Author's Notes: It's been years since I've written any poetry-- probably because there just hasn't been anything to inspire me. Anyway, there is just something about Pitch Black and the character of Riddick that evokes such powerful emotion and thought. It was for that reason I wrote this poem (and a few others).

Disclaimer: Yada yada yada characters yada yada yada copyrighted yada yada yada USA Films yada yada yada.


Naught For Me

Killed both creatures, but they cut me deep.

Now I'm just waiting for death.

Pray the Lord my soul to keep?

Not even with my last breath.

I hear a sound; it's growing near.

The voice of Carolyn Fry.

She came back to save my life.

I can only wonder why.

Now she's here and it's time to move.

I stagger from the pain.

Then she gasps as her blood pools

In a puddle formed by the rain.

In seconds she's gone; ripped from my grasp

By those creatures of the night.

"Not for me!" I cry in vain

As she fades from sight.

Her life for mine.

Who would have thought?

Not for me…

Won't be for naught.