Title: Conscious Thought
Author: A.j.
Rating: PG

Summary: Running in a battlefield.

Jack O'Neill thinks he's taught his team a little too well that no one gets left behind.

He can't feel his feet, but that could just be because he doesn't have them anymore. Maybe. From his position over Teal'c's shoulder, he's not really in any shape to check.

Jack can hear Carter yelling something in the distance. It's cut off by gun and energy fire, but the little bit of his brain not coated in shock and furballs does a little dance of joy. He knows Daniel's there somewhere. Knows it because it hasn't been proved differently, and Daniel's really really hard to kill.

Kinda like him. Not that he's good at dying and coming back. Just that he, Jack O'Neill, is good at not doing it in the first place.

Teal'c comes down in some type of pot hole, his shoulder jamming hard into Jack's stomach, and for a moment it's all the slumped man can do not to pass out.

They're here against orders, again. They're here for him, again.

And before he hits unconsciousness running, all he can think is that he's taught them well. And it's enough.