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Chapter Six:

Mai was highly annoyed, her husband managed to maneuver around having to go with her to met up with Tea and what was worse he used their precious daughter Amaya, something about an after school program. Yeah, she knew better, he totally did not want to be there in case sparks fly between her Tea. She didn't know why she had to be recruited for this. Serenity was a lot better at dealing with people than she was, her and Tea were similar in personality, unlike Mai who was almost the complete opposite of Tea. She sighed as she made her way up to the door. Hopefully she could convince Tea to go shopping with her, it made things easier if she could distract herself with clothes.

She rang the door bell and Sanzo let her in. "Hello, Mrs. Wheeler." He greeted, "Mrs. Kaiba is in the kitchen."

Mai made her way to where her old friend was, "Hi," She said.

"Oh hi," Tea smiled and felt a little awkward, "Gosh, you haven't changed a bit. You still look great after all these years."

"Well of course, I'm one hot mama." She stated proudly.

"You're a mom?" Tea was surprised.

"Yeah, her name's Amaya, she looks like me, but she has Joey's eyes, and the same shade of blond."

"Wow, I can't wait to meet her." Tea said gleefully, she bet the girl was the most adorable person, but she also bet she was spoiled rotten, considering who her mother was.

Mai was surprised. She should not have been, Tea had always wanted to meet Amaya, and Joey has more than once took his daughter to see his 'aunt'. Mai was always upset, mainly because he did it bad her back, but she knew that Tea loved her as much she would as her own. She had to admit sometimes she felt sorry that Kaiba refused to give Tea a child. "Umm yeah...sure, so how do you feel about shopping."

"That sounds great. Seto had to go to work, something really important at the office, so I been coped up here all day. I know I shouldn't complain have all the latest entertainment gadgets and all the fries I can it, but...I want to be around people. Not to mention I apparently can't go to work, Seto told them I was taking a vacation. I don't know how long he thinks he can use that line."

"Oh well it's Kaiba he has his ways of convincing people. So let's go, and no complaints about the price, you got the money."

"I know but still I wasn't..."

"No," she said firmly. She could feel the familiar strain between them, Tea losing her memories, didn't really change things for the blond. "We are going to my stores, or you can stay here all day. I could work on my designs, I been coming up with new boots."

"You design clothes?" Tea questioned.

"Yes is that so surprising." She sounded bitter and Tea did not know why.

"No you always had good taste." Mai smirked at that. There was no denying that truth.

"Of course, now let's go find you something new to wear."

"So," Tea asked as they sat in Mai's purple car. "What all has changed? I mean besides the little girl and you being marry to Joey. I think I would be more shocked if you weren't. I would have to get onto Joey, if he dragged his feet that long."

"Not a chance," Mai flipped her hair, "He has got it good and he knows it. Not much has changed, actually most of the gang hangs out together, still. We still play cards from time to time. Yugi is usually at the academy helping younger kids master the game." She flipped a turn signal to the mall. "Serenity and I love to shop. She's been dating Tristan, sort of, they haven't told Joey. He is still protective as ever." she rolled her eyes. "Serenity works in marketing for the Shiseido Corp.,"

"Oh wow that is probably where you buy most of your makeup."

"Yeah, Serenity gets both of us a lot of stuff free, especially when she needs to try a new product out to come up with a idea for a new Ad."

"That's nice, so um...should I ask." She saw as the mall came into view, "That brings memories..." and suddenly she felt a surge of pain. "Ahh..."

Mai pulled the car over. "Tea?" She asked worried. She wrapped her arms around the girl in comforting hug, "Tea. It's okay." She didn't know what to do.

"So this is Mai's new design." Tea stared at the brand new gown, it was a long tight gown with the traditional Japanese red, detailed with beautiful gold birds. It was modern meets traditional and it was amazing.

"She'll really did a good job."

"Yeah," Serenity agreed. "I wish you two would work things out."

"I've tried she doesn't want to talk to me, even though Yugi is now happily married to Karina." She stared at the dress. "I bet she would throw a fit if I bought that, but I really like it."

"I know its beautiful and yeah I don't know. Mai is just stubborn." Serenity grabbed her hand, "Let's go I want to show you the new label I design for Sakura Kisses."

"I bet it smells fantastic."

"It does. I never put work on an ad. If it wasn't you know!"

"Tea?" Mai asked as she quickly

"You really hate me don't you?" She asked as she looked up.

It surprised her, "No, I don't hate you. I just can' know when you broke Yugi's heart you almost torn our group apart."

"So that's what really upset you?" She asked.

"Yea I guess, do we have to talk about this? It will just go down hill fast and I really want to buy some new clothes, plus I need some inspiration."

"Okay, but who is Karina?"

"Yugi's wife?" She replied as she started the car.


Mai pulled in at the big mall, "Oh somebody you never meet before. She and Yugi meet at a battle a few years back, just shortly after the start of your memory gap."

"Oh I'm happy for him. I was worried...I did remember the...never mind." She got out of the car.

"Oh you do? I thought you forgot everything."

"Things come back, somewhat painfully actually."

"Hmm, well you should be relieved then to find out he is happy." She was somewhat snobbish about it as she stepped out of the car, but then her voice softened. "Don't scare me like that again, please." Then her voice went back to normal, "We are here, let's go to Sakura's okay?"

Tea had a strange feeling about the whole situation as she glanced over to see someone that looked familiar but there was something wrong about how the blond woman smiled.

Shirley could not believe what she was seeing. Her hand was over her mouth in shock. She did not know who she wanted to throttle first, her husband or brother. She rewound the video again. There he was going in a room with another woman with long black hair into their bedroom. When he comes out, he was straightening his coat and belt. She tried to come up with a logical reason why he went into the bedroom with that woman. Any reason, something to do with the campaign, a secret company meeting, anything but nothing explained why his hair was a little ruffled, why she came out with an unnatural tear in her dress.

And she gritted her teeth, once more at the scene. This time she didn't stop it as, and it continued to play, moving to another scene. Her brother was in front of the camera, in a hotel room probably, judging by the lack of personal things. Though it was hard tell to with her brother, who didn't keep a lot of personal things to begin with.

"I'm sorry, I know you are trying to decide who you are more angry at. I also know you are wondering how I got this video." She rolled her eyes, and thought to herself, duh. "Well, it was a crowded party that night, but it was still a Delvin event, which means people with camera's wanted to make a quick buck. I of course had to pay a handsome sum to keep this from going to the press. I had to show you." he said it so sincerely that it made her grind her teeth. Of course, he would make it sound like his duty, but she knew it was a play. And she was about to find out why. She fast forward through the pity speech until she got to the end. The real reason he came back in her life. "So anyhow, if you look on the drive I gave you there are schematics to a very special place. The one place you could never break into and now you came." The video ended and she frozen. That thought intensity of what he was saying hitting her.

There was only one place she could think of, the golden goose. The one place she could never break into and always wanted to. She been everywhere around the world, stolen rare artifacts, a lot of things in the museums were amazing replicas because she had stolen the original. However this was the job that got away, it would have been the thing to make her mark on the world. Breaking into Tokyo Science and Technology Agency. It was one of the few places she could steal from. She tried it once, and barely got alive. Japan really had some of the most advance technology and some of the most brilliant scientists around the world.

And so that building had the greatest security in the world.

But getting in was easy, and getting out was possible, she was her after all. IT was getting out with something, anything. Everything was locked down tight, there were even plenty of items that had been drilled to the floor. That was one thing, it was not like she had not stolen something that was bolted to the ground before, she just brought her own tools, and created a pretty noisy distraction that would keep the guards busy. And it was not even the vaults, or lock boxes, that was her thing. She always had the touch and the ear. It was not even the alarms, she had tricks for that, set it off one too many times and the guards would think it was a glitch. There security had a way to measure weight, and they had the optometric system, where it checked your eyes, and there was the fingerprint scanner. Individual she could beat these, but all three system running together, she did not have trick for that until now.

Now she had a special microchip she could use to trick the system into believing she was someone else. She never seen a device like this. She almost couldn't believe that PDF file could be right about what all it could do. It was amazing and it made her want to go test it out right now. She stared at the tiny chip her brother had hidden inside the cover of jump drive. Almost unseen, it was hard to believe the power it held. She put the chip back into the cover and then she scrolled through the list, an entire list her brother gave her to try it out on, and oh how she wanted to.

She was once brilliant thief and con-artist. She got everything she ever wanted in life, when she wanted, except one thing, the thing she thought she had now. Her heart sank as she clenched the mouse. A love, without having to trick anyone to doing it, something real. Then again maybe she was never meant to have anything real. She did steal this life, too, didn't she? Sure, she was a real doctor, but she had to fake her way to get into med school.

Fred never understood that. Why she wanted to be a doctor; why not just keep the life the way it was. She had wanted to be a doctor when she was younger, she even remember taking care of Fred's wounds, when he was adorable chubby red head. But then life happened, it took their mother away and she had to scrap, hustle to get by, to keep from getting separated. Fred saw her doing things and admired her for it, ever man she conned with a sweet face, or everything she stole with just the right timing. He wanted to be just like her, so much he ended up spiraling out of control. Oh the years she spent trying to save him. Though, she had to admit she enjoyed the life for awhile, herself, the thrill of breaking into something that supposedly had top security and getting away with it.

It was intoxicating; but then Karen died and she Shirley couldn't forget the conversation they had about a life where they didn't have to look back so much, so she decided to become a doctor. It was a bit turn from a thief, but she figure it would keep many people off her back, because who were ever suspect that a physician could ever be a master criminal? But then again she was a master after all, so she ended using her intelligence for something else. Most would argue it was for something good, she never thought she was a bad person when she was a burglar, but she never disagreed with being a criminal either. She knew who she was.

Now though she was lost, she lost herself in this new identity as a doctor. Maybe she would not have, if she never met Duke at that charity function. If she never fallen in love. Maybe she would not be contemplating doing this. Then again, who says anything has to change, she still loved Duke. Though she have to do something about what she discovered, she was not sure yet. But this was a good life, and who says this job can't be the only job, just one, well two (she did need a test run after all) jobs.

The thing was this, however, her brother was involved. It made her weary, but also it made her think she had to do the job. She needed to know what he was up to. The thing he wanted her to steal, she never heard of it before, and if he got his hands on, well she wondered what he would do. So maybe she needed to get it just to keep him from getting it. She knew how he thought, but the problem was he knew how she thought as well. So she would have to out think, and she could, she was the teacher after all, but in the mean time...

She would do the job.

Besides it could be a lot of fun.

Shirley smiled for the first time since she saw that horrid tape and then Duke arrived. "Shirley dear, are you okay?" She gazed up at him. She looked at his handsome face, his long black hair wrapped in a pony tail. He was wearing custom fit suit and the woman flashed in her mind. She felt the pain once more.

"I'm fine," She gritted out, "could you leave me alone?" She quickly exited out of the file before he could see anything.

"What did I do this time?" He had no idea she knew, that was for sure. Well she give him a clue.

"March 30, one of your fund raisers, black hair." She stated.

"What is that supposed to mean?" He was utterly confused. His fund raiser? That was months ago.

"Well, when you figure that out, you'll figured out what you have done." She walked out of the study and into their bedroom. She slammed door shut and locked. She was overwhelmed. She hadn't gone back to work for years, and Duke...what was she going to do? She wouldn't cry...she wouldn't and yet...the tears feel.

And Duke stood outside of the door, really worried, Shirley has only cried once since their marriage.