only give me data he wants me to know."


Harry pulled out another sheet of paper and handed a duplicate to the smirking potions master.

"Catnip. Your colleague Minerva McGonagall was in Saint Mungos for 3 months of rehab after becoming addicted to Catnip. Apparently her animagus form has rubbed off on her personage. Any time she is near it she goes into conniptions."

Severus laughed at the photo's on the page. Whilst he was laughing, he noticed Harry was rummaging in one of the ingredients cupboards.

"What are you doing?"

"Consider this a present. Essence of Catnip. Now, Filius Flitwick... Summer job as a stilt walking clown apparently. Quit after fracturing both legs when someone yelled out 'Hey look its Harry Potter'. Pomona Sprout, not much dirt on her really... rather tame, although she did spend four days being controlled by a new hybrid plant she bred, which had various... appetites. She was found in a London red light district. Now unfortunately there are two wonderful ladies waiting for me in my bedroom and they will kill me if I don't go to bed for at least 2 hours a night. I am arranging my schedule tomorrow, so I will ensure i schedule some time for us to work on potions. I gather you can show yourself out. Until then, feel free to use anything in this room. Don't touch the black filing cabinet though. It is rather well protected. The book over there is linked to my library. The easiest way out is to touch the red button on the elevator. The other way is apparition but that would not be ideal in Hogwarts."

With that Harry left Severus to 'play'.

The next morning Harry woke to find Severus still in the potions Laboratory.

"Still here?"

"I was just..."

"It's fine. Would you like to come for a run with me?"


"Do you want to go to my training track or would you prefer to come to the lake."

"Outside, if that is okay with you Harry."

Harry pulled a staff out of his robes and planted it into the ground. After whispering a phrase a portal opened into a large park with a lake in the middle.

"Welcome to Shar Llounen's outdoor training ground. Tell anyone about it you die." The cold tone of Harry's voice erased all doubt that Harry would not live up to his promise. "Shar Llounen is the school of the Black Phoenix. There are only seven people will unrestricted access to Shar Llounen. Takan, Yoshia, my three teachers, myself and the owner of Shar Llounen."

"Where is this?"

"Everywhere, nowhere, here, there. No one knows. Yoshia believes it is a separate dimension, Takan believes it is displaced in time by mere milliseconds and I personally believe it exists in a separate plane. A higher plane. Then there is the owner, who's answer is that this place does not exist so the point is moot."

Harry then began a slow jog, gradually speeding up. Severus Snape kept up for the first 3 laps, then began slowing down. After another 12 laps Harry stopped.

"You must be one of the fittest wizards I have ever met Severus. Most cannot last 1 around this lake. I have spent over 10 years running this long distance." It would take weeks for Severus to figure out that comment. Harry created another portal which opened just outside the closed doors of the Great Hall. According to Severus's watch all of the students and staff would be in the Hall receiving schedules.

The two men were joined a minute later by Harry's two consorts. Harry waved his hands and the two giant oak doors to the great Hall slammed open. He stormed up to the head table, his battle robes billowing out behind him, with Snape at his side. The Hall was deathly silent as the two men took a seat at the head table, the two women sat on the other side of Harry.

Dumbledore stood and addressed the student body.

"I would like to welcome a new student to our midst, Blaise Zabini, who has been sorted into Slytherin. I would like to introduce our new Defense professor who will also be taking a physical defense class, Professor Harry Potter. There are also a number of other guests staying with us."

Harry's head snapped over to the headmaster.

Quietly Harry spoke to the headmaster. "We never agreed on that! I said I would teach a physical training course, that is all."

"Spur of the moment Harry. Our defense professor was killed last night on his way to Hogwarts."

"Very well old man. Expect many complaints about a harsh teacher though. May I speak to the students?"

The esteemed headmaster nodded.

"Welcome students. I was not expecting to be teaching you defense against the dark arts, but I am now. The physical training course I will be starting will take up much of your time, should you wish to participate. I am asking for at least 2 hours of your time each day. You may like me now. If you join my class, after the first week you will hate me. By the second you will wish me dead. By the end of the month, if you do not wish I never existed, I will eat a lemon drop. You will learn endurance. You will learn how to use a weapon, you will learn how to kill, you will learn how to heal. You will learn to live. You will learn to die. Thankyou. Could my defense students please come to the great hall before your classes. I am not using the defense classroom."

A schedule was slid across the table to him when he sat down. First class, 5th year Griffindor and Slytherin. When all of the staff and students had left with the exception of his class and Severus (who had asked to attend his first lesson), he opened a gateway to one of his training rooms.

"Follow me Class."

Inside was a bare room. There were no desks, no books, nothing, except for a large chest.

"Spread out. I want to test you." Harry opened the chest and hundreds of balls flew into the air.

"These balls will attack you. Three balls per person. They will shoot a basic electrical jolt spell at you. They move. You must disable them. Should you have any problems, the safety word is dead. Do not mutter this word unless you are in trouble as any balls that hear it will be disabled. These balls will fly randomly around the room for 10 seconds before they race towards you and begin. Go."

Harry remembered the same class at Karana, on his fifth day. The balls did not just shock however. They inflicted excruciating pain – not cruciatus bad, but still bad. They were each put up against 12 balls. When they disabled them all, they reactivated. 2 hours of torture it was.

Five minutes later, Harry yelled out "RETURN". All of the spheres flew back into the trunk. A board at the back of the room gave a score for each student out of 1000 (1000 being disabled all three without being hit). No score was above 100 (300 would be disabled one ball before being hit).

"Looks like I have my work cut out for me. Granger? What spells did you try, you have the highest score?"

"Expeliaramus, stupify, petrificus totalus, protego um."

"Basic dueling spells then. Now, why didn't Expeliarmus work?"


"Anyone? No. Quite simple. The spell acts on the wand, and more specifically to magical core. These drones merely shoot energy, there is no core to attach to. Now stupify?"

"No brain sir?"

"Correct. Petrificus Totalus?"

"It did work sir."

"Correct, why?"

"Because it relied on upwards motion to stay up and Petrificus stopped that?"

"Yes. Did Protego protect you miss Granger?"

"No sir."

"Why not?"

"Because it was pure energy, not a structured spell?"

"Correct. Now had you evaluated your enemy class, you would have realized that it is mechanical, not real. Therefor you should have shot it will spells like banishing charms, reductor curses, bludgeoning curses, anything physical. Protections would be better if it was a physical object, like an avis spell or using a transfiguration spell. Allow me to demonstrate. Line up against that wall."

Harry set all of the drones to attack him, on the advanced level. 5 minutes later all were lying on the ground. Harry's score, 997.

"As you can see, I was hit once. A glancing blow to my robes, but a blow none the less. You will notice that my tactics involved pushing away the objects whilst I disabled others. If you cannot get into the 700's at least by the end of this course, you will fail. Now, sit."

Chairs and desks instantly appeared inside the classroom. Harry began a basic lecture on protection spells.

"Now let's talk about blocking the worst curse you will probably come against. Avada Kedavra. Now how would you block it?"

Three people raised their hands. Hermione, Ron and Draco.

"Mister Malfoy?"

"You can't."

"Have you been a wizard for so long that you cannot think outside of using magical energy? Mister Malfoy, I want you to cast Avada Kedavra on me. If it hits me, I there is a legal document on my desk which will exempt you from Azkaban. Fire when ever your ready."

A bolt of green energy flew towards Harry. A brief wave of his wand, and the curse was no more.

"Can anyone tell me what I did?"

"Blocked Avada Kedavra with a shield?"

"False. I conjured a brick, right in the course of the curse. My aim was true, so when the brick intercepted the curse, I dropped the brick before you could have seen it. Mister Malfoy's curse was not as powerful as a death eaters, therefor when it hit my brick it did not explode into millions of pieces. Now why do most wizards just stand and take Avada then, instead of blocking. Rolling and Dodging does not work well because I could shoot off 20 Avada's in the time it would take you to move, guaranteeing you will crash into at least one."

When no answers were forthcoming, Harry sighed.

"Because you think magic is the answer to everything. Now I conjured, which was magic, but you wizards don't think like that. You think about the magic directly combating the other magic. This is where you could learn a lot from people who are NMA."

"NMA sir?" Seamus Finegan asked.

"The Non Magically Adept."

"You mean Muggles?"

"No, Muggles is a discriminatory label, a name. They are still humans. They are just not Adept at magic. Miss Parkinson, if you were to conceive a baby, this Tuesday with Mister Malfoy, what would you expect from the baby?"

"It would be powerful sir, two powerful parents creating a powerful child."

"Then you would be wrong, it would be what you term a squib. If you were to conceive on the Tuesday following, then your child would be very powerful. The parentage has minimal effect on power. Miss Granger, you were conceived on the 15th of October 1979 correct?"

"Yes sir."

"Your power level Miss Granger, what is it?"

"7 sir."

"Miss Parkinson, you were conceived on the 12th of September that same year, correct?"

"Yes sir."

"Your power level?"

"I don't know sir."

"6.5. If you were conceived on the same day as Miss Granger, it would probably have been 7.2, max. Had you been conceived a day earlier, you would have been a 'squib'."

"How do you know this?" came the drawl from Draco Malfoy.

"Apart from it being a well known fact outside of Britain, one can easily use a star chart, along with a magic field chart and a magnetic field chart to plot the best time for conception of a child to receive a powerful child. You can also plot the times you do not want to conceive for risk of a squib. If anyone is interested I have a chart in my library that you can borrow. Now, since that tangent is finished, how could you turn the counter I just showed into an offensive as well as a defensive maneuver?"

"Place a mirrored surface on them."

"A mirror will not reflect the curse, however if you had the time, you could develop a confundus hex which would confuse the weave, in fact reversing it, turning it 180 degrees."

"Mister Malfoy what would you do?"

"Use a swarm of them as projectiles."

"Correct. Now the incantation to conjure a single brick is conjurus later. To conjure a projectile one, one which flies, uses a different tactic, pario volaticus later, or if you want to amuse yourself at the same time, pario citivolus later." Harry demonstrated the last spell, and a red brick appeared with little white wings, which flapped around the room. "Now I can control that with my mind, where I want it to go. However I can just give it a general direction, like, fly around me and intercept any curse, or go and build a wall around Mister Goyle, or fall onto my head. Building a wall with one brick would not work, but it would if I was in control of hundreds of bricks. Pario volaticus multiplicus later. That is the incantation you should remember. Now as I am fairly powerful, I could end up with thousands of bricks. If I was a level .1, which is barely above a squib, can manage Wingardium Leviosa at the most, I would get a single brick. You may be able to get 20 or 30 bricks. The number is largely intention, coupled with the limit of your magic. Now I have a lovely spell you can use to practice this with, foro lumen. It is an unblockable lazer of light. Spread out, find a partner and practice."

And so they did. Harry's classes continued this way for all of the classes 2nd year up. 1st years they discussed what Dark Arts were. That evening was the first Physical Defense class.

"Welcome to Physical Defence." Harry looked over the swarm of students, 3rd year and up. Almost everyone had come. Harry had led them into the same training room as his defense class.

"I want each of you to run 3 laps around this room."

The perimeter of the room was probably only about 100m at the time, and no body looked at it as if it was too hard, and began to jog. Harry released the confining spell on the walls, making the room full sized 150m x 150m. There was a collective groan from everyone.

"Move! Or do I have to create motivation?"

A 5th year Hufflepuff was silly enough to ask what sort of motivation.

"Horrea Conjurus."

A team of dangerous looking animals appeared.

"Chase em down boys."

By the end of the class, Harry Potters name was cursed. Every student walked through the portal to the great hall looking like they had only just survived 13 rounds with a blast ended scewt. When one student commented such, Harry called out cheerfully "Good idea! I will ask Professor Hagrid for some."

That night Harry wept. He wept because he knew he was going to rip the child hood away from every student in his classes. He was making an army. Two sets of arms wrapped around him, and he fell asleep in the arms of his two lovers.