Harry Potter

And the

Last of the Death Eaters

Summary: Harry is now married with five kids and is concentrating on flushing out the last of Voldemort's supporters...but some just refuse to turn their back on evil...

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Chapter 1: Celebrations

Harry woke up with a start.

"What a horrible dream!" he said to himself.

Just the very thought of his beautiful wife and his five adorable children being kidnapped was unbearable.

Harry glanced at the love of his life and wonderful wife Hermione Granger lying beside him. He sighed with relief, it was only a dream!

He planted a quick kiss on her forehead. Looking over at the clock on his bedside table he saw that it was only 5:51am. And it was a Saturday!

Harry groaned,

"Great!" he muttered sarcastically.

Knowing he would never be able to get to sleep again after his nightmare, he got out of bed and pulled on a t-shirt and some jeans.

He went downstairs quietly; taking care not to wake the family that he loved so dearly. He sat down at the breakfast table and was about to have a spoonful of his cereal when he heard a "tap, tap, tap, tap," at the window.

Harry looked up sleepily. Upon seeing who it was, he was at the window in a flash.

"Hedwig!" he cried, letting her in. "Where have you been!" Hedwig nipped him gently on the ear and Harry chuckled. "What have you got there for me Hedwig," he said in mid-chuckle, unstrapping the bundle from her claw.

"Aha," he said, un-rolling the Daily Prophet. "What's going on in the wizarding world today I wonder… ow! What are you doing Hedwig?" Harry cried as Hedwig tweaked his ear for the second time that morning. Suddenly realising what it was she wanted; he walked over to the other side of the room and opened her cage for her. She hooted gratefully and flew in to have a sip of water.

Harry returned to his seat at the breakfast table and began to read the newspaper.

It was now 15 years after Harry had defeated Lord Voldemort and Harry was 33. He was arguably the most powerful wizard in the world apart from of course Albus Dumbledore.

Harry was married to Hermione Granger and both had achieved their dream of becoming Aurors. They had five children - three gorgeous girls and two adorable boys ranging in age from 4 to 14. Harry also played Quidditch for England. He was the best seeker that the English side had ever had. Ron Weasley; Harry's best friend, played alongside Harry as the English keeper – having improved out of sight since he had first started Quidditch in fifth year at Hogwarts.

It was nearly 9am when Harry heard another "tap, tap, tap, tap" at the window. Harry raised his eyebrows.

"What is it this time" he wondered, looking up to see Ron's tiny owl, Pigwidgeon (better known as Pig) fluttering excitedly outside the window.

"I'm coming, I'm coming" Harry said making his way to the window to let the second owl of the morning in, feeling like he was hosting some sort of owl meeting today.

Harry sighed as he tried to wrestle Pig down onto the table so he could manage to take the letter from him. Finally succeeding after 12 attempts and a scratched finger; Harry sat down to read the letter, sucking his finger absent-mindedly.

"What have we here?" said Harry, taking the letter out of the envelope. His eyes flicked to the names at the bottom of the page. "Ron & Cho" Harry read aloud.

Cho Chang had been Harry's first girlfriend, and to tell the truth, it had been pretty disastrous. But Harry smiled at the thought of Ron and Cho. They just seemed so right for eachother. They'd been going out for 8 years and if you asked Harry it was high time they got on with it and got married!

Harry laughed to himself and began to read the letter.

"Dearest Harry," it read,

Wow, 34! Come over to our place tonight to celebrate. Bring the kids and Hermione and we'll see you at around 5pm. Sound good? No need to reply, we know you'll come!

Love always,

Ron & Cho


"Celebrate what?" Harry wondered.

"Hey there special" came a voice from the hall.

"Hey…why am I special?" Harry asked his wife.

"You're always special" was her reply.

"Yes but why am I special today?"

"You mean you don't remember?" Hermione asked in shock.

"Remember what?" Harry said.

"You silly duffer, it's your "

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!!" yelled little 4 year old Lily jumping on top of Harry.

"Is it my birthday?" Harry asked.

"Yes and we got you lots and lots of presents daddy!" contributed 8 year old Oliver, joining his sister on top of Harry.

"You did, did you?" Harry said beginning to tickle his two adorable kids. They giggled uncontrollably, wriggling about on the couch until he finally relented.

"And where are my other three children?" Harry asked.

"Patience," Hermione said mysteriously, "they're on their way".

Soon 14 year old Jennifer, 12 year old Gabrielle, and 11 year old James appeared looking very suspicious with their arms behind their backs. Brightly coloured boxes protruded from behind their thin figures.

"Happy Birthday Dad" they said handing him the first present.

"Oh wow, thank you, aren't I lucky!" he said lifting Lily and Oliver off his lap and onto the couch beside him.

He eagerly began to unwrap his presents just as though he was a little boy again. After all, he had missed out on 11 years worth of presents while he was living with the Dursleys.

"You got me a Quickstreak 5000?" He said in disbelief as he lifted the broomstick out of the wrapping paper. "I don't believe it how did you know I wanted it?"

"Maybe because you left the catalogue open to the broomstick page with a circle around the Quickstreak 5000 on your bedside table?" Hermione suggested smiling in delight at the success of the present.

"Oh yeah…" Harry said, "Good thing I have a beautiful, smart wife who thinks of looking at these sorts of things."

Harry tore the wrapping off the next present to reveal a new watch. It was a chunky watch with lots of different gadgets.

"Wow, my watch can tell me what the temperature is?" Harry asked staring at it in wonder. He began pressing all the buttons trying to figure out how it worked.

"Ok, that's enough little boy," Hermione said, laughing at Harry's childlike antics. "If you keep pressing those buttons you're going to break it! You can look at the instruction booklet later." She said, confiscating the watch and putting it on the coffee table.

"So do you like it daddy?" Gabby asked, kneeling eagerly on the rug at his feet.

"I love it" Harry said giving Gabby a big hug and a kiss.

"Make way!" James said, tapping Gabby on the shoulder impatiently, "third present coming through!"

"Another one?" Harry asked accepting the box that James held out to him. Harry pulled back the lid and peeked inside.

"Soap, aftershave, and a face washer are you trying to tell me something young man?" Harry asked jokingly with his hands on his hips glaring at James. "Are you trying to tell me" Harry paused and began to wrestle his son, "Are you trying to tell me that I'm a grubby old man who needs a lot of soap and a strong perfume to cover my stench?" Harry said, bringing his arm around James in a headlock.

"It's aftershave Harry men don't wear perfume!" Hermione groaned in mock horror, disentangling the two.

"Same difference!" Harry said, grinning cheekily.

"Honestly, the things I put up with!" Hermione said, bringing her hand to her head dramatically. "Not knowing the difference between aftershave and perfume…" She muttered in an undertone. Then suddenly, not being able to keep a straight face any longer, she erupted into laughter. "Ok," she said between giggles, "There's one more present for you Harry, but you're going to have to look around the room to find it!"

"Hmmmm," Harry said, having a good look around the room. "No success so far" he said, beginning to walk around the room, checking behind bookcases and doors.

"Ok here's a clue" 14 year old Jenny said. "The fireplace…"

Harry turned around and looked at the fireplace. Then he saw the pretty white and blue pot with red and gold powder in it. "More Floo Powder! Wow, that's good, we needed that. And what pretty colours."

"We picked them daddy," said Lily and Oliver.

"Aren't you two sweet! It's lovely" Harry said picking each of them up in turn and holding them high above his shoulders and swinging them around as they squealed in delight.

"Ok you five," Hermione said, rescuing Lily and Oliver from Harry and ushering James, Gabby, and Jenny upstairs. "It's high time you got dressed!"

Once the pattering of little feet running up the stairs had subsided Harry turned to Hermione and said "Thanks, this has been the best birthday ever. And I know I'm beginning to say that every year but that's just because somehow, no matter how good the last year was every year is full of new and wonderful surprises."

Hermione smiled and gave him a kiss, saying "that's because you're special and we love to surprise you. Mind you, it is beginning to get difficult to think up new things every year!"

They laughed and snuggled up close on the couch.

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