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Blood bar place's found in big cities were legal blood drinking (not human blood) is allowed and gothic rituals are held often held.

Tangible form a form that can be seen

Shadow form were someone can take the form of a shadow or darkness it self

DG this story is a result of watching Mad TV for four hours while eating ice cream.

Chapter 1


81 years have passed since the death of Rosette Christopher and Chrno, they died in each others arms in an act of love and desperation. However, it seemed that destiny had other plans for the tragic lovers, shortly after they died Ion's followers turned on him, murdered him and returned to the demon society. With the door to demon world closed once more those who were left behind stayed in the shadows and feeding until that door was opened once more.

Date: America 2004 New York City 7:00 am

A man with long purple hair walked the streets of New York City. His hair was tied in a braid in the back; he was wearing all black and sunglasses. He walked down the street until he came to a local " blood bar". He looked at it for a moment then entered. Since it was daytime the bar did not have many people in it just a few stranglers from the night before. " Master Chrno! "A young female voice called from some unknown corner amd bounced into the sight of the man. " Master Chrno you are back so soon?" said the woman looking at him oddly " yeah I had to eat and run" he said smiling and taking off his coat And handing it to the woman. " did anything important happen while I was gone Sheda?" Chrno asked looking at Sheda " nope not really just as usual a bunch of Wanna-be vampires came and partied and that's about it" She said sighing. Chrno smiled " yes well those wanna-be's can prove to be quite entertaining" Chrno said thinking of the previous night. " I'm going to bed wake me around six pm" Chrno said with a yawn heading up stairs.

"ROSETTE! GET UP YOUR GONNA BE LATE FOR YOUR CLASS!" A woman with long red hair said as she stomped up the staircase of the dorm house. She opened a door and stared angrily at a blond haired girl happily still asleep on the bed." GET UP YOU LOSER ROSETTE" The red head, yelled pulling Rosette by her hair. Rosette yipped then glared at the woman " DAMMNET STELLA" Rosette screamed rubbing her head. " Don't you have class in… 30 minuets? " Stella said in a sneer why " what? No I don't "Rosette said then looked at the clock." AIIIIIIE I'M LATE PROFESSOR KATE IS GONNA KILL ME!" Rosette said running off to get dressed as Stella laughed. Rosette took a quick shower and pulled on her cloths, running down stairs at super speed she missed placed her footing and ended up falling the rest of the way. Landing on her face she groaned and got up, running outside she jumped into to her junker64 Van and speeded to the NY state college.

Rosette parked her car and ran into the college building caring her books on her back. She lunged throw the glass door and ran down the hall until she came to a classroom door marked " Criminal Justice and Trial" she entered. The room was large and filled with college students who all looked at Rosette as she entered 20 minuets late for class. " Ahh Mrs. Christopher glad you have finally made it." Said Professor Kate looking at Rosette as a vain popped up. Professor Kate dragged Rosette into her office by her ear. Slamming the door she flung Rosette to her seat. " MRS. CHRISTOPHER THIS IS OUTRAGEUOS THIS IS THE 1OTH TIME IN A ROW YOU HAVE BEEN LATE TO MY CLASS! " She yelled at Rosette who sunk deeper into her seat " How do you ever expect to become a Detective with this irresponsible behavior?" she said sighing; " umm by passing your class" Rosette said trying to sound cute. Professor Kate glared at Rosette for the sneer remark, " as Punishment for being late you will have to spend the day here cleaning up my class room until about 6pm or you will get no college credit from my class!" Professor Kate said " BUT I HAVE A PARTY I WAS SUPPOST TO BE GOING TO!" whined Rosette " well that's to bad" Professor Kate said.

" Master Chrno" Sheda said poking her head into Chrno's room, the room was dark except for a few light candles at the edge of the bed. " Master Chrno time to rise and shine!" Sheda said walking over to the bed and poking the sleeping Chrno. He opened his eyes and blinked at her " it cant be six already" he said yawning. " Ohh but it is Master Chrno-san so get up!" She said pulling the covers away from him " so do you want me to send someone up here for dinner or would you prefer to hunt again tonight? She asked as she folded up the covers that was on the bed " hunt" He said looking out the window spotting a young blond haired girl hitting her piece of junk car that wouldn't start.. " And I think I have already found the perfect one" he said with a smile. Jumping up he shoved Sheda out of the room; he grabbed a leather jacket from the closet and a black shirt to go with it. Putting them on he grabbed his bag and ran down stair's " its not like you have to hunt every night" Sheda whined as he ran down the stairs" your not like others to don't have to eat EVERY night" She whined again " this keeps me entertained! And its not like I do it for the food" he said smiling and heading out the door.

Rosette had spent the entire day at school cleaning and now her car would not start, she kicked it muttering profanities. " Great guess I have to walk home… again." She said to her self. Her dorm was only four blocks away so she had a short walk it was carrying all those books was the hard part. She started her walk down the dark sidewalk. She clung tightly to her jacket as the wind blew throw the cold streets; little did she know that she was not alone. Chrno had been watching her from the shadows in which he hid; he followed her down the street silently or at lest trying to be. He watched as she entered the maternity house. He followed behind her as she entered the house but he was to slow so instead of slipping in while she opened the door he was simply hit by the door in the nose. " OUCH!" he muttered to him self-being careful not to transform into his tangible form. Sighing he looked at the house trying to think of a way in, he stared at the crack of the door and decided he would slip in that way. Slipping through the crack as darkness he made his way into the house. Looking around he did not see the girl any were " shit" he said to him self but then he heard someone coming down the stairs (authors note: Boy there's a lot of stairs in this story!) he slid to the side of the wall as the two girls came down giggling to one anther.

After they passed Chrno headed up stairs in hopes of finding that girl again, he was in luck because when he reached the stairs she was just heading out of a dorm room with cloths in her hand. Anther woman came out of the same room behind the girl " hey Rosette are you going to the party?" the girl with long red hair asked. The blond girl turned " no I'm going to get a bath and go straight to bed! Professor Kate worked me like a dog" Rosette said heading back toward the shower rooms. " Alright then don't mess with my stuff while I'm gone" the woman with long red hair said heading the opposite way. Chrno waited until they were both gone then headed into the room they came out of. He decided that he would wait here until Rosette came back. To keep himself from boredom he looked around the room. There were two beds one on each side of the room. One bed was nice and neat the other was messy and horrible disorganized. All of a sudden, he heard the door to the room click and the door swung open as Rosette walked in, her hair was wet and she was wrapped in a towel and looked very angry. " Damn that Ann and her friends! Stealing my cloths JEZ how low can you get?" she said as she stomped over to the messy side of the room gathering some cloths from the draws.

Chrno saw his chance to strike, he locked the door and materialized, Rosette heard a click and turned around to see a strange man in her room. " GAH! " she stepped back and grabbed lamp from the dresser. " DON'T COME NEAR ME OR I'll HIT YOU WITH THIS!" she screamed wavering the lamp. Chrno looked at the lamp, to her and laughed a bit then started to approach. " STAY BACK!" She screamed but he kept coming toward her. Since the lamp was not scaring him, she ran to the other side of the room to get Stella's pepper spray. However, she was not quick enough, Chrno caught her by her arm the drew her to him. Rosette gave him a hard kick to the groin; Chrno yipped and loosened his grip on her giving her a chance to escape. Rosette ran to the door but it was locked, she tired to unlock it but it wouldn't budge. She looked back to see that the strange man was coming toward her again " HELP HELP HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP" She screamed hoping someone would hear her. " You will be quite" the man said looking into her eyes. For some reason Rosette could not take her eyes away from his, it was as if she was under a spell because she could not move her body and her voice seemed to have failed her.

Chrno smiled to see that his magic was working as it usually dose, now he could make her do what ever he wanted as long as he was looking at her in the eyes. " Come over here" he said pointing to a spot beside him. Rosette watched in horror as her body acted on its own free will and headed toward the man. All she could see was his mesmerizing eyes, eyes that she could not turn away from. She reached the spot beside him that he had pointed to " good" he said as he drew her to him once again. He moved some of her blond hair away from her neck and pushed it behind her ear. " Relax" he said to her in a calming way " it wont hurt as bad as you think" he said opening his mouth to reveal his fangs. Rosette stared in horror not believing what she was seeing. He moved his head down to her neck letting his fangs brush against her skin lightly then getting ready to bite. His fangs had barely touched her when he heard the woman with the red hair come in," opps forgot my keys- GAH! WHATS GOING ON?" She said staring in shock " STELLA HELP" screamed Rosette coming out of her trance. Stella grabbed a baseball bat from the wall and through it at the man.

The baseball bat clunked Chrno in the head. However, He did not loosen his grip on Rosette, "SHIT" he yelled as Stella prepared too through something else at him. Glancing out the window he saw his escape route, still holding Rosette tightly he lunged through the window sending glass every were. He spread his wings and took to the sky, Rosette gasped as the cold wind struck her face. It was not long before her fainted in his arms, Chrno decided to take her back to his bar to get her warmed up. The rain started to pour as he drew closer to the blood bar. He landed in the back entrance of the building to avoid being seen, he knocked on the door and Sheda answered, " OHH MY MASTER CHRNO ARE YOU ALRIGHT… who's the girl?" she said curiosity " never mind that look I need you to go get a warm bath ready in my chamber alright? " he ordered as he came in, still holding Rosette in his arms he marched up stairs as Sheda came behind him. They entered his sleeping chamber and he laid her on the bed. Sheda ran into his bathing room and fixed warm water in the tub. Shivering a bit Chrno took off his jacket and ordered Sheda to get out so he could get some dry cloths on. Removing his wet clothes, he walked over to his closet, got some dry ones and put then on. He turned and looked at Rosette who was on his bed, he went over to her and removed her wet towel and tucked her under the covers of his silk sheets.

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