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Italics Means thoughts

"" Means spoken in Japanese

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(Did anyone know that you were looking for me?) Fragrance asked her friend. Still a little uneasy.

(Only Elder Koh Lon and Elder Lo Xion.) Perfume replied back.

(Did you think Gel may have followed you?) Fragrance asked.

Perfume just gave her friend an exasperated gaze.

(Do you really think I'm that bad, not to notice that someone may have followed me?) Perfume replied back pouting.

(No. I don't think that at all. It's just that Gel can really be a pain in the butt at times.) Fragrance replied.

(What do you mean just at times? Don't you mean all the time?) Perfume teased.

(You know what I mean.) Fragrance replied back.

(Why are you here anyways?) Fragrance asked slightly annoyed.

(Elder Lo Xion asked me to come and fetch you. It seems there is some problem with you competing at the Tribal Warrior Contest.) Perfume explained to her friend.

(What do you mean?) Fragrance asked in confusion.

(We don't know yet and that's why Elder Lo Xion thought it was best that you return as quickly as possible) Perfume answered. She almost hated to bring her the news of why she was here.

(Fragrance, about what I said earlier…) Perfume wanted to tell her friend, the position that she was now in. She just didn't know how to break it to her.

(Tell me later Per-chan. Right now we better get back to the village and see what the problem is this time.) Fragrance replied back to her friend as she began to pack her stuff.


"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN BOY?" Genma reprimanded his son, upon his return. What unsettled him more was, that he returned with no food in tow.

"SHUT UP OLD MAN!" Was all Ranma could say back. He was still upset with what had happened between him and his new found friend.

It was just his luck. Every time he finds a new friend something always had to come up and ruin the moment. He unconsciously touched his lips. It was a very fond memory to remember her by. He vowed to return and visit her tonight and he will. As soon as his lazy father and the guide falls asleep.

Genma wondered why his son seemed to be distracted.

The boy is weak. Hopefully the trip to Jusenkyo will change all that. Genma thought to himself.

That night when everyone in camp had fallen asleep. Ranma sneaked off towards the river.

It was dark before Fragrance had asked her friend that they should camp for the night. If they'd go on, they probably would have made it to the village by dawn. But the little fight between her and Ranma took its toll along with her training. She wasn't up for traveling all night. She needed to rest.

Perfume agreed. With the Village Competition in less than two days. Fragrance will need her strength up. She knew her friend had been training all this time and has probably pushed her body to its very limits.

They made camp for the night. Soon Fragrance had drifted off to sleep. Perfume just watched her friend.

She didn't want to be the bearer of bad news. But she was held under Amazon Law. Amazon Law states that if an outsider male defeats an Amazon woman, they are to be married. What unsettled Perfume the most was that Fragrance could have easily dodge this law if she had not kissed the outsider male.

Giving the outsider male the kiss of marriage, means that Fragrance must now bring the male to the tribe and marry him. Well consummate the marriage, since technically he was now her husband.

Perfume grimaced. She had a duty to perform. She was a witness. She was torn between honor, duty and loyalty. She didn't want to upset her friend or create a thorn between them but what can she do? Things just kept getting worst for her childhood friend. And she has a feeling it is about to get worst.

She watched her friend sleep as she contemplated on what to do.

Ranma arrived near the river only to find that there was no one there. He was at first very careful, since he didn't know if that other violent girl was with Fragrance. He was still on his guard until he realized that no one was near the river. All her stuff was gone. It seemed she had left hours ago.

Ranma felt like his hopes has considerably crashed. He wanted to befriend Fragrance. She seemed to be very fun to talk to or at least to hang out with. But she was probably long gone by now.

An overwhelming sadness overwhelmed him. He had been left alone yet again. With no one to talk to except an idiotic father. He sat at a nearby log. He wanted to at least to talk to her. To tell her he was leaving at dawn to Jusenkyou. The Legendary training grounds. He would have invited her to come along with them. But it seemed he was too late.

Perfume was about to call it a night and go to sleep when she heard something explode nearby. Alerting her slumbering friend.

"WHERE AM I NOW?" Cried out a very distressed young youth.

Fragrance and Perfume took a quick glance at each other, before nodding their head. They quickly got up and investigated where the noise came from.

Ryoga was distraught. It seemed he was in the middle of a forest somewhere. His directional curse had kept him away from that bastard Saotome. He swore he will have his vengeance.

"DAMN YOU SAOTOME!" Ryoga cried out once again. His fists up in the air. Swearing at the heavens.

"You know you should really keep your voice down. Some people are trying to sleep." A sardonic feminine voice chastised him.

Ryoga turned around and narrowed his eyes. He didn't like being disrupted from his thoughts. Then his eyes grew as big as saucers when he saw who the voice belonged to.

She was leaning against a tree trunk. Her hands across her chest. She was wearing a conspiratory smirk. One of her legs was bent and was resting against the trunk. She looked intimidating and relaxed all at the same time. The fact that she was also sexy as hell didn't escape his notice.

That was all he was allowed to see as he felt someone tackled him from behind.

(I don't think you needed to tackle him like that Per-chan.) Fragrance admonished her friend. As she couldn't hide her wince when Perfume tackled the youth to the ground.

(I don't see why you're so calm about this Fragrance. The explosion came from this area and I'll bet this guy was responsible for it.) Perfume glared at her friend as she hogtied the youth.

The youth looked confused only momentarily when he gathered his wits.

(He certainly looks cute though.) Fragrance smiled as she kneeled in front of the guy.

(What in the world are you talking about Fragrance?) Perfume asked as she got off from straddling the guy to see what her friend was talking about. Making sure first that the guy was securely tied up.

Perfume then kneeled along side her friend and was rewarded by seeing a very red faced guy. But Perfume had to admit that her friend was right. The guy was cute.

(What do you suppose should we do to him?) Fragrance asked. But before Perfume could answer, the guy began to struggle and was able to break free from his bonds.

Both girls quickly took a defensive stance. But what happened next surprised both of them.

(WAIT! Please I mean you no harm.) The guy said to them as he held both hands in front of him, to show he was being truthful.

Ryoga inwardly sweated. From the looks of the Girls stances, they knew martial arts. But he did not fight girls. He had no beef against them. Only with Saotome Ranma.

Ryoga was glad that he took up studying Mandarin and had bought many self-taught language books along with his travels. Being able to speak and understand the language when he unexpectedly pop out from different countries and locations really does come in handy.

(What are you doing here outsider?) The girl with green hair questioned him. A little surprised to find out that he knew how to speak Chinese.

(I was looking for someone. That is all.) Ryoga answered the girl. He found that the girl only narrowed her eyes on him. Not believing him. He was forced to send a pleading look to her companion instead.

The girl with short brown page boy haircut merely raised one delicate eyebrow on him. And saw the amusement in her eyes. He felt him self visibly sweat as both girls examined him. It felt like he was under intense scrutiny. In this case, he was.

(He's telling the truth Per-chan.) The brown haired girl said to her friend.

(But Fragrance?) Perfume wanted to protest.

(We cannot attack anyone simply because they are outsiders. Think of what the elders will say.) Explained the brown haired girl.

Ryoga looked at the green haired girl's direction. She seemed to be contemplating her companion's decision. He saw her hesitantly agreed.

(Thank you.) Ryoga replied back as he bowed in front of the brown haired girl and then to the green haired girl. He noted the other girl seemed amused while the other looked angry. Ryoga decided that a truce should be in order.

(My name is Hibiki Ryoga.) Ryoga introduced himself. Trying to be friendly.

(It is nice to meet you Ryoga. My name is Fragrance. The glaring thing over here is my friend Perfume.) Fragrance replied back while earning a glare from her friend.

(It is nice to meet you two.) Ryoga said respectfully as he bowed before them.

This action seemed to have disconcerted Perfume, as the guy clearly was polite. He was also gorgeous.

Fragrance had to admit this guy was cute. But Ranma was cuter. She absently touched her lips as she remembered their previous encounter.

Ryoga meanwhile stole a glance at the brown haired girl. For some reason, he couldn't keep his eyes away from her. He saw her touch her lips. From his position, she looks like she was hiding a smile. She looked demure. She also looked very mysterious. There was something about her that made him take notice.

(So where are you headed outsider?) Perfume asked him.

(I am looking for two men. I heard they are traveling around this area. Have you seen them?) Ryoga answered them.

But before the two women could answer his question, a battle cry was heard.


Fragrance just winced. "Great just what I needed." She murmured in Japanese, before taking a defensive stance.

Immediately Perfume was in a defensive stance and looked at her friend. Perfume growled. How could Gel track them down?

From out of the trees, came a humanoid blur.

For a moment Ryoga thought it was Tarzan!

Swinging from tree to tree with ease.

That is until the blur hit a tree.

All three people made a collective face fault.

The figure on the other hand was up within a split second. Scratching the back of his head and looking sheepish towards Fragrance.

(Damn! And to think I was making a really great entrance!) The figure thought to himself. Embarrassed at his so called entrance.

The figure had long silver hair tied in a braided ponytail. He was also dashingly handsome. He had amber eyes that made them seem like gold. Wearing Chinese silk clothing.

Once Fragrance recovered from the face fault, she turned to her challenger.

(Not now Gel, we are kind a in a rush here.) Fragrance said to him nonchalantly.

This seemed to have made the challenger blush. Instead of being outrage because of Fragrance dismissal of him, he immediately looked at the ground and looked more sheepish.

(It's ok… Perhaps later?) He asked hopefully.

Perfume growled. She wanted to smash Gel for scaring the lights out of her. But she should have known better. Gel would never go against Fragrance's wish. The others in the other hand were another matter. Perfume knew what Gel was capable of. It was just amazing that he acted like a whipped puppy when around her friend.

Fragrance merely nodded. This made stars appear in Gel's eyes. That is until he saw the outsider behind her.


Before Ryoga could reply, Gel fell down like a sack of potatoes. Behind him was another male wearing the same garment as him. Except this one had black long hair and was sporting thick spectacles.

(Thank Kami you're here Mu Tsu!) Cried Perfume.

Mu Tsu just smiled as he began to heft his cousin on his shoulder. The shiatsu sleeping point he applied on his cousin should last for a while.

(Can you not put a leash on your cousin?) Fragrance asked Mu Tsu.

(Fraid not Fragrance. When I discovered he was gone I immediately knew he was after you again,) He replied back.

(Whatever. I'm just happy you came.) Fragrance smiled sweetly at him.

Perfume just watched her friend's little exchange. She then shook her head.

Why or why did they have to be so blind?

She then turned towards Ryoga. Something then occurred to her.

(These strangers you speak of… Is one of them a young male around our age and has a pigtail?) Perfume asked him.

(Yes!) Ryoga replied back.

(I've seen him!) Perfume replied back. An idea formulated in her head. She shot a look at her friends only to see that they were talking to themselves.

(Where? Tell Me!) Ryoga said excitedly.

(I think they headed north.) Perfume answered him.

(Why are you looking for them anyways?) She asked but already knew the answer. By the gleam in his eyes she already knew Ryoga was not here to have a friendly reunion.

(It's a matter of honor…) Ryoga replied back.

(Wait why are you helping me?) Ryoga asked her. She seemed eager to bash his head in before. It was weird that she was willingly helping him now.

(He attacked my friend while she was bathing.) Perfume lied. As she indicated it was Fragrance who was bathing.

Ryoga had to stop himself from having a nose bleed, while a picture of Fragrance bathing entered his mind.

Ranma you pervert!

(Rest assured I will avenge your friend.) He said to Perfume. Before rushing off through the woods.

(WAIT!) Perfume called to him. As she saw him run off to the opposite direction she directed. She shook her head. She was surrounded by idiots.

(Where is he going in such a rush?) Fragrance asked her.

(Beats me…) Perfume replied back as she shrugged her shoulders.

(Your hiding something from me Per-chan.) Fragrance replied back.

(I don't know what your talking about… Come on since we're up we might as well continue on our way.) Perfume said. Changing the topic.

Fragrance looked like she was about to argue but decided against it and began packing their gear. Perfume sighed in relief.

(You may not know it yet my friend, but I had just saved you from our Tribal Law.) Perfume said to herself as she watched her friend.

If Ryoga was successful in defeating that guy that defeated her friend, the kiss of marriage will be nulled. She just has to make sure that Ryoga won't challenge her friend afterwards to claim her when she is free from the law.

For some reason, Perfume had a feeling she had just made things more complicated. Why? She doesn't know. But she just knew that by interfering she had managed to make things more interesting in the future. And she shouldn't have this feeling?



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