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It Might Be You


"Argh! Quit calling me Drew!"

"Drew, Drew, Drew, Drew…"

"Dammit, Madison, stop calling me DREW!"

Jade narrowed her eyes at Madison. Madison raised her hands in defeat when she saw Jade's warning look. Stephanie had collapsed in giggles and a chuckling Max held her hand. Kenny laughed, but laughed even harder when Rei burst out laughing. Andrew scowled fiercely. What the hell is so funny!

Krystal looked at the clock.

"I have to go back to feed Cocoa… it's getting kind of late."

Andrew frowned. "I'll go with you. I don't want you to go alone. We'll be back in time for dinner."

Krystal nodded. Tyson's grandpa had offered to cook dinner and refused to have anyone help him. The half twins made their way to the door, Andrew walked right behind his younger sister. Kai frowned inwardly as he noticed the slight limp in the brunette's walk due to her injury from the earlier battle.

"Bye Drew! I'll miss you!" Madison put on a fake face of sadness and waved her hand dramatically. She burst out laughing and held onto Tala for support. Tala smirked and wrapped his arms around her waist, seizing the moment while he had the chance.

Andrew whipped around and scowled deeply.


Chapter 11

Tala scowled and paced around the room. What else was a guy supposed to do when the girl he has the hots for is going on a date (sort of) with another boy? And to top it off, that boy had to be Johnny McGregor, Scotsman from the Majestics! Tala wanted to kill something. He threw a glare at the other boy in the room. The black haired boy raised his eyebrow in return.

Yes. Tala asked Rei to help him. Why? Because compared to Tyson, Kenny, Max, Kai, and Andrew, Rei was the best with girls and the most sane… at least in Tala's point of view.

Tala had almost considered asking Tyson for help, but the boy couldn't even deal with his own girl problems! No way. Tyson had problems when it came to love issues. But at least he wasn't a complete failure with girls. He's just surprisingly… shy around girls (maybe shy isn't the right word to use…), which is very odd due to his loud nature. Kenny was definitely out. He blushed too much around girls. He was a shy and, well, slightly sheltered. I mean he nearly died during Sex Ed… which was funny, but kind of sad at the same time. Max… was a suitable person to ask, but he was too busy cuddling with his own girlfriend, and Tala didn't have the guts to pull them apart. Plus, it was too awkward to interrupt the couple.

Kai didn't have enough room in his heart for a girl. So Tala had ruled him out too. Although, he does seem to be bonding with Krys… but then again, he's Kai. He doesn't "bond" with anyone. Maybe Dranzer, perhaps, but no one else. Kai wouldn't know what to help Tala with and even if he did know, he wouldn't help.

Andrew was another suitable person, but Tala seriously doubted that he would help to spy on his own teammate.

Which left Rei as the last person. Plus, he had every right to be involved, Tala smirked inwardly. That was because not only was Madison and Johnny going to the movies, but so was Enrique, and Oliver. And since Madison didn't want to feel uncomfortable as the only girl, she asked Jade to come along. And Jade agreed. Tala knew that Rei would not like the situation, even though it seemed like Rei didn't care.

"Please stop pacing around. You're giving me a headache."

Tala scowled at Rei. He paused as three girls passed by the room laughing and smirking. Madison and Jade passed by, each girl held Krystal's wrist. Krystal sulked as she was dragged off. It seemed as though the blue-gray eyed girl had given up on protesting and allowed her friends to do whatever. Rei blinked. Eh!

Tala and Rei looked at each other for a second before running out. They followed quietly as the three girls entered a room, Jade carrying a big bag, and locked the door behind them. Tala pressed his ear against the door and motioned for Rei to do the same. Rei copied hesitantly, pressing an ear against the door. At first, it was hard to hear anything, but their ears soon adjusted.

"You two never learn."

The two boys looked up frantically to face a pair of emotionless crimson eyes. Rei smiled sheepishly and shrugged. Tala frowned, but the corners of his lips quickly quirked up into an impish smirk. Kai narrowed his eyes at the red head. What was Tala up to now?

"Krystal's in there."

Kai rolled his eyes. He wanted to wipe that stupid smirk off of Tala's stupid face.

"I'm not like you, Valkov. I don't stoop so low as to eavesdrop on a girl's conversation." Kai replied tonelessly.

His crimson eyes bore hole through his teammates. He smirked. Just because the blue-gray eyed brunette was in there didn't mean he cared. He didn't give a damn. Tala was about to say something offensive in return, but Rei cut in.

"So then why are you still here?" Rei retorted smartly. "Just go away. We want to know what's going on and I dare you to stop us."

Kai glared. Why that no good, rotten… I thought he would at least respect the girls… I'm the captain… they can't do that to me. He frowned slightly at Rei's smug face. Tala smirked even wider then before and both boys resumed listening in the conversation.

Kai sighed inwardly. Curiosity killed the cat. If you can't beat them, join them. He crouched down and pressed his ear against the door. Rei and Tala smirked widely as their captain joined them rather than leaving, as they thought he would have. Rei smiled inwardly. Reverse psychology… it always works.

The three became silent as they listen in on the conversation inside…

"What do they think they're doing!"

"Shush, Rach. Shut up for a second, won't ya?" Stephanie muttered quietly. Rachel glared in return, but proceeded in whispering, rather than her previous volume. The two girls were peering at the three eavesdroppers behind another door. Max was trying to cool an argument down between Tyson and Hilary outside, and asked Stephanie to go look for Rei. Rachel and Stephanie had found something even better than just Rei. They found a spying Rei, Tala, and Kai. Mwahahaha…

"Oh shit," Rachel swore softly. "If Krystal and Madison find those three…"

Stephanie snickered. Krystal had the best temper out of all the DestinyBladers… well, better than Jade, at least. Jade had the best temper (until someone pushed her limit), but Krystal's temper was even better. So pushing Krystal's limit was like signing your death. And Krystal didn't like eavesdroppers. Stephanie knew that from experience.

"They are so dead." Rachel said shaking her head. Stephanie had to agree with her on that one. Rachel looked at Stephanie with an alert face. "We should stop them! Or else practice…"

Stephanie's face fell. Practice is going to be worse than hell if Krystal gets upset. But Kai's there right? Stephanie mentally reassured herself. He's going to stick up to Krystal and save us! Stephanie nodded to herself and turned back to Rachel.

"Don't worry! I'm sure everything will be just fine." Stephanie grinned.

Boy, was she ever wrong on that one.

"Why am I here again?" Krystal asked blankly. Madison and Jade were digging through a big bag full of clothes and clothes were laid out against the guest room bed, in which Krystal was sitting on.

"Because Steph's with Max, Hilary's too busy arguing with Tyson, —"Go Hilary," Madison muttered from the side—, and Rachel looked like she was having fun talking to Kenny," Jade stated with a teasing tone. "So we picked you. We need a girl's opinion."

"Lucky me." Krystal replied dully. She knew why she was here… kind of. Madison and Jade ignored the blue eyed brunette. Krystal's lips curled up into a slight smile for a split second. It would be a lot more fun if Steph and Rae were here… and even Andy. But I guess team bonding can wait until we get back to Hawaii.

"I hear Enrique is a hot one," Madison said thoughtfully to Jade. Krystal muffled a snort and earned two looks from her friends. Typical girl topics. "Oliver and Robert are cute too."

"Nah," Jade grinned as she dumped a pile of clothes on Krystal carelessly. Krystal huffed slightly and pushed the pile off her lap. "Johnny's way hot. You're so lucky Madi!"

Krystal smirked slightly. She was still a girl, even if she was cold at times. And as a girl, especially a teenage girl, she did notice the opposite gender and had hormones. "Yeah. Johnny is a hot one."

Madison grinned impishly as she picked out clothes for the movies. "You should come, Krys! It'll be a blast!"

Jade narrowed her eyes slightly at the comment. "Did you forget already? Krystal's paying a visit to her mother."

Krystal's eyes hardened at the last remark. Damn. They had to remind her. I guess it doesn't matter anymore… since today's the day of the appointment. Andrew was in a meeting with Mr. Dickenson and the other teams in the tournament, representing the entire team… thankfully for Krystal.

Her mother had sent various messages to Mr. Dickenson, who sent it to her. Hmph. Her mother had managed to find a very clever way in delivering messages to her. Since she didn't tell her mother where she was located, her mother had simply sent it to Mr. Dickenson, which made it set that the letter would be delivered. Krystal was furious when she found out, but also impressed that her mother went to such lengths to pester her.

"Oh. Right… and she has to be properly dressed for the appointment. Yeah, I remember now, that's why we dragged her in," Madison paused with a slight frown. Krystal raised her eyebrow. That's why Jade brought her in? Madison pulled out a handful of formal clothing and shoved it at Jade, who grunted and shot Madison a look. Krystal stared blankly at the door… something felt… oddly funny. The whole house seemed too quiet today… oh, except for the painfully loud yelling from Tyson and Hilary. Must be a lovers spat.

"Well, here, wear this. You mother will probably approve," Madison said gently. The mother topic was a bit touchy with Krystal and all of the bladers avoided bringing the subject up.

Krystal stared at the dress and made a face. Jade snickered lightly while Madison scowled. How rude, she huffed inwardly. If they didn't like the dress, they could just say so nicely without making her feel stupid. So what if it's a dress? At least it's a nice one.

"Madi. My mother wants me to be fashionable and "in". But a dress is going overboard. It's just a meeting," Krystal said slightly amused, and tossed the dress on the side. "Besides, I would never wear a dress in public. Not only that, but Andrew likes to tease me whenever I do. And lastly, there is a house full of guys… I'll lose my image by wearing a dress."

"What image?" Madison snorted, receiving a prompt glare from her captain. "Honestly, everyone knows you're a soft person so drop the cold and mean captain stuff. By the way, Andy's not here, so he won't see you… it's such a nice dress too. And are you trying to say my dress isn't "in"! Plus, you look good in a dress, so who cares about all the guys?"

"Yeah but she probably wants to maintain her captain role. Wearing a dress might change their view on her." Jade replied cleverly. She wore a slightly self-satisfied look when she saw Madison's small frown. She was right… and Madison knew it.

"I guess you're right. She would look different is she wore a dress… But, you're going to have to wear one at the tournament banquet later, you know that right?" Madison said with a short sigh. Jade grinned triumphantly and put the dress away neatly.

"Yeah. I know." Krystal replied. She frowned at the thought. Oh well… it can't be helped I guess.

"Maybe we should see how ugly we can make her!" Jade laughed. She tried to picture her captain with an electric pink shirt, neon yellow shorts, and brown leg warmers. She snorted inwardly after she added a nose ring and a dozen piercing on her stoic captain's ears. Hmm… maybe the leg warmers were going a bit overboard. Too weird. Jade decided that it wasn't possible in hell for Krystal to look like that.

"Nah. That would be just too weird!" Madison said joining in on the laughter. Krystal glared at the two girls who were now on the floor in giggles. Uh, hello…! Mind not talking about me as if I'm not in the room? Sheesh.

"Thanks. Real funny." Krystal muttered sarcastically.

"We're just kidding," Madison grinned impishly. She pulled out a set of clothes and tossed it at her best friend, then returned to her own searching. "Here wear this."

Krystal looked at it, before she approved. Madison and Jade dug through the clothes before finally they finally chose what they wanted. Krystal glanced at the door again suspiciously. It's probably nothing. They're probably all outside trying to pry Hilary off of Tyson. Krystal walked into the bathroom calmly before shutting the door.

"Steph's so lucky," Madison sighed. "Max is such a cute and great boyfriend."

Jade smiled and nodded, she was happy for Stephanie and Max… they made a great pair. The two of them were both different, yet shared many things in common. And he was constantly watching over her and making her laugh… while she amused him and cared for him. They had the perfect relationship.

I wish I had someone too… but things like that can wait. Blading comes first. I guess what I really wish for is for the tournament to arrive quicker. Jade frowned and remembered something she didn't account for before. On second thought… I don't wish either. I can't forget my plan. Sigh…

Jade tried to look on the bright side. She should be enjoying the time she had until the tournament. After all, there was no need to worry right now. She still had a four months until the tournament. There was still quite a while until that certain time came.

But quite a while… wasn't long enough.

"I give up! You two just sit in this room and cool off okay? And don't even think about coming out until you've fixed… whatever it was that you were mad at!" Max yelled to the couple. He couldn't even remember what they were arguing about in the first place! Hilary glared at the blond, and then turned to glare at the navy haired boy.

Max threw his hands up in an exasperated manner and marched out of Tyson's room. Tyson scowled and jumped up to grab the door, just as Max shut it. Damn! Locked… locked up in his own room… wait a minute. Locked… in? That can't be right.

"MAX! LET ME OUT! YOU BASTARD!" Tyson shouted as he shook the door knob madly. "DON'T LEAVE ME IN HERE WITH HER! LET ME OUT! YOU CAN'T LOCK ME IN MY OWN ROOM!"

Hilary shouted, her ruby eyes wide with fear of being in the same room as the navy haired boy, and ran up to Tyson, hitting the door as hard as she could. Both teens were thoroughly upset and the door was abused in less than one minute.

All thanks to the smug blond on the other side of the door, and the one bookshelf (full of dictionaries and encylopedias) and one couch holding the door shut. Max cackled inwardly. That should take care of them. Heh.

"We should go now." Rei said firmly. The girls had not caught them yet, and the sooner they leave the better. He didn't want to face the wrath of three angry female bladers. If Kai and Tala wouldn't go, he'd leave (even though it was slightly against his morals) and have the two of them face the three girl's deadly wrath.

"Alright." Tala said and stood up silently. Kai nodded and neatly got up, then walked into the living room soundlessly. Rei and Tala followed, but paused when a scream rang through the air. The two boys looked at each other for a second. What the…


Tala snickered. Definitely Tyson… His ice blue eyes sparked mischievously. So the two girls are getting ready for their date, huh? His impish spark faded as he thought of the blue-eyed brunette in the room. Dammit. She has to visit her mother… who seems just as bad as Voltaire.

"So how long do you think they're going to take?" Rei asked. Whether he was talking about Tyson and Hilary or Madison, Jade, and Krystal, he didn't make clear. Tala looked up and shrugged. With Tyson and Hilary, it could go on forever, and the three girls…? Well, girls took a long time, so how would he know?

"So, Rei, you in?" Tala asked with a sly smile. Kai cocked one eyebrow at the two scheming boys. As captain, he knew his team very well, but obviously not well enough. I never thought Rei was the kind of guy who would spy on a girl. Shocking. He thought to himself dryly.

"Eh?" Rei said blinking. "Oh! Hell yeah. Even though Enrique is my friend and all, I don't like his reputation with girls. Then again… he does have those two girls that always hang around him…"

Kai rolled his eyes and Tala just nodded slowly, giving Rei a strange look. Okay… Rei's not even talking to me anymore…it's more like he's talking to himself… odd. Tala was just about to tell Rei that he was being weird, but the loud chatting of girls made him stop.

"Kai! We're going!" Jade announced, dressed in something other than her training clothes for once. It wasn't too girly or formal, but rather carefree and casual… like her. She wore black long jeans and a gray halter with white and gray skateboarding shoes. Her hair was in a low and loose ponytail rather than her usual braid. Rei noted that her hair was surprisingly straight. He always expected her to have wavy hair.

Madison wore sky blue short jeans and a rose pink spaghetti strap top. Her silky violet hair was tied up into a high ponytail and she wore her usual shoes. It was simple, but attractive. Well, in Tala's point of view it was. But then again, Tala had good taste… right?

Kai waved his hand indifferently in acknowledgment. Krystal stopped in her tracks, poked her head out from behind the door frame, and hid her body from view. Kai smirked inwardly at her childish action. He learned more and more about her everyday. And one of the things he learned was that she was a walking oxymoron. She was childish, yet mature. Cold, yet kind. It was a bit strange, but nevertheless intriguing. And he didn't only learn more about her, but he got to know the entire team as well.

"Kai's not the only captain here, plus you're on my team. If you're going anywhere, you should be announcing it to me," Krystal said with a slight frown. "Not him."

Kai raised an eyebrow, but didn't reply. Tala grinned impishly at the three girls. Jade and Madison looked great, but he wanted to see why Krystal was hiding, after all, he knew her ever since he was a child. Well, not really due to the fact that she and Andrew ran off a couple of years after they met, but nevertheless, he was curious.

"Whatcha hiding for…?" Tala asked slyly. Krystal threw a glare at Tala. "Oh, come on. This might be the only time in my life to see you in something… nice! At least show me! Rei, Kai, turn around or shut your eyes."

"No way, Valkov. I'm going out to… a meeting. And are you trying to say that I don't dress nicely all the time?" Krystal said, staying behind the frame of the door. Tala smirked at her very faint teasing look and shrugged in reply. "Whatever… just tell Andrew that I'll be back late and to not worry. And Kai…?"

"Hn." He replied. Kai looked at her straight in the eyes. Her warm eyes held anticipation and anxiousness. Is her mother really that bad? Her slender fingers held the frame of the door tightly, knuckles slightly white. He also noticed how her cheeks were lightly flushed.

"Could I… err… actually, could you… come here for a second? I need to ask you something." Krystal said quickly. Tala pouted at her, but turned to talk to Madison, who had been tapping his shoulder. Kai nodded and walked out of the door.

"We're going first, Krys! So look out for yourself!" Jade shouted. She was always worried about her teammates. Especially Krystal and Madison, because it seemed that trouble followed them everywhere. She turned to Madison. "Alright, time to go."

"Kay." Madison replied. Tala frowned lightly, they were going so soon? Stupid McGregor. Tala's ice blue eyes flared angrily, earning a warning look from Rei. Madison noticed his face, but couldn't comprehend why the red headed Russian was upset. Oh well… I'll ask him later.

Rei glanced at Tala's face. At first it was angry and ready to kill, but not it was mischievous and seemed to be scheming. Better keep an eye on Tala. No telling what he'll do… Sigh.

"Bye Tala! Bye Rei! Make sure Hilary doesn't rip Tyson into shreds!" Madison called out and headed for the door, her violet eyes twinkled devilishly. Jade didn't find it as amusing as her Madison did, and frowned deeply at the thought of Tyson being physically injured.

"That's not funny, Madi," Jade said turning in the direction of the yelling. "I bet Hilary would rip Tyson apart if you suggested it to her."

Madison laughed heartily and shook her head. "No she wouldn't. You're being too serious, Jade!"

Jade hesitated for a second before nodded with a reassured smile. "Alright, but I better not find the world champion scattered around in different parts when I come back."

Madison made a face at the gruesome thought, earning a smug look from Jade. She sighed, but grinned. I can never win against Jade, she's too clever… not to mention she know I can't stand the thought of blood like that.

Tala, on the other hand, smirked widely at the mention of the navy haired boy and ruby eyed girl. So they heard Tyson and Hilary too… Those two are perfect for each other… both are loud and dense.

"This is all your fault, Tyson!" Hilary said glaring. Tyson glared back into her fiery dark red eyes. My fault! Hell no. What the hell did I do? Tyson scowled and roughly sat on his bed.

"You started it!" Tyson retorted. For once, he didn't feel like arguing. Especially not with Hilary, but he was honestly upset… even though he had a hard time remember why he was angry in the first place. Why the hell was he so angry? Oh yeah. I remember…


"Tyson! You should work on your defense more!" Hilary said, as she noticed Tyson blading. "I think Krystal and Kai are planning on having you and Jade battle each other. And you know how Jade's defense is!"

"Geez, Hilary! I know that!" Tyson retorted with a scowl. "But if I can finish her off with a quick powerful move, then I won't have to worry about her darn defense!"

Hilary's temper rose quickly. Her ruby red eyes narrowed at Tyson. He thinks that being the world champion will make him invincible! Tyson noticed her glare and returned it quickly. His dark eyes glaring just as fierce. Max and Stephanie looked at each other. Uh oh.

"She's right Tyson," Rachel said smiling softly. Her mood swings were better ever since the two teams joined. "Jade was going easy on Rain the last time. I doubt she'll go that easy on you. Everyone wants a shot with the world champ. Even Krystal, I bet."

Tyson grinned, forgetting about the small spat for a moment. "Really? I really want to battle Krys! Do you think she's better than Kai?"

"I don't know," Rachel said and pondered about it briefly. "I think Kai is a lot stronger than her, to be honest. But you're probably the best nevertheless."

"You flatter me!" Tyson laughed. Hilary huffed and continued to glare at Tyson. Tyson stuck his tongue out at her, which pushed her limit. Max shook his blond locks in disbelief. That Tyson… he'll never hook up with Hilary if he keeps on pissing her off like that! Stephanie grinned, unable to hold back her amusement.

"See Hil! Krystal's probably stronger than Jade, and Rach just said that I was the strongest," Tyson said, trying to be a bit more modest with the fact that he was champion. "And Rachel knows her team better than we do!"

"Shut up! You're so sure of yourself all the time!" Hilary snapped. "You should prepare more! Maybe even to the point to where you can beat Kai easily. It's obvious that he's just as good as you!"

"What about me!" Max shouted. Stephanie shut him up, hoping to hear Tyson work his way out. Max frowned as his girlfriend proceeded in covering his mouth with her slender hand.

"Tyson…" Kenny warned. He knew what would happen if Tyson kept provoking Hilary. "She's right about the training. Kai, Max, and Rei are just as good as you. In fact, Krystal wants Madison and Rei to face off, and that will be an intense battle, judging their stats."

"What! Can't you all have a little more faith in me!" Tyson yelled. "Geez, Hilary! You think I'm going to lose that easily, do you! Can't you just trust Dragoon!"

"Even you need to practice, Tyson!" Hilary retorted just as loudly. Her ruby eyes flared. Tyson growled slightly, and shoved his blade into his pocket. "Just because you're world champion doesn't automatically mean you're the best!"

"Oh really? Because I thought it did! After all! I earned that title!" Tyson yelled. Hilary tried to pounce on him, but was swiftly restrained by Stephanie and Max. Hilary thrashed. I'll strangle that cocky bastard!

"Cool it, you two," Stephanie grinned. She giggled after a slight pause. "Hey! I'm starting to sound like Jade!"

"Let me at him! Dammit, Tyson! I hope Kai puts you in your place soon! Or even a girl, since you seem to underestimate them!" Hilary screamed. Tyson's dark brown eyes narrowed and he wore a scowl that matched Andrew's.

"I wouldn't let a girl beat me! Or Kai!" Tyson's voice matched the tone of Hilary's (although not as high). Max sighed and promptly grabbed both of their wrists (trying to keep Hilary as far as he could from Tyson… which wasn't very far) and dragged them off into the house.

End of Flashback

And here we are now, Tyson thought. He sulked to himself and tried to ignore Hilary's glare. Although… she's really hot when she's mad. Maybe I just like to piss her off because of that. He looked into her deep eyes, instantly forgetting the argument. But Hilary continued to glare at him.

Maybe she's right, Tyson sighed inwardly. I should train more. I might be overconfident. I should prepare myself for the tournament more. Hilary noticed Tyson zoning out and she didn't know whether to feel relieved that he wasn't upset anymore, or annoyed that he wasn't paying attention to her.

"Tyson. You're a jerk." She sighed and knew that the argument was no longer in heat. She didn't like the way his chocolate brown eyes stared at her, as if he were studying her. Tyson stopped studying her and shrugged, wearing a lopsided grin.

"I know," He replied. The words flew out of his mouth before he could rethink them. "I'm sorry."

"You're what!" Hilary said in shock. Tyson scowled, not wanting to repeat himself again. Hilary paused, then burst out laughing. "You apologized to me!"

Tyson took the time to send her a final glare. "I shouldn't have."

"I'm sorry too, Tyson!" Hilary said, her laughter died into giggles. "I shouldn't have told you what to do earlier and I shouldn't have laughed at you just now."

"So we're good?" Tyson said in a hopeful voice. Hilary grinned and nodded, brushing her brown hair out of her eyes. "Let's get out of here. You can watch and help me train… if you want."

A light tint of pink marred his lightly tanned cheeks. Hilary's eyes widened. Really! She smiled widely and nodded.


Her smile lit up the room and Tyson forced down a blush. He stood up and headed for the door, only to stop halfway there with a well known scowl on his boyish features.


Kai wordlessly followed her into the hallway. His crimson eyes couldn't help but scan her lithe body. She wore a fairly short light blue jeans skirt and a fitted see-through white long sleeved shirt with a spaghetti strap top underneath. On her feet were rubber slippers, or flip flops as some people liked to say, which Kai didn't find very "proper" for meeting with an important person, but then again, Krystal probably didn't think of her mother as that important. And lastly a thin silver chain anklet around her ankle.

"I'm going to my mother's house," Krystal said softly, her back still facing him. Her chocolate brown hair was in her fingers, in an action Kai was deeply annoyed by. She twirled her hair around her finger and turned to face him.

"I know." Kai replied, not thinking for possibly the first time in his life. Krystal's eyes narrowed. He… knows? How the hell could he have known? She was positive that no one knew except for Jade, Madison, and herself. Unless… nah. Jade and Madison were her closest friends. They wouldn't go around telling her secrets. Either way, someone was going to be… punished.

"Oh?" Krystal said raising a delicate eyebrow. "How… surprising. I'm sure I didn't tell anyone."

"I have my ways." Kai said covering his error neatly. He noticed that she didn't look too convinced, but set aside the observation.

"If you say so." Krystal said dismissing the subject for the moment, but also making a mental note of it in her head. Eavesdroppers! I mean, Madison and Jade wouldn't dare tell anyone. Dammit. Well we'll see how much eavesdropping they'll do after tomorrow's practice. She smirked inwardly. Like she said, someone was going to be punished. And the whole team would have to endure the mistake one, or in her assumptions at least two, people made.

"Is that all…" Kai stated rather than asked. Krystal gave him a short glare and found it difficult to ask the simple question in her mind.

"No," She paused and tugged at her short skirt. Damn. Why did I let Madison convince me to wear this? It is… fashionable, I suppose… not that I'm very in with fashion, but it's also unusually short. Then again, a lot of girls dress like this. Mother will accept this. At least. She shook her irrelevant thoughts away and frowned lightly. She tugged at the hem of the skirt again.

"I was wondering if you… would accompany me to my mother's house. She owns a house here in Japan and requested that I visit her and bring someone with me," Krystal said as calmly as she could with out sounding pathetic. "I was going to ask Tala, but my mother would probably recognize him."

Recognize him? That's odd. Tala said that he had never met Krystal's mother in his life. Krystal seemed to know what he was thinking and added, "My mother knows about the Demolition Boys… I don't know how, but she does."

Kai nodded, his calm composure and emotionless eyes locked with her own eyes. She was going to ask Tala… over me. Somehow, that bothered him more than he would have liked. What do I care. Hmph. He waved off the ridiculous thought and thought about her offer. Even though he already knew what he was going to answer.

"Whatever." He replied. Krystal grinned and walked to the door. She motioned for him to follow, which he did semi-reluctantly. She stopped right before reaching the door, as if thinking for a second, before turning around to face him. Her eyes studied him for a second and he felt slightly uncomfortable under her gaze.

"Do you mind dressing more… appropriately?"

"Yes. I do mind."

He smirked at her narrowed eyes. His expression quickly changed into a smug one when she continued out the door without saying another word about the way he dressed. It was perfectly appropriate to him. Besides it wasn't his mother they were visiting. So why should I change to meet some lady I don't even know..? Hmph.

The cold wind bit at his skin as he closed the door to Tyson's house behind him. His crimson eyes noticed her well shaped figure. He pulled his gaze away before his mind could speculate further. She walked forward and he followed. He silently hoped that the visit would be quick.

The two captains walked in comfortable silence.

"How far is it?" Kai asked. He didn't feel like walking too much and he had a hunch that the house was someplace far. Her stormy blue-gray eyes met his and she gave him a half-smile. She tugged on her skirt and pointed ahead.

"We'll take the bus there," Krystal said. "If that's okay with you."

Kai shrugged. It beat walking, that was for sure. He entered the bus, paid for his own fare, and sat down next to her. His cold, emotionless eyes scanned the buildings as the bus began to roll. He tried to down out the loud chatter of the other passengers and tried to ignore an amused look coming from his female companion.

He didn't know where she was taking him, but it didn't really matter much to him.

Krystal looked at Kai, slightly amused at his behavior, then turned away. She noticed a lot of stares being directed towards the Russian boy, especially from a handful of girls sitting across from them. Irritation surged through her and she glared at the females past Kai, forcing the teenage girls to avert their gazes. Satisfied, she looked out of the window on her right until the bus came to a stop.

He walked beside her as they stepped off the bus, with his hands shoved in his pockets. Krystal stopped suddenly in the middle of a fairly crowded park, next to a large fountain of water filled with pennies on the floor of it. She turned to face Kai, due to the fact that she had walked slightly ahead of him.

"My mother's… house is past this park and down that small lane, all the way at the end." Krystal said, and spit out the word 'house', as if it going to contaminate her mouth. Kai gave a short 'Hn' in response. His dark crimson eyes, for once, were not looking directly into hers, but instead at a suspicious looking figure sitting on a par bench and wearing a jet black trench coat. A newspaper covered the tall person's face and Kai could tell the figure was wearing a black hoodie because their hair was covered by the hood.

That person keeps on sneaking looks at her… and me, Kai instinctively moved closer to Krystal, who was scribbling on a small map in her hand. She looked at him with a confused expression. He rolled his eyes mentally at her slightly puzzled look. I thought she just told be the direction to her mother's house… no what is she doing? She's so dense. I thought she had that weird six sense thing, so why doesn't she notice that shifty looking person? Maybe… Kai took another swift look at the person on the bench. Maybe it's not a threat…

"Kamiya," He said calmly, which forced her to scribble faster. She stopped scribbling second later and looked up, shoving the map in Kai's hand. He stared at the small map and noticed what she wrote. Her eyes were now alert and he noticed the trench coat person shifting slightly out of the corners of his dark red eyes.

I think there's someone watching me so let's get moving. I kind of know why. Oh and don't ask any questions… It's none of your business.

Kai scowled inwardly at the last part. He, then, made a mental note never to scowl again. Whether it was inwardly or outwardly… it was Tyson's thing. I have every right to know, he thought slightly upset, brushing the thoughts about scowling out of his head. But, he just thrust the map in his pocket, indicating that he would comply with her request.

Unfortunately, that wasn't what the person in the trench coat had in mind.

"Damn," Madison said as she, Jade, and the Majestics exited the theater. "That movie… sucked."

Johnny laughed at her statement. She was right. It did suck… probably because it was Enrique's choice. Jade shrugged and stayed near Madison, which Enrique right next to her. Oliver was walking next to Johnny silently, but smiling and nodded, agreeing with Madison's statement. Robert was at the beyblading meeting. The Majestics voted Robert to go, which he agreed without protest to, not caring a bit about the movie. After all, Beyblading was the first priority.

"Yeah. It sucked. Thanks to you, Enrique," Johnny's violet eyes sparked with laughter. Enrique scowled and Jade laughed at his sour expression. Madison smirked impishly, the movie sucked, but the Majestics were really fun to hang out with. She inwardly wondered what Rei and Tala were doing. They seemed awfully suspicious back at Tyson's place. And what happened to Tyson and Hil? Sheesh. I'm surprised I can't hear it from here. Hmm… hope Andy comes home soon. Her thoughts drifted here and there until she heard a voice calling her name.

"Madi." Her purple eyes met his rich violet ones. "We have to go to the airport, so I'll see you at the tournament?"

Jade moved to the side, letting the two teens talk together. She frowned as Enrique tried to pick a fight with Oliver. Oliver ignored Enrique's glare, and Jade tried to calm the blond down. Two figures listened to the group from a couple of feet behind, keeping a good distance and hiding behind a bunch of tall plants.

"Yeah! Definitely," Madison grinned. "Call me okay?"

Johnny nodded and gave her a sincere smile. He tilted his head downwards and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. Madison stood there, stunned for a moment, her pale cheeks slightly flushed. Johnny flushed lightly, matching the violet haired girl's blush.

"U-Uh… I'll see you then," Johnny said softly. He hurried out, grabbing an irritated Enrique and a slightly annoyed Oliver out with him. Jade grinned and walked up to Madison. Madison held her cheek with on hand, still shocked at the simple action. She quickly got over her shock and gave Jade a small smile.

The two girls walked out and headed back to Tyson's house, not noticing the two boys watching them.

Tala looked stunned for a split second, but quickly covering up his look. He scowled deeply and forgot that Rei was still standing next to him. Who cares if they looked ridiculous standing behind a bunch of plants! Stupid McGregor! Dammit! His icy blue eyes became cold and emotionless, as he became caught up in his thoughts.

When they arrived at the theater, he and Rei had stealthily followed the two girls and Majestics. First, they bought tickets after the girls had left to the same crappy movie. Then, they had seated themselves two rows behind the two girls, ignoring the movie and keeping an eye out for anything "suspicious". But that proved to be a waste of time because the Scotsman gave Madison her space and didn't make anymore whatsoever (much to Tala's surprise and glee). And after the cruddy movie was done, the two boys had followed the larger group out. Which led them to their current position: hiding behind a bunch of tall plants (which was a strange sight), witnessing the small show of affection from the Scotsman.

Why do I care. It's not like I'm in love with the darn woman. There are plenty of girls out there. Besides, she's a teammate and a friend. A relationship would only get in the way of the tournament.

"Valkov? Tala Valkov? Earth to Tala…"

Rei sighed impatiently. Tyson may have been dense, but Tala was even denser. He's probably in denial now… He waved his hand in front of Tala's blank ice blue eyes. But, then again, Rei thought. It's only been, what, one and a half weeks? I didn't know Tala would crush on a girl so quickly. He definitely doesn't trust others easily…

Rei was right about that. Tala joined the team for a temporary leave from the Demolition Boys. It was complicated, but after sorting things out, Tala became a temporary member of the Bladebreakers… much to the Demolition Boy's displeasure.


Four boys waited patiently for Mr. Dickenson, sitting silently… or as silently as possible. Hilary and Kenny weren't there because they had decided to help Grandpa Granger clean the dojo (they didn't have much of a choice due to the fact that Grandpa Granger was the one who brought up the offer… declining his offer would have been terribly rude). Kai stood against the wall with his eyes closed and his arms crossed, while Rei was trying to stop a rising argument between Tyson and Max on the couch.

"Thank you boys for coming!" Mr. Dickenson smiled as he entered the room. Kai opened his eyes, and Tyson and Max automatically forgot about their argument.

"So why'd you call us, Mr. Dickenson?" Tyson asked, ignoring Max who was sticking his tongue out (apparently still upset about whatever they were arguing about). Mr. Dickenson chuckled lightly at the blond boy, before continuing.

"Ah, where to start. How about I just get straight to the point," Mr. Dickenson said. "You will be receiving a new teammate! But it's only temporarily."

"What?" Max said, forgetting about his quarrel with Tyson. "So we're getting a teammate, but it's only temporary. Who is it?"

Mr. Dickenson beamed and knocked on the door behind him, signaling for the person to come out. The door opened revealing a tall, pale boy with flaming red hair and icy, cold blue eyes. His arms were crossed and his sharp face was devoid of any emotions. His empty stare gazed upon the Bladebreakers, including Kai, and his lips turned into a slight, displeased frown.

"Tala Valkov?" Rei looked at Mr. Dickenson with a frown upon his own face. "He's our new teammate?"

"Temporary teammate." Tala said emotionlessly. His eyes narrowed slightly at Tyson and turned to look at Mr. Dickenson, his eyes saying, 'you-must-be-kidding-me'. Mr. Dickenson explained that the Demolition Boys were giving their captain a chance to increase his strength and capabilities, due to the fact that he had been a cyborg for a while. An operation had been appointed immediately in order for Tala to return to his previous state, the state he was in before he had become a cyborg. He was fairly recovered, since the operation was a while ago. The whole incident happened about two-three years ago, anyways. He was basically joining for more experience. Bryan had become the temporary captain until Tala returned.

Mr. Dickenson didn't explain how he managed to convince Boris, but Kai didn't give a damn. Whatever happened, happened.

"He will be exposed to your team's exuberant and different personalities as well as blading styles," Mr. Dickenson explained cheerfully. "That way, he'll be ensured a nice recovery as well as some new friends!"

Tala flinched visibly at the word 'friends', but maintained a fairly emotionless face. Mr. Dickenson seemed to be oblivious to the red haired Russian's discomfort and beamed at the Bladebreakers, who were all still processing the information. Except for Kai, of course. Kai remained unmoved by the news, but wore a small smirk on his face.

Rei was silent, but wore an unsure expression on his face. His warm golden eyes met the new Russian's ice blue one's. He wasn't sure if they could trust the Demolition Boy. He glanced at Kai, who seemed to be alright with the information. I guess it's okay…

Max wore a stunned look, but he, too, looked over at their captain and decided that he could put up with Tala. Tyson, on the other hand, gaped at the news. No. Way. His chocolate brown eyes didn't even bother looking at their captain, but instead, locked his gaze with the "new member" of their team. Tala smirked at Tyson, before averting his eyes.

"What!" Tyson exclaimed standing up. Mr. Dickenson looked at the navy haired boy. "Are you kidding me!"

Kai looked over to Rei, silently commanding him to shut Tyson up. Rei sighed and pulled Tyson's arm, seating him on the couch again. Max was oddly silent, but Rei didn't worry about Max. Max was more accepting than Tyson.

"Tyson," Re spoke firmly. "Cool it. We should trust Kai and Mr. Dickenson's decision."

"Hello! This is Tala Valkov we're talking about!" Tyson retorted. Tala rolled his crystal eyes, but smirked darkly. Max shrugged off the news, he could work with it. Tala couldn't be that bad. As long as Kai was captain, they were okay.

"Got a problem, Granger?" Tala's voice was tauntingly icy. Rei shot Tala a look. The least Tala could do is to not provoke Tyson, Rei thought slightly annoyed. Tala understood and turned away, still smirking. Kai pushed himself off the wall and looked at Mr. Dickenson.

"How long." Kai said emotionlessly. Mr. Dickenson beamed at Kai, he had a feeling that Tala and Kai would get along just fine.

"About six months to maybe a year," Tyson's eyes widened as Mr. Dickenson spoke. Rei was slightly stunned as well. "Anyways, we'll see what happens."

End of Flashback

Rei shook his head and tried to clear his mind. Tala had been training with them for about eight months already and it took the Russian about three months to get used slightly used to the team. By the fifth month, he began to open up more to him and Kai. And soon Max and Tala were able to joke around. And at the end of the sixth month Tala had opened up to all of the Bladebreakers, including Hilary and Kenny. He was still icy, but as far as Rei was concerned, the ice had melted slightly.

But reminiscing isn't going to help my situation at all, Rei thought as he took a glance at Tala, who was still lost in thought. Rei sighed and shook the Russian none too gently.

"Tala! Let's go back! Hello? Can you hear me?" Rei was becoming more and more annoyed by the second. Tala's head snapped up sharply.

"Huh? Yeah," Tala grinned genuinely. "Let's get back. Madison and Johnny sitting in a tree!"

Rei blinked as Tala continued to tease the possible couple, even though they weren't here. He seems okay… I must have assumed wrong when I though he liked Madison. Tala shot Rei a weird look. His crystal blue eyes questioned Rei's bewildered gold ones.

"Well? Let's go," Tala said glancing at Rei. "What are you waiting for?"

"Nothing," Rei replied. "Let's go."

The two boys walked back quickly, hoping to get to Tyson's place before the two girls returned. Tala smirked mischievously, which puzzled Rei. Shouldn't Tala be disappointed? I guess Tala can handle himself, Rei thought following the Russian. I shouldn't really assume like that anymore.

After all, it was nothing… right?

"And Blah, blah, blah."

Andrew sighed. Of course, the girl didn't really say blah, blah, but that's what Andrew heard. Why did I have to go? Why couldn't Tyson or Kai go? The meeting was long and tedious. His sky blue-gray eyes stared down at the handout that was passed out at the beginning of the meeting. He looked back up and caught Mr. Dickenson's knowing eyes. Mr. Dickenson smiled lightly, as if understanding Andrew's thoughts.

"Let's move on to the next point," Mr. Dickenson said, politely cutting off a girl named Emily from the PBB All Starz, representing the All Starz and Steph's former team, the Alley Catz. Andrew almost sighed in relief. "Let's finish the last points of the tournament, and then wrap up the meeting. Okay?"

The small group of bladers nodded. Andrew sat up a bit taller and glared at the girl Esmeralda. She was here representing the Silver Arrows and the Dark Raiders. Andrew remembered Madison telling him about her visit the other day… it made his blood boil knowing that they were still trying to get to his sister. The brunette smirked and shot him a smug look.

"About the role of captain," Mr. Dickenson said, cutting off Andrew's thoughts. "The role will be shared by the captains of both joining teams. There will be no co-captain, and if, in the case of an emergency, both captains are unable to battle, then a third captain will be assigned."

Andrew raised his hand. "I have a question about foul play. What are the consequences?"

"Good point. The consequences are immediate disqualification. And the team will be banned from participating in the next new tournament, which is two years later," Mr. Dickenson explained. "Which brings up the next point…"

"Wait a minute," Emily cut in. "Why is the next tournament two years later?"

"The beyblade league has decided that since two teams are going for one title, the next double blading tournament will be doubled the wait. If that makes any sense," Mr. Dickenson smiled. Emily nodded slowly, still slightly confused. "Also, two years should give each team to train more and maybe find a new partner team to compete with. For example, Andrew… your team won't have to partner up with Kai's after the tournament is over… unless you want to again. I'm going to assume some people might drop their teams and find new ones during the two year period too."

Andrew sighed inwardly. I CAN'T TAKE THIS STUPID MEETING ANYMORE! He smiled at Emily and Mr. Dickenson politely, and nodded as if he were actually interested. Mr. Dickenson chuckled lightly, knowing the blond boy. What the hell… why can't they have a meeting after the darn tournament? Andrew ran a hand through his dirty blond hair. Two years until the next tournament and blah, blah, etc. Who gives a damn? I live in America! There'll be more tournaments for me anyways. A double balding tournament can wait.

"Alright," Mr. Dickenson finally announced. "This meeting will be held again with all the teams and their members present at the end of this tournament… after the ceremonial banquet. Everyone is dismissed."

Andrew scrambled out of his seat, accidentally bumping into the purple haired blader from the Majestics (who glared at him, even though he mumbled an apology), and shot Mr. Dickenson a boyish grin before running out of the door. His blue eyes were practically shouting, "I'm free! I'm free!"

Finally! I wonder what everyone's doing…

Krystal silently walked forward with Kai next to her, only slightly behind. The person in the black trench coat stood up abruptly and walked forward, tossing their newspaper on the side. The figure revealed to be a tall, handsome boy. His sea blue-green eyes locked onto Krystal's stormy blue-gray ones, before turning to gaze at Kai. He had a pale face and heavy eyelids, adding to his handsome qualities. He pulled down his black hoodie and ran his hand through his auburn locks. He wore a light smile on his face as his eyes fell on Krystal once more.

"Hey, Krys," The boy's voice was a silky tenor. "Long time no see, huh?"

Krystal stared at the boy with a stunned expression. Time seemed to freeze at that moment, and she was temporarily at loss for words. The boy remained where he was, but took off his trench coat and tossed it on the bench. He wore a black hoodie with a white shirt sticking out slightly at the bottom. He wore denim blue jeans, and white and black skateboarding shoes.

"Troy," Krystal said calmly. "Long time… no see."

The boy smiled and nodded. Kai's crimson eyes pierced the boy's ocean colored ones. The boy's smile changed into a smirk when he faced the Russian. He ripped his gaze from Kai and sent the smirk over to the girl next to Kai. The boy's auburn hair shifted in the light breeze, as he stuck a hand in his jeans pocket. Krystal frowned slightly, anticipation rushing through her veins. Her stormy eyes

"Here. And Now." The boy commanded. Krystal's eyes narrowed, but she nodded, knowing that backing down would be futile anyways.

"Only because I need practice," Krystal said sharply. And because I really don't want to meet my mom, she thought grimly. This should put off the meeting for now. A couple of people paused to watch the current scene. Krystal sighed mentally. I really shouldn't though, she reasoned with herself. There's a fair amount of people in this park…

"Do it, Krys, for old times sake and new times sake," Troy demanded. Kai took a step back, his face emotionless, and suddenly realized something. Troy… Madison and Krystal had brought up that name before. But I don't remember, Kai thought and searched harder. Oh. I remember… Troy from the Silver Arrows. Krystal's old team. Is he back for her because of the incident with the Dark Raider, Alexandra?

The Silver Arrow boy casual brought his blade and launcher out. His blade was white with black stickers and a navy blue bit-chip. He didn't even bother with the whole countdown and proceeded in launching his blade right away. Krystal didn't seem to mind; her own light blue blade launched right after her ex-teammate's blade.

"Attack, Infinity," Troy commended firmly.

The white blade rammed into Krystal's light blue one fiercely. Krystal's blade did a flip and landed neatly, rotating at the same speed. Right after her blade landed, the white blade chose to attack again and rammed into her blade even harder than the first time. Kai watched silently from the side. Surely Krystal could handle the auburn haired boy, right?

I see… he's gotten a lot stronger, Krystal thought silently. This is going to be tough battle. I don't think I'll be able to cut this off quick. I'm in for a tough fight. Troy looked at his former captain and assumed she wasn't paying attention.

"Infinity!" He called out. His blade was still ramming into hers roughly as he called out his bit beast. A large black coyote shot out of the bit-chip. The coyote howled, as if the moon were out, and opened her closed eyes as her eyes as she emerged. Infinity's ocean blue-green eyes gleamed mysteriously and the coyote gave off a majestic aura.

Krystal's eyes flashed with annoyance at first, and then a haughty look. The corners of her lips pulled into a taunting smirk, one that matched her half-brother's smirk quite well. Her bit beast shot out without warning and let out a cry of freedom. No use trying to hide my bit beast. People will see him during the tournament anyways. Not that I was ever embarrassed of showing Zephyr. He just attracts too much attention by the American media. Krystal gave a quick wave of her hand, wordlessly commanding her fox bit beast.

Zephyr, attack, Krystal commanded mentally. Her light blue blade began to retaliate and crashed into the white blade forcefully. Troy didn't seemed surprised as he continued to attack with power. Kai watched on emotionlessly, taking mental notes about both bladers. Both blades repeatedly bounced off each other over and over again.

"Infinity," Troy called out. He was getting tired of playing around. "Never-ending Binds."

Krystal tensed up slightly. Multiple silver lights shot out of the white blade and wrapped around her light blue one. The attack ended as her blade was encased in a silver wrapping, as if it had been mummified. Without a sound, she made a sharp hand gesture with her right hand, her hand flying outwards, and a loud ripping sound followed.

Icy Winds, she ordered in her mind. She opened the connection between her and the fox of winds. A tornado attacked the white blade, even though the light blue one was enclosed. The auburn haired boy didn't seem fazed at all, as his blade and coyote were instantly frozen solid. What surprised both boys was when the tornado rushed over and attacked the owner's blade as well as the opponent's one.

The tornado swiftly disappeared after both blades were frozen. A loud cracking sound sliced the silent air and the light blue blade burst out from the icy encasing. Troy smirked knowingly. She attacked herself in order to free her blade from my binds. He chuckled lightly, amused at her clever mind. But to Krystal, it wasn't clever. It was elementary.

"Infinity." His silky voice held a calm tone. The raven coyote tore the ice apart and broke free with a loud, piercing howl. Krystal noted that her opponent didn't seem frightened at all. It doesn't matter. He's stronger, but he doesn't match up to Kai or Andrew. Only Kai and Andrew have been able to give me a tough battle. Although I, truthfully, really want to challenge Tyson.

"Krystal," Troy's voice was calming and sincere. "I didn't come to steal you or your attacks. Even though that's what those Dark Raiders wanted me to do. I came here to see Mr. Dickenson and found out that you were also here, and therefore I set out to find you so that I could have a challenging battle.

"So don't hold back," Troy said, not bother to tell Krystal to speak up. He already knew why she didn't. "Infinity, Rain of Arrows."

A shower of large golden arrows pelted the light blue blade mercilessly. Krystal tried to dodge the arrows, but the number of shafts overwhelmed her blade. She winced as she began feeling the attacks as well. This is what happens to all bladers that have a bit beast. The pain is, unfortunately, shared by both the beast and the master. Her sleeves bore small rips and slashes, but Krystal wasn't worried about her attire at all.

In fact, the girl remained silent as the attack rained on.

Zephyr, Icy Tornado, she commanded, her mind was clear and calm. The light blue blade spun rapidly, creating a large tornado of ice cold wind. The tornado sucked up the golden arrows and spit them out in random directions. Troy's blade neatly dodged the arrows, but was being pulled off of the ground from the sucking winds.

"Infinity!" The auburn haired boy called out. The coyote roughly pulled back from the white fox, who's light blue paws glowed with a white, wispy, smoke-like aura. The white wisps seemed to be pulling the coyote nearer, like a vacuum. The coyote pulled away violently, avoiding the attack.

"Shadow of the Silver Moon," Troy directed. By now, a large crowd had gathered around as close se they could to the intense match. The enclosed space wasn't as large as both bladers would have preferred, but there was nothing they could do about it. Kai stood a couple of feet in front of the crowd and a good amount of feet from the girl he had come with.

The sky began to darken and another beam shot out of the white blade, in the form of a moon. An illusion. At the same time the white blade's attack began, she executed her own attack. Her blade raced towards the circular fountain and jumped onto it, chasing off some of the people who dared to sit there.

The black coyote howled to the moon, triggering the attack. A silver beam shot from the moon and roved around for its target and the coyote followed it, chasing after the fox. Krystal's light blue blade jumped up and into the water. Or it would have been into the water, if the water hadn't froze the moment the blade touched it.

Her light blue blade skated on the ice, darting back and forth, while the white blade darted after it right away. Both blades circled around the ice-covered fountain as the two bit beast overhead attacked each other head-on.

Kai frowned slightly from the side as he caught a glimpse of a news truck racing down the street. The media was arriving. Both bladers were too into the battle to notice, but Kai was fairly certain that neither would want their match to be pasted on the front pages of every magazine.

"Kamiya." Kai's rich voice caught Krystal's attention and she swiftly turned to face him. Troy frowned at the interruption, but paused his attacks nevertheless. "Time to go."

A wave of murmuring and whispers rippled through the crowd. Who was this girl? Some people knew and some people didn't. Who was the boy? The same could be said for both questions. But the most puzzling question of all was: why was this girl with Kai Hiwatari, captain of the famous Bladebreakers?

Krystal nodded slightly, understanding his order, and turned her attention back to the blades. The it's time to end this, she thought solemnly. Troy seemed to understand the crimson eyed boy's warning as well and attacked immediately. The almost forgotten silver beam hit the intended target, eliciting a pained yelp from the white fox.

Krystal didn't say anything as she felt the intense pain, ignoring the fact that her leg was bleeding once again. The same cut from the battle with Kai. Other than that, her other cuts were minor. Zephyr, Ice Meteor.

Shards of ice shot from the white fox's mouth, slashing at the black coyote. Troy winced as cuts began to appear on his pale skin, small cuts marring his handsome face. He didn't care about his looks. A battle was a battle. A true blader doesn't care about their looks. There should only be one thing on their minds during the battle. One goal.

To win.

Zephyr! Ice Meteor… don't hold back. Give the full attack, Krystal commanded. Her fox complied at once and larger shards of ice hailed the coyote. The black animal howled in pain. Troy began to panic slightly as a large gash formed on his arm. His breathing was already heavy and he knew he had a dilemma.

"Infinity, Midnight Curse," Troy called out, panting harder. Krystal's attack raged on, consuming more of her energy. A black spiral surrounded Krystal's light blue blade and quickly covered it. Krystal's eyes widened slightly, but her mind was racing with more than one solution.

Zephyr, Frozen Death, Krystal quickly commanded as her blade was fully engulfed by the black energy. The white fox began to surround his body with the same white, wispy, smoke-like aura that had been previously surrounding his paws. The wisps grew violent and lashed out at the midnight coyote, who, in return, lashed out black rope-like energy in the shape of arrows.

The white and the black both grew larger; whipping out in a vicious manner, and then finally, both attacks hit each other full on. A blinding light erupted from the collision, just as the paparazzi started to exit their vans. The crowd grew silent, as everything was swallowed by the light.

Kai covered his eyes with an arm, as the blinding light was sucked back to its origin. The sky was still dark and rain began to fall lightly. Kai let his arm drop and saw a single blade spinning. Spinning the same speed it had started off with in the beginning of the match. He wasn't surprised. In fact, he had expected something like that to happen.

The other blade was motionless, but only lightly damaged, considering the heavy attacks inflicted on it. Both blades were on the ground besides the white fountain, which was once again filled with water. The blade spinning had a scratches and dents too, as far as the Russian could tell, but seemed to be in adequate condition.

The blades were okay, but the bladers weren't.

The auburn haired boy wavered on his feet slightly. He fell to his knees shortly, but forced himself back up. He held out his hand and his white blade shot back to its owner. Troy looked over at the silent, but standing girl and gave her a weary smile. He quickly turned around and ran off as onlookers began to question him. The paparazzi were still running to catch the scene, pushing their way through the crowd.

Krystal stretched her own hand out as her spinning blade shot back to her. She quickly put it away and winced, falling to her knees. She finally felt the sharp stinging in her leg and felt dizzy from all the blood that she lost. Kai hurried forward and frowned at her injury.

"Hurry. Can you stand?" He whispered emotionlessly. He didn't want the crowd to hear and wanted to get out before the paparazzi reached the spot. Krystal nodded and stood up, holding on to Kai's arm for support.

"Let's just ditch the meeting with my mom," Krystal said quietly as another wave of pain hit her. "I can't go in my current condition anyways."

Kai nodded and followed her as she forced herself to run. The paparazzi was rushing to catch up and Kai had a sinking feeling about what he knew he had to do. He ran behind her and picked her up, placing one arm behind her back and one arm under her leg. She froze in shock and could feel her face heat up.

"What are you—"

"What bus is it?" He muttered to her. Krystal had to admit that they were going a lot faster like this, so she didn't protest. His crimson eyes held a serious look as he looked ahead and his silky dark gray bangs stuck to his face as the rain grew harder.

"Bus 32," she replied, wrapping her arms around his neck to ease some of her weight. She shivered at the cold, but was instantly warmed by the closeness of his body against hers.

"Hn." He replied. That's not going to work. I guess I better just go on to the next option. He ran a bit faster and hailed a taxi. The nearest cab pulled up and Kai hurried in, slamming the door behind him. He gave the address of Tyson's house and watched silently as the paparazzi stopped in defeat.

Krystal studied his face as it flooded in relief. Her heart was pounding from the narrow escape and from sitting on the slate haired Russian's lap. She quickly let go of his neck, her face flushed visibly, and looked away. Kai looked down from out the window at the girl sitting on him and noticed the visible pink that stained her cheeks.

He smirked and pulled his arms away from her, allowing her to scramble to the opposite side of the car. She sat in her own seat quietly, still slightly flushed, but winced at the pain in her leg.

"Hey lady, are you gonna drip blood in my car?" The driver said with a smile on his face. "What happened to you anyways?"

"I… got into a fight," Krystal said semi-truthfully. "I'm sorry. I'll try not to drip any in the cab."

The cab driver just nodded with a smile that reassured the brunette and went back to his driving. Kai motioned for her to come closer to him, which she hesitantly obeyed, and reached down, grabbing her ankle.

"What the—"

"Quiet," Kai ordered and brought her injured leg to his lap. Rain covered the windows and hit the streets with a gentle sound. She quickly pulled away, her eyes wide with surprise, and scrambled back to the farther seat.

"What are you doing! I'm wearing a skirt, in case you haven't noticed!" Krystal glared and tugged at her skirt again. She stopped in mid action.

"Plus the bleeding stopped," she added as an afterthought.

Kai rolled his eyes and muttered a barely audible, 'whatever'. Like he cared. He just didn't want a fuming Andrew to bite his head off for injuring his sister. He shook his head, trying to dry his wet bangs. Krystal frowned as the small droplets hit her, but didn't say anything.

Both teens looked out the window, away from each other. Kai thought to himself silently, gathering notes about the two bladers from the match not too long ago. Kamiya didn't speak a word at all. She attacked wordlessly. I wonder… is that her "hidden personality"? The one that Rei was taking notes on?

The ride home was surprisingly quick and Kai paid the cab driver as they arrived. He got out and helped Krystal, tossing her arm over his shoulder as she limped to the door. Yoshimura's going to be upset when he sees the state his sister's in, Kai thought dully. He opened the door for the both of them and stepped in.

"I'm going to go change…" Krystal muttered and hurried off. Kai didn't reply and walked into the living room. He stood at the doorway, examining the scene in front of him.

Tyson and Hilary were sitting on the couch and—Kai almost rubbed his eyes in disbelief—laughing. Tyson's blade was out and he appeared to be explaining to Hilary about each part of the blade. Stephanie was sitting on Max's lap (nothing new to Kai) and was chatting with Rachel, who, in return, was laughing happily.

Madison and Jade appeared to be home too. Both girls were dressed in their regular attire and were talking to Kenny about the movie they saw (or at least… that's what Kai could hear from where he was standing). Andrew was the oddest one of all. He was sitting next to the coffee table, on the ground, and seemed to be arguing with the two laptops. And Krystal was changing…

So that left Tala and Rei.

Kai shook his head in disbelief and went to sit down. He sat next to Kenny, as far away from Andrew as possible. He had a hunch that even though today's "incident" at the park wasn't his fault, Andrew would still come after him.

"Where's Krys?" Andrew asked, and paused his argument with the laptops, turning towards Kai. Kai didn't say anything, but pointed in the direction of the guestroom. Andrew nodded slowly, giving Kai a short glare, and resumed his quarrel. Kai smirked mentally. Andrew won't find out about it… and besides, what's the worst he could do to me? The guy's hardly a threat.

"Don't worry, Andy," Madison said from her conversation with Jade and Kenny. "Kai wouldn't let anything happen to Krys, plus the fact that Krystal is perfectly capable of watching her own back."

Kai didn't say anything, but Andrew looked up at her and scowled. "Yeah so! She may be tough, but she's not invincible or anything! She's just a regular person. A girl too! No offense to girls or anything," (Jade snorted at that) "And also, what ever happened to 'Drew'?"

"What? Oh!" Madison grinned widely. "I thought you didn't like being called 'Drew'?"

"I don't mind," Andrew muttered barely audibly. He scowled deeply and looked at the ground. "Just make up your mind, damn woman. Quit giving me a hard time."

Madison laughed and shook her head in disbelief. She knew he would have gotten used to it sooner or later. She turned away to resume her conversation with Jade and Kenny. But she was soon interrupted a few minutes later.

A sudden noise from the front of the house turned everyone's head. Then a loud bang followed shortly after, indicating the front door being shut. Two figures appeared in the doorway of the living room, both soaked to the bone. Tala's red hair fell over his pale face and his ice blue eyes held deep irritation in them. Rei's hair was probably fine, due to the white wrapping, but his golden eyes pierced the room with a glare.

"Wow," Tyson said with a grin playing across his face. "What happened to you two?"

"We got… lost." Tala frowned, spitting out the last word. He turned to glare at Rei. Rei huffed and brushed his black bangs out of his eyes.

"It's not my fault. You're the one who said to walk instead of taking the bus," Rei retorted. He turned to Tyson and glared, wiping the grin off the navy haired boy's face. "We went to the new café down at the corner because Tala insisted on giving a warm welcome to the workers.

"More like the waitresses if you as me." Rei muttered under his breath.

Tala's glare intensified, although he secretly thanked Rei for thinking up such a convincing excuse. "Actually, it was your idea to run back. We could have walked on the sidewalk and come home dry, but nooooo… You just had to run back on the damn road!"

"Move it, you two," a voice snapped behind them. Both boys were pushed to the side and Krystal marched into the room, plopping herself down next to her brother. Tala scowled and walked in, giving one last glare at Rei, before sitting down next to Kai and Andrew. Rei scowled and marched over to Max.

"What's with the glum faces?" Stephanie asked loudly. "If y'all are planning to mope around, then I'm leavin'! This sucks! I mean, it's just a little rain and everyone's all dreary! You people are the most pathe—"

Max clamped hand over his girlfriend's mouth and shot Krystal a sheepish look. Krystal simply smiled and shrugged.

"She's right," Krystal said looking at Stephanie with a grin. "Although, it was probably just sugar that was doing the talking… who gave her sugar?"

Max looked away guiltily, eliciting a light laugh from the brunette. Max smiled at her soft laughter, but stopped and made a face when Stephanie bit his hand in order to free her mouth.

Jade laughed at Max's sour expression, which, in turn, made Rei chuckled. With Rei's sour mood gone, Hilary giggled, covering her mouth with her hand. Pretty soon the whole room was filled with laughter. Except for one person.

"Come on, Sourpuss!" Stephanie called out cheerfully. Krystal laughed as Andrew threatened (between his laughter) to shut off the two laptops. I haven't laughed like this… in such a long time, she thought happily. She looked over at Kai, whose face was emotionless and blank. He looked at Stephanie and shot her a glare.

"You know you love me!" Stephanie laughed merrily. Max pouted, his eyes giving her a 'what-about-me' look, and placed his chin on her shoulder. Stephanie laughed even harder, clutching her side, and gave her boyfriend a quick peck on the cheek. Tyson's grandpa walked by and smiled widely at the scene in the living room. The entire room was filled with heart warming laughter and a comfortable feeling. The old man continued to smile as he passed by, but something he caught out of the corner of his eye made his smile grow even wider.

The cold, crimson eyed Russian wearing a slightest (and smallest) smile on his face.

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