Harry Potter

And The

Last of the Death Eaters

Summary: Harry is now married with five kids and is concentrating on flushing out the last of Voldemort's supporters...but some just refuse to turn their back on evil...

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Chapter 6: Searching for Answers

Hermione shook her head violently trying to shake this horrible thought from her. "I don't believe it…I don't believe it!" Hermione cried. "It's not possible…Crookshanks is…is a good sensible cat…he…he…he wouldn't have allowed this to happen to him." Hermione stammered.

"Oh Hermione," Harry sighed… "It will be ok…we'll catch the culprit…" Harry pulled Hermione into a tight hug, "They won't get away with murdering Crookshanks."

"NO!" Hermione shrieked, stumbling away from Harry. "Not murder! Crookshanks isn't dead! It…it isn't his blood!"

"Hermione! Stop it! I know it's hard but we have to face it – that's Crookshanks' blood!" Harry sighed and looked up at Hermione's tear-stained face. He said quietly, "The sooner we accept the fact that that blood is Crookshanks', the sooner we can catch whoever did this."

"No." sobbed Hermione, "it's not his blood."

Harry ran his fingers through his hair and rested his head in his hands.

"There is a way that we can determine whether it's your cat's blood," Fiona Rockhall chipped in.

"Oh brilliant Rockhall," snapped Shraddle, "it took you what – 20 minutes to get around to telling us that?"

"Well sorry chief – you know you did teach us to leave the victims plenty of time to grieve!" retorted Rockhall.

"That's enough! I won't have you talking like that to me Rockhall! Cut the cheek or you're out of Squad 5!" Shraddle put her hands on her hips and puffed out her chest so that her "Chief Auror" badge gleamed in the light.

"You wouldn't dare!" shrieked Fiona Rockhall. "You need me – just admit it Sophia! We used to be friends! FRIENDS! Don't you pull rank on me Sophia Shraddle!"

"Oh would you please shut up!" wailed Hermione. "I don't care what personal problems you two have! Now what has to be done so that I can prove to you all that my cat is NOT dead?"

"Oh Hermione…" murmured Harry, "face it – cats live and cats die – it happens."

"Crookshanks is not dead…" Hermione said through clenched teeth.

"We can do a DNA test," Fiona Rockhall jumped in quickly before Hermione came to blows with Harry. "It's a muggle way of determining who someone is from a sample of their DNA. It can be blood, skin, hair (or fur as the case may be). So if you could just give us a sample of your cat's DNA we can take it to the lab with a sample of the blood and see if it's a match."

"That's easy," contributed Harry, "Crookshanks malts all over the place." Harry bent down and picked up a clump of fur from the floor. Handing it to Rockhall he said "there you are – how long do you think it will take to see if it's a match?"

"Approximately a week," replied Rockhall placing the fur carefully in a snaplock bag. "Now I'll just quickly take a sample of the blood upstairs and then we'll call it a night – or should I say morning? What is the time anyway?"

"6:30am," replied Harry.

"Mamma Mia!" cried Rockhall. "I've been up all night!" She yawned loudly. "Now I'm just off to grab that sample…" and she began to climb the stairs.

"Fiona?" Hermione called, running after Rockhall.

"Yes?" Rockhall reached the top of the stairs and turned to wait for Hermione. "What's the matter?" she questioned as they walked towards the bedroom together.

"If…If that blood does turn out to be Crookshanks' – it…it doesn't necessarily mean he's dead right?"

"Hmm…" said Rockhall, considering this proposition, "I guess that is possible, but don't get your hopes up – there's a hell of a lot of blood on that bed."

Hermione shuddered. Upon reaching the doorway of the bedroom she stopped.

"You coming in Mrs Potter?" questioned Fiona.

Hermione shook her head.

"All right then, I'll be out in a moment."

A few moments later Harry and Hermione were saying goodbye to Auror Squad 5 – well for a few hours at least.

"By the way," Harry said, "We've decided to go and live somewhere else for a bit – somewhere safer. We'd better not say where – who knows what is safe to say at the moment with our family under fire like this; but if you need to contact us – use this." Harry handed Rockhall a two-way mirror. "You know how they work? If you look in it and speak my name then I'll be able to see you and speak to you in mine. You can use it to let me know you're here and need to get into the house."

"Ok thank you Mr Potter," said Rockhall, taking the mirror from him, "we should be back at around 5pm this evening."

"Rockhall stop acting like you're in charge of this squad!" Sophia Shraddle snapped. "Don't you dare think that you could possibly get my job because that's -"

"Bye then…" said Harry and Hermione. Shraddle and Rockhall were too busy bickering and didn't notice. They could be heard right up until their squad van drove off into the distance.

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