I wouldn't fall for you in a Million years:

Where I am?

Author's Note:

I have been reading some good fanfiction in this category, the writers are so talented, and I am well…not as much. So…I decided to revise my story in order to improve it. A lot of things are going to change, and lot will stay the same. In some ways you will be reading a whole new story, yet the essence of the plot will remain the same thing. Some of the chapters may seem they same, while others are completely different. I am also setting up for the sequel. One of the characters name is changing, the villain of the story originally Regina is now Reina, not much of change huh? Anyhow she will be in this chapter. Yes, I am looking for a beta or editor. I like to note that originally this story was 24 chapters and that is what the 399 reviews are for, I don't want to mislead anyone, I just didn't want to delete all the reviews because they really are a joy to read.

"Yugi, wait up!" Tea called, running as fast as her legs would take her and trying to flag him down, by waving both arms. Gripping his book bag, he stopped to greet her with a smile, "Hey Tea, what's up?" She jerked her head upward after she caught her breathe.

"I wanted to tell you my dance recital is tonight. You are coming right?" the words fell off her lips with eagerness and an almost pleading tone. This was for her dream, and she wanted to share it with her friends. "This is where I find out if I get my scholarships to go to my dream school in the U.S.A."

"Of course," he grinned, "I wouldn't miss it for the world." Then he realized he had a problem. How am I going to get the rest of the guys to come? Joey hates ballet, and Mai doesn't particular care for it herself…So I can't use her to lure Joey. Ah, yes Serenity! Tristan and Duke both have a crush on her, she's Joey's little sister, so he can't tell her no…well and Mai… maybe she'll come anyway, at least most of the gang will be there, so it will work out pretty well. His grin widened at the thought of his solution.

"Good! I'll see you at six then, I got to go," waving goodbye, she dash down the hall towards class, really not paying attention to where she was going, she was lost in her excitement of finally realizing her dreams.

Suddenly. She let out an "Umph," as she fell to the ground. "Oh sor…," the apology started to come from her mouth, but it stopped as quickly as her demeanor changed when her soft blue eyes met ice. "Oh it's you!" A glare graced her face as she looked upward to see a tall lean figure, smirking before her.

"Falling for me Gardner?" Kaiba sarcastically questioned, "You're just not my type." She pulled herself off the floor, still glaring at him, fiercely. She put a hand on her hip.

Defiance was something a young man like Seto Kaiba had to put up from very few people. Considering, how much power and influence he had, it was very rare that anyone could find the courage to stand on their two legs in front of him without a VERY good reason. One of the few was, of course, none other than the girl standing before him: Tea Gardner.

"I wouldn't fall for you in a million years!" she screamed. He chuckled, and then he threw her his famous smirk. This just made the rage inside her grow and two small fists were formed by her side out of frustration.

"You already did, Gardener, you fell right at my feet."

Snapping at him, "I fell because you got in my way, you idiot!" She shook one fist in his face, but he wasn't phase by this at all.

"You can deny it all you want Gardner but you know you want me." He didn't care if she really liked him or not, it was just a fun game to play. For some odd reason he found her to be the funniest to tease out of Yugi's little group. Joey was too easy and he did the arguing for his little sister, Yugi was too nice, and Tristan wasn't entertaining at all, Tea, however tried to be sweet, but she had a temper. This intrigued him. When ever she flared up, he found it hilarious, fortunately for him he knew all the ways piss her off, insults towards her dance skills was the best way to go. Though, this whole situation seemed to get her riled up more than usual. He take note to bring this up in front of her little friends, she would be completely enraged.

"Why would I want a Rich Jerk like you?" She couldn't believe the nerve of HIM! It was bad enough, last week, he practically called her fat. He told her fat girls can't dance, of course he told her he was well aware of her lacking skills. That was ridiculous, even for him! Since he has never seen her perform before. How the hell would he know? And why did it bother her so much?

"I don't know you tell me?" he asked, waiting for a reply. This was better than messing with the Mutt any day, he thought.

"You… you… you…you, jerk," she exclaimed.

"Hmm…I see you can't deny it, can you?" he retorted, "Because obviously if you didn't like me you would think of something better than 'You Jerk.' You lost half your intelligence in the last few minutes. Face it Gardner you want me," he leaned closer to her, his lips almost touch hers.

She could feel her heart pumping faster. It couldn't be? Was he really going to kiss her? If so why wasn't she pulling back? It didn't make sense. Frozen, unmoving, she stood as his lips hovered over hers. Then the next second he turned his head to where he could whisper in her ear. "See," in a seductive tone, "you want me to kiss you, but I wouldn't even if you begged, even if you were dying." He moved away and her face was flaming red. From embarrassment or rage, nobody knew, not even herself.

"I don't even like you as a friend, why would I…?" the bell ranged. "Jeeeeeeerk!" Tea shrilled after Kaiba, who had just turned away from her, the sight of his retreating figure just pissed her off more. She stomped her foot in frustration, "He really gets on my nerves!" The only good thing about him is his brother. And the fact that he is rich and handsome doesn't hurt either. Oh neither would the fact if he turned out to be a good kisser. Her little voice whispered. Where did that come from?

Tea found herself wondering about the early events of the day as she headed home. Why did Kaiba have to be such a jerk, especially to HER. It is true, he has never been exactly nice to anyone, but…He seems to take extra joy in teasing her. Completely lost in her mind, she didn't hear the voice calling her.

"Tea! Tea!" Serenity was trying to get her attention but calling her name didn't work so she suddenly stepped in front of her. Startled, her friend jumped a little in surprise.


"What is going on in your head? Hmm…," Serenity leaned in closer, "A boy?" A tinge of blush appeared on the dancer's cheeks.

"Uh…no, of course not," she stuttered trying to gain her bearings, "just thinking about the competition."

"Okay," Serenity stepped back, giving Tea some space, "Well, anyhow I was checking to see if you remember our plans for tonight?"


Joey's little sister smiled teasingly, "No surprise, you didn't remember, well then…good thing I hunted you down. We are having a girl's night out, tonight."

"I'm not so sure if that is a good idea," Tea began to argue, "I have…,"

The other girl frowned slightly, putting a hand on her hip. "You promised," she pointed out.

The blue eyed girl sighed. Realizing she really didn't remember the promise and would upset Serenity if she said so, she agreed. "Alright, I'll go."

"Good, then you will meet Mai and me at the mall in hour?" with that Serenity began to head in the opposite direction.

"What?! Wait a minute Sen…" she had called out, but her friend had already disappeared. Tea sighed, her and Mai weren't enemies in anyway, just very different. That fact often made it hard for the two to get along.

She continued home glancing around the neighborhood, taking in the scent of the spring flowers and for a moment she was in complete bliss. The joy was taken away as soon she arrived at home to find herself staring at a piece of paper blowing in the wind, a note was attached to the door:

Sorry Tea,

We can't make it to your recital. Good luck, wish we could be there.

Love Mom and Dad

Tea frowned it wasn't even hand written, it was concise, short to the point, and didn't seem to have an ounce of sincerity in it, not that it could. Actually, it looked like the same note she got for her last performance.

Sometimes, especially in moments like this, she felt like she was another client, a less important client. Her parents have only gone to one recital, and that was because they had to drop her off. Too young to walk, let alone drive then. Now she was older, and walked herself to wherever she needed to go. She still couldn't afford a car, and her parents didn't have time to get her one.

Ripping the note off the door, crumbling it in her hand, a little angry was burning inside her, even though she was used to her parents doing this to her, it still hurt. She shook her head then stepped inside her house.

Immediately, heading to the fridge, "Looks like a T.V. dinner, again." There was no way she could perform on an empty stomach, though, lately she had been dieting. Not really knowing why…no…that wasn't true. It was because of some cruel comment of Kaiba's had managed to seep through her conscious. "Stupid Kaiba, why do I care what he thinks, anyway!" She wondered opening the freezer and seizing a T.V. Dinner. At that moment however she gazed down at her stomach. It was sticking out a little more than it was supposed. Even after I gave up the French fries, I hate it when he is right! She tossed the frozen dinner back into the freezer and grabbed a bag of carrots instead. "I hate you Kaiba," she muttered munching on the orange vegetable.

The mall was full of people everywhere. Tea was constantly bumping into somebody as she tried to search for the place she was supposed to meet the other girls. "Watch it!" a venomous voice yelled at her when she had accidentally caused them to drop their things. She bent down to help, but the girl pushed her away, "I don't need your help!" Then the snobby blonde snatched her bag, flipping her hair as she stomped away.

"Boy and I thought Kaiba was the only one who could complain about someone helping him," grumbling out the comment as she continued her search.

"Tea," she heard a voice call, turning to see a hand waving at her made her smile. The fabulous blonde sat next Serenity looking bored with a hand under her chin, while Serenity presumed waving her hand, "Over here." Tea squeezed through the crowd, trying to minimize the bumping she did to get over to where they were sitting.

Tea sat down in front of the two girls in a bright red booth. Then a waitress quickly took their order, and brought back it fast. Mai had a diet coke, Serenity a lemonade, and Tea a diet Mountain Dew, then they shared a small thing of nachos. "Hey, so what are we going to do first?" Tea asked earning a look of astonishment from the beautiful violet eyed girl and sweet smile from Serenity.

"You don't know why we are here? Do you?" the dancer blinked in confusion, then shook her head. "We are here to get dresses!" exclaimed Joey's little sister. Tea still didn't comprehend the importance of what they were doing and the blonde female duelist rolled her eyes.

"The school dance," Mai pointed out in a bore tone, "Surly you are aware it is happening next week?" The blue eyes of the brunette widened with realization. Duh, she thought. She had been so caught up with the recital that she forgot about the promise months ago, (which must have been what Serenity was talking about earlier) that she would shop with them just for this occasion.

"Oh yeah," Tea replied. "Well where do you want to start, I think…," But the glamourous blonde held her hand up, then she pulled out her wallet. Tea looked over to Serenity, who just shrugged her shoulders.

"We are shopping at my favorite store and I'm buying." Tea tried to argue, but "there is no way I'm going to set foot in one of those stores!" Mai made her claim firmly, "So just let me buy you guys this one dress. I already had this argument with Serenity, I just want to shop now." She finished her declaration pulling herself up. Tea glanced over at her other friend, who gave a nod in confirmation, then took a deep breathe.

Tea was taking aback by the price, "$600" she exclaimed. It was beautiful, but she couldn't let Mai pay for it. "I think I saw one that was a little less expensive," Tea began walking away from the dress to start looking for another. Mai grabbed it and shoved it at Tea.

"You are going to get this one, it is perfect," the female duelist commanded pushing the brunette towards a dressing room. It was now that she understood how Mai got Joey to do whatever she wanted. She was very much persisted. Tea looked the dress up and down. It was the most beautiful thing she ever seen.

"Well I guess I could at least try it on," she replied.

Seto began searched around the mall, looking for the video game store, his little brother was 'supposed' to be in. He hated malls. They were always so crowded with idiotic boys shopping for new girlfriends, awestruck girls looking at the latest clothes, and stressed out mothers with their annoying children.

Finally locating it, it was just a few feet ahead of him; however something had lure him into distraction that something or someone would be forever imprinted in his mind.

She stood there in front of the window, unaware of the world around her and her girlfriends. Twirling around as she stared down at the dress, playing with the silky material as she admired its quality. There was a sparkle in her bright blue eyes that seemed to have been brought out even more by the light blue and the silver sequences on her dress. It was a strapless gown that clung to her, revealing curves he had no idea she had, and flaring out towards the bottom. He couldn't believe it. Is that… that really Tea Gardner?

A slender girl with long straight blonde hair contrasting against her pale skin stared with green eyes at the girl in the window. She was wearing a pair of white pants and a lacey blue blouse. Classy that was how she dressed as a girl of superior taste and talent. She couldn't believe the girl she in the window was her greatest competition. Glaring at her, she thought about what was going to happen tonight. This girl…this was the only one who stood in her way. She would do whatever it took to beat her. Losing was not an option, especially now that she was so close to achieving her dreams.
Tea stuffed the dress in the back of the closet. Then pulled out her recital outfit, admiring it for a second, it was a silky blue leotard with a sky blue rose, and a bright midnight blue tutu. It had taken her all summer to earn it. It was simple, but it was hers.

She slipped it on. Then turning around in front of her full length mirror she smiled. Patting down the creases, she couldn't help but approve of the way it looked on her. Perfect. Today is my day.

Oddly enough Seto found himself in the audience to watch Tea's performance. He didn't really care for dancing or her, but Mokuba had 'insisted' he come along (more like tricked and begged). His little brother wanted to support the dancer because apparently she had helped him with baking for a fundraiser at the carnival, as well as other things he couldn't remember. Seto was willing to buy him the cookies or have the chef bake them, but the younger Kaiba persisted he wanted to make them himself. Seto couldn't help but be a tiny bit proud that his brother wanted to do the work, but it left a problem, because Seto didn't know how to cook. Mokuba was afraid that one of the maids would take over trying to impress the older employer so he had refused their help, instead finding someone on his own: Tea Gardener to help him. So anyway here was Seto sitting amongst the…audience. What made the whole situation worse was the image of her in that dress. She had appeared so…so…beautiful, and he didn't want to think about that. She was just someone to tease nothing more, but something told him that fate was conspiring against him to make that fact change.

"I wondered when Tea is going to be on." Mokuba asked no one in particular, while still fidgeting in his chair from impatience, which he had done for the last ten minutes.

Seto rolled his eyes, "I hope soon."

"So are you looking forward to seeing Tea, then big brother?"

"No, I'm looking forward to getting out of here," he answered honestly. In the next moment, he was grateful when he looked up to see the curtains finally being drawn to reveal Tea in all her glory. The image of her turning gracefully flashed in his mind, once more. He scowled.

Center stage, she stood only for a moment then the music began. She immediately twirled. Letting the beat take over her body, every movement was elegantly and beautifully done with amazing skill. Her light brown hair flowed with her as she leapt in the air. Kaiba would never admit it, but she really could dance. She seemed to have reached a level of art and beauty as she continued to capture the audience with every move she made, including Seto Kaiba himself. She was so pretty, especially when she is in a tight dress. Kaiba pushed the thought away, concentrating on her, though that was another problem in itself. He hoped this torture his mind was putting him through would end. Why did I have to see her in that dress?

She took another leap in the air once more, her body moving perfectly. Her foot hit the floor, but she must have somehow landed wrong because just as she was trying break into another twirl because in the next moment she stumbled a bit towards the entrance. Then she hit her head against the wall. The bright lights of the stage disappeared from her view.

Everyone was shocked. Watching from the crowd, nobody saw any movement. Yugi quickly ran to her side, "Tea, Tea wake up." he cried shaking her, Tristan tried to pull his friend back, so he wouldn't accidentally do anymore damage.

"Come on, man, she'll be fine." He tried to sooth her still trying to pull Yugi back.

Mai dialed her phone while all the panic had occurred somehow keeping her cool in amidst of the situation. Joey had been trying to calm Serenity all this time, "Mai?" his voice shook a little, she indicated to him to hold on another minute. Then she hung up her cell phone turning to face him.

"There will be here in a minute." Her violet eyes then gazed downward at her friend, thinking of how lovely she looked a moment ago. How happy Tea seemed earlier, panic had begun to hit Mai and she tried her best to keep it at bay. Joey while still holding his sister put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"She'll be fine, she's tough. She hangs around us after all." Mai graced him with a half-hearted smile.

Seto pulled himself up out of his seat, hoping to get a closer look to ease his brother's fears, who held an expression of terror at the moment. "Is she going to be okay?" he asked in a very soft worry tone. As much as Seto disliked Yugi's little group and amongst them their cheerleader, he wanted to say yes for his brother's sake. Okay…maybe a little for his own as well. Only out of guilt of course, it had nothing to do with these…uh…awkward feelings he seem to be developing in the last few hours. He could be really cruel to her, although he was like that to everyone, but especially to her. Looking over at the men putting her gently into the ambulance, he couldn't help but feel bad, maybe even worried. Mokuba begin to burst into hysteria as he clung to him, "Big brother, do something, do anything!"

"I can't do anything this time," Seto replied, a little sadness was laced in his voice of sincerity.

Opening her eyes, slowly, she let the light seep in. She suddenly shot up when she noticed her surroundings were completely unfamiliar. Her eyes began to absorb all of her surroundings. The room was a pale blue with a white seashell border. She searched for clues around exactly what she was sleeping in, she noted that she was on a soft feather bed with dark blue silk sheets, but the coziness of the bed was nonsexist due to the fear and panic she felt. This feeling didn't compare to anything she was feeling when she felt no clothes on her body. Nothing could compare to the terror she felt when she realized she wasn't alone in the bed, a man lying next to her. "Where am I?" she exclaimed out of fright.

"You're home, what are you talking about?" the man in her bed answered somewhat amused. She jumped out of bed with a panic look on her face as she held tightly to the bed sheet. Frantically searching for an exit she wondered: How did she end up here? She was on the stage a minute ago and now…the only thing she knew was THIS was not home. She felt herself go from fear to horror, when she caught her reflection in the mirror. "What's wrong with my body?" She exclaimed. Her hips were wider, and her chest was bigger, much bigger than what it had been originally. Now, her short brown hair had grown waist length. She had to admit who ever she was looking at, look darn good.

"Your body looks perfectly fine to me," the voice from her bed remarked seductively. His warm arms wrapped around her soft body. She screamed when she saw in the reflection in the mirror, and realized who was holding her, "Seto Kaiba!" He released her to make sure his ears still worked.

She turned around with furious blue eyes staring into his. "How the hell did you get here?" Admitting he was even more gorgeous than he ever was in high school was hard for her. He was built though still somewhat slender, his skin was perfectly tanned and his eyes they had seemed…softer, but just as or actually even more beautiful than before. She had to stop herself from tracing his perfectly powerful arms and well toned chest. She also had to push the thought of how it felt to be held by those arms. "What did you do to me?" she screamed.