Title: Gardening for Dummies
Author: A.j.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: First season? Resolutions ficlet!

Summary: He'd made her cry.


hands running everywhere, tongues, lips, teeth biting down on--

She jerks awake with a start, sucking in huge mouthfuls of cold morning air. Her heart is racing, skin flushed. This is the third dream she's had in as many days, and it's starting to get a little tiring.

Not that sex dreams are a bad thing, exactly. They're actually rather pleasant. Okay, 'pleasant' is a little mild for the gasping and phantom pressure on her stomach and between her thighs. It's good and hot and dirty in ways she misses badly.

No, the dreams themselves aren't the problem.

"Kathryn? Are you up?"

That is the problem.

"Uh, yeah. Just woke up," her voice is scratchy from sleep. She desperately wants to turn over and scream into her pillow. Three days, three dreams. Ever since he made her freaking cry, everything had been conspiring to make her jump him. In the kitchen, in the garden, by the river. Somewhere horizontal and with convenient hand-holds.

"Okay. I'm going to leave breakfast out and head down to check the lines."

"Sounds good. Um. I'll be in the garden when you get back." There's a slight bump as the door closes behind him and she's alone again. Ten beats later, one hand is between her legs and the other is rubbing and tweaking her left breast like there's no tomorrow.

It's good and hot and dirty, and she comes hard quickly. But when she opens her eyes, muscles melting and body humming, she knows it's not enough. Not anymore.

Because he told her that he loved her and made her cry. She wants him. She's pretty sure he wants her.

And there's absolutely nothing to stop them from screwing each other blind.

Except her stupid psyche.

This time, the groan is definitely not a happy one.