Nabiki's Story

Based and inspired by another fic: Nabiki's Legend by another writer Dan Inverse. I liked the story so much and inspired me to write this story…… This was also originally titled as "Nabiki's Promise" but changed as time went on and the plot was altered.

I'd also like Dan inverse for her kind input on my stories. Greatly appreciated.

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Kimiko laid on the bed having trouble breathing while she slept. Soun was sitting beside his wife, holding her hand while the other caressed her once animated face. Her hand felt cold against his. He knew it wouldn't belong till she leaves them. He held on to her as if she would slip away any minute now. He didn't even notice that tears began to flow from his eyes as he looked at Kimiko's sleeping form.

She looked so peaceful and soon she would be at peace. He thought bitterly.

He looked at her once animated face, once full of life now pale and ashen. Her once lively body now a mere shadow, as her body began to deteriorate. The doctor told him she had irreversible cancer. That her body will slowly deteriorate. He never knew how bad it was until now. He could barely recognise the form in front of him.

"You can't leave me Kimiko…" he began.

"Please try to hold on…" he bowed his head as he couldn't stop the onslaught of tears that flowed or his heart as it slowly began to break into a tiny pieces.

Just then he felt her other hand clasp around his. He slowly raised his head to meet her loving gaze. He was ashamed of himself being caught crying. Kimiko gave him a brave but weak smile.

Outside the room….

Happosai looked after Kimiko and Soun's three daughters. For once, Happosai wasn't chasing and glomping any female in the nearest vicinity. He instead tried to comfort the three girls. He treated Kimiko and Soun as his own children and knew that at this time, at this very moment, they need all the help and support they can get. He admired Kimiko's decision of staying at home rather than the hospital. Her continued bravery and soft heartedness always astounded him.

She had confessed to both him and Soun that she'd rather pass away with the company of her love ones than in a cold hospital room. She wanted to spend the rest of her days with her family and tried to put a brave front in front of her children, but soon her health began to breakdown and she was confined in her room. Her brave smile was now replaced by a weak one. He knew how hard it must be for Soun to feel helpless. He had trained Soun to overcome the greatest of foes but nothing can prepare him to loose his one true love. He never prepared Soun how to handle a broken heart.

Happosai felt his heart began to ache and constrict all at the same time. He was to loose a woman whom he considers as a daughter. He felt ashamed the way he carried on stealing women's lingerie, during his stay with them. He smiled as he remembered Soun's cowering reaction when he first turned up at the dojo once he was free from his supposedly tomb.

He wanted to take revenge against his students. But he didn't. He hated to admit it but Soun and his fellow student Genma was like his children. His own sons so to speak. He never had a family before. Trapped in that cave, itgave him time to think about what he indeed was missing in life. Kimiko surprised him the most though. She never passed judgement on him and his so called "activities". But she did try and dissuade him though. Kimiko never faltered to respect him and has accepted him without any doubts or recriminations. For that he was grateful. He then looked at Soun's three daughters.

Kasumi who was 8,who already knew about her mother's condition but kept quiet. She instead began to make tea for all of them. She wanted to help and ease the uneasiness that descended on the Tendo Household. Nabiki aged 6 and Akane age 5 were engaged in a fight. Both being watched by master Happosai. Nabiki showed great promise calculating every move her sister makes allowing her to create a counter or attack while Akane relied more on strength. Kasumi interrupted them, calling them to have tea. Both girls bowed in front of one another and turned to master Happosai and bowed their heads yet again as a sign of respect, one which Kimiko taught them.

Soun came out of their bedchambers a few minutes later. He looks worse for wear. He hasn't slept for days and barely ate. Everyone at the dining room looked up to him. He cleared his voiced and asked the girls to see their mother one by one. Being the oldest of the three, Kasumi was asked to go first. Happosai wanted to object about the situation.

The girls are too young to be confronted like this.

He was about to voice out his concerns when Soun looked at his direction. His looked beckoned for him to leave it be and that all will be explained later on.

Happosai stayed quiet and continued to drink his tea. Nabiki wasn't oblivious to the look the two men shared. Being more perceptive than anyone else her age, she wanted to prod as to what was happening. She knew her mother was sick. But the look that both men just shared, gave her an indication as too how sick her mother was. She began to shudder involuntarily. She hoped for once she was wrong…. By the Kami how she hoped how wrong she was…..

Kasumi entered her parent's bedroom. She hesitated at first. She knew what was going on. She tried to be oblivious about it as to not to allow her sisters to be distressed. They were too young to understand. She too was too young to understand.

"K-Kasumi.." her mother called her.

Encouraging her to come to her. Her mother's voice was frail. It felt as though her hearing betrayed her. The voice that called her sounded of a stranger. Not her mother's lively voice. But she approached her mother. She hasn't seen her mother in weeks, ever since her mother had complained of having a massive migraine. She immediately regretted her decision to come closer, once she saw what greeted her innocent eyes. She wanted to look away from her mother's form.

She couldn't believe it was her mother lying on that bed. Yet her heart told her it was her. Her mother was a mere shadow of her old self. She was very thin and pale. Her lively eyes looked heavy and there where hollow rings around them. She couldn't believe just how bad her mother's condition was. Her heart wrenched and twisted in pain.

Why did she have to be the first one to see her?…

She then remembered that soon, both her sisters will see what she has just experiencing. She trembled and began to cry… She kneeled near her mother's bed and rested her face on her mother's stomach and sobbed. Kimiko on the other hand began to stir. Kimiko tried to calm and reassure her daughter's reaction to her state. She fought the impending tears that wanted to flow from her eyes as she slowly caressed her daughters hair.

"T-there, there Kasumi-Chan, P-Please don't cry…Y-You H-have t-to be strong now for your father and your sisters… You are to be the light of the household…Take care of them…. And remember that I will always be near you when you need me…. I will always watch over you….." Kimiko struggled for breath while still trying to calm the girl, only for her to feel Kasumi cling to her tighter….

"Please don't leave…. Stay mother…Please… I promise to be better… I won't spill anything at dinner….I love you!!!" Kasumi wailed. For some unknown reason, Kasumi felt her mother was going away and leaving them. But that's silly isn't it? She was just sick after all. She'll get better soon right?

Kimiko couldn't help it anymore and began to cry… She felt tired… So very tired but she had to hold on just a little longer… She wanted to speak to the rest of her love ones before….before she moved on… Before she moved on to her next life.

"P-promise M-me K-Kasumi….Promise me you will take care of … of all of them." Kimiko said as she continued to soothed Kasumi's sobs.

" I promise mother… I'll promise you that I will take care of them, that I will make you proud" Kasumi answered barely being coherent because of her sobbing.

Kimiko then raised her daughter's face from her torso and placed a gentle kiss on her daughter's forehead. Kasumi continued to cry. Tears relentlessly streamed down on her cheeks as she hugged her mother. They remained, hugging each other until Kasumi had gradually calmed down. Kimiko then asked Kasumi if she would call Nabiki to come in, Kasumi reluctantly let go of her mother…

She wanted to stay with her, feeling that the moment she left the room that she would loose her. But knew she shouldn't be selfish. She wanted so much to stay and just be with her mother… But reluctantly left her room… Tears kept running down her cheeks almost obscuring her line of vision. But she must be brave, she wiped the tears away and determined to fulfil her mother's wishes.

Nabiki in the other hand couldn't stop fidgeting. She couldn't help but hear Akane happily sitting on her father's lap, talking about how she had learned a new move and how she nearly defeated her. Nabiki then wished she had the same innocence as her sister. Shared her obliviousness. Her cheerfulness. She has, had weird dreams these past few nights. Nabiki dreamt that their mother was going to leave them. She didn't want her mother to leave them. She knew what was going on. Her mother was dying. She was going to leave them. Just like Tatewaki's mother.

Nabiki saw Kasumi approached them. She saw how Kasumi tried to keep a straight face but failed miserably. Nabiki saw her red eyes and knew that Kasumi had been crying. Kasumi looked at Nabiki, without words Nabiki managed to read from the look she was receiving that she was to go in next. She hesitantly got up from the couch. As she made her way past Kasumi, but Kasumi's hand flew to her hand and held her wrist, stopping her. She turned at her oldest sister. She saw the pain in her eyes. She saw her eyes, pleading to her as her eyes began to brim with fresh tears.

At that moment, Soun got up. He handed Akane to Happosai and approached his other two daughters. He placed a hand on Kasumi's shoulder. Kasumi reluctantly let go of her younger sister. Soun then nodded to Nabiki to proceed. As Nabiki made her way towards their bedchambers, Kasumi then looked up at her father, somehow asking him a silent question. Soun avoided her questioning gaze, instead he hugged his daughter to comfort her, when she began to cry.

Akane in the other hand watched. Curious as to what she had just witnessed. She then turned her attention to Happosai.

"Grandpa? Why is Kasumi and Daddy crying?" She asked innocently.

Happosai just looked at the youngest daughter. She was too young, too innocent. They all were. He patted Akane's head not answering her question. He then looked at Soun asking himself why Soun was doing this?

Why is he putting his daughters through this?

How could he put them through this?

Nabiki slowly entered the room. She already knew what to expect or so she kept telling herself. Based on Kasumi's reaction, she wouldn't like her confrontation with her mother. She contemplated whether she should on. She tried to control her feelings. Her emotions at the moment where swirling and spiralling out of control. Not knowing what to expect. She wanted to run away. To hide. But she squashed these feelings away. She had a feeling that if she did run now, she will regret it for the rest of her life. Now she was standing near the door. Hesitating whether to turn around and walk away or go on and face her mother. She took a deep breath. No matter what happens, she will not run away.

"C-come c-closer daughter." Came a frail voice.

Kimiko had heard her take a deep breath. She smiled. Nabiki was trying to be brave. School her emotions. Nabiki reminded Kimiko of her younger self. A tear escaped her eyes. Kimiko knew she doesn't have a long time left. She had already accepted her fate. It was just unfair that she will never see her girls grow up to the fine women she knows they will grow up to be. And Akane. Poor Akane. She was still too young to understand.

"Mom?" Came Nabiki's uneasy reply. Nabiki hesitatingly approached her mother's bed.

Kimiko looked sadly at her second born. Her once confident and sure attitude is now replaced with fear and uncertainty. She watched as her daughter, unwittingly clutched at the silver necklace she wore. The very same necklace she had given her a few months ago for her birthday. Kimiko gently laid her hand on top of her daughter's trying to give some sort of comfort to her.

Nabiki tried her hardest not to cry. She knew what was happening. She was much to perceptive for her young age. When she felt her mother's loving hand on hers, she couldn't control herself and threw herself at her mother. Hugging her tightly as she was racked with sobs.

Kimiko couldn't help but cry. As she tried to sooth her daughter. Running her hand on her daughter's hand while the other on her head. Trying to reassure and comfort her but failed.

"Y-you be a good girl now Nabiki… D-don't go and make too much trouble, try and not to pick on your younger sister okay?… Don't cry… I-i'll be fine… You'll be fine… you all will be fine." She told her.

"Mom please don't leave us! Daddy loves you! We all love you! Please!" Nabiki begged her mother in between sobs.

"I w-wish it was that easy my dear,… but I'm afraid its not up to me to decide." Kimiko answered her with such dismay and sadness.

There were no other words exchanged between them. Both mother and child just clung onto each other. Both crying in turmoil. Trying to find some comfort in each other. Kimiko didn't want to go but she knew her time was almost up. She will never see her daughters grow up and become the wonderful women she knew they were going to be, but she will be there with them in spirit. She will watch over them always. She knew this was hard for all of them but she knew she needed to say goodbye. At least see them one last time. To help them let her go.

Nabiki in the other hand didn't want to let go. Afraid that when she did she will loose her mother. Her cries filled the solemn room. Her cries attracted the other members of her family who hesitatingly approached them.

Kimiko gave an apologetic look at her husband, who was at the moment trying to maintain dignified and get a hold of himself. On his side was Kasumi who cried as she clung to her father's side. Happosai was there as well, carrying little Akane. Kimiko couldn't wish for anything more. She was surrounded by the people she loved the most. The room was still dark and sombre. She looked at Happosai with one last request.

"I-I'd like to see the sunlight, one last time." she said to him.

Happosai hesitatingly complied. She gently tapped Nabiki's shoulder so he could hand Akane to her mother. Nabiki reluctantly let go as Akane replaced her and sat next to her mother's weak form.

"Nabiki what's wrong? Why are you and everyone crying?" Asked Akane innocently.

Happosai meanwhile approached the windows and pulled the curtains apart, letting in the much needed sunlight. It filled the room with its radiance but it never lifted the sense of loss or bereavement.

Akane looked at her mother and smiled. She knew her mother was sick. But she will get better. Her mother was a strong person. It will be like when she was sick before. Once her mother is well they would go out as a family and have a family outing. She then hugged her mother.

"Don't worry mom, you'll get better right Nabiki?" She assured her mother as she looked at her older sister for support. She was greeted by Nabiki's crying.

Kimiko smiled at her youngest daughter. So innocent. So pure. She patted her on the head and looked at everyone in the room.

"You be a good girl Akane… don't let anyone push you around… look after your father and your sisters okay?" she requested.

Akane enthusiastically nodded her head in confirmation. Kimiko felt her eye lids grow heavier and her breathing more ragged.

"I'm going to sleep now Akane… I'm getting very tired…" she told her youngest child. Taking one final glance around the people around her, she gave her youngest daughter one final kiss before slipping into eternal darkness but not before she had said her final farewell to everyone.

"I will always… love you…" were her final words. Before darkness claimed her.

Akane wondered why everyone grew silent as her mother closed her eyes and went to "sleep". She wondered why they all began to cry. She just sat next to her mother and clung to her. She also wondered why her mother appeared still and unmoving and why in a couple of minutes her skin began to get cold and how her mother did not wake up anymore....

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This took me longer to write than I first thought. I hope you like it though. I had this story for I think in the beginning of the year. Never got to post it cause I became preoccupied with my other stories and I also had a major writer's block!

The story was originally titled as "Nabiki's Promise" but I got stuck on the idea. The plot didn't fit the title, and had tried to fix it. In the end this story lagged. But now that I had revised the story line, I'm able to finish at least 3 chapters! YAY!

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