Disclaimer: Krystal, Madison, Jade, Stephanie, Rachel, and Andrew are my characters.

Summary: The Bladebreakers have joined up with Tala for a big tournament, but they need to join up with another team. Mr. Dickenson invites the DestinyBladers, 5 girls and 1 boy. Tala happens to know one of them. What happens when they meet?

It Might Be You

A pair of crimson eyes scanned the dark room. The gray haired boy rolled his eyes and flicked a switch on the wall. Bright lights filled the room revealing 5 boys. The first boy was groaning and stretching his pale arms. His red hair was messy and his ice blue eyes glared at the boy leaning at the door.

The second boy had jet black hair and wore a scowl on his face. His piercing gold eyes shot the blue haired and irritated look before getting up. The third boy was mumbling and rubbing his eyes, his hand searched the ground for his glasses.

The silver-gray eyed boy frowned at the remaining two figures. The fourth boy slowly sat up blinking, trying to adjust to the sudden brightness. He ran his hand through his blond hair and his blue eyes glared at his captain. The blond stuck his hand under his pillow and pulled out a pixie stick, making sure the older boy wasn't looking before eating it.

Kai smirked. All that was left was the indigo-haired figure that was sleeping soundly, as if nothing happened. He scowled at the sleeping boy. He can sleep through anything… that moron.

"Granger, Get up," he ordered, he poked the boy with his shoe before turning around and walking out of the door. The red head decided to make an attempt to wake his new teammate up.

"Tyson." Tala shook the boy's shoulder. Tala yanked the blanket from the other boy and tossed it to the side. "I give up… Rei, find a way to wake Tyson up before Kai does…"

The raven-haired teen nodded and dashed off for a minute before returning with a pot and a wooden spoon. The red head shook his head in disbelief and walked towards the bathroom.

"TYSON! WAKEY WAKEY! GET UP YOU LAZY ASS!" Max screamed into Tyson's ear and quickly grabbed the pot and spoon from Rei. He held the two near Tyson's ear and hit them as hard as he could, but soon stopped and realized that he'd better let Kai handle this. He shook his head in disbelief. Tyson was impossible. At this rate, they would be late for their meeting with Mr. Dickenson!

Kai came back into the room with a brown paper bag. All the boys crowded around him as he knelt next to Tyson. He opened the bag under Tyson's nose and waited.

"MMMM! Brownies!" Tyson quickly sat up and reached for the bag. Kai quickly snatched the bag away and swiftly headed out the door.

"Meet me outside," he said coolly and walked out of the room. Tyson scowled, what a grouch.

"Come on Tyson, we're going to be late," Ray warned before following Kenny and Tala outside.

"What about Hilary?" Tyson asked. "Where is she?"

"What about her?" Max replied with an amused expression. "She said she's going to meet us there… but why do you care? Yesterday you told me she was a dumb girl!"

Tyson flushed and shrugged casually. "I was just wondering… she's the one who was so excited about the meeting, so I was just asking—"

"Sure, what ever you say, Tyson," Max grinned and ran out before Tyson could reply. Grrr… Tyson scowled at Max before running into the bathroom. Shit! We are going to be late!


Her stormy blue-gray eyes glared at the older boy. The older boy grinned sheepishly and scratched the back of his head. Geez, the boy thought frowning, I'm not that late.

Five girls and one boy, all about the same age, sat patiently in the empty waiting room. A couple of seconds later, the door opened, revealing a round man. Mr. Dickenson looked at the six kids and smiled.

"Sorry I'm late, kids!"


"Sorry we're late, Mr. Dickenson," Max apologized. "Someone had a little trouble waking up!" Tyson grinned and shrugged, "Sorry about that."

"It's alright boys," Mr. Dickenson chuckled and motioned for them to sit down. They sat down on the couch in front of the desk, except for Kai, who stood leaning against the wall.

"As you might have heard, there is a huge tournament coming up. It's the World Double Blading tournament and it's going to be held in Hawaii. It's a big tournament and all of the elite blading teams will be participating in it," he paused to take a breath. "You boys were invited, seeing you are world champions, and I signed you boys up, but the problem is…"

"Mr. Dickenson, I don't mean to interrupt… but," Tala looked at the elderly man respectfully. "That means the Demolition boys will be competing as well, right?"

"Errr… right, but don't worry, Tala, you are a Bladebreaker now and the Demolition boys understood and were willing to let you go." The red-haired boy nodded, slightly comforted by the old man's words.

"As I was saying," Mr. Dickenson continued. "The only problem is that this is a Double Blading tournament which means you need to double up with another team. Then, each team will compete in partners, a double battle. But, the rules state that each team competing must have a fairly equal amount of both genders. In our case, the Bladebreakers are all boys… so we need a team with girls. I've been searching for a whole month now, trying to find the right group of bladers that will match with your styles."

Kai frowned slightly. Girls? They're so… weak. He didn't like the idea that he would have to team up with girls. Tala and Max on the other hand, didn't mind at all. Ray grinned, new competition!

Tala smirked. I hope we get partnered up with hot girls! He tried not to be shallow, but a guy could dream, right?

Suddenly the door burst open and a girl with shoulder length brown hair ran in. Her ruby eyes were wide and she was out of breath.

"SORRY! I'm – late – " she panted, taking a seat between Tyson and Tala. Tyson blushed lightly, Damn! Why am I turning red?

Max shot a grin at Tyson, only to receive a glare in return, "It's alright, Hilary, you're not that late… we can fill you in on what you missed out."

"Thanks Max!" Hilary smiled and turned to Mr. Dickenson. "So, just give me a quick summary on what I missed!"

"Well," Mr. Dickenson said. "There's the World Double Blading tournament coming up in about four months. It's a huge competition and it requires two teams to join together, to make one big team. But the teams have to have a reasonably equal amount of boys and girls… and it's going to be held in Hawaii!"

Hilary grinned; she was tired of hanging out with all boys! I wonder what the girls we team up with are like? I hope they aren't mean or anything… Plus, Hawaii! She had always wanted to go to Hawaii!

"Awesome! Finally, I won't be the only girl around here!" she said happily. "Did you find a team yet, Mr. D?"

The boys and Hilary looked at the man anxiously, except for Kai, of course, who just stood there with his arms crossed. Mr. Dickenson smiled widely.

"I'm glad you boys are so excited!" The man beamed. "It just so happens that I did find a team! I liked this team the best, out of all the teams I've looked at. A very skilled team, too. Maybe you've heard of them? They're not as well known because they only compete when they aren't in school, and they are all around 16 years old. The same ages you kids are! They are the DestinyBladers and they are made up of 5 girls and 1 boy."

"Let me see if I can get some information on them!" Kenny opened his laptop and started typing rapidly. "Slow down!" Dizzi joked. "Sorry!"

The team crowded around the smaller boy, even Kai looked over Max's shoulder. Mr. Dickenson chuckled.

"You won't find very much information about them," the man stated calmly. "But, I have a two videos of them you might want to see. The first tape is recorded by one of the girls, who has a similar job to Kenny's on technical problems and stuff. I asked her to introduce the team in the video and some background information. That way you will be able to connect with them."

"Wait!" Kenny cried out. "I found some information about them! No pictures, though, just some background stuff. Why aren't there any pictures of them?"

"It says," Tyson read out loud. "That the DestinyBladers are a very strong team. The captain is a girl… blah blah… all the same age… blah blah… hmm… pretty dull information. It's not very helpful… oh! They were all born in Hawaii!"

"Hey…" Rei looked at Mr. Dickenson. "Isn't that where the tournament is being held?"

Mr. Dickenson nodded. "They don't give out too much information on themselves, like I said, so you shouldn't waste your time. As I was saying, the second video is one that I secretly recorded, I hired a man to secretly record them so you can see how there typical day is like. I haven't seen the second one yet, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they interact alone with each other – since they're all close friends. I'm also eager to see how their team practices! From what I know, they train very hard."

"You sent a man to spy on them?" said Max, in disbelief. "That's not very nice."

Mr. Dickenson shrugged guiltily. "It's the only way to find out about them…"

The raven haired boy nodded and looked at Kenny who was closing his laptop and lecturing Dizzi. "So, are we going to watch both videos right now?"

"Yes, just let my plug this in… and put tape one in… THERE!" Mr. Dickenson grabbed a remote and pressed a button. The tape started to play and Mr. Dickenson added, "Bladebreakers… meet the DestinyBladers!"